A Plus One in Haywaii

by BrawnyBold

A Friendly, Little Invite

It was another day in Starlight's village with several ponies walking and talking among themselves. Feather Bangs made his way down the streets while carrying a basket of bouquets in his hooves. A newcomer of the village would see Feather and assume the flowers were for his love interest or a family member. The village residents would know that Feather did buy flowers for a love interest, it was just more than one love interest. Feather made his way to one of the tables near Sugar Belle's bakery where it was occupied by three of Feather's admirers.
"Hey girls!" Feather said to the mares as he reached the table.
"Hey Feather!" The three mares all said at once. They gave their usual flirty winks and blew air kisses to show their affection to the poet stallion.
"I brought some flowers for you." Feather said as he offered each of his mares a bouquet. "Consider them as a thank you for inviting me to lunch." The mares' eyes gleamed with happiness.
"Ah, Feather!" Fond Feather cooed while hugging her bouquet. "These are wonderful!" Swoon took a sniff from her bouquet which was wrapped in a red ribbon like her's.
"You know me so well! I love lavenders!" Swoon couldn't help but take another sniff.
"That's what we love about you, Bangy!" Dear winked. "You always go above your way to make us happy!"
"Yeah," Feather nodded in agreement. He couldn't believe that he had been dating these three mares for months. At first, Feather didn't know how to talk to mares and it terrified him more than loneliness. But thanks to the Cutie Mark Crusaders and some dates with his admirers, Feather wasn't so afraid anymore. Instead, he felt gratitude for getting to know his admirers as each mare was unique despite their appearances. Things became even better when he went from going out with each mare individually to going out with them all at once. Feather didn't feel so scared going out with all three of the mares at the same time. He thought of it like an outing with friends. The only differences are that his party was made up mares who acted really 'friendly' to him. Sugar Belle came out of her bakery and towards Feather's table.
"I see you're having a good time, Feather." Sugar gave a small smirk as she saw him with his admirers.
"Oh! Hey Sugar Belle!" Feather said in surprise. He was also able to talk to Sugar Belle without feeling awkward since he flirted with her in front of his admirers.
"I take it everypony wants their usual from me?" Sugar Belle asked. The group nodded and Sugar Belle went back into her shop. While Sugar Belle was baking, Feather and his admirers talked about what's been going on in their lives. The conversations progressed until Fond pulled out four tickets.
"Guess what I got?" Fond asked to raise curiosity among the three other ponies.
"It's tickets to Haywaii!" Fond answered with cheer. Swoon and Dear gasped from the news and then they gave their friend a group hug among the three of them. Feather, however, was confused from Fond's announcement.
"I can't believe it!" Swoon yelled. "I've always wanted to go there!"
"It's almost like you're making my dreams come true, Fond!" Dear included.
"Thank one of my friends who works there." Fond said. "She offered me a whole week stay at one of her cottages."
"Is Haywaii really that popular?" The trio stopped to look at Feather with shocked faces.
"I only heard of some things about it." Feather said sheepishly. Fond pulled out a brochure and opened it up for everypony to see. It had pictures of a lot of islands surrounded by an ocean of deep blue water.
"Haywaii is considered to be one of Equestia's best vacation spots due to the islands being filled with tropical animals and plants." Fond answered.
"Even the ocean is great because you can do various activities at sea!" Fond then pushed one of her tickets to Feather. "Which is why you're coming with us!" Feather's eyes popped wide open from hearing this news.
"M-m-me?!" Feather stammered with nervousness.
"Yeah, it will be fun!" Fond replied.
Swoon gave a small, begging pout. "I would be very sad if you don't come, Bangy!" Feather started to sweat more than usual as the thought of going on a trip with his love interests felt really scary. He already got over talking to mares and dating them, but going on a trip with mares felt like a whole new level for the poet stallion. A question came into Feather's mind which gave him some hope.
"W-will there be enough room for me at the cottage?" Feather asked.
"Why are you asking that?" Dear asked with lidded eyes. "Do you want all of us to sleep together in a single bed?" Feather nearly collapsed from hearing such a tempting suggestion. Swoon and Fond just giggled.
"Don't worry," Fond assured. "the cottage has four bedrooms so there will be plenty of room for us there." Feather sighed in relief as he didn't have to go with Dear's daring solution. Dear on the other hoof just pouted from not being able to snuggle with Feather in bed.
"Well, since you got a fourth ticket, I'll consider going." Feather replied which caused all three of his admirers to cheer.

It was nighttime when Feather was in his home while packing his bag for the trip. He made sure he had everything he needed for a week in Haywaii. Feather tried to compose himself as he was about to go on a tropical vacation with the mares who were deeply in love with him. A blush appeared on Feather's face as he thought of multiple scenarios that involved him, his admirers, and the beach.
'No, it wouldn't go that far' Feather thought as he went to bed.
In another house, Feather's admirers were all gathered together as they looked at a small chart with various times and locations on it. All three of the mares had grins of excitement for the upcoming Haywaii trip.
"Finally!" Dear yelled as wiped some sweat from her head. "We got everything planned for our time with Feather!"
"Indeed!" Swoon said as she rubbed her hooves together in a diabolical manner. "This will not only satisfy all three of us, it will also satisfy Feather and show him that we're the only mares for him!" Swoon made an evil laugh that ponies might think she was a villain or just a mare who had lost her marbles.
"Okay," Fond said with an arched brow. She got up to stretch her body and turned to see the clock.
"Oh no!" Fond suddenly hollered. "It's already late at night and we didn't start packing yet!" Swoon and Dear gasped as all three of the mares hurried to which clothing to bring and stuff them into suitcases or saddle bags.
"W-which dress should I bring!?" Swoon asked frantically as she looked at a blue dress and a red one.
"Will Feather like my new peach perfume!?" Fond said to herself as she sprayed it to take a sniff.
"Where are my striped stockings!?" Dear cried in frustration. The nearby ponies suffered as they had to listen to the three mares frantically pack for the trip to Haywaii.