Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar

by Blackdrag-rose

Dragon: Cliffs and Ice Caves

It didn't take Spyro, Spike, and Ember long to return to the exit portal of Dry Canyon and enter it, so they could head back to the central hub of the Peace Keepers homeworld, where they could head to where the other two portals to the other two realms were located, so the three of them could pick out which realm they would save first. As they walked towards that area, however, Ember noticed that the egg that they had recovered in the previous realm was exactly where Gunnar had told them to put any eggs they recovered from the thieves that had stolen them, not that she thought that Spike's teleportation breath would have failed in some manner. Once they made sure that the egg was safe and sound, and would be collected by one of the other dragons when they noticed that it was there, the three of them came to a stop as they shifted their gaze between the portal to Cliff Town and the tunnel that lead to the portal that would take them to Ice Cavern, because at the moment they were choosing to ignore the portal to the Peace Keepers' Flight Realm, the last realm they would reclaim before tacking the commander that Gnasty Gnorc assigned to this homeworld.

"Okay, which realm should we take on first?" Ember asked, because she knew that it really didn't matter which of the two remaining portals they went through next, since they would be going to both of the realms and would be liberating them from the enemies that were roaming those areas, and she was curious as to what her siblings thought.

"Why don't we just go in order and take on Cliff Town?" Spyro replied, as it appeared that the Peace Keepers portals rested in a curved line of sorts, starting from the dock and heading to the portal to Trondo's training grounds, so he didn't think it mattered either, hence why he was going with the next portal that they had gone by earlier, when they were taking out the Gnorcs that were patrolling the area they were in.

"That sounds like a good idea, then we can take on Ice Cavern," Spike added, showing that he agreed with his siblings, that it didn't matter what order they did the other realms in and that he was fine with Cliff Town being the first of the two realms that they tackled, before he glanced at the area where the other two portals were in, "and then, once we take care of Cliff Town and Ice Cavern, we can free the Flight Realm and then take on whoever is commanding the forces that Gnasty Gnorc sent to this homeworld."

Spyro nodded his head in understanding, as he was happy to see that Spike and Ember had determined that he was the leader of their little group and that they were willing to listen to his suggestions on where they should go and what they should do, while also inputting their own opinions whenever they wanted to let him know what they were thinking at a certain moment. With the three of them in agreement they headed through the portal to Cliff Town, as there was no reason for them to remain in the hub area, especially since the Peace Keepers dragons didn't need their help, so they focused on what the realm they were heading towards next. A few moments later all three of them appeared in the center of a large stone building, one that looked like the fortifications that they had seen throughout the areas that the Peace Keepers lived in, though what they discovered was that there was an enemy blocking their way already, as there was a being of some kind, as he was shrouded by a metallic cape, preventing them from determining what species he belonged to, even though the Peace Keepers would know that better than anyone. From what they could tell the person in front of them was wearing a sombrero, sandals on their feet, and the metallic cape that was hard to miss, since it covered the majority of his body and prevented them from seeing the rest of their foe's body, though since it didn't seem like he had any weapons on him Ember decided to take him out so they could move forward.

What she wasn't expecting was for the man to pull his cape back and lash out with what appeared to be a thin knife, something that they hadn't seen due to the fact that his body was hidden from their view, but Ember, having more skills in the art of combat than her brothers did, rolled to the side and avoided the attack, before charging through their foe, which dropped a gem for them to pick up and add to their collection.

"Okay, that was interesting." Spyro remarked, because he knew nothing about the foe that had been in front of them and was glad that Ember had acted so quickly, to avoid the attack and take the being out before either he or Spike could react, before he thought about something, "So, what do you think that guy was?"

"I do believe that was a Pueblo, one of the natural foes the Peace Keepers usually keep in order," Spike said, where he revealed that he knew something about them, even though it had taken a few moments to understand what sort of foe they had been looking at, though as he said that he noticed that Spyro and Ember were making sure the coast was clear before they moved out, "basically I read about them from one of the tomes that Argus and the other wrote on some of the enemies that Titan and the other Peace Keepers dealt with, though from what I can tell the Pueblo are soldiers for what Titan calls 'Fat Ladies', which is someone that I'm sure we'll encounter at some point."

"Of course, leave it to Titan to create a name like that," Ember commented, showing that, while she held the Peace Keepers and Titan in high regards, since they were the greatest fighting force the dragons had and she wanted to be a fighter like them when she was older, she didn't like Titan's naming scheme.

"And I'm assuming that the lady over there, tending to the cauldron, is one of them." Spyro said, where he beckoned with his head for a moment and both Ember and Spike glanced in the area that he was looking in, which was when they noticed a large lady that was wearing a red apron that covered the front part of her body, though she also looked ugly and, like her name suggested, she was fat.

The trio glanced at each other for a few seconds, as they knew that the lady was going to be dangerous and that they had to be careful, before deciding to move forward and start what they did to all the other realms, though as they moved out Spike took a few steps back and smashed a chest to collect the gem inside it. Once that was done the three of them headed out of the building Spyro and Ember checked the areas to their left and right, where they both found two gems apiece and made sure to collect them, though while they did that Spike stood on the bridge and focused on the fat lady that was standing near the cauldron, including the pueblo that was standing near her. He decided to see what she would go if he got closer, as in walking over the rest of the bridge he happened to be standing on, and when he did that the fat lady slapped the backside of the pueblo and caused the soldier to get up, before he readied himself and faced Spike, just like the other one had done when Ember approached it. As such he waited for his foe to get closer before charging him, allowing him to known the soldier out of the way, which caused the fat lady to growl as she focused on him, but that was when Ember loosed a burst of fire that struck the lady in the chest, causing her to collapse on the ground and revert back to a gem as well.

One thing they noticed, which they found to be odd, was that Ember's flames had increased the intensity of the flames beneath the cauldron, where a gem popped out of the liquid and landed near them, causing the trio to stare at each other again for a few seconds.

"Was she really trying to cook a gem?" Spyro inquired, because that sounded strange and weird, that someone would take a gem, which was used as currency between the five homeworlds, or at least that was what they were told, and try to cook it, even if it was supposed to be seasoning of some kind.

Spike and Ember said nothing to that, as they had no idea what to make of what they discovered, so instead of staring at the cauldron for a few more moments, and wasting time in the process, the trio made sure to collect the few gems that were around them before heading to the left side of the building that was in front of them. That allowed them to find out that part of Cliff Town was built into the side of a cliff, though there were a few buildings between them and where they assumed the exit portal for this realm was located, and, based on what they knew from the other realms, they suspected that the cliff that they were walking by would be someplace for them to explore at some point. As such the three of them explored the area that was around them and found a chest behind one of the stone pillars that was off on their left, though once they had the gem inside it they turned to the path on the right and found that there was another fat lady tending to a cauldron, something that all of them might be doing now that they thought about it, and this time there weren't any pueblo guarding her, meaning all they had to do was flame her and move on. It wasn't hard to take the fat lady down and claim both the gem she had been and the gem that was inside her cauldron, after Spyro flamed it, but the moment they had both of those gems they quickly gathered the gems around them and on top of the building that they could now climb up, as there was a step on the backside of the building, before heading towards the next bridge that was in their way.

As Spyro and Ember charged across the bridge, and smashed through the pueblos that were in their way, Spike found two more gems off on the side, that they had missed as they walked by the pillar, and picked them up, before returning to his siblings as they headed to their left, where a dragon happened to be trapped. Before they reached the dragon, and tapped the crystalline statue, the trio heard a familiar taunt and found a thief standing between two buildings, where Ember rushed at it and proceeded to chase it around the building that they had walked around to get to the trapped dragon, causing Spyro and Spike to stand near the dragon as they watched their sister for a few moments. It wasn't long before she caught up with the thief and flamed his rear, causing him to go flying as he dropped the egg he was holding onto, though as that happened Ember made sure the egg was fine before allowing Spike to send it on it's way, before they tapped the statue and released the dragon that had been trapped inside it. Halvor, the dragon in question, was slightly different from the other dragons they had rescued, as his scales actually formed thick plates, making him look even more dangerous, especially since his weapon was a massive hammer that looked like a battering ram, and he was wearing a battle skirt that covered his lower body.

Halvor thanked them for the rescue, just like all of the other dragons they had freed so far, and told them that he would have given all three of them a reminder on how to deal with enemies wearing metallic armor, like the pueblos if they were having trouble with those enemies, but seeing how they were standing here, and there were no enemies along the path they had followed, he knew that they didn't need such a reminder.

Once Halvor took off, to head back to the hub area like everyone else they freed in this homeworld, Spyro, Spike, and Ember set out from the area he ahd been trapped in and focused on figuring out where their enemies were and where all of the stolen gems were located. The first thing they did was move around the building that was near them and found two more pueblo in front of them, which was why Spike let Spyro and Ember charge into them as he headed to the left and found a few more gems that were laying on the ground, which rested near an edge that rested above a river of tar, along with a pair of chests hidden in between two sections of the massive wall. With those gems in hand he returned to his siblings and followed them as they headed to the right of the structure that was in front of them, where they found two more pueblo blocking their path and a few gems behind them, though once those enemies were taken care of the trio jumped up onto the stone platform in front of them and then jumped over to the start of the path that would take them up to the exit portal. They walked up the walkway that was in front of them and torched the fat lady that was in their way, and collected the gem, before having to glide over to the next section of the path, where the trio discovered yet another fat lady, who fell rather easily and allowed the siblings to break the chest near the cauldron, before they collected the pair of gems and headed towards the curve in the path, allowing them to access the next level of the structure they were climbing at the moment.

There were two more pueblos in their way, one guarding the next bridge and one being slapped into action, but Spike let his siblings deal with them as he collected the gems that were on the ground, before noticing that the fat lady that was in their way also got knocked out. He wasn't surprised by that fact, because Ember was keen on taking out the enemies that were in their way and restore order to these realms, but once he had the gems that they were walking by he made sure to smash the chests that were by where the fat lady had been, before they followed the path and stopped when they found a locked chest near the steps to the final level of this structure. The trio glanced at each other for a moment before Spike noticed a firework down near the area they had walked through, near where Halvor was trapped, and determined that it had to be connected to the chest that was near them, so Spyro glided down to where the lone firework was located, just as Ember and Spike moved out of the way. That prompted their brother to light the firework, where it flew into the air and slammed into the chest a few seconds later, blowing the chest apart and releasing the gems that had been trapped inside it, though while they collected the gems Spyro quickly climbed the levels once more, and once they were back together the three of them continued up to the next level and found two more fat ladies standing guard in front of yet another trapped dragon, but it didn't take them long to take the enemies out and claim all the gems in the area.

Of course that meant that they climbed up to where the exit portal was located, which was just to the right of the path they had followed, and smashed the chests that were there, before returning to the dragon and tapped the statue, which was when they found that Enzo, who revealed his name the moment he was no longer trapped, was wearing a feathered apron, a gold-lined helmet, and a few other items, along with a mace that served as his weapon.

"Thank you for freeing me from that prison." Enzo stated, showing that he was grateful for them breaking him out of his prison and allowing him to take the fight to whoever was trying to take over the other realms of his homeworld, but while he did seem to be eager to leave the area he did remain in front of them for a few moments.

"No problem." Spyro replied, though at the same time he glanced at the cliff area that was across the river and noticed that there had to be something over there, besides a trapped dragon from the looks of it, causing him to return his attention back to Enzo, since he knew who could answer the question that had come to mind, "Say, can you give us any idea what's on the other side of the river?"

"Why don't you glide over there and see for yourselves?" Enzo remarked, showing that, while he was capable of telling them about what was on the other side of the tar river, he wasn't about to tell the trio anything, meaning that he wanted all of them to experience what was over there for themselves, before he spread his wings and took off.

"Is it just me, or was that not very helpful?" Spike asked, though he knew that it wasn't helpful information and had waited for Enzo to fly off before speaking his mind on the matter, where his siblings nodded their heads in agreement to his words, before all three of them turned and glanced at the area cliff area that the last dragon seemed to be trapped in, which seemed to be free of enemies.

Spyro, Spike, and Ember jumped into the air and glided over to the area that Spyro had asked about, which turned out to be a nice glide since they didn't have to worry about anyone trying to hit them, but when they got close to the seemingly empty cliff area, and came in for a landing, the siblings discovered that there were a large number of vultures sitting on a number of posts. The first thing Spyro did was head off to the left and gather the pair of gems that were laying on the ground, though as he did that Ember and Spike started to make their way around the cliff that would take them to where the last dragon was trapped, flaming the various vultures as they went, until Spyro joined them and targeted the birds that were coming from the left. As it turned out there were seven vultures sitting on the various posts that the trio walked by, which made it easy for the siblings to take them out and arrive at the final dragon statue for this realm, though that was when Ember tapped the statue and freed the dragon that had been frozen in this area. The dragon in question, who revealed that this name was Marco, was slimmer than most of the dragons they had seen, which they assumed helped him when he fought his enemies in battle, and he carried a halberd axe in his left hand, though what interested the trio the most was the fact that his wings had been replaced by metallic prosthetic wings, making them wonder if they were enchanted to allow Marco to fly.

Before departing from the area, so he could help the other Peace Keepers, Marco told them that they were at the highest point in Cliff Town, something that was debatable considering what they had seen so far, and informed them that they could use a nearby whirlwind to get back up here if they wanted.

Once Marco had departed from the area, and they were sure that all of the dragons in this realm had been saved from their prisons, the trio glanced out at the various buildings that they had walked by and found that there were a few gems and chests scattered everywhere, meaning that they would have to glide to the various roofs and collect what they were seeing at the moment. As Spyro and Ember dealt with the buildings that were in front of the building they had appeared in, and that included the ones in front of the cliff that contained the exit portal, Spike took a moment and looked at the building that they had appeared in, where he wondered if there were some gems behind it. Since his siblings were busy he jumped into the air and glided over to the area in question, where he passed between the edge of the building and the stone tower that was to the right, which allowed him to find a path behind the structure, one that had a number of red gems and a metallic chest that contained a purple gem, which caused a smile to appear on his face as he claimed it and reached the end of the path he had been following. The path basically circled around to the front of the building, to where Spyro and Ember had claimed the first few gems of this realm when they arrived in the building, and he jumped down to the main path, where he headed towards the exit portal and found that his siblings were waiting for him near the whirlwind that would take them back to the hub area of the Peace Keepers homeworld.

It didn't take the siblings long to return to the main part of Titan's land, though as they headed towards the portal that would take them to Ice Cavern, the final realm before they tackled the Flight Realm and liberated Trondo's training grounds from who had taken it as their base of operations, they noticed that a few Peace Keepers were collecting the rescued dragon eggs, bringing a smile to their faces as they entered the portal and headed to their next destination. A few moments later the trio arrived at their destination, where they paused as they stared at the large open area that was called Ice Cavern, as it appeared that there were a number of caves that circled the area they were in, with a massive opening claiming the middle section of the area they were in, meaning they couldn't glide from one area to another and would have to follow the path. The thing that interested Spike was that the sky above them was dark and starry, as they could stare at an open sky, which explained the ice that covered the ground, and there seemed to be a number of ruined castle-like stone buildings scattered all over the place, something he wasn't surprised by since those types of buildings were what the Peace Keepers liked to make across the realms they lived in, which were also covered in snow.

The three of them stared at the area for a few more seconds, because they were impressed by what they were seeing, before they decided to leave the small building they had appeared in and do what they did to all the other realms, but as they jumped down onto the stone floor they discovered that the ground was slippery, which told them that they had to be careful as they made their way through this realm.

"Never thought we'd see ice in the land of the Peace Keepers," Spike commented, because he and his siblings were used to seeing the desert environments that Titan and the rest of his clan called their homes, and they all thought the name of this realm meant that this land was slightly colder than everything else and not what they were seeing at the moment, but that did tell him never to judge a realm by their name.

Spyro and Ember nodded their heads in agreement, as they were a little caught off guard as well, but instead of standing around and looking at the area they explored the area that was around them and found a few gems that lead them right to a lone gem chest, which was claimed a few seconds later, before circling the small building and finding a few more gems to pick up. Once that was done they returned to the area that was in front of where they appeared, which was where they found a large Gnorc that had purple skin, instead of the usual green skin, that was wearing red trousers, yellow shoes, and a yellow wool hat, but, like some of the other Gnorcs they had encountered, he wasn't wearing a shirt and seemed ready to face the three of them. When they tried to approach the Gnorc he raised his fists and swung at them, where they rolled out of the way and dodged the attack before they could be hit, before they flamed him and returned him to his original gem state, allowing the three of them to move forward and see what else had happened to this realm since the dragons had been trapped. That was when a smaller green skinned Gnorc emerged from behind one of the pillars in front of them, where they discovered that he was wearing a scarf around his neck, and he hurled a snowball at them, where the trio stood there and stared at him... though what ended up happening was that the snowball hit Spyro in the face and Sparx got knocked backwards, his color changing to indicate he had taken damage, causing Ember to growl as she charged into the Gnorc and knocked him to the ground.

"Spyro, are you okay?" Ember asked, because while she was worried about her brother she had to wonder what else they were weak against, especially if a snowball was able to damage them and their dragonflies like that, though she noticed that Spike was investigating the area the Gnorc's snowball had landed on.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Spyro replied, though at the same time he shook his head, to get rid of the rest of the snow that had remained from the snowball, before making sure that Sparx was okay, as none of them had been expecting that to happen when the Gnorc showed himself to them, "just surprised that a snowball hurt me."

"That's because there was a rock in the center of the snowball," Spike said, where he moved a little and showed his siblings what he had discovered, that there happened to be a decent sized rock resting in the core of what had been the snowball, which caused both Spyro and Ember to raise their eyebrows for a few seconds, "It's actually rather smart when you think about it, because if we see a snowball we aren't going to think about dodging something like that, we're going to let it hit us and then flame the person that threw it at us, but in this instance the Gnorc hid a stone inside the snowball and we let it hit one of us. We'll have to be careful in the future, that's for sure."

Spyro and Ember glanced at each other, as they really weren't expecting Spike to figure out what had happened that quickly, but at the same time it informed them that if they encountered anyone that threw a snowball at them in this realm might be hiding a stone inside the snowballs. Once Spike had figured out why Spyro had taken damage the three of them headed past the pillars the Gnorc had been hiding behind and found another buff Gnorc standing in front of a trapped dragon, where they simply dodged the attack again and then burned him down, allowing them to tap the statue and free whoever was stuck here. The dragon in question, who revealed that his name was Ulric after thanking them for saving him, wore a harness on his chest, which the shoulder piece he was wearing was attached to, and he had a sword and shield that appeared to be his main weaponry, though he informed them that they should wait until they were older and stronger, like he was, before charging the larger Gnorcs that were blocking the way. The moment he gave them that piece of information, even though it was something that they knew at this point in time, the dragon flew into the sky and quickly disappeared from their sight, where the trio sighed as they turned to the side and headed down the tunnel that was the next part of their path.

The three of them walked through the tunnel and collected the gems that were on the ground, and the one that was in what could have been a windowsill, before they found an area that had a few metallic chests, a snowball throwing Gnorc, and a buff Gnorc, something that was easy to deal with once they knew what was going on. The path then brought them to a decent sized chamber that was actually inside the cliff, where a buff Gnorc was waiting for them, but the trio got around him and burned him down, before finding a trapped dragon behind him and freed him from the statue that was his prison. The next dragon they freed, Todor, was slim like Marco was, though he was dressed up in some winter clothing with a helmet on his head that had antlers, no doubt to make up for the fact that he didn't have horns like the other dragons they had encountered, and, oddly enough, he had deer-like ears, while carrying a bow in his left hand. Todor, much to their surprise, actually had some worthwhile information for them, as there were a few enemies up ahead that were wearing metal armor and in the Ice Cavern, where the ground was slippery, that was something that they could use to their advantage, and when he saw that they were happy with the information he headed out of the chamber and departed from the area. That information made them curious as to what they would find when they discovered the enemies that Todor was talking about, but one thing they discovered was that there were some gems laying on top of some poles, so they charged into them and collected the gems that fell, before exploring the rest of the chamber and found a few more gems that were trapped inside some chests, including a locked chest that happened to be outside the chamber Todor was in.

Interestingly enough the siblings spotted the key to the chest some distance away from where they were standing, and Spike even commented that it looked like one of them could glide over to where the key was, but that might not be the best idea at the moment, not until they cleared the remainder of the enemies that were in the way... though Spyro, instead of listening to him, jumped into the air and glided over to the small platform that the key was on, causing Spike and Ember to sigh as they followed him.

Once the key was in their possession the trio jumped down to the path that was in front of them, but separated from the platform they had landed on, and smashed through the chests that were on their left, before heading to their right and arrived at a fork in the path, but instead of heading to the right, and continuing towards the area of the exit portal, they headed to the left and arrived at another trapped dragon. This dragon, Andor, was bulkier than Todor was and didn't seem to be wearing too much armor, as he had bracelets and a collar while his tail tip seemed to be resemble a lion's tail, who simply thanked them before departing, indicating that he didn't have anything interesting to tell them like some of the other dragons they had rescued so far. From there they smashed through the chests that were in the area, be they metallic or gem chest, and collected the gems that were around them, before jumping up the steps that were near where Andor had been trapped and headed back to where the locked chest was located. That gave them the chance to deal with a snowball throwing Gnorc and a buff Gnorc, before discovering an armored Gnorc that just happened to be near the edge of the path, where they made their way over to where he was standing and charged into his chest, knocking him a few steps back until he fell over the edge, though the gem the Gnorc had been created from bounced up to them and allowed one of the dragonflies to claim it as they moved closer to where Todor had been trapped.

As it turned out that was all that was between the areas that Todor and Andor had been trapped in, along with a few more gems along the wall they walked by, so they could have easily taken the main path and cleared everyone out, before going for the key, but in the end it didn't matter as they unlocked the chest, claimed the gems that were inside it, and then glided back down to where the key had been located, so they could continue clearing out the enemies that were in this realm and saving any other dragons that were trapped.

The siblings found another buff Gnorc and snowball throwing Gnorc standing in their way as they followed the path that was in front of them, along with making sure they picked up the gems that were on the ground around them, which let them walk around a narrow path that brought them to where another snowball throwing Gnorc was located, who they took out before gathering a few more gems from the area around them. Of course there was another crystalline statue near the exit portal, where they found a large dragon that was using a cane to help him walk, that emerged from it when Ember tapped on it, who thanked them for releasing him and then asked where he was, though telling him that he was in the Ice Cavern realm didn't seem to do much, so the trio sighed and moved towards the opening that was near Asher, so they could make sure there was nothing they were missing before they headed back to the main area of this land. There happened to be a buff Gnorc waiting in the chamber that they entered, but he went down easy and allowed the siblings to gather the gems that were in the chests in the next area, before doubling back to where the exit portal was, which was when Spike noticed that there might be a path on the sectioned wall, especially since there happened to be a few gems on the path he pointed out, so he lead the way and his siblings followed after him.

They discovered a cave of sorts in front of them and found a few armor wearing Gnorcs along the way, the first one falling over the edge due to them bashing into his chest, though near him happened to be a small Gnorc that was wearing skis and had a snowball in his hand, which they avoided a few seconds later and then flamed him. Once that foe had been taken care of they turned towards the next armored Gnorc that was in their way and repeated the process they used on the other armored Gnorcs, allowing them to advance through the cave and collect the remaining gems that happened to be laying on the ground. Another ski Gnorc was in the next area that the cave brought them to, with a buff Gnorc beyond him, though Spike let Spyro and Ember tackle their foes as he rammed into the poles that were near them, so he could get at the gems that were at the top of each pole, before finding that the enemies in front of them were taken care of once more, which was when they regrouped and followed the path they had been following. An armored Gnorc and a ski Gnorc were all that stood between them and another crystalline statue, which was easy to get around since the armored foe didn't even attack them and the snowball was easy to avoid, and before long they reached what they assumed was the final dragon of this realm, who they freed first, instead of gathering the gems around them.

The dragon in question had armor on his arms and a necklace around his neck, and he even had a small club that happened to be attached to his tail, though the interesting part was that he had steam coming from his nostrils, no doubt to help him keep warm in this area.

"Spyro, Spike, Ember, you have done well in rescuing us and taking our lands back," the dragon, whose name they learned was Ragnar, said, his tone revealing that he was pleased with their progress and that he knew they would go on to save the rest of their lands as well, before he thought about something else he wanted to tell them before they headed back to the main area of this homeworld, "Some of the other dragons didn't think you three were ready, that you needed a few more years before being able to embrace your destinies, but I knew they were wrong, and you have proved me right by overcoming the challenges that you have faced so far."

"We're ready for whatever Gnasty Gnorc throws at us!" Ember replied, because she knew that she and her siblings could tackle anything and everything that their foe decided to put in their way, to stop them from saving the other realms and the dragons that had been trapped in those crystalline statues, before she noticed something odd about what Ragnar told them, "Wait, what destinies are you talking about?"

"That, unfortunately, I can't say anything about," Ragnar stated, though that was when he nodded his head to them for a few seconds, why they had no idea, before he turned around and jumped down into the chamber that was near where they were standing, one the trio had cleared out earlier, and then headed out of the realm to join the other Peace Keepers dragons that had been freed.

"Is it just me, or do all of the adult dragons know something that we don't?" Spyro asked, as while he was happy that Nestor and the other dragons were putting their faith in them, to restore order to their homeworlds and tackle Gnasty Gnorc later on, he was starting to figure out there there were some bits of information they knew nothing about.

"No, they definitely know something we don't." Spike answered, though even as he said that he knew that they wouldn't be able to get any information on what everyone else knew until Gnasty Gnorc was taken care of, which was why he headed for the exit portal, causing his siblings to follow after him.

Spike had to wonder if Nestor and the other Leaders had seen this coming, as in Gnasty Gnorc lashing out at all of the dragons for something one of them said on an interview, but for now all they could do was focus on saving the other lands from the forces of their enemy and then stopping Gnasty Gnorc, and then, once everything was said and done, they could figure out what the other dragons knew about their destinies.