Cutie Mark Crusaders back in diapers! Yeah!

by Foal Star

Chapter three: A Foalish Tea Party

Rarity came trotting back into the nursery smiling at the little ones. “Wakey wakey.” She sang watching as each of them rubbed their eyes as the lights came on.

"Mmm, alweady?" Sweetie lisped clearing the sleep out of her eyes.

Rarity trotted over lowering the bars of the crib and pressed a hoof into her sister padding, feeling it squish. "And seems little ones need changies." Their faces all turned a bright red as Rarity went about changing each foal one by one. Button Mash, of course, ended up in one of Sweetie Belle's note print diapers.

"But I don't want girly!" Button whined crossing his forehooves over his crotch area as his bottom was sprinkled.

Rarity just shook her head. "Now, now, we can't have little colty making a messy on the floor." The fashionista cooed securing the tapes of his diaper in place before giving his tummy a light tickle.

Button giggled and kicked about involuntarily before being set down on the floor. He blushed before looking at Tiara who had a fresh diaper with the song notes printed all over her padding too. The unicorn filly rolled her eyes and scoffed, "It's just a diaper Button Everypony's wearing them."

Button Mash stomped a hoof and snapped, "Yeah, but you're all fillies, I'm a colt."

Sweetie snickered waddling over to him. "I dink it wooks cute on ya." She gave her "colt friend" a hug.

Rarity dawed once again before clearing her throat. "Okay darling, how about we all get you dressed up for the tea party?"

All the fillies began to cheer with glee waddling over to Rarity with eager anticipation. Button made a face as he walked with the other fillies and whined. "No dress!"

Rarity scoffed, waving her hoof toward the colt. "Oh nonsense darling, we'll dress you up like a nice prince for all these princesses." She cooed patting each of the fillies heads. The fillies all cheer following in a line as Rarity moved to the magic diaper bag knowing that there be whatever outfit she needed would be inside.

"Yay pretty dressie," Sweetie Belle cheered waddle skipping around her sister with anticipation.

Rarity smiled before processing to dress up the little darlings. Apple Bloom, of course, was slipped into a bright green dress with red booties to accent it. Sweetie Belle smiled too as she was put into a purple sleeved gown with extra frills along with plastic glass sippers. Diamond Tiara's was much the same; only hers was silver and had much poofier shoulders. Finally, Scootaloo was dressed in a blue dress with shore accents to represent clouds.

Button watched all the girls twirl observing a pattern that all the dresses left their padded rumps showing. Not only that, but words had appeared on the seats of each of their diapers. He snickered, pointing at Sweetie's padding. "Hehe, yeah you are the cutest princess." She blushed faintly and tried to hide her diaper with her dress, but of course, this only made it fly up.

Sweetie blinked turning around confused, exposing her padded rump to Apple Bloom. "Oh, I am?"

Apple Bloom laughed and started poking Sweetie's diaper. "It on ta diapee. "She exclaimed, watching her friend turn around in circles like a dog to try and see.

Scootaloo being curious angled her rump to one of the many mirrors around and groaned. "Best princess ever? Oh, come on!"

Diamond Tiara laughed too upon seeing it turning to look at the mirror also with "Spoiled Princess" printed on her rump in a silver cursive writing she scowled. "I'm not spoiled."

"Well, you are rich and have custom diapers, dear. "Rarity cooed. "Spoiled with lots of attention. Just what every foal needs."

"I'm not the foal, they are. "Diamond pouted and pointed a hoof at the other foals.

Before Rarity could remark, Apple Bloom waddled to the mirror to look at herself and tilted her head. "Appliest? Dat no word."

Rarity giggled giving the farm filly's exposed diaper a few pats. "Oh, it can be dear. Now, how about we get Button all ready?"

Button's smile grew eager. "What do I get! Can I wear a Tuxedo like a spy." He asked, bouncing up and down in excitement.

Rarity reached into the diaper bag with a smirk. "Oh, or something like that. "She said before pulling out a black onesie with a white gradient on the front along with it was a red bow tie and yellow booties. "Alright hooves up."

Button did as he was told easing his hooves to the sky as the onesie went on her. It was rather comfy as it covered over his diaper soon being buttons into place. His cheeks redden a bit at the bow tie bib combo that was put around his neck. "Uh, it's very nice. "he commented even as the booties were put on each hoof. "but why yellow?"

"well, it's not called a penguin suit for nothing." Rarity chirped finishing off with a mask for his face and letting him look himself over.

"Oh, I'm a mystery stallion. "Button played. "Who could I be." He held up his hooves, waving them around a bit.

Sweetie reached over abs bopped his nose. "Dis not a game, besides I dun got a clue."

Diamond played along watching her hoof. "Well, we'll just have to have our tea party to figure out who he is."

"Well, while you guess let's go to your party. "Rarity said gesturing as the group followed her to the next room. Sitting in the center of her shop was a Low pink table with odd life-sized teddy bears sitting in a few of the seats

"Where you get plushies that big?" Diamond asked in awe.

"Oh from one of the diaper bags of course. Not sure how I'll get them back inside though." Rarity chuckled watching the group move to open spots. Each foal having a bean bag chair to sit on their poofy bottom sinking in perfectly.

"Hehe, comfy" Sweetie cooed clapping her hooves as she shifted feeling like she on a cloud.

The others agreed as Rarity floated over sippy cups full of grape juice along with the plastic pretend Tea set with matching flower print pink cups. Being curious, Diamond reached out to pick up the teapot, noting that it felt warm to the touch. Confused, she took off the lid and peered inside. "But it's empty?"

"Oh, it pretends tea. Can't have you foals spilling." Rarity cooed helping to pour some into the cup and letting the filly hold it "Go on give it a taste."

"But there isn't anything there." Diamond titled her head while Sweetie belle was poured a glass as well.

"Just pretend," Sweetie replied, taking a sip of air and smack her lips at discovering it had a taste. "Mmm tasty."

"Really?" Apple Bloom asked, taking her cup and filling hers before sipping. "Ooh, apple-flavored."

"Is everything you do about apples?" Diamond Tiara said, rolling her eyes.

Apple Bloom snapped back. "Yeah! you have a problem with abbwes!?"

Diamond shrugged, "I like strawberries better besides it's not as if you guys can grow other fruits."

Scootaloo replied, "well, then tey won't be ta abbwes now would tey?"

Button Mash and Sweetie Belle just watched as the three other fillies bickered. The colt sipped his invisible tea and asked, "Hey Sweetie Belle? I have a question?'

The filly turned and replied, "yeah, what is it?"

The colt then asked, "Do you have a game called Foal Land?"

The school filly tapped a hoof to her chin. "Hmmm, no, I don't think so...I have to check the diaper bag it has all kinds of stuff in there."

Button Mash nodded, "okay...just wondering!"

He gave a long exasperated sigh finishing his "invisible tea" then noticed how his cup seemed colder. "Huh? that's odd?"

Rarity then started taking out some snacks animal crackers with sippy cups filled with apple juice. "Alright, darlings dig in!"

Before they could grab the various animal crackers, the snacks all got to their feet and began running around the table. Apple Bloom giggled watching. "Gotta round dem up!' She grabbed a pony shaped cracker and began to chase the other animal crackers around the table.

The others laugh watching the farm filly slowly round up the animals the fillies grabbing a few of the crackers when close enough to do so.

Button mash saw all his animal crackers were Gold Fish and he tried to grab at them, but they kept slipping from his hooves. He then bent down and tried to snap at them with his mouth as they bounced around him. Sweetie Belle dawwed and snickered watching the colt acting like an actual penguin. "Come on; you can do it!"

Button Mash snapped and crunched on a few of the Gold Fish with his mouth getting crumbs on his onesie as he did. Rarity snapped a photo . "hehe silly penguin."

Diamond Tiara tried to avoid doing anything embarrassing sipping on her sippy cup. However, she saw Rarity bring out some strawberries in cream. The filly drooled as she snatched one and started to munch getting bits all over the front of her dress. Sweetie belle also started eating strawberries and cream, and soon the two fillies were covered in cream and strawberry juice.

Apple Bloom giggled when the sheep crackers on her plate bleated. "Hehe, funny cracker."

Scootaloo tried snatching the "cool' animals like lions and tigers. But they kept running off her plate she whined, "Abbee Boom how ya do tat? My animaw cwakews keep escaping!"

Apple Bloom showed Scootaloo a pen she made of crackers. "see ya keep tem in ta pen."

Scootaloo went about making her pen for the animal crackers and started placing the tigers and lions in and saw that they stayed. "huh tat was easy?"

Rarity cooed a bit and watched. "Oh yes, animals just need to be rangled up."

Sweetie Belle cried, "but now tey gots to eat tem! tats so mean!"

Diamond asked, "can ya keep tem instead!?"

Rarity blushed, "well...darlings?"

Apple Bloom scooped them back in the box "I gonna keep tem nopony gonna eat them."

Rarity sighed, "alright, I think snack time is over."

Applejack snickered, "yeah had no idea them snacks would come alive."

Rainbow Dash snuggled Scootaloo. "oh your the number one wrangler! Yes, you are! yes, you are!"

"Dash!" Scootaloo whined blushing.

Button looked up from his little pen, having eaten all his crackers. 'But the crackers aren't real."

Sweetie Belle whispered, "yeah they aren't, but it's so funny and cute seeing Apple Bloom think they are."

Button Mash shrugged, "You fillies are crazy and uh Sweetie Belle you have food all over your face."

Before Sweetie Belle could respond, Rarity wiped her sister's muzzle. "Oh, I got her let's get you foals cleaned up so we can move on to the dance."

The other mares around went about cleaning up their fillies and the other two guests. Diamond wormed around as her face was wiped clean. "Bleh, he-hey I can do it myself!"

"Oh hush deary, let me finish." Rarity cooed, giving a playful pinch to her cheek.

Once everything was cleaned up, the large teddies at t table stood up and moved about to partner up with one of the guests at the party. Rarity smiled. "Oh, seems its time for dancing." she sang.

Button blushed as the pink teddy scoops him to his hooves. "But I don't know how to dance."

Diamond held the paws of her Blue teddy bear. "Oh, it doesn't matter."

"Foals no know-how da dance." Sweetie chirped wiggling her bottom as she partnered up with the purple teddy bear with a heart on its stomach.

Scootaloo flaps her wings some. "No slow song!"

"But you be the best dancer ever," Rainbow replied cranking up the wind-up music player.

Some simple classical music started to play, and the foals were all started dancing with the teddies.

Sweetie Belle had practice watching her sister do these sorts of dances doing quite well despite her thick diaper. Diamond Tiara also knew how to ball her mother taught dance. But she was stumbling over her hooves with her padding, and she kept muttering about her stupid diaper getting in the way. Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Button Mash on the other hoof just stumbled about bashing their padded rumps against each other and kept somehow plopping on their rumps the teddies always helping them up.

"Oh very good," Rarity cooed praising them all despite how well they were doing. "Such a handsome prince dance." she cooed, looking at Button.

Button Mash face turned a bright red and cried, "I'm not a prince! I'm... I'm a hero!"

Rarity snickered "oh!?"

Button Mash rose up on his hooves and shouted, "Yeah! I'm the Penguin a master of ice and snow, who can communicate with penguins."

Suddenly a plush penguin helped him up, and he stumbled about in his thick padding as Rarity cooed "well I have to say Button even if you're not a prince your quite the gentle colt."

The teddies moved Sweetie and Button closer over time soon doing a switch a roo. The two squeaked bumping into each other. Button Mash got so nervous he started to pee with an audible hissing noise emanating from his diaper. Sweetie Belle blushed as she took the side of her dress and performed a cute little curtsey and asked, "may I take this dance?"

Button Mash scrunched his soggy diaper and stammered, ", why not?" Sweetie Belle took hold of his hooves, guiding him through the motions step by step diapers swaying.

Rarity took another photo beaming. "Oh this one for sure going into the foal album...however Button Mash needs a change, but I don't want to spoil this adorable moment. Hopefully, his diaper can hold on just a bit longer."

As the two love birds danced Apple Bloom somehow diaper bumped Scootaloo's padded butt creating a big cloud of foal powder. They both stumbled back and plopped on their diapered rumps with Diamond Tiara somehow dancing straight into the cloud, making her cough and sneeze falling into Scootaloo. The two stumbled slamming into Apple Bloom, and when the cloud dissipated, the three were laying out groaning with their dresses a mess.

Rarity quickly came over, helping the foals up and cooed, "Are you okay little ones?" She patted down the dresses idly patting the diapers too (to see who else may need a change later).

Diamond Tiara sighed as she brushed the foal powder off her dress. "I otay Wawity." She squealed, hearing her voice covering her mouth with surprise. It sounded like a three-year-old's lisp. "Wa is going on!" she whined.

Apple Bloom snickered, "wooks wike Discowd gave us magic foal powdew."

Rarity eyed the foals. "Well, today's challenge was for you foals to speak like babies and this is punishment for speaking like big ponies."

Diamond Tiara whined, "I didn't sign up fow some dumb chawenges!"

"Aww how cute," Applejack commented, watching the min tantrum. "Can you say, mama?"

Scootaloo tried to retort about being cute only to end up babbling incoherently. She gasped and stomped her hooves blushing.

Rainbow Dash squealed as she came over and picked up her charge in her hooves and squealed. "Oh, that's so awesome!" Scootaloo is now the number one babbler!"

Scootoo cried and kicked her hooves being fed up with Rainbow Dash embarrassing her.

Apple Bloom blushed too trying to talk too. "A-ab -abple"

Sweetie Belle and Button Mash also kicked up some of the magic foal powder as they continued to dance. The colt tried to ask the filly something, but only incoherent gibberish came out, and Sweetie Belle snickered as she tried to ask if Button Mash was okay. "Hey, Bu..bu...mash..ya stays?" She blushed, hearing her voice pitched up to sound like a two-year-old.

Button blushed and pouted babbling. Conveniently enough, only those that babble could understand each other. Sweetie was stuck unable to know what her friends were saying.

Rarity stopped the music and clapped her hooves. "I think the dance is over, now darlings it's time for some light playtime." She chirped before taking Button hoof and taking him along for his diaper change and leaving the other mares to watch the foals.

A playpen was set up in the main living room where the older mares can talk and relax while watching their charges play.

While keeping an eye on them, Rainbow idly looked at one of Rarity's dresses smiling. "Seems Sweetie Belle got off easy."

Applejack shrugged. "Not sure why but shucks she is somehow cuter like that."

Rarity nodded. "Oh yes, she is the cutest after all." She watched Sweetie trying to cheer up Diamond who still had her hooves crossed.

Rainbow Dash quickly snapped "No way! Scootaloo is the cutest foal ever! Her baby babble is so freaking adorable!"

Scootaloo just put her hooves over her face babbling groans.

"Ugh, I don't know what they are saying," Sweetie said watching the other babbling foals talk.

Diamond pouted. "Wha you wanna babble?" She rolled her eyes.

Sweetie Belle shrugged "Why not? Sounds wike fun ya gots some more of ta magic foal powdew? I tink ya gots it."

Diamond shrugged, "ta best bet it's in ta magic diapee bag."

Sweetie Belle Through before trying to stand and jump only to land on her rump in an attempt o eject powder from her padding. She frowns when nothing came out and looked over toward her sister, seeing the bag next to her. Thinking they were distracted, she waddled over slowly to Rarity's diaper bag and stuck a hoof inside, taking out a container of foal powder. It had a picture of a foal with random baby babble coming out. Sweetie Belle then lit her horn and tried to puff a little but squeaked as it exploded like a bomb!

Foal powder enveloped the room and as it dissipated. Rarity asked, "hey is everypony otay?" She blinked, hearing herself and asked, "my voice it sounds different?"

Rainbow Dash flew over to Scootaloo and asked, "hey ya stays? ya, not huwt awe ya?"

Scootaloo shook her head. "Nah uh, I otay Dashie."

Rainbow Dash gave a sigh of relief. "That's good but what's wong with my voice!"

Applejack groaned "oh no we gots baby babble too what's worse if ya can tawk to Scootawoo tat means we weaawy tawkin in gibbewish!"

This made the adults start to whimper nervously but Rarity stood up and tried to take a hold of the situation and shouted, "tats otay we go to Twilight she can help us! I sure she gots a speww ta fix tis!"

The mares quickly took the foals and strapped them in strollers and after getting some diaper bags the three mares sped off out of the boutique and down the street of Ponyville heading towards Twilight's castle.