Love for her Owl

by Alexponylover95

First Signs

Today was a very quiet summer day for the Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle, currently in the library and study of her castle home, enjoying the peacefulness of the mostly empty library and enjoying her work preparing for the next school year at the School of Friendship, which was right next to her home. Writing out the curriculum, with scroll on desk and quill in her magical hold, Twilight put a lot of thought into what subjects there would be next year. Dipping the drying quill into the ink pot to refresh it, the quill got only a little as Twilight took a look and saw the pot was very nearly empty.

"Owlowiscious, could you please fetch some more ink?" Twilight asked her junior assistant and feathery companion, who was sitting on a perch next to the desk, ready to assist his owner with whatever she needs.

"Hoo! Hoo." The owl responded, although a little quietly for him as he flew off to where Twilight kept the ink jar in the library, Owlowiscious fetching some more ink as Twilight smiled, but noticed the owl's softer tone.

"Thanks Owlowiscious, I'm so glad you're here to help me while Spike is over in Canterlot." Twilight told the owl as he returned to his perch.

Yes Spike, the baby dragon who Twilight raised and Twilight's number one assistant, was in Canterlot for a few days because of a diplomatic meeting between the royal sisters, Celestia and Luna and Dragon Lord Ember and since Spike was the "official Equestrian friendship ambassador for the Dragon Lands", it was very important that he be there as well to make sure things go smoothly. So that left Twilight with her junior assistant, who is, always, a great help, on his perch, ready to attend to whatever Twilight needed him to do. Although since Spike left for Canterlot, Twilight has been noticing that Owlowiscious has been slower, looking a bit more tired and quieter than he usually is, Twilight didn't complain or say anything about it however, but deep down she began to worry a little.

"Maybe I should add some more notes on Mistmane's adventures..." Twilight thought out loud as she turned to Owlowiscious. "Owlowiscious, do you mind getting the biography I have on Mistmane?"

"Hoo. Hoo." The owl replied and flew off.

Twilight watched as the owl looked through the bookshelves and after a couple of minutes found it and with his claws, took it out carefully from its place on the shelf, only as the book was free, Twilight saw that Owlowiscious almost lost his grip and dropped it, but managed to hold it tightly enough as he brought it back to Twilight. Twilight saw that Owlowiscious had a rather tough time, struggling to keep his hold on the book, but making it and putting it down as carefully as he could on the desk. The owl returned to his perch, seemingly out of breath as Twilight made sure her owl was alright before getting back to work.

After a long day in the library, Twilight decided it was time to eat some dinner before heading off to bed, making sure that Owlowiscious had a nice meal too before the two headed off to rest, with her owl standing on her back, Twilight trotted to her bedroom, yawning as she was exhausted from her work load. Entering the room, Twilight put Owlowiscious on his perch, the owl's eyes looking heavy as he was also pretty tired from the day. Before snuggling herself under her bed covers, Twilight reached up and gave her junior assistant a quick goodnight kiss.

"Good night Owlowiscious, thank you for all your help today." Twilight said softly as the owl hooted back.

Twilight then got under her covers and slept, although during the night she thought a lot about what was wrong with Owlowiscious, maybe he was tired and in need of a break? Or something more serious? Either way, Twilight didn't sleep all too well thinking about it as morning came with the sun shining through the bedroom window and the princess waking up. Looking over at Owlowiscious on his perch, she could see that the owl was now asleep, his head slightly moving up and down as he was quietly snoring. Twilight stayed as quiet as she could, not wanting to wake him up from his peaceful sleep as Twilight decided to go out for the day.

"You rest today my junior assistant, I'll be back." Twilight smiled as she picked up her saddle bags with her magic before lowering it onto her back and making her way out of the castle, making sure to close the front door before trotting through town, going to the marketplace to get some stuff the castle was running low on. While there, she also decided to get some of Owlowiscious' favorite treats to thank him for all the hard work he has been doing for the past few days.

"Hello Princess Twilight, here to pick up Owlowiscious' favorite treats?" The pet treat seller asked happily.

"Yes, he has been working hard lately and I thought I would reward him for his efforts." Twilight answered.

"Well good for the little guy, I wish I had an assistant like him, tell him I hope he enjoys his treats." The seller smiled.

"Will do." Twilight replied as she paid for the treats before putting them inside her saddle bags and trotting off.

Before going back to her castle however, Twilight decided to make one last stop, the Sweet Feather Sanctuary, just outside the town limits, where Twilight knew that one of her friends, Fluttershy, would most likely be now, taking care of the animal residents of the sanctuary. And sure enough Twilight saw the yellow pegasus currently feeding a tall giraffe some leaves, wearing a smile as she then climbed down and went to take care of the next animal, but Fluttershy saw Twilight trot up, waving to the alicorn.

"Hey Twilight." Fluttershy called.

"Hey Fluttershy." Twilight replied back as Twilight entered the sanctuary, trotting through it as Fluttershy took a seat, patting the spot next to her for Twilight to sit down. "Boy, I'm still amazed that you can run this place alone, must be hard."

"It is hard, but well worth it to take care of all the animals." Fluttershy replied as the pegasus noticed Twilight's tone and look on her face. "But something tells me you're not just here for a social visit, something wrong?"

"Well, since Spike left for Canterlot a few days ago, Owlowiscious has been helping me alone, but I don't know he seems more exhausted than usual, plus he had a hard time carrying over a book I asked him to grab for me." Twilight revealed as Fluttershy put a hoof to her muzzle, a bit surprised to hear what Twilight said.

"Well maybe he's just overworked, he most likely needs a day of rest, I'm sure he's okay and there's nothing too wrong with him." Fluttershy tried staying positive for her friend.

"I guess so, plus I went to the marketplace today and got a few of his favorite treats, so I'm sure he'll feel better with them." Twilight brightening up a little.

"Well I would love to keep chatting Twilight, but I still have lots of animals that need my attention." Fluttershy informed her friend.

"Of course, I wouldn't hold you up any longer, thanks for the help Fluttershy." Twilight smiled as she got up and began trotting out of the sanctuary. "See you later."

"Bye Twilight, tell Owlowiscious I hope he feels better." Fluttershy called out.

So with her day out done, Twilight trotted back to her castle, trying to stay positive as she opened her front door, hoping to see that Owlowiscious was out and maybe even waiting for her to come back home. Only the halls were empty as Twilight wasn't concerned just yet...

"Owlowiscious!" Twilight called out. "I'm home, I got a few of your favorite treats for you to eat to thank you for your hard work while Spike is away." Twilight kept calling as her owl didn't come flying to her.

Now Twilight began to get worried as she checked the rooms throughout the castle, the library, kitchen, dining room, the bathrooms, the map room, but still no Owlowiscious as the only room left was her bedroom, where she last saw the owl resting on his perch. Trotting to her bedroom door, her door, which Twilight left a little open so her owl could go out if he wanted to, was still open as Twilight heard Owlowiscious' quiet hooting as she trotted closer and closer...

"Owlowiscious..." Twilight called as she slowly opened her bedroom door with one of her hooves and was greeted by her worst fears...