Drabble Kaboom!

by Alex Warlorn

"Rainbow Dash turns Rarity into a tomboy and the latter enjoys it."

Rarity gasped. "Rainbow Dash?! Is that you? What happened?!"

Rainbow Dash stood before her, but now, Rainbow Dash was an Earth pony, and her cutie mark was an arching rainbow, and she moved with a poise and grace that Rarity could almost envy. "I woke up darling. We've all been living in a day dream. But now we're all finally waking up darling. It was very nice of you to take care of my shop for me princess, but I can take over from here."

Rainbow Dash nuzzled Rarity. Rarity shrank down to the age of a filly, her mane and tail becoming a rainbow pattern, her fur a bright pink, her cutie mark became a heart with a curling rainbow swish. She looked at the older pony with innocent eyes. "Thanks Rainbow Dash! I didn't ruin anything see?"

"Yes Rarity I see, you did a good job."

"Thanks!" The two hugged. And Rarity grabbed her green helmet and four roller skates, zipping out, and zipped right through a mud puddle that made Rainbow Dash hold her breath. Rarity of course got some mud on herself, but didn't care as she did a double spiral in mid air like her roller-skates were more like ice skates, just barely missing the mandatory fruit cart, Granny Smith, and Spike's late, leaving a dust cloud in her wake.

"Hi big sister!" Rarity waved to Sweetie Belle as she zoomed past, skidding right underneath a pair of ponies carrying a large glass pony without missing a beat and continuing to the Princess Crusader's club house.