The life of Whaehonah

by TheDevilDogLeader1987

Whaehonah's foalhood

Whaehonah used to be a happy pony when young, but one day when her and her parents moved to ponyville, things took a turn, not for the worst but not for the better. Whaehonah started school in ponyville to get the education her parents couldn't give her in the land they came from. 

On her first day of school, things were said that built up the anger slowly. Two fillies in particular were the primary source of the problems, Whaehonah was called blank flank and razor tooth. Whaehonah couldn't help that she had sharp teeth, she was born that way and had no control over it. 

When recess began things got strange, other ponies started telling Whaehonah they didn't want to be eaten. This confused her. Why would she eat another pony? One of the two that had teased her at the start of the day threw a piece of paper at her, when she unfolded it she couldn't help but hurl all over the table. It was a picture of her eating three fillies with a note at the bottom of the page. "Since you have sharp teeth, I want you to eat these three fillies who get in my way of glory. Signed diamond tiara." Whaehonah had had enough. She went over to diamond tiara and started beating on her. Punch by punch, Whaehonah felt more and more relieved of pain and anger. When she finished beating diamond tiara to a pulp Whaehonah left her with some final words, "You disgusting filly, you should have kept your dumb thoughts to yourself and left me alone, all I wanted was to get an education in peace, now don't worry about more beatings, because I will never come back here again." Whaehonah left the school and went into the everfree forest to be an outcast. When her parents heard about what happened, they were in tears, they never thought Whaehonah's difference would cause this much trouble. Miss Cheerilee apologized as much as she could.  Whaehonah's parents didn't lose their tears, so Cheerilee pointed them in the direction that Whaehonah took, that's when the search for their daughter began. 

Jecariah and Rephincioe searched the entire forest and couldn't find her. It was almost night time, but no sign of Whaehonah. They feared the worst could've happened to her, that's when they walked up on an ancient castle that had seen better days. They went in and searched everywhere. Meanwhile Whaehonah had walked up on an ersa cave and went in to get out of the cold night. But when she did, a baby ersa attacked her. Whaehonah starving and weak from walking around the forest all day, did the one thing she could do, she bit a chunk of flesh out of the ersa minor's throat as it went to grab her by the tail, when the beast went down in excruciating pain, Whaehonah did the one thing she could think of to get through the night, she began eating the ersa minor. 

Jecariah and Rephincioe had no luck in the rundown castle and continued their search in the darker areas of the everfree forest. They walked up on the ersa cave and saw a massacre. They looked over and saw their daughter with blood on her lips and hooves. They couldn't believe their eyes, their daughter had become a meat eater. When morning came along, Whaehonah woke up and saw her parents sitting at the edge of the cave crying their eyes out, she went over to them and asked what was wrong. Her parents only answered in apologies. They were only blaming themselves for sending Whaehonah to school. Whaehonah tried telling them everything was alright but they still wished they hadn't put her through that. At least in the ersa cave, nopony was judging them for their differences. 

They ended up making a life secluded in the forest.