A Friendship Torn Apart

by Anna_Dash

Chapter 6

"Fluttershy, we have to go now, or else we could be late!"

"No, I'm not letting you go, you will hurt yourself even more!"
Dash was never more furious at her friend. She just didn't understand, and Dash knew that she was making the right decision. She just had to convince Fluttershy in one way or another. Her dream, visions, the pain in her head. She felt that it was all a sign, and that it was not a coincidence. She felt that Equestria is in danger, and she had the chance to prevent it. Before it was too late. And , she had to see her friends again. She couldn't stay mad at them for that long. It wasn't their fault they acted this way. Maybe something manipulated their minds? Something had happened to them, but Dash was sure it wasn't their fault. And, if she and Fluttershy didn't go to Canterlot, then everypony would face the consequences.

Rainbow Dash put her healthy leg on the marble floor, but immediately afterwards, put it back. The floor was severely cold, and she wondered how Fluttershy had all four hooves attached to it. She embraced herself as the cold rushed through her body. It was unbearable, even for her, so she couldn't resist to shiver.

"What's wrong?"- Fluttershy inquired. She herself looked normal, and it confused Dash to bits how she could bare the cold.

"I-i-it's s-so c-cold....."

Fluttershy was confused just as much as Dash was. It was a perfectly warm temperature in the room. Doctors wouldn't let their patients suffer, and they always put them in suitable rooms, depending on their health issues.

"Maybe you are ill?"- Fluttershy placed a hoof on Dash's forehead. No sign of illness. And Fluttershy knew when ponies or animals were ill. She was practically an expert on those matters already.


"F-Fluttershy we n-need to go now! I know t-that something is wrong and out of place.."- the coldness in Rainbow Dash's body had decreased a little, at least that was good.

"No, I won't let y-" - the pegasus' sentence was stopped by a cyan hoof on her mouth.

"Listen to me, this is very important! Equestria is in danger, and we are the only ones left that are needed at the Summer Sun Celebration! Me, you, our friends!"

" B-but our friends..."

"If there is something wrong with them, we are the only ones that could help them realize the truth and snap into reality again."

Fluttershy sighed. Her friend was acting very odd, but, if she knew how to help her other friends, then it sounded okay to her. Although she didn't want to risk her friend's health, Rainbow Dash strongly insisted and, the matter sounded important.

"Alright... But how do we sneak out of the hospital without getting noticed, and how do we even get you to move?"
Rainbow Dash pointed her hoof at the window, and began explaining.

"So, I was thinking we go out the window. It is pretty easy since we are on the first floor, and the window is big enough for both of us. For me, I'm not so sure. I could try walking.. I mean, my leg isn't that hurt anymore, I think it's almost fully mended. "
Fluttershy flinched at the thought. She couldn't let her friend harm herself like this. If her leg wasn't fully recovered, she could make a mistake and break it again. Fluttershy also knew she was weak. Her hooves would tremble if she had to carry somepony on her back, and unfortunately for both of them, they might probably collapse on the floor.

"For the fate of Equestria?"

"For the fate of Equestria."- Dash smiled at her friend reassuringly, and again, attempted to put her healthy leg on the marble floor. She felt the same cold again, and she started shivering again, but she wouldn't let minor problems stop her. Fluttershy aided her when she held her hoof. Dash slowly descended her broken hoof to the ground, until it finally touched the floor. She didn't feel the pain, it's like the coldness had engulfed it. It was almost as if the coldness had only helped her this entire time. Afterwards, she completely got out of bed and began walking.

"Well, not as hard as I thought."- Dash smirked, as Fluttershy's jaw hung open. She had never seen an injured pony walk so, so... normally.

"So, when we get to Canterlot, what's the plan?"- Fluttershy inquired.

"Well, since I still can't fly, we have to go by train. I'm guessing all of our other friends are there. But don't mention anything I am about to tell you now, okay?"

Fluttershy nodded in agreement, and did the pinkie promise.

"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."

"Ok, good."- Dash leaned in closer to Fluttershy, so she was abundantly sure that her friend would hear her to full extent.

"So, here's the deal. I think that someone or something has been sending me signs that something is wrong. I don't know if it's an enemy or a rival trying to confuse me, or if it's one of the princesses. Yesterday, when I passed out, I had this kind of weird dream, I was standing in the hallway of Canterlot castle and the princesses were arguing about something. Unfortunately, I was woken up before I could hear everything they had to say. Luna was about to finish a really important sentence, I believe. Then, from time to time I had these really weird flashbacks of the dream. I know I may sound crazy, but I think it's a warning, 'Shy. And I think that I shouldn't ignore it."

"No, I don't think your crazy, Dash. This sounds serious. Equestria could be in danger. We should leave to the station now, we still have time.."

Rainbow Dash was beyond relieved that her friend believed her and that things were going her way. The last thing she need was having Fluttershy thinking about her as a psychopath. With that, the two friend climbed out the window, sneaked behind the back of the hospital and headed to the hospital. Rainbow Dash was limping along the way, as the pain in her leg had returned because she was not on the cold marble floor anymore, but besides that everything was going well. For now.

The four friends sat and chatted. They were still waiting for their friend impatiently, and an hour had passed. It was now four in the morning.
"Darling, you would normally think I would be late on occasions like this. This time I packed only three outfits and my bathroom and makeup supplies! What could possibly be taking her so long?"- Rarity almost whined as she complained, her mane was getting messier as the time passed by, and her makeup was slightly smudged.

"Don't rush a pony y'all, you know, 'cause it's rude and she could be taking her time. She probably wanted to get her precious beauty sleep unlike some of us."- Applejack snickered.

Rarity glared at Applejack disapprovingly. It was now very common for her cowboy friend to make fun of her own words.

"Girls, girls, cease your misbehavior! You won't be acting this way in front of Celestia now, will you?"- Twilight joined in.

"Well of course not, Twilight."- all of the remaining ponies said in unison. Ten minutes passed. Fifteen minutes. Twenty. The complaining returned again. They complained so much that they didn't even notice that the pony they were waiting for was approaching them in the distance.

"Wow... There really is something wrong with them."- Rainbow Dash called from behind Fluttershy's back. Although Rainbow Dash knew long ago that her friends were acting very different, she was still very surprised at their behavior. They weren't acting like they were friends anymore. Maybe it was because of their impatience? Stress? Anything?

Fluttershy sighed. It pained to see her friends act this way. She didn't know what happened to her friends, and she hoped she could get answers.

"Hey, there's Fluttershy!"- Pinkie exclaimed. Twilight gestured her to come over. As Fluttershy sat on the table, she also revealed Rainbow Dash, who was still standing. Rarity looked surprised, Pinkie still looked happy, Applejack scowled, and Twilight smiled widely.

"Hello, Rainbow Dash."-Twilight said sweetly, but Rainbow Dash wasn't buying it at all. She knew her friend was a hypocrite at the moment, but her other friends weren't hiding any feelings at all. Applejack and Rarity were whispering something, but their voices were out of her reach. And Pinkie, well, was acting like.. Pinkie. She and Fluttershy began talking about something. Rainbow Dash sat on the only unoccupied chair next to Fluttershy, and Twilight was staring at her. Dash was just staring down at the table. She didn't want to speak to anyone at the moment, even though she seemed like a weirdo and it was really awkward. Rainbow just sat there in silence, and Twilight continued staring at her. It was kind of suspicious, but she may have just wanted to start a conversation, since she saw that everyone else was talking.

"So... How have you been?"- Twilight inquired, still with her wide smile.

"I have been better. I mean, at the moment both of my wings are broken along with my leg."

Twilight frowned sympathetically.
"Well I hope you get better. But, aren't you supposed to be staying at the hospital at the moment? To recover?"

"They allowed me permission to exit. They said I would recover quickly. "- Rainbow replied bluntly. She was still staring down at the table. Twilight drank some of her water.

"So... I'm guessing you can't perform with the Wonderbolts?"
The Wonderbolts were the last thing on Dash's mind at the moment. I mean , they were awesome, but at the moment there were way more important things to worry about. She didn't want Twilight to think she was out of the ordinary, so she came up with a quick, normal response.

"Yea, I feel so bad about it. I mean, missing the biggest performance of the year? So lame."

"Yeah.... What a shame."- Twilight walked over to Dash and whispered in her ear.

"I'm sure they don't even care, Dash. They replaced you immediately with someone better."

Then she walked back to her seat. Dash just thought that Twilight was being pathetic at the moment. Twilight wasn't the only smart one in their group, so Dash almost instantly figured out what was going on. Twilight's intentions were to drag her spirits down, and to make her feel worthless and unwanted. Or it was the manipulator's plan... It was all very confusing, but Dash was going to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Whatever evil was after them, wanted to break their friendship apart. And it was clear they wanted Rainbow Dash out of the way, so they would succeed.

Dash's thoughts were interrupted by a loud noise. It was the train, and everyone hopped out of their seats and entered. Rainbow Dash jumped up in fear as she felt somepony's hoof touch against her skin.

"Don't worry, it's me Dash. Now let's get on the train. I will help you."- Fluttershy lent her hoof, and Rainbow accepted. Both of them got on the train along with the others. Now, they were headed to Canterlot.