Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 75: Chaos in the Home-Ship

Ren’s POV

Today, Fluttershy was spending today out of town. Apparently, the "Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Creatures" gave her permission to observe some creatures called the "Breezies". According to Fluttershy, they were the rarest, tiniest and most adorable creatures in all of Equestria so as an Animal lover, she just had to take this chance to see them herself.

And we were all at the train station to see her off.

Rarity gave her some additional clothing, in case that it would get cold and Applejack packed her a basket of apples in case that she would get hungry. Fluttershy herself was already wearing safari-like clothes and had her saddlebag packed with all kind of things. She was probably all too familiar with how to observe animals on her own.

The train was already in the station and about to leave so Fluttershy quickly got on it. "Have a great time!" Twilight said.

"Oh, I will," Fluttershy said excitedly. "And I hope you have fun with your mother, Sarah." she wished back.

“Thanks, I will.” Sarah said with glee. Ever since her mother came back from being frozen in ice by the Ice Unicorn, Sarah has been dying to spend some quality time with her mother. So they could both catch up with each other after so many years apart. Sarah was quite nervous about her visit.

"What could you be nervous about, Sarah? Your ma just loves you to pieces!" Applejack said, which couldn't be further from the truth.

"I know, but I really want this to go without a hitch!" Sarah explained.

"Oh, why wouldn't it?" Pinkie Pie asked confused. 

“It’s just something may suddenly come up and ruin the whole visit and I at least want to catch up with my mother. I haven’t had the chance since I was young. Which is why it is so important that this visit be about the two of us having some real quality time together," Sarah further explained.

"I'm guessin' you've got a plan that'll keep it that way," Applejack said.

And as expected, that was exactly the case. "The timing couldn't be more perfect. Today, right here in Ponyville, the Animal Magic Traveling Museum!" She said while she pointed at a poster that was on the train station building, showing a picture of, who else, Starswirl the Bearded. "My mom and I can spend the whole day looking at magical animal artifacts and showing each other our magic abilities. Maybe mom can show me a few of her tricks. EEEEEEE!!" She said excitedly.

"Sounds like a perfect drama-free way to spend the day with your mom," Rarity said.

Jack and Rainbow Dash, on the other hand, yawned in boredom. "Uh, sorry. Something in my throat... like a big ball of 'lame'!" Rainbow said. 

“Rainbow, don’t be so harsh, this will be good for Sarah and her ma.” Applejack said. "They just got back together."

“Yeah, it's their personal bonding time.” Carrie added. 

"Well, I think it sounds delightful," Rarity said, fully supporting Sarah’s idea.

"Yup. Definitely sounds like you two will have some real quality time together," Applejack agreed on.

"Yeah, and don't worry, none of us will interrupt you and your mother so you can have your quiet time with her," I assured. 

"Exactly. Just quiet time," Sarah said happily. She could clearly not wait until her mother’s train would arrive at the station.

And there was not much time left for her to wait...

“Oh honey!” We turned and saw Sarah’s mother and surprisingly her brother, Emerald coming our way. “Emerald? You came too?”

“Of course, what kind of brother would I be leaving my sister and my mother on an all day get together.” Emerald said. Sarah squealed and hugged both her mother and brother. “Did Dad come too?” 

“No my husband said this is between you two and me. He said this will be my chance to learn about my two children better.” Sapphire said to her son and daughter. “And knowing my daughter, you've made some plans," Sapphire guessed.

"Boy, have I," Sarah replied before she attempted to explain everything but she couldn't help but look over to us with a concerned look on her face. "Hang on just one second," she said before she walked over to her friends one more time. "You guys-" She started, however, Rarity knew exactly what she was about to say and interrupted her.

"Now, now, don't you worry bout a thing! We will make sure that nothing – but nothing – interferes with your visit," Rarity assured with a smile on her face.

"Go on, have a hootenanny with your kinfolk," Applejack added.

“Relax, newbie. We won’t let this day get spoiled because of something stupid.” Jack reassured. 

"You really are the best friends a hybrid could ever have," Sarah said touched after realizing that her friends were all so understanding of the situation. She hugged every single one of us  in a big group hug.

"Now don't let any time go to waste and go to your mother, she's probably waiting for you," I said with a smile on my face.

"Yes, your right," Sarah said before she happily went back to her mother and brother to spend the day with them.

They walked off into the distance, talking and laughing on their way to this traveling museum. "And there they go," I said as he watched the three walking away from the station. "Must be nice to finally spend some time with someone that you haven’t seen for years,"

"You bet!" Pinkie Pie said as she popped out of nowhere next to me, "Well, I for one am gonna make sure that nothing spoils their day!" She said determined to make those words come true.

"Yeah," Rainbow Dash agreed. "Imagine if out of all the days, today something happens to ruin their day..."

"Yes, like that thing that is quickly flying towards our direction!" Pinkie Pie said casually, causing everypony to look into the distance where they saw something flying towards the train station at rapid speed.

"What is that thing?" Applejack wondered as she tried to find out what came flying towards them.

As soon as Rarity noticed that it came dangerously close to them, she advised everypony to take cover. "Whatever it is...duuuck!!!" She screamed, causing everypony to duck.

Except for Pinkie Pie, who misinterpreted Rarity's words a little. "That doesn't look anything like a duck!" She said confused. Eventually, "Idiot!" Jack dragged her down to the ground so that she wouldn't get hit. Whatever that thing was, it crashed into a nearby tree and seemed to have stopped moving now.

After everything was safe again, the five ponies got up again and walked towards the tree to get some answers. "What is that?" Rainbow Dash asked confused.

Surprisingly, that thing replied in an all too familiar voice. "No, not a "what", but a "who", dear,"

Everypony quickly recognized that voice. "Oh no..."I quietly expressed after he realized who this voice belonged to.

Shortly after, a sneeze could be heard from inside the tree and after that, the leaves of the tree were all burned away by blue flames, leaving only the tree trunk and the branches, as well as the one who the voice from before belonged to. “Discord?!” 

It was none other than Discord who was now sitting in the tree, much to our shock. But the Draconequus looked a little more different than usual. Not only did he seem to be in a really miserable state but his body was also completely blue for some reason.

"What in tarnation are you doin' here? And why the jumpin' June bugs are you blue?" Applejack asked.

"More like a shade of cerulean, to be precise," Rarity corrected which Applejack couldn't care less right now.

"Whatever color you are is the color of trouble!" Rainbow Dash said, speaking out what everypony else was thinking right now.

“Why the hell are you blue?” Jack asked.

But Discord seemed to be thinking a little different. "Oh, Rainbow Dash, I've changed, surely you remember? I was reformed by lovely little- " But in the middle of the sentence, Discord sneezed once again. "F-F-Fluttershy-"

"What are you, sick or somethin'?" Applejack guessed after the constant sneezing that came from Discord.

"Well, of course, I'm sick. The blue skin? These sneezes? Could somebody find me a fainting couch?" Discord demanded.

Knowing, Rarity, she must have one of those so everypony looked at her, expecting her to magically summon one for Discord. But of course, that was not the case and Rarity was confused why every pair of eyes were suddenly on her.

Pinkie Pie then decide to provide a couch, made out of some luggage for Discord to lay on. That seemed to be enough since Discord did make himself comfortable right away. "How charming, thank you, I can't stop sneezing and wheezing. In short... I need help," he basically pleads.

Rainbow Dash pointed out the obvious thing. "If you're so 'sick', why have you come here instead of, y'know, staying home in bed and getting over your weird illness?" She said. She was clearly not looking forward to helping Discord.

After a good and hard sneeze Discord explained. "Because this condition has left me helpless, simply helpless! Why, I can barely lift a spoon,"

" were somehow able to come all the way here from...wherever you live," Rantaro pointed out while also realizing that he didn't even remotely know where Discord was living.

"I didn't expect any of you to understand the situation I'm in now!" He said while crossing his arms. "I came to find the one pony who truly understands me and could nurse me back to health. Where is that dear, sweet Fluttershy? I need attention! I need some care! I need-"

Rainbow Dash put her hoof on Discords mouth to stop his whining for a second. "You need to chill. Fluttershy's out," I explained.

Discord didn't seem all too surprised to hear that. "Oh, of course, her trip to see the Breezies. Ah, yes, I had forgotten that was today,"

"How do you know about her trip?" Applejack asked with a judging look on her face.

"Well, she told me about it in her last letter," Discord replied casually before he summoned a luggage and pulled out a letter from it.

There seemed to be some confusion in the group after hearing that piece of information. "You and Fluttershy write each other letters?" Pinkie Pie asked confused after she scanned her eyes through the letter that Discord was holding in front of her.

"Well, of course we do! We're friends!" Discord replied as if it was the proudest thing ever. "It's just such a shame that today of all days is when I really need her. Oh, well, I know what to do,"

"Good thinking," Rainbow Dash said before she pushed Discord right back at the train station, prompting him to leave again. "Head on home, put your feet up. I'm sure eventually you'll have the strength to make yourself soup or something..." She said.

But as expected, Discord wouldn't let himself get rid off that easily and quickly appeared next to the rest of the group again. "Oh, no-no-no-no-no-no! I mean, while she's gone, you ponies can take care of me! Isn't that what friends are for, taking care of each other?" He said while he grabbed everypony in a big group hug, much to the dislike of everypony because the word "friend" is very vaguely used in context with Discord. "Let the healing begin!" He said before he waited for one brave soul to volunteer.

Discord was waiting for one of his "good friends" to finally step up but not surprisingly, nopony felt like doing that. In fact, Rainbow Dash quickly freed herself from Discord's hug and flew away at an incredible speed. She basically tailed out of the whole thing.

"Well, that's some way to treat a suffering friend," Discord replied to Rainbow Dash's escape.

However, unlike Rainbow Dash, someone  actually did volunteer to help Discord getting recovered again. It was Pinkie Pie, who seemed actually a little excited to spend time with Discord. "Don't you worry, Discord! I'll give you cuddles, and read you stories, and tell you all about me!" She said before she actually started to explain on which day of the week she was born.

Discord quickly stopped the mare's words. For once, I could actually understand that Discord was probably not looking forward to dealing a whole day with this hyperactive mare. "Oh, you're so sweet to offer, but Twilight, Rarity and Applejack already volunteered to be my own personal nursemaids," he said followed by a chuckle.

"We did?" Twilight, Applejack and Rarity exclaimed confused, clearly not being aware of the whole "volunteered" part.

Discord apologized to Pinkie Pie because she clearly was looking forward to it and hoped that she wouldn't mind. She quickly wanted to make him know that she did mind but as soon as she was trying to object, Discord simply pulled out a red balloon and let it fly away from him. This seemed to be enough to get Pinkie Pie's attention and she just hoped after it in excitement.

Now Discord was waiting for Twilight, Applejack and Rarity to start the healing the process. Of course, that did not happen right away. In fact, Me, Applejack, and Rarity were highly cautious about Discord and decided to discuss what to do next.

"That joker's up to something..." Applejack whispered to the two.

"Obviously," Jamie whispered back to which Rarity also nodded in agreement.

Applejack looked over to Discord to see him laying in a hospital bed to basically show everypony in what bad state he was in. But Applejack,  Rarity and the rest of us were all highly suspicious of him. "Whatever it is, we're gonna keep it as far away from Sarah, Sapphire and Emerald as possible," Applejack said.

"You're right," Kaede agreed. "We promised we wouldn't let anything ruin their day... although I do so wish that "anything" had turned out to be something else!" 

"Or someone else..." I added annoyed.

But before they could continue with a plan or something, Discord appeared behind them. "Did I hear you two talking about Sapphire Gem’s visit with her daughter, Sarah?" He said after clearly eavesdropping on the three. "Fluttershy had mentioned that those two were getting together today. How wonderful for them both. It is so rare that those two get to see one another. I don't know about you, but I sometimes wonder how close they could actually be. All those years apart before being reunited?"

We didn't exactly know where Discord was going with that but it was obvious to them that it would not be good.

"They're plenty close," Applejack simply replied.

Discord, however, continued. "And if they're not, this rare opportunity to focus on their friendship will certainly bring them closer. Unless..."

And there was what everypony feared. "Don't even think about it! They mustn't be disturbed!" Rarity said in an attempt to talk Discord out of whatever he has planned. 

“Yeah, the loons right. You’re probably gonna disturb them and ruining their whole friggin day!” Jack growled. 

"Disturb them? I wouldn't dream of it," Discord replied offended. "Not when I have two such dear friends of my own who have already offered to take care of me. And at such peril! This flu of mine is highly contagious," he said before he "accidentally" sneezed right on Twilight, Applejack and Rarity who then turned blue themselves and started to sneeze too.

"Hey! What the hell did you do!?" Jack exclaimed. 

"You did that on purpose!" Rantaro

"It was clearly an accident, Jack Yamaki," Discord said not seeing himself responsible for that "accident" at all. "But, oh dear, it looks like I've gotten both of them sick too. Whoever shall I turn to now in my time of need?" He said with a wide grin on his face.

Of course, his eyes were wandering towards  us and we knew what he was implying. "Oh no, forget it!" Mason  simply said, trying to tail out of this situation as well.

“We are not caring for you, creep.” Jack added, crossing his arms firmly.

Discord teleported right next to us and we quickly jumped to the side to avoid getting sick as well. "But you are the only ones here who can still heal me again. Surely, you all won't let a good friend hanging?"

"No, I said forget it! Do you really think I don't see that you are up to something?" Rantaro said while visibly showing Discord that he won't fall for anything that Discord planned to do with him.

"Such accusations!" Discord replied offended. "But! As a good friend, I respect your decision," he said, much to our surpise  "I guess, I have to go and find a real friend who can heal me you mind telling me where I can find my dear friend Sarah Gem?" He then asked while he looked around himself.

Oh no! We looked over to Twilight, Applejack and Rarity who making a lot of gestures to let us  know that this had to be prevented at all costs. Discord would completely ruin Sarah’s day just by being present. And we did swear Sarah to not let her special day with her long lost mother get ruined and here we were with Discord making it almost impossible.

There was only one thing to do...

I let out a huge sigh. "Alright, alright...We'll help you to get better," he said while clenching his teeth together.

“WHAT?!” Everyone gawked at me.

Discord was beaming with joy and quickly hugged the Earth Pony. "Oh, I knew you had a soft spot for me after all! I'm sure this nursing process will bring us both togh-" but Discord could finish his sentence, a sneeze slipped out of him once more but luckily, 

“Umm.. Ren, a moment.” I was suddenly dragged away by Mason. “What are you thinking, we can’t have him in the home-ship!” Mason hissed.

“Yeah, he’ll friggin wreck our place.” Jack added. “Let’s leave his sorry butt.” 

“He’ll probably just waste our time or more specially my time!” Rantaro added.

“But if we turn him away, that then he’ll go find Sarah Gem and ruin her plans with her mother and brother which we promised her wouldn’t happen.” Nicole stated with a raised eyebrow. 

Mason and Jack growled, knowing that they could not break this promise for Sarah. It meant so much for her to spend time with her mother and her brother. “... Grr… fine, but we’re only doing this for Newbie.” Jack growled. 

POV Ends

Third Person POV

Later, in front of the home ship...

Ren opened the door to the home-ship with Discord standing right behind him. "Here we are..." he said highly depressed. He was not expecting the Lord of Chaos to ever set hoof into this place. So for him, it felt kinda weird.

Discord, on the other hoof, was looking around in the living room and seemed unimpressed. "This is your home?" Discord asked confused, much to the gangs’ confusion who didn't know what Discord meant with that. "Ugh...way to much wood... How about we give this room a little more touch? How fond are you with lava pits?" He said before he was about to snap his finger to make something appear, as usual.

"No! Don't change anything in here!" Mason exclaimed, “Besides, Didn't you say that you were weak because of your illness?"

"Oh I am weak and my illness cannot be healed by something as simple as your normal remedies," Discord said.

"Wait!" Ren exclaimed. "Does that mean you know how to cure your illness?"

"What the hell dude?!" Jack exclaimed in anger. "What the big frigging idea?!"

"I simply didn't want your effort to heal me up again go to waste," Discord replied. Ren and the others higly doubted that and prompted Discord to tell him how to cure this illness of him. Discord explained everything by drawing a cloud in the air to show him a picture of a flower. "On a hill at the very edge of Equestria, there grows an exquisite magic flower. Pick the flower as it drops its petals at sunset. Then you can make a magical soothing elixir to cure the blue flu." He then summoned a map of Equestria with a certain placed marked on it. "This is the place where you can find it," he then said while he pointed at the marked spot with his claw.

"And I suppose you didn't go and pick this flower because you were too weak?" Kaede deadpanned.

"Precisely," Discord simply replied. "But that's what friends like you are here for, right?" He added with a smile on his face.

Rens' eyes popped out in confusion. "You want us to go there!? Do you know how much time it will take to get to this place!?"

Discord seemed disappointed and even sad to hear this. "Yes, you're right," he said while he threw the map away. "You already did enough so I guess, I should go and ask somepony else for Sarah," he said with a sinister grin on his face. Ren and the others sighed. Of course Discord would play the 'Distrub Sarah' card. This was a very special day for her and they promised her to not let it be disturbed and they weren't going to break it now. "Fine... we'll take you there." Ren growled.

"Oh wonderful." Discord said.

Soon, Ren and the others mounted their dragons and flew off to where they would find the flower. Firestorm was carrying Discord with his talons as the others finally arrived at the spot where they could find the flower that would cure Discord's illness. They landed on the ground and saw a huge hill in front of them. Discord told them that the flower would be right on top of the hill. They already saw the flower in the distance, which was strange but as it turns out, it was a lot bigger then he imagined. "That's huge! How do you expect us to pick that for you!" Mason exclaimed.

"Oh I'm sure with your dragons you can pick the flower." Discord said. "Or I could always go and find Sarah."

Ren and the others growled. "I am sick of him playing that." Jack growled. "Lets' just give him to Sarah."

"Jack, we promised not to let her reunions with her family be ruined." Kaede reminded.

"You saw how relieved Sarah was when we promised to not let her day be disturbed." Jamie added.

Jack growled, his face nearly turning red, but he calmed down. "Fine..." The flower was as big as a tower and the petals were bigger than the gang themselves. Discord said that the whole flower had to be picked and made into an elixir to cure him. Their dragons flew up to the flower and Firestorm and Silverspike grabbed some of the petals with their feet while Striker poked his stingers into the flower. "Now... pull it!" Ren called.

The three dragons pulled on the flower and amazingly lifted the flower up and out of the hole but in an instant something burst out of the hole as well! "What the heck?!" Ren exclaimed.

The creature was a huge worm-like creature that came popping out of the ground and opened its mouth and revealed some black tentacles. "AAAHHHHH!!!" Ren and the others screamed.

POV Ends

I was with my mom and brother at the Animal Magic Traveling Museum. Mom and I showed each other what animals we can change into. I even showed her Blitz, my chibi Styracosaurus. She adored Blitz and Blitz adored her. My brother even got some animal books for himself to read later.

We went to different stands and tried out alot of things. My mom absolutely loved the chocolate cake and milkshake. My brother loved the vanilla.

I was having a great time with my family. Wish dad was here but he was Alpha of the Hidden World.

Suddenly, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up a bit. "Sarah, what is it honey?" My mom asked.

"It's my friends... somethings' wrong... I know it."

"What's wrong with them?" My brother asked.

"They're in trouble.. I have to get to them." I said.

"Then we're coming with you." Emerald said to me. My mom nodded as well and I teleported all of us to the location of my friends. We gasped when I saw my friends injured on the ground with their dragons roaring at a Tazleworm! "Guys!" I rushed over and changed into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I roared and bit the worm on the neck. The worm hissed and wriggled in pain. I let it go and it slithered back into the hole. I changed back into myself as my mom and brother approached Ren and the others. "Are they alright?" I asked.

"They're unconscious, nothing fatal." My mom said. "Let's get them back to your castle."

"Right.." I levitated Ren, Kaede, Jack and Mason while my mom took Carrie and Emerald took Jamie, Rantaro and Nicole. I teleported everyone to my castle.

Third Person POV

Ren and the others woke to find Twilight and the girls staring at them."Oh, thank goodness that you are alright," Rarity expressed in her relief.

"Where are we?" Ren asked groggily.

"You're back in Ponyville again," Twilight explained

"I sensed you all were in danger and I teleported to your location." Sarah explained.

Hearing that, made Applejack almost furious towards a certain someone. "I can't believe that you made Ren and the others go to such a far away and dangerous place for no reason!" Ren and the others looked at Discord... who was completely normal!

"No reason!?" Discord replied offended. "I may have faked my sickness but I assure you that it was for a good reason!" Discord said to which everypony was patiently waiting for a good explanation.

"You faked your illness?!" Mason and Jack exclaimed in anger.

"Why I oughta!" Jack added, but Silverspike rubbed against him, to calm hom down. "Calm down, big guy. You're in no shape to pound anyone." he said.

Jack growled.

"I simply tried to deepen the friendship between me and the humans! Sarah always wanted us to get along like friends. I mean they were ready to go all the way to the end of Equestria to heal me up again and if that isn't a true sign of friendship then what else could be?"

"Aw, gimme a break," Applejack replied, not even buying a single word that came out of Discord's mouth. "You wanted to disrupt Sarah and her mothers' visit all along!"

"Yes! And Ren and the others decided to do all that because he wanted to prevent just that!" Rarity added.

"Well, those are some really heavy accusations! I assure you that everything that you just accused me of is totally..." but as soon as Fluttershy glared over to Discord with an expression that could stare down a dragon, Discord thought carefully about what he was saying next. "...true," he then admitted after being intimidated by Fluttershy.

"I think we should let Ren and the others rest a little while," Fluttershy then suggested to which everyone seemed to agree. Sarah walked up to Ren and the others. "Is it true?" She asked. "You really dealt with Discord just that I can spend time with Cadance?"

"We promised you didn't we?" Ren joked.

Sarah giggled a little. "Yes you did. And it was also really nice of you...thank you..."

"Hey, we'd do anything for you, newbie." Jack said. Their dragons warbled in agreement. Sarah smiled at her friends. "I'll leave you all to rest. You too Discord, come along." Sarah called as she exited the door.

"Right behind you, Sarah." Discord said, following her. Ren and the others rolled their eyes. Typical Discord... this isn't gonna get any easier for them.

POV Ends