Keep Calm and Chaos on

by Foal Star

Chapter Three: Bunnies here, Bunnies there, Bunnies everywhere!

Fluttershy was quite surprised as a flash of light emanated throughout her cottage, and without realizing it, she was suddenly teleported into the new dimension by Discord's magic. The mare looked around her cottage seeing that nothing really changed and she sat there scratching her head trying to figure out what was going on and asked, "So…are we in another dimension now?"

Discord rolled his eyes as he simply walked over to Fluttershy and explained, "Well not exactly, this is just a simulation of an alternate version of Ponyville. Where you can let loose and get your anger out!"

The lord of chaos then strode to the front door and opened it while performing a bow. "Go on and see for yourself, you'll see that everything looks as if you never left."

The female draconequus gulped as she was feeling quite nervous and followed Discord outside. Fluttershy looked around and scratched her face with a confused expression seeing that nothing really has changed seeing with her chickens going about clucking in her yard. Fluttershy could see in the distance that ponies were going about their business, it seemed as if she never even left and asked, "So this is just a copy of Equestria?"

Discord gave a nod and continued to explain. "Yeah, now you need to understand that this really isn't your Ponyville."

The mare turned around and saw that Gilda was flying down from the sky with an angry glare on her face. The griffin slammed onto the ground and stomped over towards Fluttershy as she shouted, "Fluttershy! Look at you crazy draconequus! You're just a monster now so get the buck out of here!"

Fluttershy's eyes slanted, giving Gilda a cold stare as she continued to jeer. "Are you getting angry now!? Oh, I'm so scared! Get the buck out of here! Rainbow Dash doesn't want anything to do with you!"

Discord flew over with a smirk at Fluttershy and cooed," So what are you going to do? Are you going to just let her talk to you like that?"

Fluttershy gulped as she twiddled her claws and stammered, "look I'm not comfortable with this. Can you not make…simulations so mean?"

Discord fluttered over and proclaimed, "Well, the point of this is to get you angry and to let it out! So come on, transform her into a bunny! Make her wear an embarrassing outfit! Come on go wild!"

Gilda pointed a claw at Fluttershy and shouted, "Come on Fluttershy what are ya gonna do!? Are ya chicken?!" She started to bawk and flapped her wings in a mocking tone.

Fluttershy glared at the griffin as she slowly pulled out an arm and snapped her claw. Pink magical tendrils swirled around Gilda and slowly morphed her wings into small white chicken wings, her beak grew smaller into a tiny flat chicken beak, and a long red waddle grew down from her chin. The transformed chicken flapped her wings and began bawking hysterically as she cried out. "What did you do to me! Change me back!"

But Fluttershy was laughing maniacally and continued to snap her claw while her long lion tail shrank into her body as a cute white fluffy bunny tail poofed out from her rump. Long white bunny ears burst from her head and flopped over the griffin's face. She squeaked stumbling backward as her paws became soft with huge tufts of white fur sprouted out from each paw. Gilda bawked and squawked flapping her tiny wings and squealed as an egg from her underbelly which splattered the yolky contents on the ground.

Fluttershy burst into more laughter and dawwed, "aww your so cute now! Plopping eggs out of your cute rump!"

The mare picked up the fluffy Gilda and pulled her into a big hug and began to rub her face over the griffin's soft feathery body and cooed softly "Oh your just so adorable. Come on, let's get you comfortable cutie."

Fluttershy then took the transformed Gilda by a paw and led her to the chicken coop. It was quite big with dozens of chickens laying in their nests, and there's one giant nest in the back designed just for Gilda. The Gryphon seemed to be quite nervous looking down the aisle and quivered a lot as Fluttershy slowly stroked her feathers and whispered, "Hey, it's ok go on."

The griffin gave a nod and bawked as she slowly waddled down the aisle shaking her feathery chicken butt with her big poofy bunny tail sticking out. The cute griffin then plopped into her nest and snuggled in as Fluttershy dawwed and cooed, "now little Gilda, you sit here and lay eggs like a good little chicken. I want a dozen when I return."

The scared griffin gulped looking deep into Fluttershy's eyes, but she started to feel comfortable settling herself in the straw of her nest. Gilda continued to plop out eggs from her underside while bawking and flapping her tiny wings, not unlike a chicken. The female draconequus slowly came out and with a blush growing on her face as she jumped into the air and squealed, "that was awesome! I wanted to do something like that to Gilda for years!"

Discord was proud of Fluttershy's work on Gilda and gave her a pat on the back and chuckled, "I'm glad to hear! You're doing an excellent job so far!"

Fluttershy hugged Discord back and chirped, "Yeah, it felt good getting some cute revenge on Gilda!"

Discord threw up his claws and bowed as he asked, "Shall we continue milady? We have a lot more to explore."

The draconequus flew along with Fluttershy along with her, as they came to the fake Ponyville with ponies walking around and going about their own business as if it was a typical day. Fluttershy was quite stunned and amazed at what she saw and asked, "Hey Discord, how were you able to do this?"

The draconequus snickered as she continued, "well, it was quite easy everypony here formed from your memories, including your friends. They all live in a world where I can do whatever I want in it."

Fluttershy was quite impressed as she gave a nod. The mare paused though and asked, "So? Who am I going to meet next?"

Discord smirked around and pointed a claw at Flim and Flam who were on top of a stage in the middle of Ponyville. The draconequus continued, "those are your targets! Now, this is where I'm going to leave you, my dear Fluttershy. I think you know what to do from here."

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and gave a deep, exasperated sigh, "fine, but I'm not going to do anything too crazy."

Discord threw up a claw and exclaimed, "just do what you think is best! Remember to use your imagination!" With a snap of a claw, the lord of chaos poofed in a puff of smoke. Fluttershy turned around, facing the two con brothers to observe them.

Flim threw up a cane and proclaimed, “now fillies and gentle colts! Welcome to our demonstration of the super-strength serum we created right brother!"

Flam chirped back. "Of course, brother! I am quite pleased to say its perfected and will make you a hundred times stronger! Do you want to see it!"

The crowds of ponies cheered and Fluttershy gave the two brothers a cold stare as she started having a feeling that some cute animals were going to be the test subjects.

Flim turned to his brother and replied back. "Well, I think we have our answer! Bring out the bunnies!"

Fluttershy gasped in horror upon seeing two bunnies brought out to each of the brothers, injected them with syringes filled with some kind of green concoction. The cute bunnies were turned into giant buff bunnies looking a lot like the ones Discord transformed on the day he was reformed and Fluttershy roared in anger. "How dare they test their horrible serums on my poor bunnies!"

In the mare's unbridled rage she snapped a claw and then turned the big buff bunnies back to their small cute selves again. However, magic tendrils wrapped around the two making their manes grow out, their bodies shortened, their faces and heads morphed becoming rounder the hair on their tails grew out. The sisters both blushed as they crossed their front legs over their underbellies knowing something else disappeared. This made the crowd of ponies point and laugh at the two mares.

Flim had a blush growing on her face she looked among the crowd and stammered, "d..di we mess up our serum?" He squeaked hearing how new girly voice hearing how high pitched it was.

Flam was doing the same as Flim, and she squirmed as she stammered back. "I d...don't know sister! But I do believe that something must have gone terribly wrong!"

Fluttershy, who was laughing quite loudly, wasn't done yet. She tapped a claw to her chin thinking of what to do to the two next and snapped again as their suits transformed into sexy black leotards, their ears grew out into floppy black coated bunny ears that flopped over their heads, and then their long tails fell off and they were replaced by two poofy cotton tails that suddenly poofed out from their backsides. The two mares were even more embarrassed, only able to look down at their new uniforms. Everypony around the stage burst into loud fits of laughter as Fluttershy couldn't help but smirk seeing how embarrassed the two newly created mares were. The two were now wearing those sexy bunny costumes while crossing their forelegs over their crotch areas. The female draconequus snickered as she flew down and jeered, "there how do you like being paraded in front of everypony."

Flim looked up at the draconequus with an angry expression on her face and snapped, "it was you! You turned us into sexy mares!"

Flam stomped about shaking her bunny tail and cried out, "change us back, please! We promise we won't touch any bunnies ever again!"

Fluttershy thought about it, but she turned to the crowds of ponies looking up with confused expressions on their faces. Then an idea suddenly popped into her head, and she shook her head as she simply replied, "Nope, I think you two have brought all these ponies to show off your stupid serum. They want a show, and I think we should give it to them."

She produced a few balls and tossed them over they squeaked as they started to juggle the balls with their forehooves. The two blushed and were quite embarrassed showing off their leotards to the cheering of the ponies surrounding them. The crowd began to clop and cheer the sisters on though seeing they were qhite talented. The two mares botd suddenly both squeaked in surprise as two unicycles appeared underneath their legs. The mares were squealing and crying out as they rolled around trying to keep thsir balance while juggling the balls at the same time making the crowd go wild. Flim and Flam both gave each other a confident smile seeing they were getting a lot of attention, and the two started to bounce around and began performing more complicated tricks on their unicycles.

Fluttershy seeing her job was done she flew off still smirking and laughing saw that mayor mare was giving a speech on top of a palpurt. Fluttershy walked over with a curious look on her face. The mayor was acting like a crazed dictator shouting, "we need to purge this town of the evil bunnies that plague it! We cannot abide by this as our crops and flowers are devoured by these monsters!"

The ponies around her cheered making Fluttershy furious. Steam poured out from her nostrils, and she growled, "I know this is just a simulation. But I can't allow this to continue!"

The pegasus flicked a claw once again and poofed the mayor's professional suit into a big poofy pink bunny costume complete with two giant hind legs, a white poofy tail, and pink floppy ears. She seemed to have a new expression on her face with a big smile and twinkle in her eyes Ponies were chuckling as she continued, "bunnies are super cute! And cuddly! In fact, we should have a holiday for these special creatures!"

Suddenly out of nowhere, a group of bunnies came into the town center holding up signs while cheering and started clapping their paws. The ponies, however, were scratching their heads and were completely confused as to what was going on. The mayor continued shouting, "Actually, I love bunnies! They are the cutest most adorable creatures to live in Equestria! They should be treated with our respect, and we should care for them as if they were other ponies!"

The angry ponies suddenly became confused, scratching their heads and muttering amongst themselves. Suddenly out of nowhere bunnies started bouncing from out of nowhere wielding picket signs and chanting, "Mayor Mare! Mayor Mare! Mayor Mare!"

The ponies gaped in awe at the crowd of bunnies bouncing up and down cheering for Mayor Mare who was only calling for their destruction only moments before. Fluttershy just stayed in the air chuckling as the mayor continued her embarrassing speech. "So, I want to have the Apples replace all their apple trees with carrots, lettuce, and cabbages. I want everything designed to be both pony and bunny friendly, and I think that everything we eat or cook should have carrots in it! Bunnies have been treated like second class citizens long enough its time that we embrace them like family! Let's make Ponyville Carrot again!"

The bunnies cheered and started to bounce towards the mayor and began dogpiling onto the mare. All the while the ponies just watched the mayor get buried under doznes of fluffy bunnies and grumbled as they all started leaving. Mayor Mare laughed manically as she somehow poked through the hordes of bunnies grabbed a whole bunch of the adorable creatures and snuggled them all at once as she squealed, "Thank you! Thank you! Awww, look at you cute bunnies!"

Fluttershy burst into a fit of laughter and chirped, "another job well done! Now let's go out and see if there's another rude pony who needs to be taught a lesson."

Fluttershy then flew off down the streets and was quite surprised to see ponies were running and screaming in terror. She looked up at a giant red-scaled dragon standing overhead it roared as ponies ran for their lives. The pegasus gave the dragon a cold stare as she flew up to face him and snapped. "I remember you meanie! you tried to cover all of Equestria with smoke!"

The dragon roared spouting flame as he shouted, "so what!? I don't care who you are! Nopony can defeat me!"

The dragon was about to shoot out a big fireball at Fluttershy which was coming right for her. The female draconequus smirked, taking out a claw, and with a quick snap of a claw, the big ball of flame poofed into a whole bunch of butterflies. The dragon squeaked as he rubbed a claw across his face. "huh? what happened?"

He squealed as his claw was slowly turning into the big pink bunny paw and his scales along with his red scales turning into thick pink fur. His long red tail was slowly sucked up into his body and was replaced by a big poofy white tail burst out, making him squeak. The dragon flailed and cried as his back legs became stocky bunny paws. The terrified dragon gulped looking at his giant dragon body was now covered in thick pink fur with two big floppy ears. It wasn't long until he came to the realization he was now a hybrid half-dragon half-giant pink bunny creature!

Fluttershy burst out laughing seeing how the dragon’s scales was turned into pink fur with a white coated underbelly with his claws now soft bunny paws with two pink bunny ears and a giant bunny tail poofed out in the back. The dragon cried out in embarrassment as many ponies began laughing and jeering at the creature. The big pink bunny hybrid instantly burst into tears and caused small earthquakes bouncing out of Ponyville as fast as he could. Fluttershy waved a claw snickering at the hybrid dragon she then heard clopping hooves and turned to face a crowd of ponies chanting her name. "Fluttershy! Fluttershy!"

Fluttershy looked down at the ponies with a evik grin and a crazed look in her eyes and shouted, "thank you! Now, I shall change Ponyville and make it more bunny friendly!"

The draconequus flew into the sky and flicked a claw and everypony in the crowd were all poofed into cute bunny costumes. They all squealed in delight and started bouncing around as Fluttershy threw claw in the air and shouted, "From this day forth Ponyville will be known as Bunnyville!" She then snapped a claw a bright light exploded and enveloped Ponyville within its aura.