What I've Done

by BlazzingInferno


Apploosa. That’s where I’m headed. I found an old map in the trash, and it’s the train’s last stop, which makes it perfect. I don’t even care that I have to double back through a bunch of those little villages near Canterlot. Apploosa is super far away from everything I’ve ever known, so I can pretend I’m somepony else.

No, not pretend.

I’ll be somepony else.

Equestria, say hello to… Sun Sparkle? No, the sun doesn’t belong in my name.

Fresh Start? Too on the nose. Ponies will get suspicious.

Desert Dancer?

Amber…? Forget it.

What’s it matter what ponies call me? I’ll find a way to make ends meet. I’ll have a quiet, boring life sweeping up trash, serving salt licks, or something else unfulfilling. It’s more than I deserve.

- Moon Dancer (for now)