Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar

by Blackdrag-rose

Dragon: Confronting Doctor Shemp

It didn't take Spyro, Spike, and Ember long to return to the central hub of the Peace Keepers homeworld, where they walked out of the tunnel that allowed them to enter the Ice Cavern, though they did pause for a moment as they noticed a number of dragons flying around the area, where the three of them assumed the warriors were making sure that everything was alright, before returning to their duties. A few dragons were tending to the dragon eggs they had recovered from the thieves in the realms that were part of this land, which smiles on their faces to show that they were happy that the trio had recovered the eggs, even if it was just Ember chasing down the thieves and burning them into submission, but none of them said anything as they walked towards their next destination. Still, the three of them were happy to see that the Peace Keepers were returning to how things had been before they were trapped in those crystalline statues, just like Nestor and the other Artisans had done once a good number of them had been freed from their prisons, and all of the dragons were definitely happy with their progress. Still, Titan and the other Peace Keepers focused on what they were doing and didn't stop the trio from exploring the rest of the land they were visiting, allowing the siblings to come to a stop near the portal that would take them to Trondo's training grounds, since there was another portal they could enter and clear out, before tackling whoever was in control of this homeworld.

The trio glanced at the portal on their left, which would allow them to access Trondo's training grounds, before looking to their right, where a path rested that would take them to the Flight Realm for this homeworld, though once that was done the three of them glanced at each other for a few seconds.

"So, should we tackle the commander first, or should we clear out the Flight Realm first?" Ember asked, because while she wanted to take down whoever Gnasty Gnorc assigned to this homeworld, and completely free the Peace Keepers from their foe's grasp, she knew that her siblings had their own opinions on what they wanted to do next and she was willing to listen to what they had to say.

"I say we tackle the Flight Realm and clear out whoever we find there," Spike said, because the three of them had done the same thing when they were in their homeworld, as they cleared out the Flight Realm of their home and then tackled Nevin's castle, by confronting Toasty, and he saw no reason for them to change their pattern, "then, once we're sure that the Flight Realm is secure, and there are no more enemies there, we can return to this area and tackle whoever Gnasty Gnorc assigned to this land, while freeing Trondo from his prison."

"Yeah, the Flight Realm seems like a good idea," Spyro remarked, as he knew that they could tackle whoever was in control of this land first and then focus on clearing out the enemies in the Flight Realm, but from what he had heard so far it appeared that heading to the Flight Realm first was what his siblings were thinking about, so he started moving from where they stopped and headed over to the stone platform that would allow them to reach their next destination.

Spike was happy that the entrance for this homeworld's Flight Realm wasn't hidden like the one in their home was, even though he was sure that they could have figured out where the entrance was by asking for directions from one of the Peace Keepers dragons that were near them, but doing things this way was easier for all of them. The three of them jumped up onto the stone platform that they had fired a cannonball at earlier, when they were exploring the central hub for the various gems and enemies that were patrolling the land, before jumping over to where the portal to the Flight Realm was located. Once they landed in front of the portal the three of them headed through it and made their way to the last realm that needed to be rescued from the Gnorcs that had to be there, though they were hoping that there weren't any enemies in this Flight Realm, even if such a thought was likely wrong. A few moments later they appeared in the air above some water, just like what happened when they visited the Flight Realm of their homeworld, though this time around the trio discovered that the island that made up this area had a number of crystals growing out of the ground, and there were even more areas like it, with giant greenish crystals, scattered around the area, and the sky was dark, meaning that it had to be nighttime in this area.

Once they had an idea of where they were, by flying around for a few seconds as they took in what the island that made up this Flight Realm looked like, the trio regrouped near the tunnel they had spotted upon their arrival and flew through it, where they found a few rings along their way, reddish-pink colored rings that disappeared when one of them flew through the center of each ring. By Spike's count there were eight rings, which seemed to make sense as the four things they targeted in the Flight Realm of their home also had eight of each object, though that also meant that they were already a fourth of the way down with clearing out this Flight Realm. From there Spyro headed to their left and breathed fire on the golden chests that happened to be resting on some flattened crystals, ones that had their upper halves taken off by the Peace Keepers for some reason, and claimed the contents of them like they had done in the previous Flight Realm, all while wondering what Spike and Ember encountered. Spike and Ember, who went to the right as Spyro went to the left, also had to split up after a few seconds, as Ember followed the path of the lighthouses that were resting in a pattern and lit them with her flames, bringing light to the area, while Spike headed around the other side of the crystal and found some of the electric arches that had been scattered around the Flight Realm of their home, where he flew through the center of each one and broke them as he flew through the air.

It didn't take Spike long to pass through the last of the electric arches and break them, nor did it take Spyro long to break the golden chests with his flames or for Ember to turn on the last of the lighthouses, but once that was done the three of them landed on one of the flatter areas of this area, where a pile of gems were waiting for them, just like what happened when they cleared out the Flight Realm of their home of the obstacles they had discovered.

"Well, that was exciting," Spyro commented, as he wasn't expecting to find what he and his siblings had found when they came to this realm, because they were expecting to find some Gnorcs hanging around the area, trying to stealing whatever the Peace Keepers dragons hid in this area, if they had anything to hide, before he sighed as he shifted his gaze towards Spike, who was already calculating the number of gems in front of them, "I was thinking that we might find some Gnorcs in this realm, since we found some Gnorcs in the Flight Realm of our homeworld, even though I'm not really sure how they managed to get there in the first place, but it's rather peaceful without having to chase them down and either flame them or charge into them. So, just how much did we find?"

"Actually, I had a thought about how the Gnorcs could have gotten to our Flight Realm," Spike replied, showing that he was going to talk about the Flight Realm first, since that was what Spyro had talked about first and he wanted to see if his siblings agreed with him, while at the same time counting the gems that were in front of them, so he could determine how much they had recovered from this area, "and that was the possibility that they had boats to bring their soldiers to our homeworld, which is why none of the other dragons even noticed them in the first place, and they used their boats to bring some of their forces to our Flight Realm. For this Flight Realm, however, they either used the same method to reach this area, or they used some of those planes we saw while we were flying around our Flight Realm, so it's possible that they had to head back to Gnasty Gnorc's lair before we came here. Also, to answer your question, Spyro, by my estimates we have the same amount of treasure that we recovered from the Flight Realm that Nestor had us practice our flying in, which is three hundred treasure, which should make Titan and the other Leaders happy."

"Since we've recovered all the treasure in this realm, should we head back to the main hub area and see who Gnasty Gnorc put in charge of this land?" Ember inquired, though at the same time their dragonflies tapped the games that were resting in front of them and sent them back to the bag that contained all the treasure they had found so far.

Spyro nodded his head in agreement to that, because they had cleared out this area of anything that might have been left by their foes and he didn't see much of a reason to stay here, so once the gems had been claimed, and were no longer sitting on the ground, the three of them flew away from the island that they had flown around for the last few minutes and headed towards the outskirts of the area, so they could return to the hub area. It didn't take them long to reach the area that allowed them to leave the Flight Realm and head to the area that they had seen the other dragons wandering around in, though upon returning to the main hub once more, and leaving the area that the portal to the Flight Realm was in, they found that all of the Peace Keepers were still making sure things were the way they had been before all of them had been trapped in those crystalline statues. After looking around for a few moments, to make sure that everything was as it had been before Gnasty Gnorc cast his spell on the five homeworlds, the trio turned towards the final portal that they needed to go through and walked through it, heading towards Trondo's training grounds so they could save him and bring down whoever was in control of his realm.

It didn't take them long to arrive in the entrance area of Trondo's training grounds, where they found the familiar eclipse hanging in the sky above them, though at the same time they found a pair of metallic chests resting off on their left and some enemies that were blocking their way, but all three of them were expecting to find a few enemies here, since Gnasty Gnorc had put someone in charge of this homeworld and that being had to have soldiers to protect them. The first thing that happened was that Spyro charged through the metallic chests and claimed the gems that had been trapped inside them, though at the same time Ember walked forward and glared at the fat lady that was standing some distance in front of where they had appeared, along with an armored being that was the size of the pueblos they had fought back in Cliff Town, though while he was wearing armor on his chest it also seemed that he had a staff with a mask of some kind on the top of it. The only thing that interested her was the fact that the tribesman, for that was what the smaller being had to be, was wearing what looked like a bucket on his head, blinding him in some manner, and when Ember got a little closer the fat lady smacked the back of the tribesman's helmet, just like they did to the pueblos, and the tribesman charged at her like he didn't care about his life, which was followed by Ember charging into him and then flaming the fat lady, all to reduce them both back to being gems once more.

"Okay, so the fat ladies also have kamikaze followers," Spike commented, as he was a little surprised that the first tribesman that Ember encountered would charge at her with no regard for his own life, though after a few seconds of thinking about it he determined that, since their enemies had been made from gems, they could be brought back to life as long as their gem wasn't claimed, so the fact that he and his siblings were collecting the stolen gems meant that their enemies couldn't come back, making things easier for them, "but, given the nature of the pueblos, and how they reacted when they were smacked, I guess it's not hard to imagine they also have followers that are designed to run into their foes and knock them into the ground, even if it means risking their own lives in the process."

"Well, since some of them are wearing armor, all we have to do is charge into the tribesmen and then flame the fat ladies when they're alone," Ember said, because that was what she had determined by studying the enemies that were in front of them, especially since she was the one who had been targeted by the first group of foes that were in this realm, before she focused on the path that they would have to take to reach the central part of Trondo's training grounds, "other than that we should be able to clear out the forces that Gnasty Gnorc and his chosen commander put in this realm and restore order to the area that Trondo lives in."

Spyro nodded his head in understanding, since he was sure that Ember knew what she was talking about, just like the two of them trusted Spike whenever he explained something that they had discovered during their adventures, before they headed further along the path, where they rounded the corner that was part of the path and discovered two more fat ladies waiting for them. What the trio discovered was that one of the fat ladies was close to where they were standing, but apparently out of range for her to sic her tribesman on them, and some distance behind her stood another fat lady, this one with two tribesmen standing near her, meaning they would have to be careful as they approached them. As they moved forward Spike jumped up onto the stone that was to their left and had Talon pick up the gems that were on the ground, including the one that was inside the chest, allowing Spyro and Ember to approach the first lat lady and her tribesman, who Spyro charged down as Ember flamed their main target. After that the two of them focused on the next two foes that were in their way, the two tribesmen for the next fat lady, and it wasn't long before they were both smacked by the lady they were protecting, causing them to charge forward without any regards for their own lives, allowing Spyro and Ember to simply charge into them and return them to their previous form. As the pair flamed the fat lady, so they could see what they were going to have to fight next, Spike caught up to them and jumped up the stones to reach two gem chests, before returning to their side as he collected some gems near the edge of the path, though they didn't mind him doing that since he was making sure they didn't leave anything behind.

As they approached the narrow passage between two large stones, a passage that they had walked through in the past when Nestor and Titan showed them what Trondo's training grounds looked like, Ember charged forward and slammed into a tribesman that decided to charge at them, before Spyro did the same thing to the one that happened to be coming after the first one, leaving Spike to flame the fat lady that stood behind the tribesmen. From there they paused for a moment as they spotted their next ground of enemies, as all three of them spotted yet another fat lady blocking the way, standing near a pillar and the tunnel that would take them into the center of Trondo's training grounds, and in front of her stood three more tribesmen, who seemed ready to charge at them as soon as they were smacked. This time Spyro, Spike, and Ember approached the fat lady one by one, allowing each of them to charge into one of the tribesmen that were coming at them, before they flamed the enemy that had caused the tribesmen to charge at them, allowing them to look around the area and take in the pillar that was near them, and the carvings that were on it. Spike decided to check out the back side of the pillar, as none of them had ever been on the other side of it, and found a fat lady hiding behind it, where he flamed the enemy and picked up the gem that was left behind, before discovering that there was a whirlwind that would allow them to access the top of the pillar, just like there was one that would allow them to access the main tunnel that they needed to go down.

Still, Spike was curious as he used the hidden whirlwind to get to the top of the pillar, where he found a few gems resting on top of it, a key on a stone platform that they couldn't reach by just jumping, and a lone purple gem, one of the rarer colors, resting on a lone platform that was some distance from where the top of the pillar rested. Instead of having Spyro or Ember do this, as in glide over to where the purple gem was resting, Spike jumped into the air and glided over to where the gem was sitting, where he reached the platform and came to a stop, allowing him to claim the gem rather easily, before he turned his attention to his next target. That, of course, was the key that had a few gems resting around it, where he jumped off the platform and glided over to where the key rested, though once he landed on the platform he picked up the gems that were around him and then grabbed the key, before jumping down to where his siblings were standing, since both of them were waiting for him to finish what he was doing. Once the three of them were together again they used the other whirlwind to get up to the entrance of Trondo's training grounds, where they found a few gems leading the way to where the dragon was trapped, though before they freed him Spyro jumped over to a passage that happened to lead back outside and flamed a fat lady that was standing on one of the stone platforms they had walked by earlier, before grabbing the gems and returning to his siblings.

The moment the three of them were ready, and there were no additional enemies that they had to worry about, Ember tapped the crystalline statue and they watched as Trondo was freed from his prison, with one of his daggers in his right hand, indicating that he had either finished his training before he was trapped or he had been about to start his training when he was imprisoned, though the look on his face indicated that he was annoyed about something.

"Thanks for the rescue." Trondo said, indicating that he was happy that they had come to save him, especially since he was sure that they had saved the other Peace Keepers dragons and the Artisans dragons, before he gripped the handle of his dagger even harder for a few seconds.

"No problem." Ember stated, as she was happy that they were able to free all of the Peace Keepers from their prisons and allow them to return to what they had been doing before Gnasty Gnorc cast his spell, even if the land itself wasn't totally freed since they had someone they needed to take out before that could happen, before she noticed that there was something that was bothering Trondo, "Is something wrong?"

"You could say that." Trondo replied, where he glanced at the first of the three platforms that he trained on, along with whoever he was training with, allowing the trio to find a large being that looked like the tribesmen that they had taken out in this realm, though at the same time he also seemed to be more like a Gnorc, and he was wearing some armor in front of his chest, to protect himself from flames and charge attacks, while carrying a staff like the smaller tribesmen, but what was interesting was the fact that he had sunglasses on, "That is Doctor Shemp, the commander of Gnasty Gnorc's forces for this realm, and he thinks he's the coolest person in this homeworld, so much so that he wouldn't stop talking about it, something that was going to drive me crazy if I was forced to listen to him talk for days on end, and he only stopped talking about it when he heard you fighting your way through his soldiers."

"So he's arrogant?" Spyro inquired, because that was what he was gathering from what Trondo was telling them, that Doctor Shemp was one of those people that were arrogant and that they might be able to turn that against him, though at the moment he honestly wasn't sure how they were supposed to use that fact against the guy who seemed to be ignoring them at the moment, which ticked off Trondo.

"Yeah, and he's the strongest warrior of his tribe," Trondo answered, something that made sense to the trio, because it was sounding like Doctor Shemp might be someone that was annoyed by the fact that he couldn't beat Trondo and be the strongest warrior in the entirety of this homeworld, which was what Titan considered Trondo to be, due to the various skills he possessed.

"No! I am the strongest warrior in the Dragon Realms!" a voice stated, where the trio glanced at the platform that was next to them and discovered that Doctor Shemp was standing near the edge, as if he was focused on them, but Ember quickly determined that the commander of Gnasty Gnorc's forces was staring at Trondo for some reason.

"I told you, if you want that title you have to beat me in battle." Trondo replied, informing the trio that the title of the strongest warrior in the Dragon Realms only changed hands if someone managed to overcome the person, be it dragon or someone else, that currently held the title, and right now the siblings determined that Trondo must have faced several foes in the past that sought the title, only to beat them all in battle, and Doctor Shemp might be among the number of opponents that he had faced and beaten before this point in time.

"You were trapped by Gnasty Gnorc's spell, meaning you have been beaten, and, since there was no one else around when that happened, I am now the strongest warrior in the lands!" Doctor Shemp said, showing the trio that he had to be retarded on some level, especially since the warrior customs said that the title could only be claimed if a warrior beat the current holder in battle, no doubt in front of some witnesses, and that caused Trondo to bring his empty left hand to his face as Doctor Shemp walked back to where he had been standing earlier.

"Despite being the strongest warrior of his tribe, he's also not very smart." Trondo added, though that time Doctor Shemp ignored what he said and focused on what he was doing, which was when he pulled his hand from his face and turned his gaze towards the trio, as there was one more thing he needed to tell them before they challenged the foe that was in their way, "Though there is one thing you'll need to know for this fight, and that is the fact that Doctor Shemp will see this as a challenge for the title as the strongest warrior in the Dragon Realms, despite not possessing the title himself, which means that he'll only accept one person, regardless if that person is a dragon or someone else, as his opponent, so only one of you will be able to fight him at any given moment."

"Really? Only one of us can fight Doctor Shemp?" Spike asked, though even before Trondo nodded his head, to confirm what he had said, he already knew who was going to go up against the warrior that was in control of this realm and free it from Gnasty Gnorc's control, "Well then, I guess that means your up, Ember."

"That's not surprising, since I am the warrior of our group, if I can be called that," Ember remarked, though even as she said that, and Trondo glanced at her for a moment, she jumped up onto the platform that was in front of them and stared at the opponent that she would be fighting against, someone who seemed unwilling to admit that the title he wanted so badly still wasn't his, "Well then, Doctor Shemp, shall we see who the stronger warrior is?"

"With pleasure, you puny weakling!" Doctor Shemp replied, where Ember growled for a moment, as she couldn't believe that this guy had the nerve to call her a weakling, especially since she had lead the charge through his forces so they could get here in the first place, before he gripped his weapon and prepared himself for the coming battle.

Ember stood her ground for a moment as she waited to see what Doctor Shemp did, since she had no idea what sort of attacks or tricks he had for her, before her foe charged at her with the same reckless behavior that the tribesmen she and her siblings had defeated earlier had shown them. What she did, instead of attacking him head on, was roll out of the way and bounce back onto her feet, so she could walk around the circular platform and study her foe for a few moments, where she immediately spotted that her foe's back wasn't protected like his front was, reminding her of what they did against the large enemies that were in the tunnels of Dark Hollow, who are armor protecting their fronts and not covering their rears. Instead of testing out that theory immediately, like Spike could have done if he was the one fighting Doctor Shemp, she moved around the edge of the platform for a few more moments and dodged the next few charge attacks that her foe decided to use against her, where he slammed his staff into the area that he had been targeting, where she had been moments ago, but her speed allowed her to bypass the attacks as she studied her foe. After a moment or two she decided it was time to get serious and rolled out of the way of the next incoming charge, finding that Doctor Shemp followed the same attack pattern, a fatal flaw when she considered what was going on, before gathering her flames as she loosed a burst of fire at Doctor Shemp's unprotected back, causing him to jump into the air a few times as the bridge behind him extended, allowing him to retreat from the platform.

At the same time, as her foe retreated, Ember spotted a gem fall to the ground and charged over it as she followed her opponent to the next platform, intending to finish the fight with him before he was able to flee the area and come back when she and her siblings were gone.

"That was cowardly!" Doctor Shemp stated, as if he felt that being attacked in the back, when his front was entirely covered by armor, was against the rules, but at the same time it appeared that he was getting ready for a brand new attack, which Ember was getting ready for.

"Hey, I'm not an adult dragon yet, so I can't fight you like Trondo can," Ember replied, revealing that she was different from the other dragons that she assumed Doctor Shemp was used to dealing with, though at the same time she braced herself as she approached her foe.

This time around Doctor Shemp didn't charge at her, rather he stayed in one spot and taunted her by sliding one of his fingers across his neck, though when she got close he spun around where he was standing and tried to smash her into the floor with the upper part of his staff. It was rather easy to avoid that attack, especially since she could tell that the spinning part of his movements revealed his back once more, so she moved around him and avoided his attack a few more times, just to make sure that there was nothing else she had missed, before discovering that this was all he wanted to do at the moment. Once she figured out that Doctor Shemp was going to be lazy and stick to a single move, just like he had done on the previous platform, she taunted him into lashing out at her with his attack and, when his back was exposed, she flamed it, causing a repeat of what happened on the first platform and made a second bridge extend, which let them move to the third and final platform. This time around, when Doctor Shemp reached the final platform, he didn't say anything as he got rid of the flames from his burned backside and glared at Ember as she came to a stop on top of the platform he was on, while at the same time Spyro, Spike, and Trondo moved so they could witness what was going on, all without getting in the way of the battle.

Ember then discovered that the final attack that Doctor Shemp had to use against her didn't exist, as his next attack was the same as his second attack, so all she had to do was avoid the staff that would have hurt her, since her foe wasn't moving as fast as Toasty was in his scarecrow disguise, and it wasn't long before she flamed him into the ground, where he collapsed and didn't get back up.

"Well, that was easy," Ember remarked, though at the same time the final bridge, between the third platform and the walkway that the exit portal was on, extended and linked back up once more, before she glanced over to where her siblings and Trondo were standing, as there was something she wanted to get off her chest, "Trondo, are you sure he's the strongest of his tribe?"

"Yes, he is definitely the strongest warrior in his tribe, even though his tribe is the weakest of them all and they're usually the ones we have to stop from causing trouble," Trondo replied, revealing that Doctor Shemp was likely using this opportunity to raise his tribe above the other ones, even though this was the first time they were hearing of the other tribes that existed throughout the land the Peace Keepers called home, before he shook his head and glanced at the foe that had been defeated, "Don't worry about it. I think that his tribe might reconsider who their strongest warrior is after today, once they learn that a young dragon, who hasn't even matured into an adult yet, was able to beat him in battle while not taking any damage in the process. Ember, you have some real talent for battle, and I look forward to seeing what you do in the future, after this business with Gnasty Gnorc is done... and maybe, when you finally become an adult, we'll see which of us is truly the strongest warrior in the Dragon Realms."

Ember smiled as she heard that, because it was rare for Trondo to actually compliment another dragon in such a way, and it made her eager to face him when she finally matured into an adult, though even as that happened Spyro and Spike collected the last of the gems, from Doctor Shemp and the nearby chest that the key they found earlier went to, before they entered the exit portal and headed back to the Peace Keepers homeworld, so they could head to the next homeworld and save it from the forces that were trying to take it from the Magic Crafters.