Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar

by Blackdrag-rose

Dragon: Wizards and Spiders

Spyro, Spike, and Ember returned to the central hub area of the Magic Crafters homeworld not a few moments after they entered the exit portal at the end of Alpine Ridge, though once they reached their destination the three of them headed for the portal that Zantor had been imprisoned in front of. As the siblings headed for the next realm they noticed that Cosmos and the other Magic Crafters were moving out, so they could see to the other realms and make sure nothing was wrong with them, especially since the other magic wielders seemed to be in the process of taking over the lands that this clan of dragons called home, or at least the ones that had been created by Gnasty Gnorc seemed to be doing that. Spike was sure that the enemies they had encountered so far weren't the original wizards and druids that they had seen when they first visited this homeworld in the past, when they were learning about the various clans and the lands they called home, and his thoughts were proven right when he recalled how each of their enemies returned to a gem state, showing that they had to be creations of Gnasty Gnorc, since he seemed to be the only one with this particular spell. Still, all three of them were happy to see the Magic Crafters heading out so they could find the various hidden entrances to the other realms, so they could see what the damage was, while Cosmos remained in the tunnel, indicating that he was going to wait with the eggs, so Spike would have someplace to send the others when they found them.

Once they knew that things seemed to be returning to normal, or as normal as things could get in this homeworld, the siblings headed up the walkway and approached the portal that would take them to High Caves, the next realm that they needed to restore to how it had been before the dragons had been trapped in those crystalline statues.

It didn't take the three of them long to reach the walkway that was the starting point for the High Caves, which was similar to Alpine Ridge, in the sense that the entire realm seemed to be built around a number of mountain peaks and had a number of structures that bared the style of the Magic Crafters. What they could see at the moment was that there were two paths for them to take, one that seemed to be a curved path that a few of the other magic users happened to be fighting over at the moment, while on their right was a cave that happened to be slightly darker than the area they were standing in. What interested Spike was the fact that there was a pair of elder wizards shooting ice spikes at the enemy that was further up the path, where the trio immediately noticed that the being they were fighting seemed to be a dark green robed druid, almost like the green druids they had encountered in the past, though this guy was floating above the ground in his own tornado, all while summoning smaller tornadoes to deal with the attacks that were coming his way. It appeared that, just like the elder wizard and green druid they had seen back in Alpine Ridge, these magic users appeared to be in a stalemate, as their attacks were meeting in the middle of the path that the siblings would be walking on at some point in the near future, since they were sure that there was a dragon trapped at the end of the path.

The moment they knew what was on their left, and the obstacles they would have to deal with this time around, Spike glanced at the cave that was off on their right and paused for a moment, because he spotted a large spider-like creature moving through the chamber that the entrance lead to, one that had stone-like limbs, two yellow eyes, and a metallic back that meant flames wouldn't work on it, though he recognized the creature from his studies.

"Well, I guess we're heading down the path that the wizards and druids are fighting on," Spike commented, because he knew that if there was one of those spiders in this realm, something he was hoping to avoid during their adventure, then there was likely more of them hanging around the cave that he had been staring at, before he turned towards the other path and focused on it.

"Why, what are those things?" Spyro asked, as while he and Ember trusted that Spike wouldn't lead them the wrong way, especially since he was sure they had to go into the cave and find the stolen gems, but at the same time he glanced at the spider-like enemies and wondered why Spike wanted them to go the other way, "Can't we take those spiders and clear out the caves?"

"That is a Metalback Spider, a creature that is too tall for us to charge through and it's metal back prevents our flames from working on it, meaning it's impervious to our skills." Spike replied, showing his siblings that these creatures are dangerous and that they didn't have the abilities necessary to take them down, before he thought about his studies and what he learned about these creatures, especially the few weaknesses they possessed, "The only way we'll be able to take one of them out, and I'm positive that there are more of them in that cave, is to gain access to the superflame or the supercharge powers, meaning we'll either find a supercharge ramp or we'll find someone to grant us the power to wield a flame that can take out these spiders."

"Okay, that sounds like a plan." Ember said, because she liked the idea of using either the supercharge ability or the superflame ability, another new skill they were picking up from the Magic Crafters, she was curious as to where they might find someone that can give them that power, causing her to turn towards their brother, "So, Spike, do you have any idea where we might find someone who can give us that sort of power?"

"We would have to find one of the Fairy Princesses," Spike answered, though at the same time he glanced at Spyro and Ember for a moment and found that they were tilting their heads, indicating that they didn't really understand what he was talking about, something that he figured out due to the fact that he read a lot of books and those tomes and scrolls covered things that his siblings didn't know about, "Okay, you know the fairies we saw around the Artisans homeworld every now and then in the past, who helped Nestor and the other Leaders out whenever they needed assistance with something, especially when it comes time to deliver the dragon eggs that we have been recovering? Well, my studies indicate that the fairies have their own ruler, the Fairy Queen to be exact, along with a number of Princesses that are scattered throughout the Dragon Realms, but the reason I'm mentioning them is because if we find one of the Fairy Princesses, the fairies that wear the bluish-purple dresses, then we can be bestowed with the power to temporarily wield the superflame breath, since it will last between fifteen to thirty seconds. Of course that wouldn't be a problem if we could find the Fairy Queen, the fairy that wears a reddish-orange dress, because she would grant us the ability for a longer period of time, for the duration of our visit to a realm to be exact, but the chances of even meeting her are stacked against us, so we'll have to hope one of the Fairy Princesses are visiting this realm, otherwise we'll have to rely on the supercharge to take those spiders out."

Spyro and Ember stood there for a moment, realizing that the spiders would have to be left alone for some time, or at least until they either found one of the Fairy Princesses their brother had mentioned or a supercharge ramp, but for now there was no way they were going into the cave, as the Metalback Spider they could see seemed to be patrolling the area and would likely attack them the moment it spotted them inside it's territory. That, of course, didn't stop Spyro from picking up the three gems that were near the area that the spider was patrolling, but once those gems had been collected he turned around and quickly retreated to where his siblings were standing, which was when they started ascending the path that was in front of them. The first thing they did was separate and deal with the three enemies that were currently battling each other, where Spyro and Ember flamed the elder wizards and took them down, though at the same time Spike avoided the incoming mini tornadoes and charged through the tornado wizard that was blocking the way forward, which let them regroup as they discovered another elder wizard fighting another tornado wizard, indicating that a good number of the enemies they encountered in this realm would be fighting each other this time around. This time Ember took out the elder wizard a few seconds after his spell had been cast, while Spike approached the tornado wizard, but this time around Spike had a surprise for his foe, as he used his magic to call up a magical wall in front of him, just like the lesson that Cosmos had given him and his siblings, which stopped the spell and allowed him to take down the wizard, before he and his siblings headed up the curved walkway that was near them.

First they dealt with the elder wizard that was firing at the moving pillars that were between where they were standing and one of the small tunnels that went through the mountain, before dodging another tornado as they reached the top, allowing them to deal with the tornado wizard that was preparing another spell. Once those two enemies were taken care of, and they were sure there weren't any other enemies in their immediate area, save for the two green druids that were moving the pillars, Spike tapped the crystalline statue that was in front of them and released one of the trapped dragons from their prison. The dragon in question, Cyrus, was a big dragon with green scales and a purple colored belly, though he wore a wizard hat on his head and a cloth collar of some kind that rested in front of his chest, while also carrying a tall wooden staff in one hand and a candle holder, with a lit candle, in his other hand, even though he had a few more candles on his horns and tail, which were lit as well. He did thank them for rescuing him, something that all of the other dragons did when they were freed, before asking them if there was anything they could do about the green druids, showing that he was annoyed by their desire to move anything they came into contact with. Before they got started, however, Spike glided over to the top of a nearby building and gathered all of the gems that were up there, including the ones that were locked inside some metallic chests, before returning to his siblings so they could focus on what they were going to do next, which was take down the pair of green druids that were in front of them.

All three of them waited for the perfect moment, which was when the first green druid shifted his pillar so it was pointing to the mountain on their right, before gliding over to the pillar, so that way the moment they were together again they flamed the druid and the pillar returned to normal, only to replicate the same thing with the second pillar, allowing them to jump over to the balcony in front of the entrance they had seen and continue exploring the realm they were in, all so they could make sure they left nothing behind. What the balcony was connected to was a small room of sorts with two pools of water on each side of a walkway, which appeared to be warm due to the steam that was coming from them, but the trio paid the room no mind as they climbed up the couple of steps and dropped down onto a walkway that was just outside the room. As they walked along the path that they had discovered, collecting gems and smashing through the metallic chests that were in the way, Spike noticed that the large open area between the mountain they were on and all of the other peaks had a number of fairies flying around, ones that weren't wearing the two types of dresses he had mentioned to his siblings earlier, as these were Safety Fairies, who made sure dragons and other creatures didn't fall into the open area between the peaks, and they wore yellow dresses. Spike also explained the fairies to his siblings, just in case one of them fell over the edge or something, and made sure to tell the two of them that, while the fairies seemed to be minding their own business, they would react the moment someone fell over the edge or dropped into the open area between the mountain peaks.

A few seconds later they reached the end of the walkway and jumped over to the area that a crystalline statue rested in, one that happened to be near a supercharge ramp, but the first thing they did was tap the statue and released Ajax, a dragon with dark green scales that were covered by a purple suit of some kind, which was decorated with blue and pink gems, and also carried a staff in his left hand.

"Thanks for the rescue," Ajax said, his tone showing them that he was happy that they had come and saved him from the statue he had been trapped in, though that was when he focused on the direction the three of them had come from and nodded his head in understanding, "Ah, you took the back way into this area, instead of worrying about those nasty Metalback Spiders that live in that cave, though I bet you'd like to know how to defeat them."

"We already know, thanks to Spike," Spyro replied, though at the same time he wondered if it was possible for them to use the supercharge ramp that was behind Ajax to enter the cave that was near them and charge through the spiders that called the cave home, so they could see what they were hiding, "we either have to use the supercharge ability to charge our way through them, or we have to find a Fairy Princess and be bestowed the power to temporarily wield the superflame ability, both of which are powerful enough to break the Metalback Spiders."

"I knew Spike was smart, but I had no idea he knew the weaknesses of the Metalback Spiders as well," Ajax admitted, because everyone in the other homeworlds had heard about the trio and their skills, as Nestor and the other Leaders often told them how the trio was progressing, though he was caught off guard a little by the fact that they knew how to bring down the terrifying spiders, before a grin appeared on his face, "It's true that you need one of those abilities to take down a Metalback Spider, and it just so happens that you can use this supercharge ramp to head back in there and deal wit a few of them, but if you head in there now, and head down the path on the right, you should be able to reach a small area where a Fairy Princess might be waiting to meet you."

Spike, while surprised by the news that Ajax had given them, couldn't help but smile as he and his siblings now knew that they might be able to meet one of the Fairy Princesses and gain the power to defeat the Metalback Spiders, so they could move on to the remaining areas and see what else there was to this realm, before heading to Wizard Peak and finishing off the rest of Gnasty Gnorc's creations. Spyro, on the other hand, walked over to where the supercharge ramp was located and headed to the top of the ramp, where he turned around as both Spike and Ember moved out of the way, as they had the feeling that he would be charging into the cave the spiders were located in. A few seconds later he charged down the ramp and let the power flow into his body as he turned around as he reached the bottom of the ramp, where he turned right into the cave and focused on the Metalback Spider that was in front of him, though instead of him being the one to take damage he plowed right into his target and the creature collapsed as he passed by it. Once the first one was taken care of he shifted his course and headed down the tunnel that would take him right back to the entrance that had allowed Spike to identify the creatures he was taking care of, before he barrelled into a second spider and then crushed a third one before coming to a stop near the point they had appeared on when they entered his realm. He grinned as he turned around and headed back to where his siblings were waiting for him, though as he did that he smashed his way through several chests and gathered the gems that were along the way, before finding that his siblings were doing the same thing to the metallic chests that he had bypassed to get rid of the spiders.

"Well, that was exciting," Spyro commented, because he was happy to have dealt with the three spiders that he had charged through and taken out, especially since Sparx had grabbed the gems along the way, before he glanced at the path that would take them to the area that Ajax had told them about earlier, "So, do you think we should head to the area that Ajax mentioned, or should we scout out the rest of the realm and clear out the remaining enemies?"

"Since we've already cleared part of the cave out, we should just finish it off and then make sure the realm is safe from Gnasty Gnorc's forces," Ember replied, as she wanted to make sure the rest of the spiders were taken care of, as she was also positive that there were some pieces of treasure in the area near the Fairy Princess that Ajax had told them about, before they focused on the other enemies that they might find in this realm.

Spike nodded head in agreement, because they had no idea how many more Metalback Spiders there were in this cave and it would be good to take them all down before they went to explore the other parts of this realm, though as soon as he did that the three of them headed over to the path would take them to where the Fairy Princess was located, and where a few more enemies had to be waiting. It didn't take them long to jump up the stone steps that allowed them to access the next area of the cave, where they found a green druid casting his magic and manipulating one of the passages that they needed to get through, so Spyro flamed him and undid whatever he was doing, which let them head over to the next set of stairs and move to the next chamber. There they found yet another green druid messing with the exit of the cave, or at least a third entrance that they hadn't known about, though the three of them moved fast and jumped up onto the small platform the druid was standing on, as none of them wanted the nearby spider to come chasing them, before Ember flamed their target and opened the way forward. A few seconds later, when they were sure that the spider hadn't noticed them yet, the siblings headed over to the opening that the druid had been messing with and Spike smiled as they came face to face with one of the Fairy Princesses that he had told his siblings about, who said nothing as she smiled and flew down to where they were standing, where she put a kiss on Ember's nose.

Spyro and Spike watched as Ember's scales started to glow, almost like her fire had been empowered, and both her wings and her horns almost looked white hot, like the metal that someone would work with, but as soon as she found out what happened Ember grinned and charged back into the cave, where she loosed her fire, now white hot, and burned down the first of the remaining two spiders, before repeating the process with the second one, which left the smile on her face as she came to a stop.

"Fascinating, so this is the superflame power I've read about," Spike commented, as this was the first time he had seen this power being used by someone, as the tomes and scrolls that contained the information about it, which also included the supercharge ability he had told his siblings about, didn't really describe the powers that they were using during their visit to the Magic Crafters homeworld and realms.

"It's definitely powerful, since I tore down those spiders with little effort," Ember replied, knowing that Spike liked to gather his own information on things that they encountered or discovered during their journeys to the other homeworlds, though at the same time she watched as the power boost faded away and her body returned to normal, indicating that a kiss from a Fairy Princess really didn't last all that long in the grand scheme of things.

"Well, let's gather the rest of the gems in this cave and see what else this realm has to offer," Spyro said, because while he knew that Spike wanted to write all this down, so he could update the information back in the Dark Hollows library when this adventure was over, he also knew that there were a few more areas for them to clear out before they departed from this realm.

Once the three of them were in agreement on what they needed to do next, and that they couldn't stay in this cave for much longer, they quickly picked up any gems that had been missed when they first came through this area and headed back to where Ajax had been contained. It didn't take them long to reach the outside of the cave again, though the exit that they had been seeking, where they headed up the supercharge ramp and prepared themselves, though this time Spike was the first one to charge down the path, since both Ember and Spyro had done something interesting, where he jumped when he reached the end of the ramp and sailed off towards the cave that was off to his left a little. It was easy for him to land in the cave and forced himself to stop, so he didn't go charging into a wall or go through the other entrance that the cave had, before smiling as he found another trapped dragon and a number of chests, where he returned to the entrance that he had used to get here and beckoned for his siblings to join him. Spyro and Ember took a few seconds to charge down the ramp and enter the cave he was in, as well as coming to a stop so they could see what was in this cave, before they approached the trapped dragon and tapped the statue, allowing them to free someone else. The dragon in question, Cedric, had orange scales with yellow chest scales, though he was wearing a scarf, a belt with a few potion bottles on it, and happened to be reading from a book the moment he was released from his prison, something that he put his bookmark in so he could focus on them and thank them for what they had done, before informing them to try combining the supercharge with jumping and gliding to really explore this realm.

With the message delivered, and the trio nodded their heads to indicate that they understood what they had been told, Cedric headed through the exit portal and returned to the Magic Crafters homeworld, allowing the three of them to deal with the rest of the realm. Spyro and Ember headed through the other opening and jumped as far as they could, which was where the Safety Fairies stopped them before they fell and transported the two of them back to the top of the supercharge ramp, as if they knew that was where they wanted to go, before heading back to the area that they seemed to be gathering in. Spike, on the other hand, returned to the entrance of the cave he had charged through and watched as his siblings charged down the ramp and jumped into the air, where they headed towards the cave that was on his left and safely landed a few seconds later, causing them to smile in the process, before he jumped into the air and glided over to where they were standing. The reason he had done it this was because he assumed that the caves were close to each other and that one of them could easily make the jump between them, and this proved him right, but instead of saying anything the three of them explored what turned out to be a really small cave, picking up the few gems that were on the ground, before returning to the entrance of the cave.

This time around Spyro and Ember watched as Spike repeated the motion that he had used when he was leaving the cave that Cedric had been trapped in and landed at the entrance of the cave they had just finished off, where he jumped and glided over to the cliff area that was off on their left, causing them to frown as they realized that they really didn't need the supercharge all that much. Once the three of them were back together on the cliff area, and none of them had fallen into the open area between the caves, they explored the area around them and found a few gems laying on the ground, before heading up to an area where three circular chests rested, including a thief that was already taunting them, despite the fact that this was the first time he had seen them. This time around the trio discovered that the thief had doomed himself, as his path appeared to be around a small pool of water, meaning that it was easy for Spyro and Spike to standing on either side of the path and block him, meaning his options were to fall over the edge or fall into the water in front of him, and that moment of indecision allowed Ember to glide over to where he was standing and flamed him, which allowed her to made sure the egg was okay before Spike sent it off to where Cosmos was waiting. Once the thief was taken care of, and the chests had been smashed open, the trio jumped over the edge and let the Safety Fairies carry them back to the top of the supercharge ramp, but instead of charging down the ramp they simply walked down the path and headed off to the right, so they could investigate the last area of the High Caves, which happened to be one or two more caves, before they headed for the exit portal.

The first area they came to, after crossing the bridge, had three fireworks boxes that were easy to flame and claim the gems that had been trapped inside them, before gliding over to another cave that had a number of metallic chests in it, which were also easy to open and collect the gems, only to glide over to the third and final cave, though that was when they found a second thief and Ember chased after him, leaving Spyro and Spike standing at the entrance. That turned out to be a good thing, as they watched as the thief eventually came to a stop near the top area that was at the end of the path he had been running down, which also let Ember crash into his backside and free the egg that he was trying to run off with, allowing them to look over it and then send it to where Cosmos was waiting. With that done, and they were sure that there was nothing else for them to collect, especially since Ember informed them that she had claimed every gem that was in her way as she was chasing the thief, they jumped over the edge and let the Safety Fairies carry them back to the top of the supercharge ramp, where they charged towards Cedric's cave and landed near the exit portal, which they used to return to the central hub area of the Magic Crafters homeworld.

It didn't take them long to return to their destination, though as soon as they appeared in front of the portal to High Caves they moved out and headed for the portal that would take them to Wizard Peak, the last realm they needed to clear out before focusing on the Flight Realm and Altair's peak, but as they walked towards their destination all three of them were happy to see this homeworld returning to normal, that the Magic Crafters were returning to how things had been before the spell had been cast, before they reached the next portal and entered it immediately.

A few seconds later Spyro, Spike, and Ember appeared on a balcony that appeared to be the starting point for this realm, and it was connected to a chamber that seemed to go through the mountain peak that was in front of them, but, like with the other realms, the trio knew that there were more than one peak in this entire realm, and Spike could tell that there were a few more near where they were standing. Standing near them was what appeared to be a bluish-purple skinned Gnorc that was holding a club that had ice spikes on it, though the club appeared to be one of the favorite weapons of Gnasty Gnorc's creations, and further behind that foe was a green wizard, currently hovering above the ground as he minded his own business, even though they would be taking him down in due time. Ember approached the ice Gnorc and rolled out of the way as her foe tried to smash her under his club, though as soon as she got back up she loosed some fire and knocked him down, allowing Spyro to charge into the green wizard while he was distracted, while then let Ember deal with a second ice Gnorc that they hadn't noticed, clearing the chamber so they could move forward and see what else was waiting for them. Spike, on the other hand, noticed that there was a path to the left of the balcony they appeared on and figured that, since it appeared his siblings had this part of the area covered, he might as well see what he could find, so he glided off and collected the treasure that was laying on the ground.

Ember noticed the movement out of the corner of her eye and decided that it wasn't worth asking what Spike was doing, because she knew that it would end up helping them in some way, so she turned her attention to Spyro as he dodged the incoming attack from an ice Gnorc that was blocking the path, before flaming him down so they could find the first trapped dragon in this realm. After that came another room with two more green wizards and an ice Gnorc, to which the two of them separated from each other and targeted the wizards, knocking them both down before either of them could fire their spells, before turning their attention to the ice Gnorc, who was rather easy for them to knock down with a single burst of fire. They made sure to collect whatever treasure was around them as they found a bridge that would take them over to the next building, one that was being guarded by a green wizard, which made it really easy for them to cross over into the next structure as Spyro charged through their foe, even though Ember was sure she had seen an elder wizard just out of their reach in the first chamber they had entered, before shrugging it off as she followed her brother. As it turned out there were two more green druids and a ice Gnorc waiting for them in the next building, along with one of the elder wizards hanging near the ceiling of the room, but as they entered the building, and got to work taking down their opponents, Ember spotted Spike gliding over to the balcony that the elder wizard was standing on, allowing him to take one of their foes down while she and Spyro took care of the other three.

Before Spike explained what he had been doing he retreated for a moment, heading back to the start of this realm, which caused Spyro and Ember to stand there for a few moments as they wondered what their brother was doing, though that was before they heard an elder wizard cry out, followed by silence as Spike returned to them.

"Well, the paths that the other route I saw are taken care of," Spike announced, informing his siblings that they could have used two different paths to get around some of their enemies, not that it mattered since they were able to overcome their foes rather easily, before he smiled as he thought of something else to tell them, "oh, and I managed to collect a good number of gems while I was at it, so more of our stolen treasure has been recovered."

Ember was fine with this news, as that was part of what they were doing, so both she and Spyro said nothing as the three of them focused on the next room that was along the path to the exit portal, which just so happened to be where the first trapped dragon of this realm was located, but first they gathered the gems from the chests around them before heading into the next room. Since there were no enemies in the next room they were able to free Jarvis easily, who was a tall dragon that had a beak mouth, something that was very uncommon among dragons, feathered wings that were blue colored at the tips and were green near his shoulders, while carrying a wand in his left hand while making sure that his belt had the pair of scrolls that he must have been working with when he was frozen. Jarvis was very happy to see them, especially since they freed him from his prison, and announced that this was his favorite supercharge spot in the entirety of the Magic Crafters homeworld, as this would allow them to get back at the wizards that were trying to take over this realm, before the trio walked down the path a little so they could see what he was talking about. That allowed them to see that there were three elder wizards hanging around the area at the end of the ramp, meaning that they were sitting ducks for someone if they were to charge down the ramp, to which the trio wasted no time in moving down the ramp and barrelled into their targets, before the wizards had a chance to freeze them with their magic.

As it turned out there was another ramp opposite the one that they had charged down, so they stopped after taking out their targets and smashed the circular chests that were nearby, though once that was done, and they were sure that there weren't any other paths to take, the trio headed to the top of the other ramp and charged back down it, only this time they turned to their right and continued to the next area. There were four more elder wizards in the next area, which was fine since the three of them were able to take the group out with their supercharge, though as they reached the top of the next ramp they stopped for a few seconds, allowing them to see that if they had continued, and jumped over the small wall that was in front of them, they could have glided over to a platform that was near their location. As such the siblings turned around and headed back the way they came, though not a few seconds later they came charging back down the path that had brought them to the higher point and jumped over the wall, where they spread their wings and glided over to the top of the platform, allowing them to smash the various chests that happened to be resting on it. Of course Ember had something else to deal with, as she walked around the wall that was near them and found a thief holding one of the remaining eggs they were looking for, though this time the thief seemed to know better and walked over to where her brothers were standing, where he returned the egg and bowed his head for a moment, as if he knew that he was in the wrong and was sorry for what he had done, so Ember simply glared at him as he tapped the wall and disappeared, as if he had never been there to begin with.

"Okay, that was impressive, but it leaves more questions," Spyro said, because if the thieves were capable of doing feats that like, meaning silently teleporting from place to place, he had to wonder why they didn't just teleport away with the eggs once they had stolen them from the various nurseries, before he focused on Spike as he sent the egg back to where Cosmos was waiting.

"My best guess is that the thieves have their own innate magic as well, just like dragons and other creatures do," Spike replied, as he was curious about this, because there were no records that indicated that the thieves even had magic, but it made sense for them to hide their abilities to lure the dragons into a false sense of security, and as he thought about it he was sure that there was something different about that thief, he just couldn't place what that something was, "and that they can't use their magic while they're holding onto something, so it's more like they use their magic to teleport from place to place, to scout out the area, before the more impressive thieves come in to take what they're looking for... though I suspect that they'll think twice about trying to steal our eggs and treasure, give the circumstances."

Ember hoped that the thieves learned not to mess with the Dragon Realms, especially with the three of them doing everything in their power to restore the order that Gnasty Gnorc had shattered with his spell, before they cleaned up the rest of the platform and then jumped into the air, so they could glide over to an area where a number of ice Gnorcs were standing around. As soon as they landed Ember turned around and flamed the one that was on the higher ground before he even had a chance to swing at them, while Spyro and Spike dealt with the pair of ice Gnorcs that were blocking the path back to the trapped dragon they had ignored. Once those three enemies had been dealt with the trio quickly smashed the chests that were nearby and gathered the treasure, before tapping the statue and freed Hexus, who had the appearance of a traveling wizard and carried a staff with a golden eagle at the top, from his prison. Like all the other dragons Hexus was happy to be freed, and like some he didn't offer them any hints or attempt to strike up a conversation, so the trio let him depart as they focused on cleaning up the rest of the treasure and enemies, which involved heading back up to the supercharge ramp and charging into a locked chest that was near them, even though Spike was the one that did that, as that allowed Spyro and Ember to head through a small cave and launch themselves over to another platform... though this time, as they made their way back to the area that Spike was in, they used a few smaller platforms and collected the gems that were laying on top of them.

Once the three of them regrouped they continued down the path that would take them to the exit portal, where they dealt with a pair of armored druids, another ice Gnorc, caught a thief who was running around a small pool and took the egg from him after Ember smashed into him, and tackled an armored druid, one more ice Gnorc, and an elder wizard before being allowed to tap the statue near the portal, which turned out to be Lucas.

"Spyro, Spike, Ember, thanks for the rescue," Lucas said, his tone and expression revealing that he was happy with the trio and the fact that they were saving everyone they came across during their adventure, before he took a moment to think about something as he glanced at one of his wings for a few seconds, "Allow me to repay you for this by revealing one of my hidden secrets to you, and that is the fact that the entrance to the Flight Realm of the Artisans homeworld isn't accessed by a spell or anything like that, rather it can be revealed by ju..."

"Actually, I kind of figured out how to access the Flight Realm while we were saving our home," Spike replied, where he chuckled for a moment, because he had been wondering if this conversation was coming for a long time and now he had the chance to tell Lucas that he had figured out the secret, and it appeared that the dragon was actually surprised by his statement, "I was able to determine that the portal couldn't be revealed by a spell, rather it was revealed by jumping on the five stones until they were all glowing, and the wall opened before our eyes."

"You know, the way things are going, I think I might have found a potential apprentice to take over the role as the Keeper of Secrets," Lucas stated, though the smile on his face told Spike that he was incredibly pleased with what he had been able to do, just like what happened when Ember was taking down Doctor Shemp, before he nodded his head and took off, no doubt so he could make sure the other secrets were safe and sound.

Spyro, Spike, and Ember stood there for a few more seconds, taking in the fact that they had restored order to the final realm before the Flight Realm and Altair's peak, before they headed through the exit portal so they could finish off the last two realms before moving on to the next homeworld and repeating the process once more.