We're both twins, yes! Now buzz off...

by Desperate Dawn

Chapter 5

“Look, t-this isn’t what you think!” Silver Sky quickly says a sheer panic on his voice, his eyes darted around the room possibly trying to find something that he could use as an excuse. I gave him a deadpan stare, unconvinced.

“Oh, I suppose you care to elaborate?” Raising my eyebrow a bit, Silver Sky chuckles nervously.

“It’s…uhh,” Silver stammered, unable to come up with a reason and knowing this he sighed. “I admit, I have no reason really,” He looked down, staring at the Twilight plushie on his hoof. I followed his gaze, connecting the dots together for a moment before grinning at him.

“Aaaah I get it,” I said. Silver looks up from the plushie, confused. “It’s okay to talk about it Silver, I don’t know why I didn’t see it after all this time, but you are kind of obvious.”

A faint blush appeared on Silver’s cheeks from his otherwise white pristine coat. Silver decides to play dumb, averting his gaze, “I-I don’t know what are you talking about.”

I trot up to him and patted his shoulder, “You’re just too shy to tell her, but you gain my full support.” I smiled reassuringly, Silver turn back at me with a bewildered expression trying to process what I just said.

“Umm, what?”

I playfully punched his shoulder, “Come on, I know you had a crush on Twilight. This is the reason you’re here because you miss her!”

Silver lets out a long “Uhh”, and before he could form any replies I continued on.

“Well, I can only say good luck to you, as you may know her, she’s too invested on her books. But you’re a determined guy, so I know that wouldn’t really get in the way.”

Silver were speechless, that means I hit home on the mark! Haha, nice try on hiding it but a sibling always know when somepony got their eyes on one of their own.

“Anyway, I’m just here picking up something that I left, feel free to look around as I’m sure you get a memento or something,” I eyed the plushie one last time before turning back to the door. “I’ll see you around Silver!”

I could faintly hear Silver muttering something as I closed the door behind me, but it’s probably nothing to worry about. The only thing to worry about right now is whether or not ‘it’ still there or not.

I head upstairs onto the second story library (even though the tower itself could be called a library). Approaching small wooden desk placed at the edge of the mezzanine. I walked around the table and opened its drawers. I rummaged each drawer until I found what I’m looking for.

“There you are!” I exclaimed, smiling down at a plain purple trinket shaped like a diamond with arches of the trinket colored indigo. I levitate it and draped the trinket around my neck. Once I’m sure it was there, I head back downstairs.

I noticed the door to my bedroom were still closed, I trot over to the door and pushing it gently to peek inside. Silver Sky is nowhere to be found, maybe he already left. I noticed Twilight’s plushie are placed on my study desk, back to where it originally was. Closing the doors, I sighed before continuing to the exit.

I looked back, it clearly had been cleaned recently but otherwise it remained the same where we left off. I smiled at the fond memories that are flooding back to my mind as I head out, closing the door behind me as I make my way to exit the palace.



“Thanks gentlecolts!” I waved goodbye from the guards at the gatehouse, they replied back with a simple nod. I head over to the upper district with the intention of surprising Mom and Dad, with my saddlebag firmly placed on my flank, I continued on.

The upper district is far more maintained and clean, white porcelain color of each building showing off their elegance. Passing by a few of the shop, I pondered for a moment before bumping into somepony, letting out a quiet yelp as I fell on my haunches.

Rubbing my muzzle, I took a moment to recognize who I bumped into. Looking up onto a white unicorn stallion with a neatly combed blond mane, wearing the usual black vest of typical noble-ponies, one thing that I recognize the most is his compass cutiemark.

Oh yeah, the Prince we all know, Blueblood.

 “Watch where you—“ Blueblood stopped mid sentence as he looked at me, blinking once or twice before sneering at me with his usual attitude. “Ah, isn’t it Princess Celestia personal protégé.”

I stood up on all fours with a calm, neutral expression, “Greetings to you, Prince Blueblood, I did not expect to bump into you here.” I forced a smile, just like how Princess Celestia absentmindedly does on the ridiculous offer the nobility sometimes proposed.

“And so am I, dear. However, if I may indulge on the rumors, I heard that you moved to that filthy little town called Ponyville, are these true?” He asked using the same demanding and arrogant tone all I too familiar with.

The way Blueblood bluntly said filthy is making my blood boils, but after months of practice I tend to ignore it most of the time. He really is a royal tender of the flank.

I avoid answering directly by redirecting the conversation, “Well I do not know where these rumors came from, but looking for a new outfit I presume?” I answered with my best ‘noble’ speech.

“Why yes!” Blueblood exclaimed rather dramatically, “I was hoping for somepony that would notice, but as you can see, my suit no longer fit the standard of a Prince.”

I tried my hardest not to roll my eyes, “If you try to look for an opinion, Prince, perhaps I can be of assistance?” I offered with the same forced smile, it is after all the matter on the game of intrigue nobles usually played.

“I’m afraid I must decline my dear, I prefer my own style of suits that I myself deemed suitable. I thank you for the offer however.” Blueblood smiled proudly which in all honesty, made me want to puke out of disgust.

“Ah, very well then, I suppose a Prince such as you do not need my opinion,” I said simply. “However, I must cut our conversation short as I need to visit my parents, good day to you Prince Blueblood.” I bowed my head just slightly.

“Of course M’lady,” Blueblood unexpectedly took my right hoof and lightly kisses it. “I shall be always looking forward to meeting you again.”

I reeled my hoof away as soon as he let go, forcing yet another smile, “That you do not need to do.” I mentally added ‘ever’ while at the same time wondering since when he started making a move on me.

After a brief exchange of goodbyes, I quickly made my way to the local fountain in the middle district, taking quite a wide berth towards the Sparkle manor. I immediately wash my right hoof, chanting ‘nope’ repeatedly at the fountain.

My mood of buying my parent a gift all ruined thanks to that guy. I know Blueblood since I moved to the tower to live with Twilight after taking the entrance exam and he is already known for his arrogance, and cocky attitude of his. Heck, at one time, he even fired three of his maids in a single month. I know Twilight and I got privileges and all because we have direct connection to Princess Celestia, but I barely even use it, even so to force my will on somepony. Blueblood however, uses it to his full extends to gain anything he wants at any time he wishes.

I myself have a fair share of encountering him, most predominantly at the Gala in the previous years, and heavens above I do not want to think about it or to even remember it. Blueblood, a Royal-flankhole if one wishes to put it bluntly.

Putting aside that line thought, I simply head on towards the Sparkle manor and before I knew it, I was already in front of it. Iron bar fences stretched across the front yards with the two story manor behind it. At the center of the front gate, the symbols of the Sparkle household are proudly shown. I sighed as I stared at the gate for a moment before opening it, entering the yard and heading over to the porch. Knocking on the door, I pondered myself I really need to bring them gifts but my thoughts were stopped when I heard the door clicks and swung open.

I leapt at Dad just as he opened the door, “Surprise!” I giggled as Dad suddenly being embraced out of nowhere.

“Twivine?” He asked, shocked and confused on his voice.

I nodded, “I’m back. It’s been awhile Dad since I last saw you.” I hugged him tighter, which all he soon returned lovingly.

“I missed you too, Twivine,” Dad replied.

“Honey, who is it?” I hear Mom says, she soon came to view from the living room. The two of us broke our hugs as I trot over to Mom, she too has the same expression Dad had earlier.

“Hey Mom,” I smiled at her, bracing myself for what’s to come.

“My baby!” Mom quickly hugs me with her notorious bear hug. I could feel her tears staining my coat, “It’s so good to see you.”

“It’s great to see you too Mom,” I replied with a smile.

Mom lets me go and lead me to the living room with Dad following closely. Mom looked over to me, “Twivine dear, how your sister is doing? Spike hadn’t yet done too much trouble, has he?”

I chuckled, “Oh you know how Twilight is Mom, always had her head on a book. Spike though, he’s been a great assistant on multiple occasion.” The three of us sat down on the couch once we arrived to the living room. The place is a mess, books stacked high and papers scattered all around.

Mom notices my wandering gaze, realizing of how messy the place is, “Oh my goodness, if we know you’re coming then we would’ve cleaned way earlier.”

“It’s fine, besides both Twilight and I are used to it,” I dismissed it with a simple wave.

“Are you staying for the night? We received a letter from the Princess herself that she had moved the two of you to Ponyville,” Dad says as he levitates a set of tea on the coffee-table.

“As much as I wanted to but I have to go back before dinner, I can’t leave Spike and Twilight quite yet.”

“We see,” Mom simply said, slightly disappointed. “Anyway, how is Ponyville? I’ve heard it is a quiet little place.”

I nodded, “Yeah, Ponyville so far is great, the people there are nice, while it is a bit weird for a town built so close to the Everfree, so I would expect many interesting things to come.” I sipped on the tea that Dad poured us, savoring the taste of jasmine I liked so much. “You should come down there sometimes, we both lived at the town local Library.”

Both Mom and Dad chuckled at the mention of both Twilight and living on a library. The three of us then went silent, simply just enjoying the company with the occasional sips from our tea. The crackle of fire from the fireplace accompanied us in the otherwise silence. Glancing over to the nearest clock, I placed the tea cup back on its tray, “I should get going before I missed the train.” I stood up, Mom and Dad following soon after.

“Couldn’t you stay for dinner?” Mom asked a glint of hope in her eyes, it turned to sadness as I slowly shook my head.

“No, I made a promise to be back before dinner but next time, when Ponyville is too crazy,” I assured her on which her eyes returned to a hopeful look. The three of us made our way to the front porch, and as I’m about to leave, Mom called out to me. I turned back to see both Mom and Dad smiling at me.

“Just remember that we are always here for you, Twivine,” Dad said.

“Don’t forget to write us letters from time to time, I know you two always forgets sometimes,” Mom added.

I smiled at them as I replied, “Yeah, I will!”

I exited the train onto the streets of Ponyville, ponies are still doing daily task but only a few of them. Looking up to the sky, I noticed that it was almost time for the sun to set hence why the reduced number of activities.

I head over to the general direction of the library, exchanging hello with other ponies. I passed through Sugar Cube Corner, the giant gingerbread house has a closed sign which really pertaining to the end of the day.

I look up to the clear sky, clearly the weather ponies had done what they can for the day. The town started to get quiet, it is after all a small town. Unlike Canterlot or any other big cities, the feeling of peacefulness is... relaxing.

Just the occasional breeze of the wind and quiet made my mind wanders, glancing down over to the purple trinket that hangs on my neck. I ran a hoof on the trinket, my expression darkened as I held the small jewelry. I let out a sigh as I continue towards the Golden Oaks Library, it stands out from most of the buildings around as it is the only house made of literal tree.

I opened the door to the library and I could hear the smells of food freshly being made on the kitchen, I immediately walked over there. I saw Twilight, looking up from her book, staring at me with her dinner left untouched. Spike in the other hoof, is in the middle of eating one, stopping just to avert his eyes to me.

“Hey everypony, I’m home.”