Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar

by Blackdrag-rose

Dragon: Trees and Frogs

While Spyro walked through the portal that would take him to Tree Tops, and Spike headed off to take care of the enemies in Terrance Village, Ember stepped though the portal that was in front of her, the one that Spike said was for Misty Bog, and headed off to the realm that she would be taking on all by herself. She was sure that Spyro and Spike would be able to take care of whatever they found in their realms, especially since they had done the same thing back in the other realms of the last three homeworlds, so she decided not to worry about them as she and Cinder headed towards their destination. It didn't take her long to appear at the starting area for the realm she had picked out, which appeared to be a small piece of ground that had a single structure behind her, a stone structure that matched the arches and walls that lined the path that she would be following as she took out the enemies of this realm, recovered the stolen treasure, and released the trapped dragons for their prisons. As she looked around for a few moments she determined that Misty Bog almost looked like the rest of the Beast Makers homeworld, only it was lighter than the area she and her siblings had been in a few moments ago, and there was a light green mist, different from what she had seen in the central hub area, before she focused on what she was doing here and started to explore the area around her.

The first thing she did was turn around and explore the area behind her, behind the circular stone wall that she had landed in front of, and found a Gnorc, dressed up in metal armor while carrying both a sword and a shield, who jumped up and down a few times after trapping a chicken in a cage, though while he was distracted she charged right into him and knocked him down. That, of course, was when the knife Gnorc returned to his original form, that of a gem, so Ember had Cinder pick it up as she broke down the cage and freed the chicken inside it, as there was no reason to leave it trapped in such a way, before picking up the pair of gems nearby and heading out to start her adventure in this realm. Once that was done she glided over to the stairs that were in front of her and followed the path that was the top of it, where she paused for a moment as she found a number of dark brown plants that seemed to be ready to be pulled out of the ground at some point in time, though they were shaking, almost in response to her arriving in this realm. As she took a step forward the first plant burst out of the ground and charged at her, like it was trying to eat her, so she flamed it and took it down rather quickly, leaving a gem behind, so she shook her head and focused on the other three killer plants, as Spike would probably name them, taking them out in the process before she explored the area and picked up the gems that were scattered around the area she was in.

Once that was done Ember glided over to the next set of stairs and paused as she found some blue colored frogs that had orange colored hair on top of their heads, though while they seemed innocent from a distance she knew that Gnasty Gnorc's spell had created more violent versions of the various creatures of a realm, so these frogs were likely enemies that would try to kill her and prevent her from progressing through this realm. As she got close to the first one it paused for a moment and lashed out at her with it's tongue, where Ember rolled out of the way and flamed the frog in return, knocking it out in the process, before turning her attention to the other three frogs in the area and did the same thing to them, clearing this area of enemies and allowing her to focus on seeing how many gems were around her. She found a number of normal chests that were scattered around the area, some by where the frogs had been patrolling and a few near the stairs she had used to get up here, along with a pair of circular chests that she broke up, and, just like the first area she had cleared out, a chest that was behind the circular stone wall. The moment she had all the gems collected, and all the chests had been broken in the process, Ember turned towards the path that would allow her to move on and found three more killer plants resting near the tree stump that a dragon was trapped on, to which she picked up the nearby gems and took out the foes that were getting ready to attack her, before heading over to the dragon statue.

She tapped the statue and released a thin dragon that had green colored scales and oversized horns, with two necklaces around his neck, where one seemed to have an eye attached to it, though he carried a satchel that had teeth near the flap and had two vertical eyes on it, though why he had something like that she had no idea.

"Thanks for releasing me, Ember," the dragon said, though at the same time he stretched for a moment, showing that he had been stiff from being trapped in that statue and wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with his body, before he focused on Ember again, even though she was fine with him focusing on something else, "I am Rosco, though, if you want a warning, I'd suggest being on the lookout for the attack frogs, as their vicious cold-blooded killers."

"Really? I thought they were that way due to the spell that Gnasty Gnorc used on the realms," Ember stated, as that was what she had been thinking since she arrived in this realm, that the frogs were products of the spell that their true foe had cast at some point in the past, but if there were natural creatures of this land that meant that the gems she was finding were ones that the frogs had eaten.

"Well, the original attack frogs aren't as aggressive as the ones that you dealt with a few seconds ago," Rosco replied, where Ember tilted her head for a moment, as it sounded like he was suggesting that she had been right about the frogs that she had taken out, where he smiled for a moment as he considered what he was going to tell her, "let me put it this way, the enemies you took out are the ones that were created by Gnasty Gnorc's spell, though I think they might have scared off the attack frogs that called this realm home."

"Well, good luck with that." Ember said, because she figured that the only ones that could find the original attack frogs were the Beast Makers that called this swamp home, though even as she said that Rosco nodded his head and took off, leaving her to deal with the rest of the realm and the enemies that were guarding the other dragons.

Once Rosco was gone, and it was just Ember and Cinder left in the area at the moment, Ember glided over to the next patch of ground that was part of the path she was following, where a knife Gnorc was being chased by a boar, something that was rather funny to witness. When she landed on the ground, however, she flamed the boar and took him out, which lead to the Gnorc stopping in his tracks so he could catch his breath and ready himself for the battle to come, as Ember was letting him do that, though once he attacked she rolled out of the way and then charged into her foe, knocking him to the ground and returning him to being a gem as well. As soon as that was done, and the gems were collected, she focused on which path she should take, since it appeared that she was coming to a split in the path and while one of them seemed to head to a either fallen tree that had been hollowed out or a decent sized house that was built on a stump, while the other seemed to lead to a path that would take her to an underground area. It wasn't hard to determine that she might as well clear the area up here first, before heading down into the underground part of this realm, so she jumped onto the wooden bridge that was near her position and charged through five knife Gnorcs that were blocking the way, as well as one more near the stumps that would allow her to descend into the other area, before smashing through the three chests that were near her and then backtracked so she could take the other path.

She glided over to a small piece of ground and charged through a knife Gnorc that was in the process of capturing one of the chickens that called this realm home, so once her target had been taken out she made sure to break the cage and let the little critter go free, before turning her attention back to what she was doing. From there she used the nearby stumps, that were arranged from the smallest to the tallest, to get a good view of the area around her, along with giving her the chance to pick up a couple of gems, before discovering that the way into the structure she had see was being guarded by three attack frogs, so she glided over to where none of them were standing. As soon as she landed she turned around and charged through all three of the frogs, knocking them back into their original form, and once Cinder had claimed those gems as well she headed inside the tunnel that was in front of her, where she climbed up the steps and reached a flat walkway that would take her to another set of stairs, where a trapped dragon rested on the level that was above her. Ember quickly smashed the chests that were near her and then looked at the enemies that were guarding the way to the next dragon, where she found six attack frogs and four knife Gnrocs waiting for her, meaning that she needed to be careful, otherwise she'd be walking out of here with an injured Cinder, something she would like to avoid.

The plan she came up with was slower than what she was used to, though she couldn't argue with the results, as she carefully took out the attack frogs that were the closest to her and then charged into the knife Gnorcs, without giving the other frogs a chance to lash out at her, and then repeated the process until the passage was clear of enemies, to which she let out a sigh and headed up to the next dragon, where she tapped the statue and freed him.

The dragon in question, Damon, was slimmer than most of the dragons she and her siblings had rescued, as he was around Rosco's size, though he was definitely a couple of years older than the dragons she had seen so far in this land, and he happened to be wearing a dark green shirt and a hat, along with holding a potion bottle in his hands and what appeared to be a travel sack that was attached to his tail. Damon seemed to think he had been trapped in that prison for a long time, which was technically true since it was now the afternoon of the day that Gnasty Gnorc had used his spell to trap all of the adult dragons in those statues, though after thanking her he headed outside the structure they were in and took off, no doubt heading for wherever Bruno was having his clan meet him in times like this. Once Damon was gone, and Ember was sure the inside of the structure was clear of gems and enemies, she headed outside as well and picked up a few more gems as she walked along the edge of the structure, before finding a spot to glide back to where Rosco had been trapped, which would allow her to continue towards the underground area. As soon as she landed on the ground once more she double checked the area around the first dragon she had freed, just to be sure that there weren't any gems or chests she had missed the first time she passed through this area, before determining that she had gotten everything and set out for her next destination.

It didn't take her long to return to where the set of stumps were, or to collect the gems that were on them, before she jumped into the hollow trunk and descended into the area below her, where she found two knife Gnorcs, two killer plants, and a few chests that rested behind her, two normal ones and two of the gem type she and her siblings had encountered in the past, but even then it only took her a few moments to clear out the area and move up the steps that were at the tunnel's opening.

The third dragon she was rescuing was called Zeke, though what was interesting about him was that his head actually resembled a matamata turtle that Spike had showed her, from one of the books he had been reading, and that he had crocodile-like skin, though he wore a lily pad for a hat, had a tooth necklace around his neck, a woven net belt around his waist, and he had snails on him. Zeke didn't have much to say, other than thanking her for rescuing him, before he took off to join the rest of his clan, though once he was gone Ember just shook her head and moved forward, intending to clear out the other enemies and gather the remaining gems before she headed back to the central hub area for this homeworld, so she could meet up with her siblings. In the next area, which was behind Zeke, Ember found a pair of attack frogs and a knife Gnorc waiting for her, but, oddly enough, they were trampled by a boar, who she ended up flaming before it could even touch her, which just meant that she didn't have to expand as much energy as she would have if the boar hadn't come charging at her, before she moved into the next part of the ruined area she was in. Interestingly enough there were a few more attack frogs and a few more knife Gnorcs in the area between her and where the next dragon was imprisoned, but all she really had to do was let the boars trample them and return them to their original gem for, allowing her to flame the boars and collect all the gems that were laying on the ground, as well as a few that were inside the chests that Gnasty Gnorc's forces had tried to hide.

Once the area was clear of gems and enemies, just like the last few areas, Ember climbed up to where the next statue rested and tapped it, where a blue scaled dragon, with horns on his arms, wings, tail, and even where a beard would be, was freed from his prison, though the scars on his body indicated that he had to be a warrior of some kind.

"Thanks for freeing me, Ember. I am Bubba, and let me tell you something," the dragon said, though Ember had to wonder what sort of advice he was going to give her, especially since they were standing near the exit portal and she was sure that there were only a couple of Gnorc enemies left in this realm, "to deal with those attack frogs you've got to SMASH THEM! STAMP THEM OUT AND SQUISH THEM AND SQUASH THEM! HAHAHA..."

"That might be something that an adult dragon can do, but I'm still a teenager," Ember replied, referring to the fact that she and her siblings had a few more years before they finally matured, even though Nestor said they were teenagers once they reached ten years old and would remain that way until they became adults, but, at the same time, she was sure that Bubba didn't have to deliver his statement with so much gusto, "so right now all I can do is flame or charge them, depending on the enemies around them. Though I'm guessing that you're a warrior of some kind?"

"Indeed I am. My job is to subdue the fiercest creatures when they go wild, or hold them down long enough for one of the other Beast Makers to do their job," Bubba stated, though at the same time he seemed to give Ember a thumbs up, as if he approved of how she was tackling the attack frogs and the other enemies, but at the very least now she knew how he got the scars that were on his body, since he had one of the more dangerous roles in this land.

Bubba departed from the area once he told Ember what he did for a living, allowing her to clear out the chests that were near the exit portal, which were just the metallic ones, before she jumped on top of an area where a pot or some other form of art could have been placed and then glided over to the ruined wall that was near her. She was able to land on the wall rather easily, where a quick glance proved that there was a path to the top of the ruin she had passed under a few moments ago, she just had to glide over to the side of the ruin and found a few stones that formed a set of stairs up to her next destination. When she reached the top of the ruin she found a few gems, a pair of metallic chests, and a pair of gem chests, where she smashed the chests like she did all of the other ones she had found so far and then picked up all of the scattered gems, before turning around and found a number of stumps that ascended to a wooden walkway, which just so happened to be where a few knife Gnorcs were standing around. As such she glided over to the lowest stump and, when she landed on it, she jumped up to the walkway and then charged through the six knife Gnorcs that were in her way, allowing her to access the area they were guarding, which had three normal chests and three circular chests, allowing her to claim the gems that had been stored inside them.

Once she did that, and made sure there weren't any other gems or enemies for her to take care of, Ember jumped over the edge and glided down to where the exit portal was located, though as soon as she landed she jumped into the whirlwind and headed back to the central hub area, so she could meet up with her siblings, tell them what she had done while learning what they did, before they tackled the Flight Realm and whoever the commander was.

It took Spyro and Sparx a few moments to reach their destination, the starting area for Tree Tops, though as soon as they appeared at where they were supposed to start their adventure from Spyro noticed two things right off the bat, the first being a green robed thief that ran off the moment he appeared, while the second was that he was outside a hollowed out tree of some kind. Spyro also found that there were more trees like the one he was in that were positioned near this one, why he had no idea and figured that Spike or one of the Beast Makers could explain it, though he turned his mind to the area in front of him and focused on what his siblings would be doing in their realms, taking out the enemies, recovering the stolen treasure, and saving the trapped dragons. Of course he happened to be standing on a piece of bark that had been folded and molded into an opening, matching the various ramps that he saw off in the distance, before focusing on the area in front of him, where he found that the green thief had paused for a moment and was in the process of waking up two ape-like creatures, one that was small and seemed to be picking up some bananas that were laying near it while the other one was much larger than he was and it appeared to be using it's large arms to walk. He stood there for a few seconds and thought about these enemies, where he thought about how Spike would name their enemies and decided that the smaller one would be a banana boy and the larger one would be a strongarm ape, or at least those were the names he would give them until someone told him differently.

Once that happened he shook his head and charged into the chamber in front of him, where he charged through the banana boy, after avoiding the bundle of bananas that had been thrown at him, before flaming the strongarm ape and moving forward, so he could figure out where the green thief had run off to. As he followed the path that he was sure his target had used to run away, however, Spyro had to flame three more strongarm apes before he found a split in the path, as there was an opening on his left that lead to another structure and the path in front of him lead somewhere else, but, since he had no idea which way the thief went, whatever decision he made was going to be a guess. In the end he jumped up to the opening on his left and found a wooden bridge that connected the three he was in to the one that was near it, even if the other free had a portion of it cut off in the past and had a flat top with some structures built on it, no doubt a small village for the Beast Makers dragons to live in, and discovered that a banana boy was guarding the passage that would take him to the top area, so he charged into him and continued forward. Interestingly enough, after taking care of the banana boy and smashing through the three metallic chests on the level behind it, Spyro found a key to a locked chest, which he had Sparx grab as he jumped up and flamed the two strongarm apes that were in front of him, allowing him to climb the steps to his right and finally reach the upper area he had seen, even if that meant flaming two banana boys that were in his way.

He found that his earlier thought was wrong, the houses were on the next tree that was close to the one he was at the top of, as this one had stone pillars, something Spyro was sure that Spike could explain the reason behind once they weren't pressed for time, before he took out the two banana boys and gathered the gems around him, which included the ones inside three circular chests, before he used a ledge to glide over to the small village, after breaking two metallic chests, and found one of the trapped dragons, where he tapped the statue to free whoever was inside it.

"Thanks for freeing me, Spyro," the dragon said, who turned out to be a light green scaled dragon that had some weight to his body, though he was wearing a tusk necklace and it appeared that he had been in the middle of eating one of the dragon fruit plants he had seen in the past, before he thought about something, "I am Lyle, though if you want some advice I can tell you something interesting. If you want a grand tour of Tree Tops, you can use the supercharge ramps that are scattered throughout this realm, though to get the best experience it's better to add a few of the other supercharge ramps to the first one."

Spyro had no idea that there were supercharge ramps in this realm, since he hadn't found one yet, but he had to admit that he never considered trying to add a second one to the first one, as in going from one to another, and kept the idea in mind as Lyle took off, allowing him to explore the area and claim the gems from the chests that he discovered, and, at the same time, he found one of the ramps that he had been told about. He debated about trying to find his way back to the area he had been in, before choosing to come over to the area with the stone pillars, or just head down the ramp and see where it took him, and while he did that he found a few more gems hiding behind one of the huts, so he picked them up and returned to where Lyle had been imprisoned. From there he sighed as he turned around and charged down the ramp that was near him, allowing him to access the supercharge ability once more, where he jumped into the air and soared over to the circular area that was in the path that the ramp sent him to, allowing him to crash into a strongarm ape and come to a stop, before he flamed the pair of banana boys before he could be hit by them. Once that was done he searched the area and found a pair of circular chests, which he broke apart with his flames, and then smashed through three normal chests, before pausing as he found another supercharge ramp that partly wrapped around the tree that was close to where he was standing.

Instead of wasting time he glided over to where the ramp was located and then charged down it, allowing him to soar over another gap as he zeroed in on a wrecked tree, as it looked like it had been broken in some manner, and landed in front of a locked chest, where the power of his supercharge allowed him to smash the chest apart, meaning that there had to be another one like it elsewhere in this realm, though he followed that up by retrieving the four gems that were near him, broke the pair of gem chests, and then took out the strongarm ape, before coming to a stop on a walkway.

"I bet that's where the green thief ran off to," Spyro commented, to which he beckoned to the area that was off in the distance, an area that was like where Lyle had been imprisoned, and found that while he could glide to the lower area he would need some serious speed to reach the upper area, where he assumed the thief was hiding, even if he couldn't see the thief at the moment.

Sparx buzzed for a few seconds, his tone indicating that he agreed with Spyro, that the thief they had seen had to be somewhere over there, before Spyro jumped into the air and glided over to where the lower area was located, which just so happened to be where the exit portal rested, though he ignored that as he landed and smashed the normal chest that was near him, along with the three circular chests and picked up the gems that were nearby. Once that was done he used the nearby whirlwind to rise into the air, allowing him to glide to the bottom end of another supercharge ramp, where he followed the path up to wherever it would take him, which was a passage through another tree that had two strongarm apes and one banana boy, along with two gem chests and a locked chest that had no lock on it, meaning it needed to be charged into to get the gems that were inside it. He then found that he could go no further, at least not from this direction, and retraced his steps to where the start of the supercharge ramp was located, picking up three more gems in the process, before stopping as he wondered where he was supposed to go from here, which was when Sprax pointed at a ramp that was attached to the tree he had started at, one that would allow him to get back to the start of this realm. He didn't want to go back to the starting area of this realm, but from what he could tell he had no choice in the matter, so he jumped into the air and glided over to the bottom end of the ramp, where he made his way back to the area he had appeared in after using the portal in the central hub area to come to this realm, where a whirlwind allowed him to reach the area he had first seen the green thief in.

It didn't take him long to get back to where the split was located, though instead of heading to the left he walked forward and dealt with the two banana boys that were trying to block his path, before gliding over to the structure that was in front of him and dealt with the three strongarm apes that were in his way, allowing him to reach the trapped dragon that was on the level above him. The dragon in question, Isaak, was ungracefully thin and tall, or lanky as Spyro knew Spike would have described this dragon, though he was holding a staff with a crab claw in his left hand, while wearing wristbands and had purple feathers strapped to his chest, though there were also a few bits of jewelry, or what Spyro assumed was jewelry, hanging from Isaak's horns. All Isaak had to tell him was that if he jumped at the end of a supercharge ramp he could really go far, something that he and his siblings had learned back in the land of the Magic Crafters, but he thanked the dragon for the advice and watched as Isaak took off after being freed, allowing him to break the chests behind him, before jumping back down into the area below him, where Sparx slipped the key into the locked chest he had ignored and freed the gems that had been trapped inside it.

Once that was done Spyro returned to the ramp that was near where Isaak had been imprisoned and charged down it, where he focused on the locked chest that he had seen earlier and jumped into the air when he reached the end of the ramp, allowing him to smash into his target not even a few seconds later and collect the gems that were inside it. From there he made his way back to the area that Isaak had been trapped in, even if that meant going back to the starting area all over again, and stopped when he returned to the top of the ramp, as he was thinking about how he was going to reach the area that he was sure the thief ran off to. As he considered what he could do in this situation, however, he charged down the ramp and jumped into the air, only to veer off to the side on purpose and land at the base of the ramp that was near the starting area, where he stopped and walked along the ramp, making his way to the very end of it, and when he did reach the end he spotted the ramp he had charged up after leaving the area that the exit portal was in, making him wonder if he could combine the three ramps together and give himself a boost to reach his destination. Spyro then turned around and headed back to the area that Isaak had been imprisoned in and braced himself, as this could either work in his favor or it could end with him falling out of the sky and landing somewhere completely different, before he charged down the ramp and veered off to the next one when he reached the end, only to make his way through the runnel that was near where he started and then jumped onto the final ramp, which allowed him to soar over to his destination.

When he landed, however, he found a thief with a red robe waiting for him, where he chased down the thief and burned him, retrieving the purple gem he was carrying, before he gathered the gems from the ground, from the pair of normal chests, and from the pair of circular chests, only to end up sitting down for a moment.

"I don't get it. This should be where the green thief ended up," Spyro said, even though he knew that he was basically talking to himself since all Sparx could do was buzz at him, something that he needed to learn about so he could converse with his friend in the future, to form plans and whatnot, before he glanced at the area in front of him, where he could have sworn he spotted another small village area off in the distance, "Hey, Sparx, do you mind checking that area out for me? I can't tell if there's anything important over there from where we're sitting."

Sparx buzzed for a few seconds and then flew off, so he could look at the area that Spyro had spotted, though while that was going on Spyro looked at the rest of the realm that was Tree Tops, without leaving the area that he was sitting in at the moment, because if that wasn't part of this realm than that meant that the thief left and he found a different one, and that also meant he'd be able to leave, even if he felt that his work was incomplete. As he stared at the various ramps that existed in this realm, however, he wondered if there was a second patter he could follow that would allow him to reach another area that was further away from the rest of the trees, like the area that Sparx was scouting for him, but the only way to be sure would be to run along the ramps and see if anything happened at the end. Either way it looked like the second path, if it truly existed, would be harder than the first one, meaning there was more room for error, but if Sparx indicated that nothing was over there than he'd just jump down into the exit portal and leave this realm, so he could meet up with his siblings and finish off this land like they did the other ones. Fortunately it didn't take Sparx long to return to where Spyro was sitting, though when he came to a stop he buzzed a few times, where Spyro got the sense that he had seen something in that other area and that he was trying to get him to go check it out for himself, to which Spyro got up from where he was sitting and glided over to the ramp he used to get up here, as it was time to return to where Lyle had been imprisoned, as that was where he assumed he'd have to start from this time around.

When he returned to where Lyle had been imprisoned Spyro thought about the path that he thought he had seen and raced down the ramp without delay, though when he reached the end of it he decided to veer off to the side and see if he could jump onto what was to his right, another ramp that seemed to be pointed in the direction he wanted to go, but he ended up hitting the side of the ramp and fell out of the air. In that moment he discovered that this realm was also home to some of the Safety Fairies that Spike had told him and Ember about, back when they were visiting High Caves, who stopped him from falling out of the realm he was in and carried him back to the top of the ramp, but as they departed he knew they'd be watching him as he continued what he was doing. The fact that he failed to get on the other ramp told him that he had to go around this realm and follow a very specific path to reach the other area, which he could actually look at from where Lyle was imprisoned and could tell that there was a trapped dragon over there, the only thing he had to do was figure out the path and then make all the jumps without falling again, which was easier said than done. The first thing he tried was charging down the ramp, jumping to the area that had a few pillars, and then jumped over to the ramp that had allowed him to smash through the locked chest earlier, where he continued down the ramp and jumped into the air, where he soared over the area that chest had been in and curved so he could look for a spot to continue, which only ended in the fairies saving him and bringing him back to the start of the ramp once more.

As it turned out it was much harder to figure out the path than Spyro thought it would be, as every time he felt that he was making progress, in figuring out where he had to go, he would either misjudge a jump and fall out of the air or he would hit something and cause the fairies to come save him again. Despite his failures, which were costing him time and energy, which he and his siblings were supposed to be gaining due to Spike's rest in the land of the Magic Crafters, he kept charging down the ramp and kept looking for how he was supposed to combine the various ramps into a single path that would allow him to reach the final dragon. Eventually he figured out that he was supposed to veer off to the right and rushed towards the ramp that Isaak had been imprisoned near, where he ran up it and jumped over to the ramp he had tried to get to earlier, this time succeeding in his endeavor, before reaching the end of it and jumped again, though when he reached the highest point of his jump he switched to gliding. That allowed him to reach the area that he had seen and that he had Sparx investigate for him, where he found the green thief from earlier and charged after his target. With nowhere to go he collided with the thief and recovered the treasure that he had stolen, allowing him to gather the various gems that were laying on the ground, smash the gem chests that were near him, and then tap the statue so he could free the dragon that was imprisoned in this area.

The dragon in question had light orange colored scales, though his wings were feathered, while a good majority of the dragons had leathery wings, and he was wearing shaman-like attire, which had eye-like decorations on his head piece and on his necklace, and he was carrying a staff with a beak for the top.

"Thanks for the rescue, Spyro. My name is Jed," the dragon said, where the smile on his face indicated that he was happy that he had been saved from his prison and, at the same time, he was also pleased with what Spyro had done to reach this area, or at least that was what Spyro assumed the smile also meant, "and, if I might say so, that was quite a ride. You've learned a lot since you were a young glider."

"No problem. I'm happy that I finally reached this area," Spyro replied, though at the same time he sighed, because it had taken him a long time to reach this area and there was something he wanted to do once he got back together with his siblings, since he was sure this realm was cleared at long last, "though I really wish you had been somewhere else when Gnasty Gnorc cast that spell that imprisoned all of you in those statues... would have made things easier."

Jed shrugged for a moment, indicating that there wasn't much he could have done in this situation, since the spell had come out of nowhere, before he spread his wings and took off, causing Spyro to shake his head and return to where the exit portal was located, as he was going to put this event behind him after telling his siblings about what happened, and that, when they finally reached the land of the Dream Weavers, he hoped to be given an easier realm than what Tree Tops turned out to be.