Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar

by Blackdrag-rose

Dragon: Return to Magic Crafters

It didn't take Spyro, Spike, and Ember long to return to the central hub area of the Peace Keepers homeworld, where they found all of the warrior dragons that they had freed from their prisons flying around and finishing their various checks, so they could make sure the Gnorcs hadn't messed something up after they were all imprisoned in the first place. Trondo also left his training grounds as well, so he could see what the damage was and so he could talk with Titan, where the trio felt that he wanted to discuss the tribe that Doctor Shemp came from, so they could make sure this sort of thing never happened again. The trio didn't mind him following them for a few moments, since Gosnold, the Balloonist that would be taking them to the homeworld of the Magic Crafters once they told him that they were ready to depart from this land, was waiting near the tunnel that would take someone down to where the portal to Ice Cavern rested. The only thing they were interested in seeing was whether or not they needed to stick around for an hour or two, to assist the Peace Keepers in restoring order to their land, before leaving and heading to their next destination, so they could take out the enemies that were bothering Cosmos and the rest of his clan.

When they reached the area in front of their destination, but before they walked over to where Gosnold was waiting for them, the siblings paused as Trondo walked over to where the other Peace Keepers dragons had gathered, so they could listen to what Titan wanted them to do, before determining that there was no reason for them to stick around, as it seemed like the warrior dragons didn't need any additional assistance from them, so they headed up to where the Balloonist was standing, waiting for them to arrive.

"Spyro, Spike, Ember, it's good to see that the three of you have been hard at work saving the lands the dragons call home, while recovering everything that has been stolen," Gosnold said, showing that he was happy that they were taking the homeworlds back from Gnasty Gnorc's forces, while at the same time recovering the treasure and the eggs that their enemies had taken from their elders, before he focused on the task at hand, "Shall we get underway and get the three of you to the land of the Magic Crafters?"

"Indeed. Titan and the other Peace Keepers don't need our help anymore," Ember replied, though that was when Gosnold nodded his head in agreement and moved out of the way, which was what the trio was expecting, thanks to the number of times they had used Marco's hot air balloon in the past.

Once Gosnold moved out of the way Spyro, Spike, and Ember climbed into the basket that was in front of them and waited for a few seconds, as the moment they were ready to leave Gosnold climbed in after them and turned on the flames, allowing his hot air balloon to move up into the air and start the short journey to the homeworld of the Magic Crafters, the next land that needed their assistance. From what the trio knew it would take them half an hour to get from the land of the Peace Keepers and reach the land that Cosmos watched over, so they tried to relax a little before they reached their next destination, while at the same time Spike pulled out his writing materials and jotted down what had happened in Titan's homeworld. Spyro and Ember, on the other hand, simply focused on what they knew about the next homeworld, so they could remember what Cosmos had shown them in the past and figure out a plan of attack, despite the fact that they were waiting for Spike to finish what he was doing so they could get his opinion on the matter. While they waited, however, they also noticed that their stuff from Marco's hot air balloon, the supplies they had left behind when they climbed out of his basket when they reached Titan's land, had been transferred to this basket, allowing them to snack on what Alvar had packed them, to energize themselves for the battles that were ahead of them.

After a few minutes Spike lowered his quill and put his writing stuff away, just like he did when they were traveling to the land of the Peace Keepers, before getting something to snack on as well, showing Spyro and Ember that he agreed with them, even though he could tell that they had something they wanted to ask him.

"So, what's bothering you two?" Spike asked, because he could tell that whatever his siblings wanted to talk about had to be bothering them, why he had no idea, since what they were doing right now seemed to be working in their favor, but that only made him curious as to what topic they wanted to discuss before they reached the next homeworld.

"I know we're doing well, tackling the realms together," Ember said, as she knew the three of them could easily tackle the various realms of the remaining homeworlds, especially since they were able to do that for their home and the land that Titan watched over, but she had been curious about something and wanted to tell her brothers what was on her mind, before they reached their next destination, "but I was wondering if we might be better served splitting up after we clear out the central hub area of the remaining lands that we'll be heading to."

"What, you mean each of us should solo one of the realms, instead of tackling them together?" Spyro inquired, though he had to admit that it was an interesting idea, that they tackle the central hub area together, like they had done in the past, before splitting up and tackling the other realms separately, before regrouping to tackle the Flight Realm and take down whoever was in control of the next homeworld.

"That's right," Ember replied, though even as she said that she could see that Spyro understood what she was telling them, while at the same time Spike seemed lost in thought about what she was saying, but he was the one she wanted to hear the opinion of, before they reached the land Cosmos watched over, "Think of it this way, Spike, we can tackle the central hub area together, like we did in the past, but then we can save both our time and our energy by splitting up and tackling the three realms that are scattered around the hub area, before regrouping for the Flight Realm and whoever is in control of Altair's peak."

"It's a reasonable idea to be sure," Spike commented, showing that he was thinking about the idea and that he might like it, though at the same time he remembered the layout of the remaining three homeworlds that they hadn't visited yet, those being the Magic Crafters, Beast Makers, and Dream Weavers, before he came to a decision, "Well, I say we go for it. We have no idea what Gnasty Gnorc is planning, now that he's trapped so many dragons in those crystalline statues, even if he's unaware of the fact that we're freeing everyone in the homeworlds that we've already visited, so the sooner we save the other dragons, and liberate the other homeworlds from his commanders, the sooner we can stop whatever Gnasty Gnorc is planning and save the Dragon Realms."

Ember was a little surprised that Spike had agreed to her idea that they each take one of the three realms for the next homeworld, after they cleared out the central hub area anyway, before regrouping for the Flight Realm and Altair's peak, but at the same time she was happy to see that both of her brothers liked her suggestion, enough to try it when they arrived at the land of the Magic Crafters.

It wasn't long before Gosnold maneuvered the hot air balloon up to where the dock that served as the entry point for the Magic Crafters homeworld, where the trio readied themselves for their first objective, clearing out the central hub area of enemies and free all the dragons that were trapped in this area, including recovering all of the gems that had been stolen by Gnasty Gnorc's forces. The moment Gosnold reached his destination Spyro, Spike, and Ember jumped out of the basket they had been sitting in, along with their belongings, and landed on the dock that would allow them to enter the first chamber of this land, where they assumed Cosmos would be waiting for them, trapped in a statue like the other dragons they had encountered so far. This time around, since they didn't have the knowledge and skill that Cosmos possessed, none of them could turn the three parts of the walkway into a single piece, like Cosmos had when they first visited this land, but that didn't stop them from jumping over the gaps, where the three of them paused for a moment as they spotted a blue thief standing in their way, holding an egg like the others they had seen in the past. Ember growled as she charged after the taunting thief, who turned to the path on their left and she followed after him, where she found that her target was trying to head in a short loop so he could lose her, but before he could jump up to the hidden area, and get back to where her siblings were standing, she flamed his rear and knocked him into the wall, where she grabbed the egg, and a pair of gems that the thief lead her to, before returning to where her brothers were standing.

Once that was done Spyro charged into one of the armored druids they had spotted in the past, which told the trio that all of the other wizards had moved in on the land that the Magic Crafters called home the moment Gnasty Gnorc had cast his spell, no doubt to claim the artifacts and magic that Cosmos and the rest of his clan were attuned to, before they approached the statue that was in front of them and tapped it, freeing Cosmos from his prison.

"Spyro, Spike, Ember, thank you for freeing me," Cosmos stated, showing that he was very happy to see the trio again and that they had freed him from the statue he had been trapped in since Gnasty Gnorc's spell had been cast, before he noticed what Ember was carrying at the moment, which made him even happier, "I see that you've already recovered one of the dragon eggs that the fairies delivered to our realm, which means that you likely need an area to send the other eggs, if you find them in your travels. Why don't you send them over here for now, so I can watch over them while you do what you did in the other homeworlds?"

"You mean rescue the dragons that have been trapped, recover the remaining eggs, and reclaim the treasure that has been stolen?" Spyro inquired, informing Cosmos of what they had done in the previous homeworlds, even though he had the feeling that Cosmos might already know more about the situation, before they told him anything, though even as he said that Ember handed over the egg she had taken from the thief that had been near where they were standing.

"Well, it seems like you already have a plan of attack in mind," Cosmos replied, though as he said that he moved to the wall that was behind the trio and set the egg down, before he weaved his magic through the air for a moment and focused on what he was trying to figure out, only to glance back at the trio after a few seconds, "Well, I just checked out the area that our nursery is in and discovered that all seven of our dragon eggs have been stolen by those thieves, so that means there are six more eggs out there, either in this homeworld or the other realms... and, last I checked, only Spike has access to that teleportation breath."

"Six more eggs, scattered around the other realms," Ember said, to which she sighed for a moment, because while she liked the idea of them separating and tackling the three realms that were connected to the central hub area for this land, especially since both of her brothers agreed with it once she told them about it, she didn't like the idea of one of them having to slow down and lug an egg around until they reached the exit portals, "Spyro, Spike, I know I suggested that we split up and tackle the other realms separately, after clearing out the central hub area, but I think we might have to stick to what we've been doing so far, at least for this homeworld anyway."

"Whatever you say, Ember." Spike replied, because either way they were planning on doing what they did in the last two homeworlds, tackling the realms either as a team or as individuals, so to him it didn't matter which method they used to get the job done, though once that was settled Spyro charged through the line of armored druids that were staring at them in the other half of the chamber and knocked them out.

As Spyro did that Spike gathered the gems that were laying on the floor and smashed through the metallic chest that was near them, though once the area was clear of druids they headed outside and looked around for a few seconds, as they found that the green druids were weaving their magic into the area around them and were raising sections of earth at random, either in the form of pillars to stand on or walls to block their path, before returning them to their original position and laughing at the trio. They waited for a few seconds, mostly so the green druids would return the area to how it looked a few moments ago, before all three of them charged forward, with Spike taking out the druid that was right in front of them, Spyro charging to the left to take out the pair of druids that had been on a pillar a few seconds ago, and Ember focused on the green druid to their right, where he managed to raise the wall, but since she was on the area the wall had been she bounced into the air for a moment and crashed into her target, returning the wall to normal. Once those enemies were taken care of Ember broke the gem chests near her as Spike broke the circular chest, before they regrouped with Spyro and headed down the path that he was following, gathering any gems that happened to be laying on the ground as they passed by the portal to Alpine Ridge.

Of course that involved them breaking another circular chest along the way, as well as gathering a few gems that happened to be near the first portal to one of the other realms, but once that was done they returned to the path and charged into the two armored druids that were standing in their way. As they took out those enemies Spike noticed that there was a cave with what appeared to be a locked chest, off on the left of the path they were following, so he made sure to remember that fact as he followed his siblings up to the wide area that was their next stop, where they found a sheep just minding it's own business, though Spike found it looking at them as they came to a stop, as if it was curious as to what they were going to do next. Of course they were more focused on the thief that was standing nearby, who seemed to be in the mood to taunt them, which was when Ember charged after him and chased him around the area, though he was even faster than the others they had seen so far, if even by a little bit, something that caused Spyro and Spike to move so they could cut off the thief, allowing their sister to flame him so Spike could move the egg to where Cosmos was waiting. The moment that was done they collected the gems that were around them, took out the druid that was hanging on a small bit of land and the chest that was in front of him, and then found two more armored druids standing in front of a tunnel, one where a green druid raised part of the earth up to block their path.

Since there was no way forward, after beating the two armored druids by charging into them, the trio decided to head up the walkway that was behind them and smashed through the metallic boxes that had been near the druids, where they found another trapped dragon at the top, and a few gems laying nearby, so they tapped the statue and freed Zantor.

"Thank you for freeing me from my prison, though I have something to tell you three," Zantor said, where he pointed at the path they had used to reach the area that he had been trapped in, which was when the trio noticed that there were some arrows embedded in the ground, green arrows that were pointing at the tunnel, which the green wizard had unsealed after they walked away from it, "Whenever you see arrows like these, regardless of the surface that they might be attached to, you can charge along with them and start to supercharge."

"Supercharge?" Ember asked, as this was the first time that she was sure that they had heard this term before, though at the same time she was sure that someone was going to explain it to them, so they could figure out what was so special about these arrows and the ability Zantor had mentioned.

"Basically it's an improved version of our charge ability," Spike answered, showing that he knew something about this ability, though this was the first time he had actually seen a location like this in one of the areas he and his siblings had visited, so he was interested in seeing how it worked, "one of the books in the Dark Hollow library made a mention of this ability and what it could be used for, but this is the first time I've seen it up close and personal."

"So we just charge down the ramp and see what happens?" Spyro inquired, though he was happy to hear that Spike knew about the supercharge ability, even if his knowledge on the matter wasn't as complete as what Zantor and the other Magic Crafters knew about it.

"Exactly." Zantor said, showing that he agreed with what the trio was talking about, though at the same time he waved his hands for a moment and the cards that he messed with moved through the air in front of him, indicating that this was all they were going to get from him.

Spyro, Spike, and Ember glanced at the walkway they had used to get up here and studied it for a few seconds, though that was followed by Spyro deciding to see what the supercharge ability was like, where he charged down the walkway and, much to their surprise, his speed was much greater than what he and his siblings expected, as he rushed down the path and slammed into the green druid before he had time to raise the earth wall, before forcing himself to stop.

"That was awesome!" Spyro declared, as he wasn't used to the speed of the supercharge, and he suspected that it would be some time before he and his siblings got used to this, but it opened so many windows for them, because with that speed they might be able to reach new areas that they couldn't reach before.

"Interesting. So that's what happens when you charge down a supercharge area," Spike commented, though both he and Ember were surprised and impressed by what their brother had done, especially since this was something new for them to learn about, but that didn't stop either of them from charging down the walkway so they could experience what Spyro had done, before stopping like their brother had done.

What they did, after seeing what happened when they charged down the supercharge ramp, as that was what Zantor called it before they got too far away, was head down the passage that had been opened up and found a druid standing in front of a portal none of them had gone through before, meaning that it had to be the Flight Realm for this homeworld, to which Ember charged through the armored druid and revealed another trapped dragon between them and the portal. Once the druid was taken care of they tapped the statue and found that Boldar was the one that had been trapped here, where the dragon revealed that this portal would take them to an area where they could learn to fly, which confirmed Spike's thoughts that they had found the portal to this land's Flight Realm. The moment the trio knew that piece of information they cleared out the area of the gems and chests that were near the portal, before returning to the tunnel so they could turn down the other path they could have taken, which also allowed Boldar to leave for the area that Cosmos and Zantor were gathering in, before they went off to check the realms the three of them wouldn't be tackling during their visit to this land. They found a locked chest near a small body of water, one that needed a cannonball or something to break, before focusing on the green druid and a green wizard, a magical being that wore a green robe over their body and float above the ground, that were in the area with them, where Spyro charged into the druid while Spike approached the lone wizard that was staring at them.

Spike, instead of flaming the foe like Spyro or Ember would have, since he was in the middle of preparing a lightning spell by the looks of it, let the wizard charge his spell and fire it not a few seconds later, where he loosed his teleportation breath and set it into the rock wall near them, shocking his foe in the process, before he flamed the wizard and opened the area for them to explore.

Once those two enemies had been defeated, and they were sure the coast was clear, the trio headed up the path that was to their left and found the portal to the other realm they knew about, Wizard Peak to be exact, where Ember flamed the green wizard that was standing nearby. After that the three of them explored the area that they had come to, where Spyro flamed the gem chest and claimed the purple gem that was trapped in it, while Spike walked along the top part of the wall and smashed through the chest that was on the other end of the walkway, before turning around and finding an opening in the backside of the lone building that was near them. That was when he noticed that there was a key on the inside of the building, to which he jumped over the water that was between where he happened to be standing and where the key was located, where he grabbed the key and headed back to where his siblings were waiting for him. From there they headed down the path that would take them to the portal to Altair's realm, where Spyro smashed through the pair of metallic chests and the armored druid that was at the end of them, before Ember charged over the platform that was in the water and barrelled into the green druid that was standing near the portal, while Spike dealt with the pair of green wizards that were nearby, effectively clearing out the rest of the enemies for the Magic Crafters homeworld.

As soon as they were sure all of the enemies had been defeated, and the dock that the next Balloonist was open for them to access once they were done here, the trio turned around and headed back to where Zantor had been trapped, which was where Spyro charged down the ramp again, though this time he maneuvered himself so he could slam into the chained up chest that clearly couldn't be unlocked with the key Spike found. Of course he had to try it a few times, since it was hard to get used to the supercharge ability, due to this being the first time any of them had tried it out, before he figured out how to get around the turns and struck his target, allowing him to claim the gems before returning to where his siblings were standing. Once Spyro was with them again Spike charged off the edge of the area that Zantor had been trapped in and glided around to where the cave he had seen was located, where he smiled as he found the locked chest and inserted the key, allowing him to claim the treasure that had been locked inside it, before jumping off the edge and returning to the walkway near the portal to Alpine Ridge, so they could make sure they had everything before they went into one of the other realms and cleared it out.

"Well, it looks like we have freed all the dragons trapped in this area, taken out all the enemies, and recovered all the treasure and dragon eggs that have been taken," Spyro commented, though he was happy to see that they had been successful in clearing out the central hub area of the objectives that they had focused on in the last two homeworlds, but that was when he glanced at his siblings as he considered what they were going to do next, "So, which of the realms should we tackle first?"

"I say Alpine Ridge." Spike replied, where he gestured to the portal that they were standing near, since it was the first portal they had passed by when they were clearing out the enemies and reclaiming what had been stolen from them, and when he focused on his siblings again he found that they seemed to be in agreement with his suggestion.

With the three of them in agreement over where they should go first, while saving the Flight Realm and Altair's peak for last, they headed for the portal that was near them and headed through it, where it took them a few moments to reappear at their destination, a circular platform that was connected to a path and happened to be positioned on some thin rock pillars, which seemed to be the starting area for this realm. The first thing they did was pick up the trio of gems that were behind them, something that they were getting used to seeing since it seemed that the thieves that stole them liked to leave some gems near the area dragons arrived in when they were visiting a realm, before they focused on the enemies that were in front of them. What they discovered was that the first two enemies consisted of an armored druid and a quadrupedal beast that had yellowish-orange fur with tusks, a creature that none of them had seen before this point in time, but they discovered that fire was the beast's weakness, as Ember flamed it the moment it got close, leaving Spyro to charge into the armored druid so they could move forward. After that they found another beast that tried to swipe at them with one of it's paws, but they backed off and let the attack go by them before taking out the creature that was blocking their way, allowing them to see what was going on in the area in front of them, along with discovering that Alpine Ridge was built around some mountain peaks, just like all of the other areas they had been to in the past.

There was a green druid using his magic to move a block between two sides of the walkway, where they guessed that he was mostly trying to block their path and stop them from moving forward, but all three of them simply waited for an opening to present itself before rushing at the druid, knocking him out in the process and releasing the block that he had been messing with. Once that was done they found an armored druid standing on a small stone pillar for a few seconds, though as soon as they approached him he jumped onto the beast that was right next to where he was standing, as if the beast could be used in battle, where they rolled to the side as it tried to attack them, before Spyro flamed it and knocked the armored druid to the ground, followed by Ember taking him out. As they did that Spike looked at the area around them and found some stairs that would allow them to move up to the next area, though at the same time there was a small hidden area behind the stairs where a pair of gem chests rested, which he claimed before he joined his siblings at the bottom of the stairs, where they found that a green druid was manipulating the stairs and turned the steps into a slide, meaning that if they were on the steps when he changed it they would slide back down to where they were standing. They waited for a few seconds, for the green druid to return the stairs to normal, though the moment it happened all three of them started to jump up the steps as fast as they possibly could, but as the druid weaved his magic into the area in front of him, to shift the steps again, Spike looked his flames for a moment and knocked him backwards, allowing the steps to remain in their natural state and let them reach the area the druid was guarding.

The siblings paused for a moment, to take in the fact that the green druids were really trying to stop them from saving the Magic Crafters, meaning they were either allies of Gnasty Gnorc or they were gems taking the place of the real druids and wizards they had seen in the past, before they charged through the armored druids and approached the trapped dragon that was a few steps away from where the pair of druids had been patrolling. The dragon in question was called Zane, who had three horns on his head, two on either side and one coming out of the top of his head, while wearing a purple and blue colored vest over his chest with a hood over his head, though once he was freed he cowered behind the book that he had been trapped with and asked them if they were scared of the beasts that roamed this realm. The trio informed him that they weren't scared of the beasts, as each of them had been easy to take down, and Zane seemed to calm down as he remarked that he believed them, before opening his wing and departing from the area, leaving the three of them to wonder if he had been acting or if he had been telling the truth about being scared of those beasts. Once Zane was gone the trio took a few seconds to return to where the patrolling druids had been and smashed the metallic chests that they had walked by, to save Zane first, before taking out a circular chest and then climbed up some small steps that let them stand on a section of the wall.

It was then that they spotted a few magic users, a blue robed elder wizard and a green druid, battling each other with their magic, which was basically the druid raising the pillar he was standing on to block the incoming spell that the wizard cast in his direction, before the wizard ran around in a circle like he was made, only to repeat the same thing over and over again with nothing changing.

Spike, despite the fact that they were going to have to break up the fight, couldn't believe that beings that could use magic, and potentially cast more impressive spells than what they were seeing, were this bad at having a magic duel, so he and his siblings glided over to where the two combatants were fighting and quickly put an end to the battle, by having Ember charge into the green druid as Spike flamed the elder wizard, allowing them to explore this area before they returned to the path they were supposed to be following. They first collected the gems that were around the area they had glided to, which rested in two small groups, before heading towards the nearby opening, where they discovered three elder wizards practicing their ice spells on the walls, who only noticed the trio once their spells were finished. The trio acted the moment the wizards noticed them, avoiding the incoming ice spells by either rolling out of the way or jumping over them, surprising their opponents at the same time, before they separated from each other and targeted one of the wizards, allowing all three to take one of their foes out at the same time. Once the wizards were taken care of they quickly gathered the gems that were around them, and the ones inside the wooden chest, before climbing up the platforms that three green druids liked to move, which basically allowed them to take their foes out rather easily and let them claim a few more gems, along with break another circular chest.

From there they glided back to the path they were supposed to be following, the one that would take them to where the exit portal was located, and landed on a platform between where Zane had been imprisoned and a large tunnel that went through the mountain, where a beast happened to be waiting for them, so they simply repeated the same trick they used against the others, by avoiding the incoming attack and flaming their foe, before gathering the gems that were around them so they could focus on the tunnel.

Standing near the tunnel's entrance was another green druid, who seemed to be in the middle of raising a section of the floor in front of him to block their path, as it was too high for any of them to glide over, but, just like all of the other green druids they had taken out, this one also lowered the section after a few seconds and then raised it again a few seconds after that. It wasn't hard for them to determine that they had to glide towards the tunnel the moment the section was lowered, as that would be the only opportunity for any of them to get inside the tunnel, so they waited for a few more moments and, one they watched the section lower back into it's original position, all three of them jumped into the air and glided over to the tunnel, surprising the green druid in the process. Fortunately he didn't have enough time to raise the section back up and stop them in their tracks, as there was always the chance of that happening, though once they landed the green druid was flamed into the ground, allowing them to collect the treasure he had been made from while also moving towards the other end of the tunnel, so they could see what else was in their way. They also made sure to grab the gems that were laying on the ground, since none of them wanted to leave any of this behind, before finally coming to a stop at the end of the tunnel, where they found that the next platform they had to glide to only had an armored druid on it, along with a few gems and a pair of chests.

As such the trio glided over to the platform and Ember knocked out the armored druid, while Spyro and Spike picked up the bits of treasure that were around them, before they stared at the next platform that a green druid was messing with, which happened to be in front of a dragon, and when the way was clear they glided over to their target and knocked the druid out, allowing them to gather the treasure as Spike tapped the statue in front of them.

This time around they found that Eldrid, a dragon with blue hair, advanced looking goggles that had tubes that looked like horns, and were filled with a strange blue liquid, had been trapped in this area, though judging from the fact that he was still wearing his apron, had cork plugs in his nostrils, and had a few potions in his hands, it appeared that he had been in the middle of his work when he had been trapped. Eldrid thanked them for releasing him from his prison and stated that he had to get back to his alchemy, since he was one of the best alchemists in the Dragon Realms, so the trio let him leave as they focused on the area that was behind him, where Spyro and Ember dealt with the armored druids that were blocking their way as Spike opened the metallic chests. From there they headed to their left and found a square shaped area with a sunken pit, where two sleeping beasts were located, though this time around Spike jumped down into the pit and flamed both of the creatures, leaving his siblings to gather the gems that were around the pit and charge through the lone armored druid that was near them, before they regrouped and headed towards the exit portal that the path was taking them to. As they drew closer and closer to the exit portal a green druid raised a section of the floor and revealed a beast that had been waiting for some action, leading Ember to dodge the attack and flame the creature while Spyro did the same thing to the druid, allowing them to advance on the next area, where another beast, with an armored druid riding it, were waiting for them.

As Spyro and Ember dealt with them, however, Spike headed down the steps that they had walked by and found a small area off to the side where two more beasts were sleeping, so he quickly flamed both of them, gathered the gems that had fallen, and breathed fire on a fireworks box to get the gems that were trapped inside it, before heading up the stairs so he could rejoin his siblings by the exit portal, where he was informed that there had been three chests in the area and his siblings had broken them, before Ember tapped the statue that was in front of them.

The dragon they freed this time was Zander, an elderly Magic Crafters dragon that had a slightly drooped neck, had purple scales that were different from Spyro and Spike's scales, and his wings appeared to be made out of crystal, even if they were sectioned off and seemed to be held in place by his magic, something that interested Spike, as he made a quick note about it as soon as he discovered what was going on. All Zander had to tell them was that they were doing a good job and that they were getting closer to learning all the tricks of the homeworld they were in the middle of saving, something that the trio didn't believe since there was so much more to this land than what they could see, so they knew that it would take years for them to truly learn what he was talking about. Once Zander took off, showing Spike how his new wings worked and giving him a few seconds to write down his notes, the trio glided over to the elegant opening that had been built into the side of the mountain that was opposite of where the exit portal was located, which was where they found yet another dragon statue, along with three pillars with fireworks boxes and, more importantly, a thief that was standing near what appeared to be a small track of some kind. Instead of engaging the thief right away, like they normally did, Spyro glided over to where the first fireworks box was sitting and breathed fire on it, before returning to where his siblings were standing, allowing them to watch as the box exploded like the others, only for him to repeat the process with the remaining boxes so he could free the other gems.

Once that was done, and Spyro was sure he had all the gems, Spike tapped the statue that was nearby and freed Kelvin from his prison, who happened to be a thin bluish-green scaled dragon that was wearing a purple cloth around his waist and his shoulders, the upper part looking like a cape, while also having a purple hat, a blue orb that was hanging from his tail, a satchel with some books in it, a key attached to a necklace, and a scroll in one hand.

"Thanks for the rescue," Kelvin said, showing that he was happy that they had come and saved him from his prison, before he glanced at the tunnel that was nearby and spotted the thief that was watching them at the moment, which was when he focused on the three of them again, "also, don't forget that there are likely more thieves in the Artisans and Peace Keepers homeworlds, stealing the eggs that the fairies brought them in the last year or two."

"We know, we've already taken those guys out," Spyro replied, causing Kelvin to pause for a moment, as he wasn't expecting to hear that the three of them had already tracked down the thieves in the previous homeworlds and recovered the eggs that they had stolen, before he gestured to where Ember had been standing a few seconds ago with one of his wings, "or, to be more specific, Ember freaked out and chased all of them until she could recover the eggs, so Spike could use his teleportation breath to safely move them to an area where Nestor and Titan could make sure they were returned to their respective nurseries and make sure nothing had happened to them."

"I... I see." Kelvin said, as he was unsure what to do now, especially since it appeared that the trio knew what they needed to do, in regards to the thieves, before watching as the thief he had spotted earlier jump through the air and land on the ground, where he ran off again as Ember landed near him, growled with a look of anger on her face, and chased after him once more.

The thief was fast, that was true, but Ember was faster and she eventually collided with the thief when he was in the middle of the air, though they were happy to see the thief rolled and his back protected the egg as he hit the ground with a thud, which was when she checked the egg and, when she was sure it was fine, she let Spike send it off to Cosmos. Once that was done they ran around the track, picking up the gems and chests that Ember had ignored in her effort to catch up to the thief, before they headed back to the exit portal so they could focus their attention on one of the remaining two realms and restore the order that had been broken.