Land of Equines

by Daddy Joe

Settling In

Settling In
June 11th, 2014

Things have been going good in regards to the new castle. It's hard to believe how a little chest can create something truly special and astounding, but the Tree of Harmony seems to work in mysterious ways. Shortly after the castle was erected, a lot of the townsfolk flocked over to check it out and we all had a little get together; all in celebration of Tirek's defeat and this next step in Equestria's harmony. I surely do hope Tirek was the last great threat against Equestria. Well, maybe I'm speaking too soon because Twilight is currently back in the human dimension with the doppelgangers and helping face off against these creatures called Siren's. I've never heard of them, but it's documented that Star Swirl the Beard, the powerful unicorn wizard, banished them to the dimension. That world must be Equestria's dumping ground, I guess.

The castle, which I should mention is now being titled as 'The Castle of Friendship', is pretty much a bit of tourist destination for the time being. During the day, I've come across and met ponies from all across Equestria. As far as Vanhoover to Appleloosa. So yeah, Ponyville is actually a real popular village to visit for the time being. I don't know how long the hype will last, but it's decent.

Now going back to Twilight, she has been receiving a lot of new books and supplies from Canterlot because, well, everything was gone when Tirek destroyed The Golden Oak Library, and that's another thing, too. Twilight, Spike, and I were hurt when we went to visit the remains of the library. When we arrived, all we saw was a charred stump of the library. Like I said, everything we owned was gone: the books, Bridgette's kennel and toys, the furniture, everything. I only lived there for over two years. It may not seem too long of a time, but I made a lot of memories with this place. One, of course, was the first place I met Twilight for the first time. I also liked how the interior had a cozy feel to it, especially on the summers nights with the light breeze blowing through the window.

However, the castle seems to replace everything with an upgraded touch, but it could never bring back Owloysius. Yes, Owloysius was unfortunately killed in the explosion. Twilight cried a lot for a few hours when we figured out the worse case scenario. We didn't find any remains, so it was at least a quick death. He sure was a good owl and would usually greet me when I went upstairs with one of his hoo's. Twilight sadly blames herself for his death because she didn't think to grab him as Tirek's laser hurled towards the library. But can you really blame her? She was in a fight or flight situation and she did what she had to do in order to live and protect Equestria. I kept on telling her the same phrase whenever she blamed herself. She's reluctant, but I can tell she's learning to accept it and move on.

Anyways, we a had a small funeral for him two days ago. The girls came on down and we filled a small box with objects that represented either Owloysius or perhaps something with deeper meaning and buried it next to an oak tree in the meadow. I contributed with a beautiful flower I picked from the meadow. The reason I picked it is because I thought it was good symbolization of life being a precious commodity and that you must live life to the fullest. I learned that one from my mom. She learned that one when she went to church as a child, but I didn't believe in the whole afterlife spiel. I love the saying, though.

Another thing I wanted to mention was the state of all the destruction Tirek and the battle caused. Currently, it is being cleaned up and moving towards on being polished. Tirek destroyed a small portion of the Everfree Forest and killed a lot of wildlife near the northern border of Dovere in the process. New grass and trees are being planted in that area right now, so it's going to bare for sometime. As for the meadow where the battle took place, well, that's going quite well, actually. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna lent a helping hoof in restoring the landscape to a proper level. So all that really needs to be done is planting.

But like I was saying, Twilight, Spike and I are just settling in. I know I've said this plenty of times before, but Twilight is such a dear friend. She allowed me to live in the castle. I mean, I did my utmost to help out around the library, so I believe a castle will be nice change. Plus, the castle definitely requires more occupants than just Twilight and Spike. The bedroom I chose out the many is on the second floor, facing the front of the castle. I always wanted a room with a view. But anyways, I told Twilight that I owed her big time, but she politely declined it. I'm still gonna find some way because I consider this castle the ultimate representation of Twilight and Spike's friendship.

At the moment, Twilight is still busy in the human dimension with Spike. Right now, I'm just chilling on my new bed with Bridgette by my side. She's lying on her back with her paws up in the air while asleep, so she must be liking her new bed, too. The room is decently large and the decor is fantastic, especially with the sunset gleaming through the windows and against the walls. Therefore, I think this is a good time to close up for the night.