My Little Avengers: Part 2

by twilightsparkle3562

Chapter 3: "The Dungeons of Canterlot"

Ego and Adrian were led by the guardsponies down to the dungeons of Canterlot following their attempted entry into the castle. As they walked, Adrian more and more began to have second thought about his whole participation in this charade. But, the chain that was placed around his neck made it impossible for him to think things through.

The two trespassers were then led into a rather disturbing room filled with devices used for torture and other acts.

"Put them on the rack," ordered one of the guardsponies who took Ego and placed his forelegs and rear legs in nooses. Adrian was led to a second rack and a noose was tied around his neck and talons. Once they were tied down, Princess Celestia entered the room with Tempest, Sunset and the Hulk at her side.

"I suppose you are wondering why I have brought you down here, yes?" said Celestia, sternly looking at the two criminals.

"You're going to kill us, aren't you?" asked Ego.

"No," replied Celestia, firmly walking over to the bounded Ego. "I want answers! Answers to why you attempted to storm Canterlot Castle tonight!"

"And don't even think about trying to weasel your way out of this," added Tempest. "You will be punished to the fullest extent of Equestrian law regardless of what happens. Now, tell us! Are you connected with King Sombra in any way?"

It was apparent to Ego that he was determined that he wasn't going to give in. He merely glared at Princess Celestia almost giving her a dirty look.

"King Sombra?" scoffed Ego. "Why should you ask me? For that matter, why don't you ask Grogar?"

Still, Celestia didn't believe anything that was being said. Motioning to the guardsponies manning the rack, they turned the rack stretching out Ego's body, causing him to cry out in pain.

"Grogar is nothing more than a legend!" said Sunset, crossly. "King Sombra, on the other hand, was in cahoots with a creature called Thanos! You seem to know him."

This made Celestia drop her guard and turn towards her former student.

"Thanos? Who is Thanos?" she asked, taking her attention off of Ego.

"A plague, a locust!" answered Bruce, looking over at Celestia with a worried expression. "He invaded planets! He took what he wanted! Everything he did against the Avengers was all his doing."

"Then, what does he have to do with Equestria?"

"His powers," gasped Adrian, much to Ego's dismay. "He…he destroyed them so that his work could stay…permanent. Somehow, he…must have learned the Avengers killed his past self and was revived along with Sombra."

"Who revived Sombra?" Tempest asked Adrian, hastily going over to him.

"Someone…that used to rule this land long ago. The legend you speak of, Princess, he is real."

A horrified look came onto Celestia's face as she sat back down on the floor of the torture chamber.

"So, he's back," she whispered. "Grogar has indeed returned if what you say is true."

"Of course, he is back!" shouted Ego. "As we speak, he is assembling an army to take everything you love for yourself!"

"But, what about Thanos?" asked Bruce. "He's got to be alive somewhere! I'll alert the other Avengers, maybe they can help us out!"

Suddenly, at that moment, Natasha's ghost appeared in the room, floating over towards them.

"Nat! What's going on? Where have you been?"

"The Avengers are in Equestria," the ghost of Black Widow answered. "Supposedly looking for Thanos."

Meanwhile, at the edge of the Everfree Forest, the Avengers were huddled around each other in a circle as Dr. Strange produced a map of Equestria for all to see, similar to the one in Twilight Sparkle's castle.

"All right," he said. "This is the map of Equestria. It's my belief that Thanos could have gone to any of these locations. I propose we split into teams of two and cover each town and city in this land. We search high and low and don't rest until Thanos is captured."

"Look Doctor," interjected Tony. "All of us know how capable Thanos is. I mean, you saw what he did to even try to get in here. Hell, I wouldn't even be surprised if he has already found a way to make the Infinity Stones whole again."

"Thanos is powerful, but he isn't that powerful," remarked Rhodes. "For that matter, has anyone contacted Thor and the Guardians?"

"Yeah, nobody has heard from them ever since my funeral," said Tony. "Just because the Avengers are disbanded in the proper sense of the word, it doesn't mean we can't still be together."

Suddenly, Dr. Strange pointed towards the location of the Crystal Empire with his finger.

"Why are you pointing there?" asked Peter Parker.

"Because it appears that Thor and the Guardians have been sent to protect the rulers there," answered Dr. Strange. "I'll send a message to Thor and inform him of what is happening. For now, we need to focus on finding Thanos."

Using his magic once again, Dr. Strange fired several small blasts of magic at the map and in the blast's places, were small holographic images of the group in two smaller groups.

"This is the plan," Dr. Strange explained. "King T'Challa, you and Clint will cover Las Pegasus."

The king of Wakanda nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"Colonel Rhodes," said Dr. Strange. "You shall go with Spider Man to Manehattan."

"Like Manhattan?" asked Peter.

"Yes, kid. Like Manhattan," said Dr. Strange, turning his attention to the three female Avengers. "Mrs. Stark, yourself, Scarlet Witch and Spider Woman shall cover Appleloosa."

Pepper acknowledged her assignment and joined together with her fellow female Avengers.

"Tony, you and I will cover Ponyville and Canterlot."

"What about Captain Rogers and the others?" asked Peter.

"They are covering the areas surrounding the Equestrian Human World. Once they are done with their search, then they will come here and assist us."

With that said, Dr. Strange casted another spell sending each pair to their selective location in Equestria to find any trace of Thanos.

Just then, Grogar had watched the interrogations going on in Canterlot and realized he needed to move onto the next phase of his plan.

"Well, it appears I was right," Grogar remarked. "They had indeed failed to carry out their mission. But, my name has already struck fear into Princess Celestia herself. So, they haven't failed entirely."

"What was their mission exactly?" asked Loki, a bored look on his face.

"To prepare Canterlot for my arrival, of course," answered Grogar. "However, now that Equestria knows that I am no longer just a legend, this seems like the perfect opportunity to start the next phase of our plan.

"How are you going to do that?" asked Hela as Grogar touched his necklace and disappeared…

Suddenly, Grogar found himself in limbo and slowly walked over towards the pony a few moments earlier, he had returned to this darkness.

"What do you want?" asked Sombra in a sulking voice with his back turned to Grogar. "I know what you want me to do, but I refuse."

"I've come with a proposition for you, Sombra," Grogar said. "A proposition to give you a large amount of what you desire. It appears that your chance to rule Equestria, was, how shall I say it? Very greedy of you. But, what if you just focus on your original goal and leave the rest of Equestria to me?"

Still, Sombra kept his back to Grogar.

"Why you can get your kingdom back," Grogar chuckled. "You can be the ruler you once were, you can make your own laws and all that stuff."

Suddenly, Grogar's chuckles turned into an evil sneer.

"But, this deal comes on the agreement that you submit to me at last," he warned. "As supreme ruler of Equestria, you shall be responsible for ruling under my command."

Sombra considered what Grogar was saying to him. After all, he wanted nothing more than to take all of Equestria for himself. This was a compromise that was being offered to him and nothing else.

"All right," Sombra sighed, turning around to face Grogar with a hint of defeat in his voice. "As long as I can rule the Crystal Empire, I shall submit to you. What do you want me to do?"

"Why to eliminate the rulers of the Crystal Empire, of course," Grogar explained, producing a picture of Princess Cadence, Shining Armor and Flurry Heart in the throne room. "And…the creatures who are protecting them."

His eyes wide open, Sombra watched as Grogar produced pictures of Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

"Who are they?"

"They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy," explained Grogar. "However, the leader is an Asgardian known as Thor. He wields the powerful weapons Stormbreaker and Mijonir, so beware them both."

Grogar then proceeded to cast a spell and bring forth an army of Crystal Ponies wearing the mind control masks Sombra had created long ago.

"Of course, Sombra," laughed Grogar. "You can't conquer without an army, can't you?"

An evil smile came onto Sombra's face as he saw the army of mind controlled Crystal Guardsponies standing before him and already picturing himself back where he belonged…on the throne of the Crystal Empire.

Elsewhere, Steve Rogers and his companions had begun their investigation into Thanos' involvement around Canterlot High School. Sitting in the office of Principal Cadence, they listened closely as Principal Cadence answered their questions.

"It just happened out of nowhere," she said. "Up until Crystal Prep's recent competition with Canterlot High during the Friendship Games had we never heard of this so called 'Equestrian Magic.'"

"Can you tell us how many of your students were supposedly kidnapped aside from the five girls in question?"

"We've done several psychiatric meetings with students," answered Principal Cadence. "And the events of recent had completely traumatized them."

"But, do they remember even being mind controlled in the first place?" asked Sam. "Normally, mind control can completely erase everything in your mind?"

"Is that true?" asked Bucky to Sam.

"Of course, it is," answered Sam. "As someone who was once mind controlled, I'm surprised you don't remember, Bucky."

Still, the investigation was young and Steve had to make his companions focus on the task at hand.

"Look, perhaps maybe we should interview the five girls kidnapped from here by Thanos," suggested Scott. "I mean, if it was my daughter among those girls, believe me, I would want to know the truth."

"Are they in class right now?" Steve asked Principal Cadence and the young head of Crystal Prep Academy pushed the intercom button calling for Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat, Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap and Sunny Flare to come up to her office.

Back in the dungeons of Canterlot, Celestia had Ego released from his bonds and forced him to bow at her feet.

"Why are you freeing me?" he asked.

"Because you are going to lead me right to Grogar," answered Celestia. "And the sooner you lead us to Grogar, the sooner that any potential threat is neutralized."

"Princess Celestia," advised Sunset. "You should know that Grogar is very dangerous to deal with alone. I mean, we should wait until…"

"You get Twilight and the others and have them meet us as soon as possible, Sunset! Fizzlepop, you and your companions also go with her!"

Not wanting to pick an argument, the two mares watched as Celestia led Ego out of the dungeons with two guardsponies holding spears at his back.

"Something tells me that Celestia might be going in prematurely," whispered Sunset to Tempest. "What do you think we should do?"

"Hope for a distraction to come I guess," Tempest whispered back. "If there is one thing I learned from working with the Storm King is that no one goes into anything prematurely."

No sooner did Tempest say those words at that very moment did Sombra emerge from a portal made by Grogar and began to advance towards the Crystal Empire…