What I've Done

by BlazzingInferno


Okay, I know I have to stop thinking about this. I know I failed. I know I ruined everything. I can’t say it enough, but maybe if I write it all down it’ll help?

Okay, it’s like this: I was Princess Celestia’s personal student, once. I know, right? What’s the Princess of Equestria want with some friendless, near-sighted pony with tape on her glasses and the ugliest mane in recorded history? It turns out I’m pretty good at magic, good enough that the Princess decided to teach me herself. I got better at magic, but the annoying ‘friendship lessons’ that she kept throwing in just didn’t stick. Sorry, Princess.

Let’s just skip ahead to the part where I ruined everything. It turns out friendship is related to magic, which is why I only was only good at casting spells, never great. That’s my working theory, anyway. The point is I had one chance to stop Nightmare Moon from taking over Equestria. One. I found the Elements of Harmony, but not ponies enough to make them work, and now Nightmare Moon has them. If I wasn’t so… me, then maybe things would’ve turned out better. Sorry, Equestria.

Writing all this down was probably a mistake.

- Moon Dancer, Failure