Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar

by Blackdrag-rose

Dragon: Saving Altair's Peak

It didn't take Spyro, Spike, and Ember long to return to the central hub area of the Magic Crafters homeworld, though as they appeared in front of the portal to Wizard Peak all three of them noticed that the dragons they had saved were in the process of fixing up the land that Gnasty Gnorc's minions had messed up. It was just like what happened when they saved their own homeworld and the land of the Peace Keepers, the dragons they saved made sure everything was normal and went into the other realms that they weren't going to be bothering with, allowing them to focus on the realms that they were clearing out. Cosmos, as they soon discovered, was in the process of moving the eggs they had recovered back to where they had been stolen from, with some help since he couldn't carry all of them on his own, not unless he used his magic to levitate a few of them, but they were happy to see that things were returning to normal. Their next destination, before they left for the land of the Beast Makers, was the Flight Realm for this homeworld, since they were sure that Gnasty Gnorc's forces were messing with it in some manner, and then they would take out whoever was in control of the forces in Altair's peak, before heading to the next homeworld.

A moment or two later they walked up to where the portal to the next Flight Realm rested, which was where Boldar had been imprisoned, and headed through the portal without delay, because they all knew that this would be simple with the three of them and that they would be back to free Altair's peak in no time.

It didn't take them long to reach the area that this Flight Realm rested in, though what surprised them was the fact that there wasn't an island for them to fly around, like there was in their homeworld or the land of the Peace Keepers, rather this area was comprised of large crystals that were growing out of the water. There were a few spires resting on some of the crystals, crafted in the design that the Magic Crafters used for the other buildings that were scattered throughout the realms that Cosmos watched over, though none of them had any idea what the structures were being used for. The first thing they did was fly through the eight rings that were right in front of them, which seemed to be leading them around part of the area, though once they reached the end of the rings they focused on the other things they needed to take care of, where one of their targets seemed to be more of those electric arches they had seen in the past, which they assumed Gnasty Gnorc's forces had built before the spell had been cast. After flying through the first arch, and smashing it in the process, the trio followed the path that the arches wanted them to follow, though after breaking the fourth arch Spike and Ember broke away from their brother and focused on the other two obstacles that were in this Flight Realm, those being more golden chests and more Gnorcs in planes. Spike focused on flying around the smaller crystals that the chests were resting on and smashed them with his fire breath, just like they had done in the past, while Ember grinned as she flew right at the planes that were coming her way, allowing her flames to tear through her targets as they approached her.

With the three of them separating and taking on the other three obstacles, those being the arches, golden chests, and the planes, they were able to clear out the Flight Realm with ease and landed on one of the balconies that allowed the Magic Crafters to take a break and stare out at the area around them, where they found the gems that were their reward for clearing out this realm.

"I'm going to assume that the amount of gems in front of us is the same as the last two Flight Realms," Ember said, as while she knew that Spike was going to count the gems and see how much treasure they were going to recover from this Flight Realm, like he had done for the last two homeworlds, she felt that the number was the exact same and that there was no reason to bother checking.

"Spike, I'm going to agree with Ember," Spyro stated, his tone revealing that he didn't mind taking a short break before they headed back to the central hub area of the Magic Crafters homeworld, so they could save Altair's peak from their next opponent, but he also knew that Spike wanted to make sure the amount of treasure was the same as the last two Flight Realms, "though that's not going to stop you, is it?"

"Nope." Spike replied, as he knew his siblings wanted to get to Altair's peak and deal with the next commander that was trying to take over this homeworld, just like they had done in the last two lands with Toasty and Doctor Shemp, but he wanted to make sure the treasure count for this Flight Realm was the same as the previous ones they had cleared out, which was followed by him smiling, "Both you and Ember are correct, as the amount of treasure that is sitting in front of us is the same amount that we recovered from the previous Flight Realms."

Spyro and Ember nodded their heads, as they knew that the amount had to be the same as the other two Flight Realms they had cleared out, though they waited for a few seconds as their dragonflies collected the treasure, but once that was done the three of them jumped away from the building and flew off towards the edge of this area. Just like the previous times they left the other Flight Realms they had to fly towards what appeared to be the very edge of the Flight Realm, where the magic would allow them to disappear from this area and return to the central hub area, though once that happened they reappeared in front of the portal they had entered a few minutes ago. Once they were back in the central hub area once more the trio headed down the path to their left and headed towards the portal that would take them to Altair's peak, though from where they were positioned they could see a dragon standing near their destination, which interested them a tiny bit. As the trio got closer to the portal they realized that the dragon in question was Nora, who must have been released from her prison by one of the other dragons they had saved, though they were interested in what she might want to talk about before they headed through the portal she was standing near.

"Nora, this is a surprise," Spike said, as he knew that he and his siblings were surprised by the fact that she was out here, instead of making sure her workshop wasn't damaged from what Gnasty Gnorc and his forces had done, but that didn't stop them from being interested in what she had to tell them, "What can we do for you?"

"I was taking a look at Altair's peak and found that things will be different for you this time around," Nora replied, her tone indicating that Cosmos had likely been the one to release her from her prison and that someone had told her what they had done in the previous two homeworlds, when they were saving Nevin and Trondo, which means she either used her teleportation magic to speak with Nestor and Titan or Cosmos told her what he knew, "From what I can tell it appears that Altair is imprisoned a third of the way through his realm, though this time around the commander of Gnasty Gnorc's forces is in the area before where Altair is imprisoned, so it seems that you'll be facing Blowhard before you can free Altair from his prison."

"Blowhard?" Spyro asked, because when he considered the previous commanders they had taken out, Toasty and Doctor Shemp, he expected a better name than Blowhard, especially for someone that was taking over the land that the Magic Crafters lived in, though at the same time he held back his chuckle, as it was definitely a name that deserved to be laughed at for a few seconds.

"A creature created by Gnasty Gnorc, to defeat the three of you once and for all," Nora stated, where the trio glanced at each other for a moment, because this was nothing new to them, as both Toasty and Doctor Shemp had been ordered to take control of the homeworlds they had been assigned to and were no doubt ordered to take down whoever tried to seize control of the land from them, though the only difference was that their next foe seemed like a creation that was made solely for one reason, "though if I'm being honest, I have the feeling that there might be more to Blowhard than what I've told you, though you'll have to figure that out on your own."

"Well, if he was sent to maintain control of this land, then he likely has some magic of his own," Spike said, though that was when he glanced at the portal for a few seconds, because now he was interested in meeting Blowhard and seeing what sort of power their next foe had in store for them, especially since they knew nothing about him, other than the fact that he had been created by Gnasty Gnorc, but, given the fact that their foe had been planning this for a long time, he had the feeling that Blowhard was an old creation that was finally being allowed to stretch his legs and serve his master.

"Just be careful when you go save Altair," Nora added, because while she knew the trio was strong and that any foe they faced would be hard pressed to defeat all three of them, especially when they matured and became adults, this was a foe they knew almost nothing about, save for the fact that he had been created to take over Altair's realm and, thanks to what the trio had done so far, defeat the only dragons capable of turning the tide against Gnasty Gnorc's plans, "there's no telling what sort of power Blowhard has, so you'll be stepping into a blind fight this time around."

Spyro, Spike, and Ember nodded their heads, indicating that they were going to be as careful as they possibly could, before heading through the portal that was near them and headed off to Altair's peak, so they could put an end to the assault on this land and move on to the next homeworld that needed their assistance. It didn't take them long to appear at the starting point of their destination, the same area that they had arrived in when Nestor and Cosmos had them meet Altair for the first time, though, just as they expected, there were a number of green wizards lining the path that would take them to where Altair was imprisoned and to where Blowhard was waiting for them. The first thing they did was break the chests that were behind them, so they could gather the gems that Gnasty Gnorc's forces were attempting to transport back to his domain, before turning their attention on the enemies in front of them, which was when they charged at the first green wizard that was blocking the way. It wasn't hard for them to defeat a single green wizard, as all they had to do was separate from each other and force it to target one of them, who would dodge the attack if one was fired at them, all while letting the other two flame the wizard, defeating it and allowing them to move onto the two gem chests that lined the way to the next set of enemies, who were slightly higher up than the first wizard, but not before flaming a fireworks box to get the gems inside it. Of course two enemies were still easy to take down, since they could only focus on one target and they had three enemies, so both Spike and Ember acted as the decoys and Spyro knocked down both of the green wizards that were in front of them, allowing them to smash through the metal chests that were near them and them jump down into the next part of the path they were following, to clear out a few more green wizards.

As Spyro and Ember dealt with the four green wizards that were in their way, and claimed the gems from the gem chests that were nearby, Spike focused on the being that was hovering in the air above a circular platform, like an arena of sorts, but what interested him was that the creature looked like a tornado wizard that had been empowered to a whole new level, as he had a torso and a head, which had an orange beard and a wizard's hat, but the lower part of his body was a tornado, meaning that this had to be Blowhard, and he had a decent amount of power inside his body.

"So that's Blowhard, the creature that Gnasty Gnorc created," Ember remarked, because right now it appeared that their foe hadn't noticed their arrival and was focused on something else at the moment, though at the same time she knew this was going to be an easy battle for them, "I guess it's time we took him down and clear out the rest of the foes that are trying to take over the Magic Crafters homeworld."

"Sorry Ember, but we won't be tackling him together," Spike stated, where he stepped forward and put one of his claws on the platform that Blowhard was floating above, before he turned back so he could look at his siblings, "after all, you got to have Doctor Shemp all to yourself, so I think it's time I took down one of Gnasty Gnorc's commanders on my own, especially the one that is trying to seize control of this land."

"That means I get to solo whoever is in charge of Gnasty Gnorc's forces in the land of the Beast Makers," Spyro said, showing that he was perfectly fine with his siblings taking turns with the various commanders that they were fighting so they could free the lands from their forces, though only if he was able to take on the next one, meaning that they were going to have to come up with a new tactic for the person in control of the Dream Weavers homeworld.

"Fine. Have it your way." Ember added, because while she wanted to see how strong Blowhard was for herself, since he had to be someone who could wield the power of magic, she decided that she might as well allow her brother, who was definitely more skilled in magic than she or Spyro were, face the foe that was in front of them, but she was going to be watching the battle closely and was planning on stepping in if her brother needed some assistance.

Spike smiled for a moment as he climbed up onto the platform that Blowhard was floating above and focused on the enemy that he would be facing, who finally snapped out of whatever trance he happened to be in and descended down towards the platform, where he stopped just before the bottom of his tornado reached the platform.

"Who are you?" Blowhard asked, his voice sounding like it was a combination of what they heard the other tornado wizards use and the wind itself, though at the very least he had the ability to talk and wasn't a mindless creature that had no will of his own, and he seemed interested in Spike at the moment.

"I'm Spike, and those are my siblings Spyro and Ember," Spike replied, as he figured that the moment he introduced himself Blowhard would go on the offensive, especially since he was making it clear that the three of them were the ones that his foe had been waiting for, though he was happy to see what the creature didn't lash out at him immediately, even though he was sure that he was getting ready for something.

"Ah yes, I've heard about you three, from Gnasty Gnorc," Blowhard said, confirming Spike's thoughts on the fact that he knew about them, even though it took a few moments for him to figured out who they were, despite the fact that Spike had told them who they were, before he shifted his hands and some wind seemed to spin around his fingers, indicating that he was getting ready for battle, "I have been ordered to maintain control of this land, in the name of my master, and those orders include taking out whoever tries to free the dragons that are trapped in those crystalline statues."

"Hey, before you two fight, I have a question." Spyro spoke up, as he figured that this might be the only time he could ask this question, since Blowhard was either going to run away after the fight was over or he was going to be reduced to a simple breeze, or something similar to that, before noticing that both Spike and Blowhard had turned to look at him for a few seconds, "Is your name really 'Blowhard'?"

"Yes, it is. Gnasty Gnorc, despite being my master, is not good at naming his creations," Blowhard replied, his tone indicating that he would have preferred a name that wasn't what he had been given, since it appeared that he didn't like it at all, but, at the same time, he was loyal to the being that was his master and wasn't about to argue with the person that had created him.

Spyro stood there for a moment, making Spike and Ember wonder if he was restraining himself from laughing at the fact that Blowhard's name was actually Blowhard, since he seemed to think that Nora had made it up, before they were proven wrong as their brother started to laugh over what their foe's name was.

"Please ignore him, Spyro is sometimes easily amused by things that happen around him," Spike said, because from what he knew his brother found amusement in things that were different from what he and Ember found amusement in, especially when he considered the pranks Spyro pulled in the past, before focusing on Blowhard once more, who had shifted his gaze back towards him.

The sky rumbled for a moment as Blowhard raised one of his hands towards some of the nearby clouds, where he called forth a lightning bolt and sent it flying at the area that Spike was standing in, though that was when Spike surprised his foe by calling forth his magic and summoning a barrier in front of him, preventing him from taking damage from the spell his foe had cast. Spike had figured that Gnasty Gnorc had created Blowhard with the purpose of harnessing the power of Altair's peak, the weather power that the dragon in question was used to manipulating everyday, meaning that he had to be careful, as one wrong step could be bad for him. Blowhard, on the other hand, seemed happy that Spike had blocked his attack and hadn't taken any damage, as if he was used to his foes being taken out within seconds of a fight starting, which was why he was shifting his arms as Spike lowered his barrier, no doubt so he could prepare another spell as they focused on each other. Spike waited for a few seconds as his foe called upon the power of the wind and sent a tornado straight at him, though that was when Spike revealed his hand, as he called forth his magic and focused on the spell that was coming at him, where the tornado split in half and dissipated before it could hit him, surprising his siblings for a moment, because while they knew about his magic training they had no idea how many spells he had already learned since their first lesson all those years ago.

Spike, taking advantage of the situation, rushed at Blowhard and loosed a burst of fire that struck his foe, who, just like the other commanders whenever they were hurt during battle, fled to the next area that would serve as the second platform they would fight on, which meant going through the buildings that were attached to the peaks that Altair called home, and he was kind enough to open the way for them.

"Why is it that all of the commanders flee after they've been hit?" Spyro asked, because that was something he was curious about, as both Toasty and Doctor Shemp did the same thing when they were hurt over the course of the battle, before he glanced at his siblings to see if they had any idea what was going on.

"Well, since they're in control of the realms that belong to the strongest dragons of each clan, it would make sense that they might be pulling us to where a trap is waiting," Ember remarked, as that was what she would have done if she was a commander taking over a land that didn't belong to her, though at the same time she was a little disappointed that Toasty and Doctor Shemp hadn't done something like that, leading her to assume that Blowhard was just moving to the next area he and Spike would be fighting in and wanted the enemies between them to do something to the three of them, before she glanced at the open door that was near them, "Spike, since you're the one fighting Blowhard, let the two of us take on the enemies that are between us and the commander in charge of this land, that way you can conserve your energy for the next stage of the fight."

"Now that's a plan I can agree with." Spike said, as he was happy that his siblings understood that he was the one that would be fighting Blowhard and that he would be the one to end it, so he was perfectly fine with Spyro and Ember taking on whoever was between them and the next platform that his foe had retreated to, to which he made sure to put himself behind his siblings as they approached the now opened doorway.

What they discovered what what appeared to have been a walkway at some point in time, to connect the entrance to the next floor, if they were talking about a normal building, though there were four small platforms that could be used to get from where the entrance was and stop at the next level. On two of the platforms stood a green druid, who just so happened to be in the process of moving two of the platforms around for fun, so while Ember jumped onto the platform in front of them Spyro jumped down onto the walkway to their right and picked up the gems that he found. Ember made short work of the first druid when he brought her platform up to his level, as she flamed him and severed the connection his magic had to the platform, allowing it to return to normal a few seconds later, though she didn't stay on it for more than a second as she jumped onto the third platform, letting Spyro and Spike follow after her. The second druid didn't fare any better than the first one did, as he brought Ember right up to where he was standing and she flamed him, allowing the platform to return to it's normal position as she jumped onto the walkway that had two directions for them to choose from, one of which was clearly the way out, due to the pair of druids she heard working on more platforms, while the other brought them to the chamber that Altair was trapped in. It wasn't hard for them to make the decision, as they simply walked into the chamber, smashed the chests that were around them, and then tapped the statue, allowing Altair to break free from his prison and touch the ground that was in front of them, though whether or not he had some advice for them didn't matter, since Spike could easily take care of Blowhard on his own.

"Thank you for freeing me from that crystal prison," Altair said, once more showing the trio that the dragons could see what was going on around them, as indicated by several of the dragons they had freed so far, before he focused on the area that he was in and seemed to remember something important, "it's a good thing I wasn't in the middle of casting a spell or altering the weather when that spell hit me, otherwise I'm sure whoever Gnasty Gnorc's commander is for my land would have used that power against you, meaning we wouldn't be standing here talking about it."

"I'm not sure it would have mattered either way, since Spike seems capable of beating Blowhard on his own," Spyro commented, informing Altair of the name of the commander he had mentioned, though at the same time Ember turned around and headed towards the path that would take them outside the building they were in, to which he and Spike followed after her, leaving the now freed Altair to do whatever he wanted.

Ember waited for a few seconds for the first platform to come near her, though once it was close to where she was standing she jumped onto it and let the green druid move her closer to where he was standing, allowing her to flame him the moment she got close. From there she jumped onto the platform that the druid had been standing on, just as the one she had been on returned to it's original position so Spyro and Spike could follow her, before moving onto the next moving platform, where she focused on burning the druid that was close to the building's exit. Once the druid had been burned, just like the others that had come before him, Ember was able to jumped outside the building and waited for her siblings to catch up with her, though even then Spyro was the one who turned to the left and smashed his way through the chests that were lined up and nearly reached the edge of the walkway they were on. The three of them then noticed that the whirlwind that they had used to get up here when they were younger was active once more, as if the land knew it was time to return to normal, though Spike knew that it was more like Altair's magic had been restored and he was making sure his realm was the way it had been before he had been trapped in that statue. A few seconds later, once they were done thinking about the whirlwind, the trio turned around and followed the path that was behind them, where they smashed through a pair of chests and collected the few gems that were laying on the ground, before noticing that they had arrived at their destination.

Spyro and Ember glanced at each other for a moment, as they were sure the second stage for Spike's fight with Blowhard would have been a little further away from the first one, but decided to say nothing as their brother jumped up into the arena and focused on his opponent, who was staring at him in return.

This time around, how that they had a good idea of what their opponents could do, both Spike and Blowhard reacted the moment Spike entered the arena, as Blowhard was quick to wave his hands and summon several bolts of lightning into the area around him, which he proceeded to throw down at the arena. Spike, seeing the attacks coming his way, moved out of the way and rolled a few times, showing that he was capable of dodging the bolts that his foe was using on him, before he activated his own magic and breathed on a few of the bolts that were sticking out of the ground, sending them flying into the back of Blowhard, but, interestingly enough, his foe didn't retreat. That informed him that the beings that were Gnasty Gnorc's commanders only fled when they were touched by a dragon's flames, which made him think about how he was going to defeat his foe, but at the very least this was a great way for him to test his magical powers against a magical opponent. At the same time he noticed that Blowhard seemed to be smiling, as if this was the first time he fought someone that was like him, which either meant a young dragon that hadn't fully matured or a dragon that was capable of providing him with a challenge like this, but either way it appeared that they both agreed on one thing, and that was the fact that they were happy have the other person as an opponent.

Blowhard continued to go on the offensive, loosing more of the lightning bolts wherever Spike was standing, though this time he also made sure they disappeared after a few seconds so they couldn't be used against him, not that it mattered since a dragon's flames were the only thing that could hurt him. That decision also informed Spike that his foe was a quick learner and that he was likely being studied at the moment, meaning his tactics were going to be useless in the near future, so he focused his magic and readied himself once more as another attack came at him. As he expected a few seconds later Blowhard added another element to the battle by using the wind against him as well, summoning more tornadoes than he had done during their first encounter, though Spike was ready for that as his magic surrounded him, allowing him to split the tornadoes like they were nothing as he summoned a few smaller barriers to protect him from the lightning bolts, before he reached his target and was able to flame Blowhard, forcing him to retreat once more. Even as that happened, however, Spike knew that such a tactic would not work a third time, not with how his foe had been adapting to his movements so far, meaning that he needed a new tactic and fast, though something told him he didn't have the time to think about something like that.

With Blowhard running to the next platform, wherever it was, Spyro and Ember glided over the gap that their foe was following and found a fireworks box and two gem chests near where they landed, so they waited for Spike to join them and move out of the way before they destroyed the three chests and claimed the gems that were inside them... but, as they followed the path that was in front of them, they soon discovered Blowhard floating above another platform, which was when Spike got up there and faced his foe once more.

"You are strong, that much is certain," Blowhard said, though at the same time he drifted backwards for a few seconds and came to a stop, where he would be out of reach if Spike was to use his fire breath again, though at the same time he held both of his hands out, where one had some wind swirling around it and the other had lightning that was crackling every now and then, "so, to honor your strength, I will take you out by pouring all of my magical power into two attacks, though there is a chance that your siblings will fall with you once I finish my spells."

Spike didn't have to tell Spyro and Ember to take a few steps back, so they wouldn't be anywhere near where his foe's spells might hit, but at the same time he remained standing in the same place he had chosen the moment he stepped up onto the platform. The reason for that was because it didn't matter where he was standing, as Blowhard intended on calling forth the power of the wind and the lightning he could conjure to defeat him, because it appeared that he was in the middle of forming a single powerful bolt that was like the other ones, one that would be incredibly painful if it hit him or one of his siblings. At the same time there was the matter of the wind power, which appeared to be one that would knock him up into the air no matter where he was standing, meaning that his options were limited and that he might as well stand his ground, to which he called forth his own magical power and dug into the stone beneath him. There was one spell that he could use in this situation, one that both his foe and his siblings wouldn't see coming, since it was well hidden in one of the books that Cosmos had given him for the basics, somewhere no one would think to look, meaning that Lucas was likely behind hiding it, but right now he hoped it would do the trick.

It didn't take Blowhard long to finish his preparations, as the moment he was ready he loosed the wind spell that he was preparing, where Spike found himself being flung up into the air, high above where his siblings were standing, but, at the same time he managed to tear a rock out of the platform, something that he tossed away as his foe loosed the lightning bolt that he had been preparing, engulfing the area around him in a bright explosion.

"SPIKE!" Ember cried out, as while she knew her brother was strong when it came to magic, with the potential to rival the Magic Crafters when he was older, she honestly didn't think that he'd be bested by one of Gnasty Gnorc's creations, especially in the manner that unfolded before their eyes, and it was only a few seconds later where she and Spyro saw their brother emerge from the smoke as he fell out of the sky.

"Wait, there's something wrong about this." Spyro said, because while he didn't want to believe that Spike could be beaten that easily, as he was following the same thought process that Ember was following, he noticed something odd about their brother and was quick to point it out to his sister, "Where's Talon?"

As soon as he pointed that out, and Ember noticed that Talon was nowhere near their brother, Spike was engulfed in a puff of some and was replaced by the very stone that he had thrown away, which crumbled into pieces due to the power of Blowhard's lightning bolt. Once they noticed that, however, they turned their attention to where the stone had been before their brother had been struck by the attack, where they found Spike in the air above Blowhard, right where he had thrown the stone, and both of his horns were glowing as he opened his mouth. In that moment both Spyro and Ember were surprised, as the fireball that Spike was getting ready to fire was made out of the same type of flame that would hurt Blowhard, though without wasting a single moment Spike loosed the fireball and it collided into his foe, sending Blowhard down to the arena floor. The resulting explosion of him hitting the ground only cracked the platform, but at the same time they watched as Blowhard attempted to get back up for a few seconds, only to collapse and slowly break apart before their eyes, indicating that Spike was the winner of this battle and that he had beaten Gnasty Gnorc's creation. Spike, on the other hand, glided down to where they were standing and staggered for a moment when he touched the ground, showing that he had used nearly all of his magic to defeat Blowhard, but in the end they were happy for him, as he had emerged from this battle without injury.

"Spike, don't go scaring us like that," Ember stated, showing that, while she was happy that her brother had liberated the land of the Magic Crafters, just like she had done for the Peace Keepers, the only thing she could have done without is that he had worried her and Spyro for a few moments.

"Anyway, what was that spell you used to avoid Blowhard's attack?" Spyro inquired, because he knew it was a spell they hadn't seen before and he was hoping that Spike would be willing to share what it was, just so they could understand what he had done to avoid taking damage.

"It's a Teleportation spell called Substitution, where the user switches places with an object of their choosing," Spike said, though at the same time he realized that this wasn't a spell he'd be using all the time, because it combined with all of the other spells he had used meant he was really low on magic and would be for a while, even though he hoped that it returned before they reached the land that Gnasty Gnorc ruled over, "I used it to switch places with that piece of rock that you saw Blowhard blast, and I made sure to move Talon with me as well, so he's safe and sound, but it did eat up a good portion of my magic, so I don't think I'll be casting any spells for a while."

Spyro and Ember had no idea that such a spell even existed, though it appeared to be quite a taxing one, so as they headed for the exit portal, to tell Cosmos and the others the good news, they stood by Spike's side as they picked up the few remaining gems and headed off, hopefully to allow their brother a few moments of rest before they arrived at the next homeworld that needed their assistance.