Be Good To Everypony Mom.

by Neutral Boy

The colt and filly plan.

Diamond Tiara is currently outside talking to a young colt covered in a cloak so no other pony sees him.

Several weeks ago, Diamond finally stood up to her own mother, Spoiled Rich, after having some helpful advice from Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. Despite being mean to the three, she has been making amends to her classmates and with some chores with Ms. Cherilee.

Since then, Diamond notices that her mother is becoming distance away from her own daughter and husband Filthy Rich since she got stood and lost her job. Every time Spoiled would try to find another job, she's immediately kicked out from her past bad behavior and other reasons that shouldn't be told. Now she's stuck at her home being depressed and not very talkative toward any pony, only kept herself silence.

So Diamond tries to think up of some way to to help her mother, even though a part of her didn't want to.

This is where it starts when she comes across a young colt hiding in his cloak.

"So, what exactly are you selling?" Diamond says to the colt.

The little male pony smiles as he uses his left hoof to grab a potion out of his collection.

"Oh I'm glad you asked, Diamond Tiara. These are the rarest kind you can't find anywhere else."

"I'll let my assistant explain to you all the details."

The colt then pulls out a trusty assistant sock pony puppet.

"Greetings young filly, I am known as Cherubic, the best assistant for my master here. Now I'm sure that your wondering on what my potion are for exactly. But first, I need to ask you a few questions before I can explain about these magnificent potions."

Diamond smiles and nods her head to Cherubic on what questions will it ask to her.

"First question; What do you know about snakes?"

"They are sneaky, have strong coils, and love stalking their food whether if they're dead or alive."

"Correct, second question; What are ponies afraid of?"

"The unknown dangers everywhere and our own magic."

"Right-o, now the final question; Do you know anything about mixed hybrids?"

Diamond thought about it for a moment and shook her head.

"Not to worry, I can answer it for you."

So Cherubic's master pulls out a drawing of all kinds of different hybrids.

"There are so many hybrids to talk about my dear, a whole lot of them. Although, the only thing I'm going to teach you about today is this specific one; Lamia."


"Yes, they're similar and different to a Naga. The one we're going to explain the most is a Pony Lamia."

Cherubic's master begins to draw another pic as it continues on.

"Unlike most different snakes, Pony Lamia does have two ways to entice their prey; Hypnosis and Sound."

"The Hypnosis is their ability to trance their prey with the Hypnotic rotating circle colors, depending on what of Lamia they are. The Sound is the Lamia's voice-like siren while also Hypnotizing their prey, trying to lower their guard."

Cherubic grabs one bottle of potion and shows it to Diamond Tiara.

"This potion here can transform you into a Lamia when you drink the whole thing. After drinking it, you'll feel most of the pain inside your body as it begins the crystallization phase. Once it's done, the process is complete as you are half upper pony and your lower half is one long coil tail with your cutie mark on it's upper scaly tail."

"Now to show you the picture on how to use your hypnotic ability."

It's master shows Diamond the instruction paper sheet and a few picture of a Lamia hypnotizing it's prey.

"The trick of this hypnosis is that you need to slow your hypnosis down in order for the prey's eyes to mirror your hypnotic eyes while trying to use your voice by letting their guard down and using your snake tail to wind'em up in your coils. When their eyes are like that for more than a minute, you can then increase the hypnotic speed as the pony'll only focus on your beautiful hypnotic eyes only and voice. Then you can tighten their throat a little bit just to make sure they don't call for help. Once their head makes a 'PING' sound, that means their eyes are de-focus of speeding with endless hypnotic color rings and having a big smile on their face, only hearing on the sound of your sweet honey voice and awaiting for your commands."

Diamond Tiara is processing all of this information in her head, but feels as though this might not be right. On one hoof, she wouldn't want to use that potion as thought it could kill her. On the other, this could be the only chance she has if she wants to change her mother's problem and perhaps maybe even her dad as well.

"Uhhh I don't know if it's safe for me." Diamond says, concerning if this'll hurt her.

"Tell you what, I can give this bottle of potion for free. This'll only last for about a day so make sure you stay at a warmer place or perhaps wrap a prey inside your coils and I'll be back tomorrow to know how you felt about being a Lamia."

So Diamond has given a moment of thought and thinks if this'll work or not for her.

After a minute of conflict in her head, she nods to Cherubic and it's master.

"Okay, I'll do it."

"A wise choice my dear filly."

Cherubic nods as it's master gives Diamond a bottle of purple potion. The colt puts Cherubic back in the bag and grabs his stock of potion. He then turns his head and speaks his final words to Diamond.

"Remember this; All you have to do is only slow down your hypnosis until you know the prey's eyes is mirroring your own, but make sure you don't use the hypnosis on a glass mirror cause it would be a big mistake and your life could be in grave danger. Until then, see ya tomorrow."

So the mysterious colts walks off with his potions as Diamond Tiara holds the bottle in her hooves.

"I just need to make sure that my mom is all alone for tonight."

She thought about some things before an idea came to her.

"To do this, I have to first test my Hypnosis on my Dad."