Drabble Kaboom!

by Alex Warlorn

A brief look into Starlight Glimmer's classoom

Starlight Glimmer sitting behind her desk, her students all obediently listening, "And that students is why to bring about a truly equal society, we must enact regular redistribution of wealth, and eliminate private property!"

The Students Six and other all nodded learnedly.

A mob of angry stallions burst in.

"Lock her up!" chanted Fancy Pants.

"The invisible hoof of the market must prevail!" shouted Filthy Rich.

"Andy Ryebread was right!" declared Prince Blueblood.

The other two turned to stare at him, blinking.

Blueblood gulped. "I mean, he was right about economics! Not when he said that the Princesses are only in it for their own power, or that Harmony is a scheme to brainwash ponies into acting against their own self-interest... Look, we can pummel her with my copy of Rockhoof Shrugged!"

Rich and Fancy started nodding. "Ah!" "Yes, quite right..."

"SEIZE THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION!" Shouted Sandbar in defense of his teacher.

Filthy Rich looked bewildered, "Means of production? You mean, my cutie mark for business? If y'all are planning to seize my flank, my wife might have a thing or two to say about that!"

Princess Twilight Sparkle walked in, her nose in a book, not seeing the chaos, "Hey, Starlight we have a visitor from the Storm Empire, they say they want to enlist your help to destabilize Yakyakistan with your ideas to give them a leg up in their war."