Drabble Kaboom!

by Alex Warlorn

Starlight Glimmer's mind control prank that helped a lot of people

One day, Starlight Glimmer wondered to herself,
"I wonder what would happen if I used my mind control magic for pranks..." She zapped the school intercom. "Attention all creatures! You will forget this announcement and remember only that you enjoy wearing stylish fancy clothes in public! This order will be cancelled at noon tomorrow!"

"Smolder! Are you in that blue silk dress because of my mind control?"

"Huh? Mind control - I mean, yeah, mind control, that's it! An it's crushed velvet, not silk."

Rarity meanwhile found herself with hordes of creatures at her store, "So many rush orders... no sleep... But worth it!" She recorded everything on a magic holo-crystals.

As a result of this day, Smolder would become Rarity's apprentice, eventually opening a new Carousel Boutique store in the Dragonlands for Princess Lucia (Rarity's Alicorn name).

Of course they needed to find a supplier who could handle materials like silk and velvet in circus tent size lots.

"Thank Celestia I can find gems with my horn, or paying for these lots of fabric would be sending me to the poorhouse." Rarity said to herself, as a tractor trailer was being backed up to her store with the cloth for ONE dragon-size dress.

It also meant learning how to fireproof gemweave cloth, too.

Rarity had started out using her sewing machine and ended up using industrial gear on her dragon commissions.

Torch meanwhile had his own opinion, "Dresses? HAW HAW HAW! Why would a dragoness cover herself up like some PONY, when she could wear real BATTLE ARMOR? That's how you make a dragoness look sexy and ready to kick some major flank! And ready to burn and pillage a countryside or two, right, right?"

Ember looked at the dress from Rarity's new line that Smolder mailed her. "It does look nice and sparkly... wait, no! I'm the Dragon Lord! I can't go thinking like that! ... maybe in a few more years..."

Torch asked "Daughter, what was that you were looking at?"

"AH!" She whipped dress behind her back. "At, uh, more signs of puny pony decadence, Dad."

(Meanwhile back in the Present)

Gallus, wearing a silk vest, crest slicked back said, "I could never wear nice clothes in Griffonstone without them being stolen. Now I can finally express myself!"

Smolder nodded, "I can finally express my feminine side without shame of being seen as weak!"

Yona asked, "Why ponies looking at Yona funny? Yona wearing FORMAL blanket and ribbons!"

Discord popped in because of course he did. "Well, this should be fun." He zapped Yona into an Earth pony.

Sandbar stared, all else forgotten, "Yona I don't know why but you're suddenly very hot right now."

The Pony Yona narrowed her eyes, "And Yona wasn't hot before? Yona should smash!"

Thankfully Cupid flew past... plink! plink!

Pony Yona stroked Sandbar's cheek with a hoof. "Yona will smash later."

'Oh, I'm sure they'll have plenty of smashing, if you know what I mean...' Discord thought.

Gallus grined at Discord. "I'll give you five bits if you turn them both into yaks tomorrow."

Discord evilly grinned, kneading his paw/claw. "Actually, I have a different payment in mind!" He zapped Gallus into a young dragon and teleported him in front of Smolder.





Twilight facehooved, watching giant dragons explode out of the school. "I suppose I should be surprised this didn't happen sooner. Oh well, at least I finally get to try the Time-Reverse Building Rebuilding Ritual!"

Starlight, eating popcorn responded, "You're welcome!"

Ocellus stared at something on the Crystal Friendship Castle's roof, "What's that light, so beautiful."

"WAIT! NO! STAY AWAY FROM THAT! That's from before you were marketable, I mean, we thought only Chrysalis was sentient!"

ZAP! "Ow..."

Twilight sighed, "I guess making those giant anti-Changeling bug zappers wasn't one of my better ideas. At least they didn't go into mass production. Maybe go help Rarity?"


Ocellus asked, "Oh, is this dress not good enough?" Whoosh! "Is it better now?"

Rarity rushed over. "Would you be interested in a part time after-school job, darling?"

And which in a few months lead to...

King Thorax declared, "And a special prize to Miss Rarity Belle, for hiring more Changelings than any other employer in Equestria."

Rarity nodded. "The best models I've ever employed."