Mistress Twilight

by DeiStar

Tomorrow Never Knows

Mistress Twilight

The first morning beams of sunlight were swiftly creeping through the curtains of the library. Some birds were sweetly chirping in the outside, harmonizing with each other note after note. The noises of the busy morning lifetime of Ponyville could also be heard. Foals were playing around, while mares were chattering or running errands and stallions doing the usual hard work.

Back in Ponyville’s library, the beams of sunlight shined upon a sleepy mare, finding their way from her cheeks all the way to her eyes. After a few seconds of shiny sunlight against her face, the mare was interrupted from her sleep. She squeezed her eyes and grunted. It was not time yet, she was still sleepy. Why would Celestia do something as cruel as raising the sun so early?

Twilight was waking up with certain discontent. She twitched her mouth, trying to raise one of her legs to cover her face from the dreadful sunlight. However, she felt too tired to even move her body. Her mind wasn’t fully operational yet, since she was still grasping the idea of waking up. She tried to open her eyes, but they refused to do so like a foal to take a bath.

Twilight let out a faint hum of exhaustion. It seemed like energy was finally starting to run through her body, reaching from the tip of her horn to the tip of her back hooves. Her senses were also coming back to her. She could hear the chirping of the birds just outside the library, as well as the environmental noises. She could sniff a faint, delicious fragrance of lilacs that was pleasantly running through her nose. Wait, lilacs?

As Twilight’s senses kept activating, she felt a warm sensation on her belly and pretty much her entire body; from belly to back. It wasn’t the warmness of her blanket, though. It was a different kind of warmness, a fuzzy one, at least. She tried to identify the source of said warmness by feeling whatever she was making contact with. For starters, she was lying on her bed on her right side, which meant she was facing the room wall. Then, she felt her soft blanket, which was covering her left side from above. However, she still didn’t have any explanations for the two sets of warmness that came from her back and belly, respectively.

It passed like a minute or two for Twilight to finally decide to open her eyes. She had to analyze the source of the warmness, but with a pitch-black world, it could probably be a bit hard. She took a quick breath, sniffing once again the succulent fragrance of lilacs. This time, she was ready to open her eyes and greet yet another glorious day in Ponyville. Slowly, she opened her eyes.

Twilight was expecting Spike or something, but she took a few seconds to realize who was right in front of her. It was her friend, Rarity, quietly sleeping next to her. She was gracefully breathing with her nose, giving faint exhalations with her barely opened mouth. The lilac fragrance of her perfume was emanating from her mane. At least, that was one mystery solved, about the lilac fragrance. However, that only generated bigger questions in Twilight’s mind.

Rarity was hugging Twilight, bellies pressing together. Her body had to be the source of warmness that she was feeling on her belly. It was yet another mystery solved, and again, it still raised more questions. What exactly was Rarity doing hugging her and sleeping on her bed?

“R-Rarity?” Twilight mumbled, low enough so her surprise guest could hear. She looked at her friend, who seemed to have reacted to the sound of her name by letting out a soft hum. “Rarity…” Twilight repeated, this time a bit louder, still not as loud as Fluttershy’s whispers.

This time, Rarity tilted her head on the bed. She pressed her closed eyes and opened them, still a bit squinted. She blinked, moistening her eyes to regain full visibility, finally looking at the mare in front of her. A little smile was formed on her face. “Oh…” Her white cheeks slowly turned red.

“Rarity?” Twilight muttered. The sudden smile that was formed on Rarity’s face, along with her faint blush was somehow alarming her. What did Rarity seem so happy about?

“Mistress, you’re awake,” Rarity whispered. “How did you sleep? Good?” She smiled, wiggling her hooves to tighten the embrace which was slightly loosened during the whole night.

Wait… what? Twilight blinked. What did she just hear? Did Rarity call her ‘mistress’? She didn’t respond. She only stared at Rarity with a blank expression on her face. What could she say? Perhaps, answering the question she received could be a good starter. “F-fine?”

“Oh, I’m glad you did,” Rarity replied, still with her warm smile on her face. She looked at Twilight and leaned her head to give her a quick smooch on the nose.

The smooch caused chills to run through Twilight’s body, almost like an electric shock. S-seriously, w-what was going on? W-why is she on my bed? Why is she c-calling me mistress? And why did she give me a smooch on the nose? As much as she wanted to shout those questions, she found herself unable to even whisper them. All she could do was observe the situation.

“Oh, Mistress… I will never forget last night.” Rarity moved closer to Twilight and pressed her head against her neck, cuddling with it to find a comfortable position.

Twilight didn’t react or protest. In fact, she had to admit Rarity’s cuddling felt quite good. However, that couldn’t distract her from the main issue. What did she mean with last night? Wait… last night… As much as she tried to remember anything concerning the events of last night, her mind was blank. She didn’t recall anything at all. It was weird. Last night… last night… Still without success, she kept trying to think about it. What the hay happened last night?

“Rarity… what’s going on?” Twilight finally managed to say a full sentence. Rarity looked up at her with a puzzled look on her face, like if she was asking some sort of weird question.

“What do you mean, Mistress?” Rarity asked. Her face showed actual doubt, thing that Twilight noticed.

“What are you doing here… on my bed?” Twilight wasn’t even trying to break from the embrace or anything, since that could wait for later. For now, she wanted answers, answers to many, many questions that had taken a number, patiently waiting for their turn to be asked.

“I do not understand, Mistress. Am I supposed not to?” Rarity looked at the bed surface, wondering if she had done anything wrong to upset her mistress. However, she didn’t understand what was wrong.

“And why do you keep calling me ‘mistress’? That’s not my name,” Twilight protested.

“Mistress, what’s going on? Why are you acting so weird all of a sudden?” Rarity was starting to get worried. Did she do something wrong? Why was her mistress asking such nonsensical questions? “Don’t tell me you don’t remember what happened last night.”

“Last… night?” those words echoed Twilight’s mind once again. She tried once again to recall the events from last night, still without the slightest idea. Why can’t I remember anything from last night? What in Celestia’s name happened!?

“Well then.” Rarity looked up at Twilight, inching her head to hers. She smiled and stared at her confused mistress. “Perhaps I can help you remember…”

“Rarity, what are you—” Twilight didn’t finish that sentence. Her eyes went wide open as she felt a warmness generating in her mouth. Rarity had planted a full kiss on her lips, the sort of kiss that only lovers would do. However, she was not her lover, much less a simple girlfriend. She was only her friend, the one she had met the first day she arrived to Ponyville.

Twilight couldn’t do much about Rarity’s kiss but accept it, because it was special. It was her first kiss ever. She had never kissed any other mare or stallion in her life, much to be expected from a bookworm who thought books were more important than friends. However, she was still shell-shocked that her first kiss turned out to be from one of her best friends. A friend that woke up right next to her, calling her ‘mistress’, for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Rarity’s lips were like soft cotton candy for Twilight. They were tenderly massaging the surrounds of her mouth, taking occasional short pauses to take a breath. Of course, Twilight’s face went tomato red just a few seconds after Rarity had planted her kiss on her. She felt as if her mind could explode at any moment as the arousal within her body started to increase second after second.

“Hey, not fair! You’re starting out already without me!” a familiar voice exclaimed, with a certain tone of annoyance.

Twilight immediately recognized that raspy voice. How could she be mistaken? Clearly, it was the voice of the naïve and reckless Rainbow Dash. She suddenly realized what the second source of warmness, that was hugging her back, was. The surprise kiss from Rarity broke as Twilight hastily turned her head to confirm her fears.

Just as she thought, right in front of her, Rainbow Dash was lying on the bed with a smirk displayed on her face. She was embracing Twilight’s back with her legs, making contact with Rarity’s legs, which were hugging the other side of the unicorn. Her mane was messier than usual, a bit rustled, just like anypony else in the morning, except maybe for Rarity.

“R-R-Rainbow,” Twilight stuttered, barely catching her breath from that long kiss. She could still savor Rarity’s taste on her mouth, but her mind was focused on the extra member who was on her bed.

“Morning,” Rainbow chuckled, a bit amused about Twilight’s blush. “Slept well, Mistress?”

“Not you too!” Twilight turned her head back to Rarity, who still had a faint blush displayed on her white cheeks, along with a quirky smirk. “What’s going on in here? R-Rarity! W-why did you kiss me?”

“Oh, sorry, Mistress. You didn’t like it?” Rarity’s smile turned off as she bowed her head in disappointment. She had been told she was a great kisser before. Why would her Mistress be disappointed then?

“My… my first kiss! You stole my first kiss!” Twilight finally seemed to be digesting the situation.

“Say what? First kiss?” Rainbow interrupted. “That kiss just now was way far from your first, Mistress. Remember?” She managed to make Twilight look back at her, this time with a dumbfounded look on her pretty face. “We had plenty of kisses last night… some of them better than the others, if you know what I mean.” She let out a snicker, causing Twilight to cringe.

“I… I don’t even remember my first kiss!?” Twilight forgot about everything else for a while, focusing solely on that matter. Not even she didn’t remember her first kiss, but that meant she didn’t even know who took it. Was it Rarity? Was it Rainbow Dash? Just who else was gonna pop up on her bed and call her a mistress as well?

“Y’know, there’s a good chance that you would have forgotten it anyway,” Rainbow commented, slowly leaning her head against her mistress.

“Rainbow, what are you—” Again, before Twilight could finish, Rainbow planted a kiss on her lips, causing Twilight’s face to bright redder than the tasty, shiny red apples from Sweet Apple Acres. She couldn’t help but accept Rainbow’s kiss, feeling her tongue running wildly inside her own mouth. Twilight’s eyes slowly closed, consumed by her arousal. Almost by reflex, she started to kiss back, meeting Rainbow’s tongue with her own. For her ‘first’ time doing that, she wasn’t so bad.

After a few seconds, Rainbow broke the kiss, leaning her head back to look at Twilight with a silly grin displayed on her face. “Wow! That was great!”

Twilight panted, catching her breath for that long kiss. She had never experienced something like that before. At least, not that she remembered. Her previous kiss with Rarity was nothing compared to the one she shared with Rainbow. Twilight was still speechless, looking at Rainbow with her face in surprise.

“Oh, you didn’t like it…” Rainbow rolled her eyes and looked at one side of the room, exhaling with an air of disappointment.

“I… I never said that,” Twilight admitted. Wait, what did she just say? She blinked, trying to think of her last words. “I mean, I…”

“Aw yeah! Thanks, Mistress!” Rainbow smiled. She was happy that her mistress enjoyed it. After all, she was there to please her in every possible way.

“Just tell me.” Twilight looked back at Rarity. “What the hay happened last night? And why am I your mistress?”

“Oh, Mistress. I think you had a lot of cider last night,” Rarity chuckled, finally raising her legs to let go Twilight off her embrace. Twilight noticed Rainbow did as well.

Twilight seized that opportunity to stretch her body. Every morning stretch felt well, especially one after the recent events. “Okay, so I’m guessing I don’t remember what happened because of the cider, but why am I your mistress again?”

“We had all sorts of fun last night, and one thing led to another… you know,” Rainbow explained.

“Yep, and in one of those things… you sort of became our mistress,” Rarity added. “We’re just your humble servants. Feel free to do what you please with us.”

Twilight still wasn’t sure if she had understood all of that. On one hoof, she had gained two servants that were apparently willing to please her, but in the other one, they were two of her best friends. What could she do? “I just don’t know…”

“Oh, Mistress, how about if we make you decide then?” Rarity leaned her head against Twilight and kissed her once again, this time, letting her tongue explore the depths of her mistress’ mouth. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash grinned and kissed Twilight’s flank, sliding her tongue through her leg, finally arriving to her back hooves. Twilight felt Rainbow’s tongue, making her shiver with pleasure as she slid it down her leg. However, she was a bit confused about why it reached her hoof.

Rarity broke the kiss and looked down at Rainbow, who was licking Twilight’s hoof in excitement. “Really, Dash? Hooves?”

“Shut up,” Rainbow mumbled, with half hoof inside her mouth. She didn’t like when ponies made fun of her weird desires.

“Wait. K-keep going,” Twilight requested. “Feels… nice.” She threw her head back on the pillow. Rarity looked at her and smirked.

“As you wish, Mistress.” Rainbow resumed her licking, tasting Twilight’s hooves with joy.

Rarity gazed at Twilight and placed her head in front of her. “So, Mistress, what should I—”

“S-shut up and kiss me,” Twilight ordered. She didn’t know what she was doing anymore. Her mind was saying no to all of this, but her body was just pleading for more. “Do it!”

Immediately, Rarity obeyed and pressed lips together with Twilight. Her mouth exploded in pleasure as she felt Rarity’s tongue all around her mouth. That, combined with the gentle licks and sucks coming from Rainbow made her arch in delight. It was too good to be true, or at least, that’s what she thought.

Twilight’s mind was soon lost in lust. Lust that she desired. Lust that she was going to obtain. Lust that forced her to do all sorts of unimaginable things with Rarity and Rainbow Dash. Lust that made her body drown in arousal.

Before Twilight knew, she was completely overwhelmed by her own desires.


“Wow, girls… that was… incredible,” Twilight commented as she was walking downstairs along with Rainbow and Rarity. The events of that morning would surely last in her mind for a very long time. “I just can’t wait to do it again!” she said, smiling at her servants

“Anytime you desire, Mistress,” Rarity replied, returning the smile.

“We will be pleased, Mistress,” Rainbow said.

As the three mares reached the main floor, Twilight sniffed a pleasant aroma coming from the kitchen. “Wow, that smells good,” she commented. “Is it pancakes?” She turned her head and asked her servants, who shrugged in confusion. “Weird.”

Twilight walked towards the kitchen to confirm who was the responsible. What if it was Pinkie Pie or Applejack baking in her kitchen? Were they going to call her mistress as well? Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad after all. Twilight stepped in front of the kitchen entrance. However, it wasn’t Pinkie or Applejack who were baking. She wasn’t ready for what she was going to see there.

“Oh, Mistress! Good morning! I’ve made breakfast,” Celestia greeted from the kitchen. She was in front of the stove, baking what seemed like pancakes. There were several of them piled up on dishes, with some melted butter on them, along with maple syrup on its surroundings. The kind of pancakes that anypony would love on a Sunday morning.

“W-what!? P-Princess Celestia!?” Twilight couldn’t believe what she just heard and saw. None other than the Princess of Equestria greeted her, calling her mistress. “N-no! Anypony but you!” Rainbow and Rarity looked at Twilight as she took a few steps back from the kitchen entrance.

“Something wrong, Mistress? You weren’t this nervous last night.” Celestia levitated the last pancake she was baking and placed it on top of one of the piles. She turned her body and started walking towards Twilight.

This time, Twilight was too shocked to move. Why? Of all ponies in Equestria, why would Princess Celestia be in her kitchen baking some pancakes? She refused to accept it. One thing was having Rainbow and Rarity as servants, but not Princess Celestia. That was crossing the line. “No, no, no, no,” she cried, wishing that the earth would swallow her right away.

“Mistress? I think I know what you need…” Celestia approached Twilight, bowing her head to face the motionless unicorn in front of her. She had a smile displayed on her face, while Twilight had completely the opposite. “You just need some love from your faithful servant,” Celestia chuckled, leaning her head against her mistress and giving a quick peck kiss to her nose.

Twilight shivered as she felt her mentor’s lips pressing against her nose. This was wrong, so wrong. She knew what was going to happen next, but she was not willing to wait to find out. “Nooo!” she cried, finally getting back on her hooves and jumping back from Celestia. Everypony in the library looked at her with confusion. “Not Princess Celestia! No!” She turned to the door and slammed it open with her magic. “Nooo!” she cried again. Twilight finally ran outside the library, leaving everypony behind, still with the same looks on their faces. She ran and ran, without a destination, just running away from her desires.

Back in the library, Rainbow burst in laughter, falling on her back and kicking her hooves on the air. “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it! She totally bought it!” she exclaimed, rolling on the floor. She hadn’t had a laugh like that for a long time. It felt good to finally let out that laugher she had been keeping since she woke up in the morning.

Rarity, on the other hoof, snickered a bit, placing a hoof against her muzzle. “Well, that was certainly something.” She looked up at Princess Celestia, who had a silly grin on her face. “How did we do, Princess?”

“Just perfect, my little ponies,” Celestia chuckled, looking back at the door from where Twilight fled the library. “The spell I casted on Twilight to forget about the events of last night should lift up in a few hours. She will only remember that you two came over for a sleepover,” she explained. Even she didn’t expect for her to react like that, but everything went better than expected. “I hope that will teach Twilight not to joke on her friendship reports. Seriously, I warned her several times, but she didn't listen. Anyway, thanks for the help.” She looked back at Rainbow Dash, who was still drowned in laugher.

“Our pleasure, Princess, although.” Rarity gazed at the door, then at Celestia. “I think we did go a bit far, don’t you think? I mean, Rainbow and I aren’t really into mares,” she explained. Sure, helping the Princess to prank Twilight was one thing, but the kissing and foreplaying was a bit too much.

“Naw, it was worth it!” Rainbow exclaimed. Her laughter seemed to be finally turning off. She got back on her hooves and raised herself from the floor, still letting out an occasional chuckle. “The expression on her face was priceless! I just wish we could have snapped it!” She wiped away one tear from her eye with her hoof.

“So, how long do you think Twilight will be avoiding us?” Rarity asked.

“Probably two or three weeks, depends on her,” Celestia responded. She knew Twilight very well, so she was sure she would get over her shock soon enough.

“Well then, we’ll just have to wait until then, so we can tell her that this was all a joke,” Rarity suggested. She wasn’t even sure how would Twilight react, but she hoped for the best. Both Rainbow and Celestia nodded in agreement.

“So, what do we do now?” Rainbow asked. Sadly, it seemed like the fun was over. She looked around the empty library, not noticing anything that could possibly catch her interest. Just books and more books, and they weren’t even of Daring Do.

“Well…” Celestia wiggled one of her front hooves, removing it from her golden shoe. She felt a sensation of freedom, since her golden shoes were always too tight. Maybe it was time to get some new ones. “I’ve been told you’ve got a thing for hooves, Rainbow.”