Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 74: Discovering More Secrets and Finding Sarah's Mother

The Next Day

Ren's POV

All of us decided to stand by and talk to her by the next day. 

The moment Jack caught her, she managed to break free from his grip and gotten into the elevator in quick pace and made her escape. We’ve tried going after her, but that little helicopter that she seemed to be controlling forced us to stay away from the elevator. Though it took us the willpower to stop Jack from going after her.

“Mm…” I let out a small yawn before getting out of bed and headed towards the bathroom, brushed my teeth, used some mouthwash, washed my face, put on my clothes and met up with the others at the dining room.

“Ah, good morning Ren.” Mason greeted with a soft smile.

“Morning you guys.” I greeted back before sitting back down on the table. Nicole was eating her omelette before commenting “This omelette feels a bit undercooked, but nonetheless, it still tastes good. Thank you.”

Mason bowed to her before saying “Thank you” to her.

“Good morning…” We turned over to the left to see Jamie coming inside of the dining table. “Sorry if I’m late…just woken up from the guest room at Twilight’s room.”

“Lucky…” Jack huffed.

“No problem Jamie.” Mason assured before handing him his breakfast. My dad and Douglas came in and Mason handed them their breakfast... bread and coffee. Business man breakfast. “Thank you.” Jamie thanked before taking a bite of his English Muffin.

“So um, guys…aren’t we discuss about her?” Kaede brought up, reminding us of our new human friend.

“You mean the brat? Tch! That little dirty crap ran us over all because we stopped her!” Jack scoffed, finishing up his ten-stack of pancakes. “She’s already gone and we don’t need her to become a pain in the butt to us, or more to me.”

“I’ll say. Forcing me to sleep on the ground with you on the ground, including that psychologist who took the couch, it was a waste of my time.” Rantaro scoffed.

“What you say?!” Jack snarled at him. Oh that’s right. Ever since that toy helicopter managed to get inside of the elevator, it’s preventing us from going through it. Luckily, Sarah was able to teleport the four of them down to their respective rooms and back up to the living/dining room. “But shouldn’t we at least check up on her? She looked pretty angry and pretty scared upon seeing us.” Carrie stated.

“Agreed. Judging by her reaction towards us when we found her, she seems to never go out that much or is even socialize with others.” Nicole agreed.

“Huh, really?” I asked, blinking in surprise before frowning worriedly. If that’s the case, then what kind of past have our new friend has gone through?

“Look, I know you guys want to help her, but trust me, how about we not?” Rantaro shrugged nonchalantly. “With that helicopter in the way, we won’t be able to at least explore the new rooms in this place.”

“Why can’t you let me take care of the puny thing?” Sarah asked. "Beside, I can just teleport all over this place."

"Valid point." Douglas said.

“New rooms?” I questioned before realizing what he means. “Oh, since she’s awaken, you think new places will be opened up for us?”

“Exactly.” Rantaro nodded. “I just want to be over with, so I can go back to business.”

“You mean conning ponies?” Mason questioned with a suspicious raised brow.

“I think the correct term is a ‘profitable business’. I provide them info they want to know, and they just have to pay me the sums of cash that’s fair for the both of us.” Rantaro explained with a smug grin.

“But still, I still think it’s wrong.” Jamie pointed out.

“Shut up Jamie.” Rantaro rolled his eyes, earning a frown from him.

“Well still, maybe it isn’t around?” Kaede suggested. “I mean, I haven’t seen it go all ballistic on us with those mini-guns at us.”

“So maybe we can check out the place?” Carrie asked excitedly.

“That depends, what do you think Ren?” Mason asked.

“I guess it’s alright to check it out.” I smiled softly.

“Okay! Let’s go then!” Kodi barked up happily. “The more I want to check up on those rooms, the more excited I am to go through with it!”

“Mm…” Nicole nodded before we all continued on eating.

I am curious to know about the new girl. I mean, maybe she looked a bit whiny and such, but I know she’ll be a great friend to us all. Plus, she seemed pretty much into military warfare very much. I could tell easily by her clothing, or more like pajamas, and that helmet, including having that weird communicator-like helicopter.

Maybe she’s just a bit shy, but maybe we’ll get along greatly with her.“Huh…” Well it looks like the chapter's not around guarding the elevator.

“What the hell happened to that thing?” Jack wondered.

“My guess is that the girl controlling it must’ve went to bed. So it’s best if we hurry.” Nicole said.

“Easy enough.” Rantaro shrugged before pressing the button.
POV Ends

We waited five minutes and, the doors opened and once so…


Oh crap! Hit the deck!

“AHHHHHH!” We all screamed and quickly got out of the way before the thing could fired its mini-guns at us.

“TARGET MISSED! REDIRECTING ITS’ LOCATION!” Okay, is she trying to kill us?! Don’t you think she’s going too far?!

“Hey! What the hell?!” Jack screamed.

“Ahhh! Stop that! Please!” Jamie begged. I blasted the puny helicopter making it fall to the ground. “YOU MAGGOT! WHAT DID YOU DO?!” Blitz then went over and nudged the copter. The copter got back in the sky again and fired at Blitz but the chibi dinosaur only blinked and tilted its head in confusion.

Jack tried not to laugh at that. 

“Tch! Typical.” Rantaro groaned, hiding behind the kitchen counter as the toy helicopter approaches us.

“ALRIGHT YOU MAGGOTS! RISE AND SHINE!” The toy helicopter remarked as a small robotic hand with a glove came out of it and pointed to our direction. “YOU DON’T THINK YOU COULD HAVE TRIED TO GO TO MY SECRET BASE AND INFILTRATE IT! GUESS AGAIN MAGGOTS BECAUSE THIS SOLDIER ISN’T BACKING DOWN FROM YA!”

“Jeez, a little warning next time brat.” Jack huffed.

“L-Look, we don’t want to cause any trouble.” Jamie frowned worriedly.

“Yeah, we just got on the wrong foot. My name is Sarah Gem and these are my friends, Kaede, Mason, Carrie, Jack, Rantaro, Jamie, and Nicole. We just want to talk to you and-”


“General?” Kodi asked curiously.

“I think she’s speaking through what a military instructor would speak.” Mason hummed, rubbing his chin. “It would make sense considering her appearance as a military fanatic.”

“YOU THERE!” The helicopter pointed its robotic hand glove directly at Mason, flinching him a bit. “YOU MAKING ME FUN OF ME, PRIVATE MASON?!”

“No sir!” Mason shook his head, standing in attention.

“Big brother, you don’t really have to stand on attention.” Carrie stated.

“Well in the meantime, we’ll just roll with it.” Mason whispered to her, which she nodded.


“Well someone hasn’t learn their manners.” Douglas said. 

“EXCUSE ME?!” the helicopter exclaimed. My dad screamed, almost spilling his coffee while Douglas flinched. I facepalmed at my dads.

“Should we?” Rantaro groaned. “This toy is seriously annoying me.”

“And who the hell puts toy guns inside of some chopper?” Jack scoffed. “I swear that it nearly made my butt cracked up.”

“How…amusing…” Kaede muttered, sweat-dropping.

I approached the tiny helicopter. “Um… Hi, I’m Sarah, nice to meet you.” 


“Hey be nicer to our Princess!” Jack growled. 


“Hey can you at least be nice?” I asked. 

"Yeah that's my daughter-" My dad started

"Our daughter!" Douglas cut in.

"Our daughter you're talking to." My dad added.

“WHAT ARE YOU MAGGOTS DOING?! YOU BETTER-HUH?” Hm? It’s starting to act funny. Wonder what’s up? As we continued to think what was going on, a new voice appeared out of the communicator of the helicopter that we never expected it to be.

“Hi you guys!”

….What the?

“Huh? Pinkie?” Carrie asked in surprise.

“Huh? Why is Pinkie’s voice coming out of the chopper?” Kodi asked in surprise.

“HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?! DON’T R-Ruin the VOICE MODULA-Tor!” Okay, what is happening right here? It sounds like it’s malfunctioning. “WHAT are Y-you?! A-Are you…an alien?! W-What the?! H-HEY! DON’T touch T-that!”

Not too soon that it started firing its mini-gun of phony bullets straight towards us, causing us all to quickly out of the way as it started roaming around crazily out of the elevator and into the kitchen.

“What the hell was that?” Rantaro asked in annoyance.

“Whatever it was…it is better not to find out.” Nicole shrugged before running towards the elevator. “Now let us go off before it sees us!”

“I agree. Let us go!” Mason grabbed Carrie and carried her over to the elevator with the rest of us entering in with Rantaro entering last, grumbling, “Great…more time of mine to be wasted.” 

As soon as we entered the elevator, new buttons were made into it, meaning new places to explored. But our first destination was to find out much about where our new friend went. So when I pressed a random button, it started moving upwards in its silent path as it finally arrived straight to the top and once it opened, we all soon arrived into a room that looked like we were inside a military themed room.

“Whoa, talk about being a fan of the military.” I commented as we stared at the big room we were in. The room was decorated with a lot of military cameo color, even the ceiling was painted with their traditional green, brown, and black spots all over it. Her bed seemed to be a special bed. It was like a bunk bed, but there was nothing down there but a curtain blocking the bottom of the bed. The mattress was on top with a ladder leading to the small bedded mattress. And of course, the sheets were covered in the military themed colors as well.

“Damn, that girl sure is intrigued by the military.” Jack blinked in surprise.

“Yeah, she must be a big fan.” Kaede smiled. “I mean, we all special hobbies, likes, and dislikes.”

“She’s right about that.” Jamie nodded in agreement, examining a portrait of different military weapons and vehicles that has description of them each. “Her family might be part of the U.S. Military too.”

“Hm…that could be the case.” Nicole adjusted her glasses while looking through her iPad. 

“She may sound serious, but she seems to be the type to have a heart of gold.”

“Yeah right! That brat nearly blasted us into smithereens!” Jack exclaimed.

“Jack… I think we all know Sarah would have done that much easier than her and more efficiently.” I deadpanned.

“.... Fine.” Jack said.

“Whatever, where is she? You would think she would be in her room by now.” Rantaro commented.

“Give it back!” Huh? Wait…that voice!

“Come on! I want to know what it does!”

“Voices?” Carrie spoken up, blinking several times.

“That sounded like it came from over there!” Kaede pointed over to a pair of stairs that leads upstairs that was on the right side of the room as we raced over and headed upstairs and once we arrived to the room upstairs of the new girls’ room, we found ourselves in what looks like a workout gym room that also seems to act like it’s a mechanic shop. While we were here, we witnessed the young sunflower blonde girl fighting over an advanced looking remote control from Pinkie Pie as they wrestled against each other.

“Come on! Let go!” The young girl exclaimed. “This is mine!”

“But I wanna know what it does! I really want to!” Pinkie begged.

“Well…when you put it like that, how about I show ya?” The girl grinned. “I always love testing it on maggots downstairs!”

“HEY!” Jack shouted, stomping his way before grabbing the two in his hands.

“Hey!” The girl whined. “Not you again, chubby!”

“Oh, you are so asking for a spanking!” Jack snarled. Sarah almost bust out laughing at that comment.

“What? We were just having fun.” Pinkie insisted.

“Pinkie Pie…” Mason shook his head. “Well anyway, at least we finally found her.”

“Hey, you guys are those weirdos I saw and managed to escape from yesterday.” The girl responded. “Heh, didn’t expect me to see, eh rookies?”

“Rookies?” Jamie asked.

“Are you treating us like we’re actually soldiers from the military?” Kaede asked.

“Of course I am!” She nodded before Jack lifted her up towards his face.

“Nah, you look like a shrimp to me.” Jack scoffed. “An annoying shrimp to me.”

“Aye, you take that back mate!” She exclaimed. “You’re talking to one and only Skye Jones here!”

“Skye Jones?” I questioned curiously. “I’m sorry but I don’t I never heard of you before.”

“Wh-Wha? S-Seriously?” She asked in surprise. “Well that’s disappointing.”

“Um, so that’s your name.” Jamie smiled softly. “Well, it’s okay to trust us.”

“Mm…don’t underestimate me.” Skye smirked. “You’re speaking to a smarty right here.”

“Mm…” Nicole stared at her before gasping softly. “Ah…I now get it. So you’re THE Skye Jones, a specialist in military mechanics and VR control systems, and graduated high school at the age of 13.”

“Whoa, seriously?!” I exclaimed in shock.

“No way, I’m now remembering that!” Kaede gasped. “That’s…so amazing!”

“That’s right! I may have recently graduated high school, but I guess my fame was already sky-high, eh?” Skye joked. “That’s why I said that you shouldn’t underestimate me.”

“Really? Still, to me, you’re nothing but a brat.” Jack scoffed, dropping her and Pinkie on the ground. “By the way pink brat, what are you doing here? And how the hell did you get here?”

“I used the elevator earlier before you guys, duh.” Pinkie grinned and rolled her eyes, like she was stating the obvious. I’m not sure that’s not obvious to us, though. “Other than that, I found your new friend and I wanted to find out what kind of remote control it can do, but she wouldn’t.”

“Hey hey hey, it’s mine!” Skye pouted. “You can’t just take my things!”

“Well maybe she should have.” Rantaro scoffed, tilting his hat down. “After all, you nearly tried to kill us.”

“Those were fake bullets anyway.” Skye rolled her eyes. “Don’t get upset on me, you guys. Besides, I was just trying to figure you guys out if I should trust you or not. For a moment there, I thought you suckers were my kidnappers, seeking to use me for my knowledge of VR sets.”

“Is that so? Well we’re sorry for making you feel that way.” Mason apologized.

“Yeah, we didn’t mean to make you scared Skye.” Carrie apologized.

“Nah, don’t fret. No biggie.” Skye shrugged. “Either way…you guys still have orders under me as your commander! Now then! Atten-hut! You! Private Gem, right?”

“Y-Yes?” I called, flinching a bit.

“Care to explain my surroundings and were we are? Are we in some sort of our kidnapper’s base or something?” Skye demanded.

“R-Right…you see…” I began to explain to her the events of what’s been transpiring. Just giving her the short version of the story like where we are, what this place is, about the citizens here, and our friends, and my princess status and powers and her reaction…

“I see….that’s pretty frigging crazy!” Skye exclaimed. “That might explain the talking pink pony over there!”

“You don’t seem to be frightened by her as you should.” Kaede pointed out.

“Oh trust me, I was when she appeared right out of nowhere and tried to tinker with my controller, but I managed to overcome it.” Skye grinned, gloating a bit. “After all, I’m pretty cool at doing stuff like that.”

“How surprising.” Rantaro said in a sarcastic and dry tone. “So anyway, you saying you’re some teenage girl who’s famous for graduating at the age of 13?”

“Yep, just recently.” My dad and Douglas did spit takes of their coffee. “What?!” they both exclaimed.

“Okay gross.” Jack stated.

“I know you ain’t talking about grossness, Jack.” Rantaro smirked with some sass. Jack growled at her. 

“Recently…? But your success was over the news for as like several months as I remembered.” Jamie stated.

“Whaaa? What are you talking about? I graduated for about a month ago and it’s still going on.” Skye retorted, earning surprised looks from her. “What? Why are you staring at me?”

“Damn…so that means that your memories are all messed up too?” Kodi called.

“W-Whoa! The talking dog!” Skye gasped.

“Surprised, huh?” I chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of my head.

“…Okay, maybe this is a dream and I need to go back to sleep.” Skye commented, blinking in surprise.

“Do that and I’ll gladly sit on you.” Jack said with a stern look.

“Never mind.” Skye chuckled with a nervous grin.

“Look, we understand how afraid you are, but you need to trust us.” I said with a soft smile. “So trust us when we say that you can trust us.”

“Well…I don’t know…” Skye frowned suspiciously.

“Well, we tried.” Rantaro rolled his eyes.

“We aren’t giving up that easily.” Kaede argued, frowning at Rantaro’s actions.

“Ooh! Ooh! How about we have some fun along the way?!” Pinkie asked excitedly. “You know, I could take you around Ponyville and the ship?”

“Alright, but just the ship! I was just admiring much of my room and this workout room!” Skye exclaimed in excitement.

“Well in that case, how about we explore much more of the place together?” Mason questioned.

“…Alright, but if you guys try and hurt me, then I’ll gladly use my chopper on you.” She frowned.

"And newbie can just blast it if you try that." Jack stated. Blitz came up and grabbed the copter in his mouth. "Hey!" Skye cried.

"Or Blitz can bite it." Jack added.

"What is her anyway cause he sure does not look like a dog." Skye stated.

"Oh well he's my dinosaur." I claimed. Skye blinked at me than burst out laughing. "Yeah right, they went extinct."

"Technically yes, but... well.. Sarah can show you." Jamie said.

I pressed the button on my dino bracer and Blitz turned into a card.

Blitz roared and Skye stared in shock at the real life Styracosaurus in her room. "Oh my gods! That is so crazy!" she cried. I changed Blitz back into a card and into his chibi form. "The boys have them too." I said.

“Ooh! Ooh! How about we have some fun along the way?!” Pinkie asks excitedly.

“Pinkie, maybe later. Right now, we need to investigate as much as possible around the place.” Mason insisted.

“Well…I don’t know. Maybe she could help.” I reassured.

“And be annoyed by her? Nope.” Rantaro said in a dry and annoyed tone.

“Rantaro!” Kaede called. “You shouldn’t hurt her feelings like that!”

“No, it’s okay.” Pinkie assured with a smile. “I’m sure I’ll be fine! Besides, I already see much by hanging out in the mall, enjoying eating those potato fries! They taste so different from hay fries!”

“You sure…?” Jamie asked in concern.

“Yep! Totally!” Pinkie chuckled. "Bye bye for now, you too General Skye Jones!"

With that, Pinkie quickly dashed out of the room, much to our surprise. I don’t know why…I mean, I always see her happy but she sure was acting weird. Wonder if she’s upset? If so, then I kinda feel bad.

"General Skye Jones...Ha ha ha, 'bout time someone calls me." Skye chuckled.

“But...what about Pinkie Pie?” Kodi frowned, whimpering sadly.

“Hey, don’t worry about it little guy.” Skye petted him on the head. “…Whoa, he feels so real. Are you sure that this dog isn’t a robot?”

“Last we checked, nope.” Rantaro shook his head.

“Hm…” Nicole stares at her.

AXL came into the room. “This dog however is a robot.” I stated. "This is AXL." Skye looked at AXL in shock. AXL tilted his head to the side at the military girl. "Woah... now that's advance technology." Skye commented in awe. Nicole stared at Skye who did not like it, “What are you looking at, soldier? You don’t look when I tell you to look!” Skye exclaimed.

“…You’re charismatic.” Nicole bluntly answered.

“H-Huh? Oh that? You mean how confidant I am?” Skye asked with a smirk before placing a hand on her hat. “Heh, of course. This smart girl is quite someone you all don’t want to mess with! Got it maggots?!”

“You know, she sounds really cute compared to the voice from that helicopter.” Kaede giggled.

“Yeah, she really is cute and cool.” Carrie agreed.

“Hey! Don’t you go there!” Skye exclaimed before taking out her control and began fiddling around with it, having her helicopter toy come into the room in mere minutes before its starts flying around us. “This bad boy is something of my invention! It was what won the Battlebot competition last year!”

“Battlebot?!” I exclaimed in shock. “Oh hey, I remember now! I’ve seen it on ABC network. So wait, you were one of the competitors?!”

“Heh heh, yep. This baby here was also served as my final project for my High School Robotics classes.” Skye grinned madly. “She’s a beaut, isn’t she?”

“Mm…it does look pretty advanced.” Nicole agreed.

“See? She gets it!” Skye laughed. “Now come on maggots! Information and let us explore more of this darn place!”

“Um…okay?” Jamie gulped.

“Fine, but she’s your responsibility.” Jack snorted, heading out, scratching his butt. “I rather go and take a nap.”

“Jack! We need to investigate the place!” Kaede exclaimed. “We can’t just stand around and do nothing! We have many places to explore!”

“Ugh…fine.” Jack yawned. “But after that, I’m taking my nap.”

“Sure, whatever.” Rantaro rolled his eyes.

“Okay.” Nicole nodded.

“Alright you guys, let’s go.” Ren smiled. “Let’s continue on exploring around the place!”

“Hey! He stole my line!” Skye complained. “Jeez! No fair!”

Heh heh…Um…sorry?

“Though, a workout room? Hmm…curious.” Mason smiled softly. “Perhaps I could train myself in here before I depart.”

“But you’re already strong big brother.” Carrie stated, earning a chuckle from her older brother.

“While that may be true. I still need to train hard in order to be prepared. Extra precaution.” Mason smiled before ruffling his sister’s hair.

“Tee-hee! Okay big brother!” Carrie smiled brightly.

“Hey, what they talking about?” Skye asked.

“Just some offer he was given to about going to some military themed school.” I answered, putting my hands in my pockets.

“Ah…I gotcha. He certainly does looks like he’s ready for combat.” Skye smirked. “I like it.”

“This place does look like you see from a Planet Fitness Gym.” Kaede commented. “And we even got one back down at the mall.” My dad and Douglas went over to some weights. "And I can buff up to get a women." Douglas said.

"That is never gonna happen." My dad said.

"Oh yeah?" Douglas smirked. He pulled out a ten weight... and fell to the ground with a 'THUD'. My dad and Jack laughed as Douglas got back up a bit dazed. "Maybe leave the buffing up to the others, Douglas." My dad said with a giggle. Douglas growled a little at him.

“Guess maybe for back up training?” Jamie suggested before frowning. “No…that doesn’t make sense.”

“Alright alright! You maggots get it! This is a room for new recruits like you to workout! But remember that I’m in charge, and you need maggots need to be obedient! Then you’ll be ready for battle!” Skye grinned.

“We already have a leader.” Nicole spoken.

“Eh?” Skye asked in confusion.

“Sarah is the leader considering that she is a princess and has extraordinary magic that even surpasses the Princesses of Equestria, along with her displaying countless acts of loyalty.” I blushed over at the explanation Nicole gave out to her.

“C-Come on, you guys…again with being a leader cause I'm a Princess? I-I mean…we all just on equal to our own ends.” I stated, blushing a bit.

“Whaaaat? Oh come on!” Skye grumbled. “Fine then! For now on, you’ve been promoted to Corporeal Gem then! But I’m still considering myself General Skye Jones! Remember that!”

“R-Right…” I nodded. This girl really means business…


After heading back to the elevator, Skye became interested in what the buttons that she tried touching some random, but Jack stopped her and screamed “Don’t even try brat.”

“Jeez, I was just curious about this place! Not my fault, chubby!” Skye pouted.

“What?!” Jack yelled.

“Hey, you don’t yell when Shimmer calls you chubby!” I pointed out. 

“Well… she’s a shrimp, she’s an exception.” Jack defended hiding a blush. 

“Whose Shimmer?” Skye asked.

“My adoptive alicorn daughter.” I stated.

“Can we just move on already?” Rantaro groaned.

“Don’t worry, I got it!” Carrie pressed one of the new buttons appearing in the slots, closing the doors with Skye holding onto her toy helicopter. “Do you always carry that?” Kodi asked curiously.

“Of course I do, doggy.” Skye grinned.“ Ha ha, I take this baby on a stroll for reconnaissance!”

“Reconnaissance?” I asked.

“You mean that you use it to examine things? Hmm, I guess it would make sense on how you knew us.” Jamie nodded in agreement. “It has some cameras installed in it.”

“Exactly! Good eyes there, Private Watson!” Skye smirked. “I test this baby out whenever back at home!”

“Really? Even back at home?” I asked in surprise. “Wow, what else can a 13-year old genius can do?”

“Heh, jealous?” Skye grinned at me. “I know, I’m awesome!”

“W-Well…not really. I was just awed by it.” I stated.

“Awe on my VR designs later, Corporeal Ren! Right now, let’s explore this so called ‘Home-Ship’.” Skye stated sternly, but held a confidant smirk on his face. “R-Right…” I grinned awkwardly, sweat-dropping a little. She’s pretty cheery, confidant, and such.

Soon, the elevator began moving upwards into one of the next rooms of the place. It soon arrived to another new floor in the area, which appeared to what looks like a wrestling ring. We walked across the narrow pathway and found ourselves a stadium with a wrestling ring in the middle. Apparently, this room seems to be just one floor below the shopping district.

“This looks like something out from seeing the WWE.” Ren commented. “I always seen that much about and those cool moves John Cena does.”

“You’re a fan of John Cena?” Jack asked in surprise.

“Well yeah. Especially his epic theme song.” Ren added with a soft smile.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Jack came over and gave Ren a noogie. “So you watch it too?! That’s pretty damn awesome!”

“Oh, so you watch that wrestling TV network?” Jamie asked in surprise before muttering “That’s sorta not a surprise…”

“I heard that nerd.” Jack growled before puffing his chest, jiggling his belly a little before commenting “I’ll have you know that my family are actually influential in the art of wrestling! I know a few of my cousins who went to WWE and fought in it.”

“So you know how to wrestle despite it being fake?” Rantaro questioned.

“Hell yeah! I wrestled my dad a ton of times as practice!” Jack smirked. “Even though most of the time I always lose by getting underneath his b-”

“Don’t finish that sentence please!” Kaede exclaimed, covering her ears with a blush on her face. “I seriously don’t want to be scarred for life!”

"And Sarah's too innocent for that!" My dad exclaimed.

"I have a boyfriend now dad." I deadpanned.

"Not excuses!"

“Tch, that’s because you aren’t even my age.” Jack grunted before gazing at the wrestling ring with a smirk. “But how about one of you losers come and fight me?”

“F-Fight you?” Jamie asked nervously.

"Bring it!" I exclaimed, turning into my angry form but it was a happy angry.

"Now now Sarah we have to wait." Ren said. I sighed and turned back to normal.

“Hmm…interesting.” Nicole commented, walking inside of the walking ring while Rantaro checked out the rest of the audience’s seat before finding the commentator's room.

“Huh, it looks like the power here seems to work.” Rantaro said, speaking through the microphone. “Heh, sitting right here is something to be proud of.”

“Um, by sitting in one of the commentator's seat?” I asked in confusion.

“If you don’t get it, then scram kid.” Rantaro scoffed. “I’m already annoyed being around you.”

“Never mind…sorry.” I apologized with a slight frown before walking away from him and looked around the place.

“Hey guys! I think I found the changing room for both genders.” Jamie called, finding two different colored doors. The blue was for the boys, and the pink was for the girls.

“Huh, that’s…somewhat comforting.” Kaede smiled softly.

“And some wrestling singlets…!” Jack shouted, coming out of the boys changing room and showed us different sized singlets. “Ha ha, maybe now that we can wrestle. Don’t worry ladies, I’ll teach ya how to fight.”

“Uh…what?” Kaede glared at Jack, along with Nicole and Skye while Carrie frowned.

“That’s not very nice.” Carrie stated.

“Yeah, coming out of a tub of lard like ya. Seriously private Yamaki, learn to watch your mouth from your superior.” Skye grumbled.

“What you say?!” Jack exclaimed.

“Let’s just go before things escalate into more arguing.” Mason sighed.

“Well we’ve dealt with crazy things like this before, right? So maybe it won’t be bad.” I reassured with a soft smile.


We explored around the mall district as we explored to find some new shops opened up, revealing another racing track.

“A racing track? I never would have imagined a mall to have something like this.” Jamie commented. “And judging by this structure, I say it’s sponsored by NASCAR.”

"Sweet I can use my car on this." I said.

"You have a car?!" Skye exclaimed.

"A self driving car made by yours truly." My dad said, with his ego taking over. Everyone rolled their eyes at him. "Nobody cares, Donny." Douglas said. My dad blew a raspberry at his brother. “Just like with me fighting off some of my rival gangs.” Jack huffed. “Fighting off for territory can lead some to…unintended violence.”

“Not interested.” Rantaro bluntly stated. “Besides, why am I so interested learning so much about you? Unless it involves cash, I rather be interested in that as a broker.”

“Do you always think of stuff like that?” Ren frowned, not liking Rantaro’s attitude per usual.

“Well I’ve been stuck here long enough. Do you know how much money you can make in a day, week, or even months?” Rantaro questioned with a bored look.

“Once again, seeing you is sometimes makes us baffle.” Ren sighed before smiling softly. “Though it is good to see you act like that.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Rantaro questioned.

“He means what he means.” Nicole replied for Ren before entering the small racing track, seeing some cars. “I guess we have some means to have fun…though I never did stuff like this. Not a fan of motion sickness, but I manage to hold it in when necessary.”

“Heh, not inviting you on a joy ride with me.” Jack snorted before examining the cars. Skye walked over and gently bowed down a little at the car Jack was examining. He noticed her looking down at it and grunted a “What”?

“It’s just weird that all of this was made into this strange ship. Or…is it really a space-ship? I mean, how the heck was all of this made?” Skye questioned. “I mean, I’m new to this all of this, but this is all loco to the coco.”

“Um…is that really an expression?” Jamie meekly asked.

“Of course it is! So don’t interrupt your superior, Private Wattson!” Skye stated sternly. “Now then, where we we? Oh right, we were investigating this place for…Corporeal Gem! Give me a recap of what so special about this place?”

And of course, she returns back to me…Oh well, might as well explain it all back to her.

“Well it’s just that Ren and all the others woke up on this ship with no memories of how we got here.” I explained. “Though…they later soon found out that their memories were all jumbled up.”

“Jumbled up? I thought you guys said that you all each don’t remember how you arrived in this base, right maggot?” Skye questioned.

“We did, but unfortunately, what we mean is that we seemed to remember different days of our last days before ending up in Equestria.” Mason clarified. “I’m not sure, but it would seem our kidnapper intended this to mess us up.”

“I see…and those pods are some sort of sleeping pod, right?” Skye guessed. “You know, that weird thing I ended up waking up.”

“That’s the one.” Nicole nodded before looking through her iPad. “Apparently, we each woken up in those things for some reason to end up here in Equestria.”

“Course I still don’t know why I ended up being around here with you dopes.” Rantaro shrugged. “Oh well, guess it would be exciting to try out new things in life as they say.”

“Yeah yeah, shut up.” Jack grunted in annoyance. “But anyway, we all woke up with different days of how we were kidnapped.”

“Or different years, messing us up.” Jamie added. “Skye, do you remember anything from before?”

“Actually, it’s pretty obvious when she told us.” Nicole said, confusing the rest of us.

“Eh? What I say?” Skye asked.

“Earlier before, you said something about getting ‘recently famous’ and how your fame started out in a month ago or so.” Nicole explained. “Meaning that that was the last day you remembered before getting trapped in that sleeping pod. In other words, that was the stopping point of yours.”

“Huh, good explanation there Private Bonnie.” Skye nodded. “So wait, you guys remember further than me when I became famous from graduating high school?”

“Well yeah, more like many months before you.” I chuckled, rubbing the back of my head.

“Huh, that’s pretty cool! Hee hee, guess it makes sense to show the world how much cool of a celebrity are!” Skye grinned. “But you know, this is pretty cool. Wish I knew much about this place.”

“Well we will know once we solve any of the mysteries.” Kaede stated before realizing something. “Oh right! Ren, do you remember about the note?”

“Oh right! I forgot about that!” Ren quickly took out the smudge note. “Hmm, if I shine some light onto it, we might find out what’s going on.”

"But what can we use?" I asked. Suddenly, my mothers' seven rings glowed, shimmered and they magically floated off of my horn. "My mom's rings!" The rings formed a circle around the note and shining a rainbow colored light over the note, which was rested over at a nearby table I placed as the others walked over and soon watched over the black smudges slowly disappearing in sight.

“Whoa, they got rid of the smudges.” Jamie commented in awe.

“So does that mean that we can read it?” Carrie asked. "And hopefully find Sarah's mother?"

"Her mother?" Skye exclaimed.

"My family past is complicated." Ren commented.

“Look at it! Look at it!” Kodi nodded. “Hey Ren, what does it say? What does it say?!”

“Hold on, hold on.” I picked up the note and looked through it. “You guys ready?”

Everyone nodded, but Skye began flailing her arms around and exclaimed “Whoa! What in the world was that?! I never seen anything do that before! What did that crystal do or…or…!”

“Hey, calm down brat.” Jack huffed, grabbing her by the back collar.

“H-Hey! Put me down Private Yamaki!” Skye demanded.

“Shut it.” Jack huffed before turning to me. “Hey kid, what does the note say?”

“Huh? Oh well…” I looked over to the note and began reading it aloud. Every bit I read it…it only adds on much more on what we previously knew so far.

- From the Executives Office of the Connelly Foundation....

Through it the years, We have been committed to watching and helping the world in order to help the people in search of their lost futures. But we’re regret to inform that the world is facing an epidemic crisis. Ever since the biggest incident that occurred several months ago, the epidemic worse and this creation lead to be a problem for mankind. That is why we decided to work on Project Ark. But make no mistake, this is not the end for the Connelly Foundation nor the future of mankind. We will find a cure for the virus. We sincerely thank everyone for your help and start over the years. For now, we are going under investigation and it would surely that we might've discovered the cause of the Dusk-7 Virus. Though, it should have been obvious the moment we created the monsters to harness its power to help the world. For now, we’re developing the cure but we will surely be ready to find any possible survivors. Once we find any possible survivors, we’ll report back to show about it. For now, we already gained nine people who appeared to show no symptoms about it…If we find them and interview them, then we may sure find a possible way to secure the hope of mankind. Then Project Ark can start.“

- Sincerely, the Executives Office.

It was that moment the atmosphere turned silent and dark. After I was done finishing this up, everyone looked at each other in shock, disturbance, and anger. “What the hell is this crap?!” Jack exclaimed. “Is this some sort of joke?!”

“The Dusk-7 Virus…?” Nicole questioned, rubbing her chin in thought. “That’s quite strange…”

“I’ll say…” Rantaro nodded, hardly fazed by these news. “So the world is facing an epidemic of some virus. Heh, when crap gone really crazy, this happened…”

“S-So whole world is being threatened by a deadly virus?!” Kaede exclaimed. “That’s insane! I never even heard about it!”

“Me too! And this Darken Heart Virus?! This is relevantly new!” Jamie sputtered. “I-I mean, I’ve reviewed many viruses, illnesses, and many other symptoms of different cases of virus and such, but this is just new! What could it mean?!”

“So none of us remembered this, huh?” Mason asked, which we nodded as I answered “Yeah, it would seem so. That’s another case of our memories. Looks like our missing memories of how we got here isn’t the only case, we don’t know much about that.”

“So deadly virus spreading around the world in a wildfire? Wow, that’s pretty cray-cray.” Skye blinked in shock. “And what in the hay is this Connelly Foundation?”

“I think I have heard about them somewhere…” Nicole hummed.

“Really? I don’t really know…” I smiled sheepishly.

“Hmm…you know, there’s one thing I’m confused.” Carrie frowned.

“What is it Carrie?” Mason asked in concern.

“It’s about the part how they created something about monsters. Does that mean that these guys were involved onto creating these monsters?” Carrie wondered.

“Yeah, it would seem so.” Mason couldn’t help but agreed there. “Whoever this Connelly Foundation is, surely we’ll remembered once Princess Luna manages to release one of our locked-up memories.”

“Hey, what you guys’ talking about?” Skye asked. “Who’s this Princess Luna?”

“She’s one of the rulers of Equestria and a good friend to us.” Ren explained. “Trust me, she’s a really friendly pony with a weird Shakespeare accent.”

“Whatever, you maggots show it to me.” Skye grinned. “You know, as your general in charge of this mission.”

“We just barely met you like five minutes and you already call yourself a general?” Jack snorted.

“Though, about the Connelly Foundation…I know for sure I’ve heard about them somewhere.” Nicole thought aloud.

“Well give it time and maybe you would remember.” Rantaro joked. “Heh, like you could due to your silent nature.”

Nicole doesn’t remark on that and just remains silent from his answer.

Yep, he’s definitely right about that…Not that I’m not arguing or complaining about that.

“But…a virus affecting the earth?! I don’t believe it!” Kaede exclaimed in shock.

“As much as I want to disbelieve in that, I…think maybe we need to believe it.” Jamie frowned, much to our surprise. “W-Well…this is just a thought, but remember those dreams we had based on our lost memories that Princess Luna manages to break free? Well maybe…they may relate to that. I mean, that’s what I think…”

“Well…I guess.” I couldn’t help but agreed to that.

“But this Dusk-7 Virus….What could that be?” Mason wondered.

“Wish I knew.” Rantaro shrugged.

“Bullcrap! I never even heard of any crap like that!” Jack hissed, clenching his fists before slamming it into the table, creating a bit of a dent while the rest of us flinched back of that impact. Blitz munched on his fist. "OW! Tiny pest!" Blitz chirped innocently and let go of Jack's fist.

“H-Hold it Private Yamaki!” Skye exclaimed. “While this is all crazy, even I’m comprehending by everything that’s happening, but all we gotta do is just see what’s in the end and find out much about our missing memories, you got it maggot?”

“Tch…fine.” Jack huffed, putting his feet on the table. “Tch…this all been a waste.”

“I wouldn’t say so Jack.” I smiled, reassuring him. “I mean, at least we found some new clues about our missing memories.”

“Ren’s right. And like he, Jamie, and Skye said, we need to keep calm and accept everything we learned.” Mason nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, and besides, I think it clears some mysteries.” Jamie nodded in agreed. “At least we finally figured out how many of us are left.”

“What do you mean?” Kaede asked.


“He means that the contents of the note stated that this Connelly Foundation founded nine survivors, which means it could be stating about us, am I right?” Nicole questioned.

“R-Right…” Jamie sweat-dropped, smiling sheepishly at her.

“Nine survivors…So that must mean that we must be the only ones left.” Rantaro smirked.

“N-Now hold on…I’m sure there’s a logical explanation!” Kaede exclaimed. “I mean, there could be more people, right?”

“I guess…." I said.

“Jeez, you guys went all this adventuring and somehow seemed to complete your training? Gotta say, not bad for a pack of maggots.” Skye grinned. “Hee hee, wish I was there for all that kick-butting and show them who’s in charge?”

“Yeah…right.” Jack rolled his eyes, earning a scolding look from her.

“Oh yeah? Just for that, I’m demoting you soldier!” Skye exclaimed, earning a snort from Jack. She then rubbed her chin and mumbled “I wonder what kind of worse punishment I could give you for your attitude?”

“Being around you?” Jack joked.

“Wrong! Being around ‘you’!” Um…I don’t get it. Is that some sort of reference to something?

“So…nine survivors? Wow…I’m seriously taking all of this…” Kaede muttered. “I mean…this Project Ark, nine survivors and other stuff stated on that note…is it really true?”

“Apparently so, that might explain our current situation. But that doesn’t explain why in a colorful world filled with talking ponies, dangerous creatures, and evil boring villains.” Rantaro shrugged. “I’m pretty sure that’s what all in our minds right now…”

“Mm…” Nicole hummed in agreement before saying “That is the only mystery we know so far. Why here?”

“Yeah…that is confusing.” Kaede nodded in agreement. “I just hope we all can figure this out…”

“Don’t worry everyone, I know that we can do it.” I reassured with a soft smile. “Maybe the earth is in danger from Darken Heart Virus, but maybe they made that cure for us.”

“True…there’s still a chance that earth is still there.” Mason nodded.

“Yeah, we can’t give up!” Carrie smiled happily.

“Hm…” Nicole nodded.

I looked at the note for anything else. "... Aww... nothing about my mom." I sighed.

"Oh Sarah, I'm sorry.." Ren said. Suddenly, the note and rings glowed and the words vanished from the page. "What the hell?" Jack exclaimed. Glowing purple words appeared on the paper and it said...

If you are reading this Sarah, then you have found all of my rings and you can finally find me. The rings shall lead you to me when they line up in a straight line and placed themselves on your horn and they shall lead you to me.

Good luck, my daughter.

"... Looks like we found a lead to your mother." Rantaro said.

My heart was beating with excitement. "What are we waiting for? Let's go! Let's go! I'm gonna find my mother!"

"Hell yeah!" Jack said.

"Wait for us!" Ren exclaimed. All of us used the elevator and got back to the living room. I placed the rings on my horn and they glowed brightly and before us appeared a light blue glowing path that lead through Ponyville to my castle. "Your castle? Why would we go there?" Carrie asked.

"Cause maybe the Cutie Map will tell us where your mother is." Ren suggested.

"Only one way to find out." I said and we entered the castle and over the Cutie Map was a symbol of a dragon, a Night Fury specially and it was over...

"The Crystal Empire?!" We all exclaimed.

"Why in the world of Rnold would your mother be there?" Skye asked, confused.

"I don't know but I trust my mothers rings. I've gotta follow them." I said with determination.

"We're going with you, newbie." Jack said.

"Yeah, you're not going without us." Ren added.

"Or us." Moonshine said as he and the other dragons appeared. Skye gasped. "What in the world? When did you get dragons?!" she exclaimed. Oh right... we never told her about the dragons. "Never mind them, let's go find Sarah's mother." Jamie said. We all nodded and we all went to the train station and we boarded the train to the Crystal Empire.

Once we were there, the rings path lead us through the artic wind and ice. I used my magic to create a shield around us to keep out the wind and cold. The path lead us beyond the Crystal Empire to the Crystal Mountains. "Hey what's that?" Ren asked.

We looked through the ice and snow and saw... an ice blue unicorn coming out of the snow. "It's a unicorn... but it's made entirely out of ice." I said.

"I believe you are here to find Sapphire Gem?" it asked.

"How do you know about my mother?" I asked it.

"Follow me and I shall show you." The Ice Unicorn said. It walked ahead and we followed the unicorn to a large block of ice... with something inside. It was a peach colored alicorn with a white mane and tail. "It's... It's... my mom." I gasped.

"How do you know?" Jack asked.

"She's peach colored like me." I replied.

"Why is she in the ice?" Ren asked.

"I found her weak and close to death so I freezed her in ice until help would arrive. You are exactly what I need, with your help you can bring your mother back."

My eyes shimmered with joy. "Well than, melt the ice!" Jack exclaimed.

The Ice Unicorn whinnied and reared up, "What's it doing?" Kaede asked.

"It's time for Sarah to meet her mother." Ren said. The Ice Unicorn melted the ice and Sarah's mother fell on the floor, unconscious. "Use the scepter to heal her." I whipped out my Scepter of Harmony and pointed it at my mom. The jewel and my mom glowed and... my mom first opened her eyes.

She shakily got up onto her four legs and stared up at me. My stomach had major butterflies in it. I was meeting my mother... for the first time. "... Mom?"

She looked at me with purple eyes. ".... Sarah.... my daughter."

I eyes filled with tears and so did my moms. I kneeled down and hugged her and she hugged me back. "Sarah... my child." I smiled gratefully at my mother. We broken apart and my mom noticed my friends and the dragons. "And who are all of them, honey?"

"These are all of my friends. Mom.. meet Ren Loodan, Jack Yamaki, Rantaro Wilde, Nicole Bonnie, Mason and Carrie Hunter, Kaede Ross, Jamie Watson, Skye Jones, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and our dragons. The Night Fury is Moonshine and Dramillion is Camo, Camo is Ren's. The Light Fury is Snowflake she's mine. The Deadly Nadder is Storm, she's Kaede. The Monstrous Nightmare is Firestorm, he's Mason's and Carries'. The Zippleback is Spark and Fire, they belong to Nicole and Rantaro and the Razorwhip is Silverspike, he's Masons'."

All my friends gave their greetings to my mom. My mom started to walk over but, "Woah." she almost fell down until I caught her, "Easy mom." I cooed. Her legs were a bit shaky. "Thanks honey.. I haven't used them in a while." I helped her over to my friends and Snowflake approached her, supporting her with her wing. "Thank you dear."

"Dad, Big D and Douglas are going to be so happy to see you." I stated.

My mom grinned at the though of dad and her dear friends. "Come on let's get your mother back home." Ren said.

We all nodded and helped my mom onto Snowflake. "Ready mom?" I asked. My mom nodded and I mounted Snowflake as well. The others mounted the dragons while Rainbow and Fluttershy hovered in the air. My mom wrapped her hooves around me. "Let's go gang." Our dragons flew into the sky and flew away from the Crystal Empire. Mom gasped in awe at the view. "It's beautiful." she said.

I grinned at her as we made our way back to Ponyville.

Once we made it to Ponyville, we landed in front of my castle to find.. "DAD?! JAKE?!"

Yep, my dad was right on the steps of my castle, grinning at us. Mom and I dismounted Snowflake and I ran over to him. "What are you doing here?"

"Donny and Douglas said you found clues to your mothers' whereabouts, so I came here to greet you all." Jake said. Mom and Dad looked at each other with big smiles. "Jake... my love." My mom said.

"Sapphire.. my darling." The two of them walked up to each other and Dad kneeled down to her height. They both hugged each other, shedding tears of joy to finally be reunited after all these years. I couldn't help but smile at this reunion... then Jack nudged me towards them. "Huh?"

"Go on newbie." Jack said. "They're your parents afterall."

Catching onto what he was suggested, I went over to my biological parents and hugged them both and they hugged me back. I finally had my parents back and I was not going to lose them again.

Ren's POV

My friends and I dove right into telling Sapphire all of the adventures we've had with Sarah and how powerful she had grown in her absence. Sapphire couldn't have been more proud of her daughter, especially learning that Jake was going to pass the role of Alpha Dragon to her one day and learning she's the Princess of Friendship.

Sarah wanted to return her mothers' seven rings to her, but she said keep. "But they're yours, mom. I can't have them." Sarah said,

"I did say, I'd pass them down to you when you were ready... now you are, so they're yours now." Sapphire replied. Sarah grinned at her mom, "I'm really glad you're here mom."

"And here I'll stay."

Big D. and Douglas were shocked and relived to see Sapphire and Jake walking into the castle together. They were so happy to see their old friend again. Sarah thanked the two for looking after her daughter (they didn't tell her about Douglas wanting to use Sarah as a weapon).

Anyway, Sarah gave her mom a grand tour of her castle and in sort... she adored the castle. She kept talking like Rarity saying, 'This is gorgeous!' and 'How exquisite.' Sarah had a guest bedroom next door to hers and she gave it to her mother.

Mason and Sarah gave her a well cooked and deserved breakfast, completed with bacon, eggs, sausage and etc. What surprised us is that she ate the bacon and sausage... well surprised most of us, Jack went like, "She eats meat too, she's my kind of women. Hahahah."

Sapphire really needed it as she was rather famished after been frozen in ice for many, many years. Blitz tried to sneak of sausage away from her but she caught him. "Aww... whose this little fella?" Sapphire asked.

"That's Blitz, my chibi dinosaur." Sarah replied.

"Well he's adorable. Do any other you have one?" Sapphire asked us.

"Jack, Jamie, Mason and I do." I replied.

We took out the cards and put our dinosaurs in their chibi form. They all chirped at Sapphire. "Aww... they are so adorable." she cooed. We all giggled at her reaction. That's when Shimmer entered the room, "Hi Mommy." she said.

"Hi Shimmer." I replied.

Shimmer took notice to my mother and my mom took notice to Shimmer. "Mommy, whose this?" Shimmer asked me.

"This is my mom, Sapphire Gem, Shimmer. So she's your Grandmother."

"Honey, whose this?" My mom asked.

"This is Shimmer Glow, the tiny filly I adopted." I replied. I brought Shimmer over and mom rubbed her mane, making her giggle, "She's adorable."

"Thank you, Grandmom." Shimmer said, making my heart melt. "So should we go back to the home-ship and find out more about memories?" Carrie suggested.

"Sure." I replied.

"Memories?" Sapphire asked.

"Ren and the others are trying to find out more about their lost memories." Sarah replied.

"Maybe I can help." Sapphire suggested.

"Oh no, no, no, you don't have to do that." I quickly said, not wanting Sarah's mom to waste her time. "No, no, I insist." Sapphire replied.

"Alright then, can't argue with newbie' mom, let's go." Jack said. We all nodded and headed to the home-ship.

When we got back to the home-ship, we headed over straight to my room and straight through the secret wall and into the secret white room. The room where we all woken up from those secret pods.

“Hey, I know this place!” Skye gasped. “This is the same room where I woken up and that’s the pod that I’ve woken up!”

Skye pointed over to one of the pods over by the farthest right of the wall. All nine pods were lined up with five on the right and four by the left. I still can’t believe that nine of us woken up at the same place, and now we’re all together. This is all too crazy…

“So why are we here again?” I asked curiously.

Nicole didn’t respond before walking over to the white wall between the white room and pressed her hand over it. Huh? Why is she doing that? Is there a reason for that?

As me and Skye kept watching, we heard a clicking sound before seeing a part of the white wall started pushing back and opened up a dark hallway.

“A secret entrance?!” I gasped.

"Woah..." Sarah and Sapphire gasped.

“It would seem so.” Nicole hummed. “But why here?”

“Hey, you don’t think-”

“That would it lead to a dead end?” Nicole guessed, surprising Skye before she nodded. “Hm….I guess.”

“You guess?” Skye asked incredulously. “Not good with answers, are ya Private Bonnie?”

Nicole doesn’t respond back to her before she began heading inside of the secret entrance with the two of us following after her. As we caught up to her and saw how dark and gritty it was walking through here, I walked right next to Nicole and asked “So Nikki, how did you know that there was a secret entrance?”

“Hmm…I don’t know. I just had this feeling…” Nicole muttered.

“Huh…I see.” I nodded in understanding. This feeling…does it relate to her memories? Hmm…well either way, whatever we’re heading into would lead us to any more clues.

As we reached to the other side of the small dark hallway, we find ourselves in what looks like a tornado swept through here. It was a small brown room with a computer by a desk at the far left corner of the place with a shelf filled with books, but it looked like it was all fallen apart along with a bunch of blank white papers all over the floor.

Seeing this place made us look like someone was destroying this place.

“Jeez…what the frigging Arnold happened here?” Skye blinked in surprise. “Did somebody tried to blew up this place?”

“Maybe…” Nicole muttered before walking over to the computer and attempted to turn it on, but the screen remained blank. “No power…typical.”

“Well I guess…but no offense, but it’s not like we can Google our way through.” Ren chuckled nervously.

“You kidding? Course we can Corporeal Loodan. Google’s always the answer!” Skye smirked. “Fudge Yahoo and all those other search-websites, Google is the key to our answers.”

“Well…can’t help but argue with that.” I mean, Ren practically goes on his computer all day and search up anything that he wants to find with the help of Google. So…yeah. Maybe that could work.

“Well…I guess I can’t do anything. Though this room seemed to hold something important, but what?” Nicole wondered aloud before examining much of the room’s quarters. Me and Skye looked at each other and nodded before we began to help her in our search around this room.

Sapphire looked over at a bunch of stack books and tried to take out one of them till she manged to make them all fall on top of her. "MOM!" Sarah cried.

"Ms Gem!" Carrie cried.

“You okay?!” I asked in concern. Sapphire poked her head out of the pile a bit dazed, "I'm alright, dearies." she said, much to our relief.

“Hey. Come look at this.” We all turned to Nicole as she took out a folder from out of the desk drawers and examined it. I ran over to it while Skye managed to get herself out of the stack of books that was on her before heading out, trying to stand up to get a better look at the folder Nicole had in her hands.

It had the words ‘Classified’ on it. With a name like that, I bet there is something good in here. It might show us much about our missing memories.

“What is this? A file?” I asked warily before reading the type of the name and when I did, I grew shocked. “Project Ark?!”

“Wait, isn’t that the same name described on that letter you guys somehow managed to read by wiping off those black smudges?” Skye questioned.

“Apparently…” Nicole muttered.

“So this file has info about the project?” I wondered.

“Okay, so what does it say?!” Skye demanded, getting excited. “If I really lost my memories like you guys said, so maybe it can fill us in?!”

“I guess…” I shrugged before smiling softly. “Who knows? It could happen.”

“Ha! I’m lucky that I woken up yesterday and after being told of all this crazy stuff, I’m actually pretty early for the big twist.” Skye gave us a peace sign with a smirk on her face before clearing her throat. “So anyway, care to read it Private Bonnie?”

Nicole let out a nod before she opened up the file and saw a bunch of papers inside it with the front page showing something detailed on it.

“Project Ark.”

“The last hope to save humanity from the disaster raining down from space. Burdened with this imperative project are the Adams and Eves of the new world. Those who are selected for it will be the seeds of hope for the future of humanity. That is the purpose of Project Ark.”

Huh…Adams and Eves of the new world? Could it possibly refer to us as ‘Adams and Eves’ and the new world ‘Equestria’?
“W-Well…what does the rest say?” Skye asked, pointing her finger at Nicole. “Come on! Don’t leave us in suspense! Just say it Private Bonnie!”

“Unfortunately, I can’t.” Nicole shook her head before showing us the rest of the papers, revealing each and every sentence were blacked out with a permanent black marker.

“The rest of it is blacked out, I can’t ready any further.”

“Huh? Seriously?!” I exclaimed in shock.

“What?! What the heck?!” Skye exclaimed. “What the fudge?!”

"Wait... let me try some magic." Sapphire said, stepping forth.

"Mom, are you sure you should be using your magic? I think you should at least rest for a few days before trying your magic." Sarah said with concern.

"Oh honey, don't worry." Sapphire said.

"Actually, Ms. Gem, I agree with newbie. We don't want you passing out cause of a headache." Jack said.

"Yeah, you should rest." I added.

Sapphire sighed, "Alright dearies."

Why is that part covered up? Now what are we gonna do?! Wait…that part…

“Hey, about the part that says the Adams and Eves of this new world…you don’t think it’s mentioning us, right?” I questioned with a slight frown.

“And what the heck is this seeds of hope?” Skye questioned. “What kind of hope is it talking about? Knowing so far with this isn’t giving us any hope at all.”

“Indeed…” Nicole muttered, looking through the rest of the files through the single folder, finding all of the paper all blacked off.

Man…and I thought we were so close. Though I guess it’s a relief that we managed to find some info about this Project Ark and such. Though, I wonder what’s this about this Dusk-7 Virus…It sounds like something out of a Shonen Anime.

As Nicole was looking through the file….a slip of paper fell out of the file, and I turned my attention to it.

“What’s this…?” I asked, picking the piece of paper up. It wasn’t very long but it wasn’t blacked off like the rest in the file as I read a single sentence on it.

“You must not leave.”

“Eh? That’s it?” Skye asked, grabbing the piece of paper out of my hands and looked through it. “Well this is a hunk of junk!”
“Though…why does it say it like that?” Nicole wondered. “Something is wrong with the way it was written.”

“Yeah…I kinda have to agreed.” I nodded in agreement, voicing out my opinion. “I could understand if it said, like, ‘I can’t leave’. But ‘you must not leave’?”

What is this? My head feels…funny. This strange sensation. It’s like deja vu…Those words…you must not leave…I don’t know why…but I feel like I’ve seen that…somewhere before…

“But…I can’t quite remember…” I muttered.

What do I know? What don’t I know? I….I….I don’t know…I can’t remember…

“….” Nicole stares at the piece of paper before placing it back in her pockets. “In any case…I’m afraid finding this secret room seems like it was another hope shattered moment.”

“Aww…that sucks!” Skye complained. “I can’t believe it! That is so suckish! Now what?!”

My mom came forth, "Well... we just keep moving forward."

Music started playing and mom and I broke into a song.

Your life is a journey
And you'll learn as you grow

So don't let worries stop you
If your unsure of where to go
Just one step is a good way to start

If it's right you'll know if your heart

Once you've found you're on the right track

As you move forward

As you move forwards

As you move forward

Don't forget to look back

After the song, my friends looked at each other, "I guess they do have a point." Nicole said.

"Yeah." Jack said.

Thinking about everything that I've been through...learning much more what's been happening on Earth. Dusk-7 Virus...nine survivors....Project Ark...even what's been happening on earth due to these meteorites...this is all too crazy to comprehend.

I want to go back home to check up on my family....My sister Lillie, my brother Dan, my mom and my dad. I really wish that I could check it up...

"It's such a shame, really." Huh? Ah! We all turned around and saw....

"Void..." Ren muttered, widening my eyes a bit.

"Who are you suppose to be?" I exclaimed in shock.

"He's called Void, he's a creep that attacked the Crystal Empire before you came here." Jack stated.

"Good time to meet again, humans." Void chuckled, crossing his arms. "I see you met Jake's daughter."

"How do you know about my dad, Jake?" I asked.

"Who do you think tried to take you when you were younger? I would have gotten away with it too, if my brother hadn't given you to the two bumbling brothers."

"HEY!" My dad and his brother stated, insulted.

"BROTHER?!" Everyone exclaimed in utter shock.

"You're realated to Jake?" My mom asked.

"Yes... and I should have taken Sarah for myself." Void said. "Instead of raising her in his... hope and friendship, bleh."

Listen, little girl
You're talking to a god
And I don’t wanna hear the drama
Kindness ain't my brand

Oh, I guess that's why you ran

Tried being married to your mama

You stink at being a uncle
Poor Malie, are you sad?

Not as sad as you without your powers
I didn’t come to fight
For once, do something right

I'm despair, were you expecting flowers?

What do you want cause I don't need you for something

I'm giving you everything,

by giving you nothing

I did what I had to do (Uh-uh-uh)

No, know you only did what's best for you

Well, you can learn a thing or two (Uh-uh-uh)
When push comes to shove
You do what you gotta do, yeah

You were never there
Guess you don't have a phone
You never had cared for my daughter

Are you kidding? Is this a joke?
You need to let it go
You're weaker with those friendship issue

Oh! Thank you!

Show me some respect
It ain't easy to neglect
My attention would've made you stronger

Uh-uh! Should I be proud?
Don’t turn this thing around

I guess you are you’re father's daughter

What do you want cause I don't need you for something

I'm giving you everything,

by giving you nothing

I did what I had to do (Uh-uh-uh)
I made it on my own, thanks to my friends

Well, you can learn a thing or two (Uh-uh-uh)
When push comes to shove
You do what you gotta do

How 'bout I go with you and we spend some time?

How 'bout you leave cause you ain't getting our girl

Let's make the memories, you can show me the town

No, find their memories now

Get over it

I am over it!

I'm over you being over it!

Let's dance


I did what I had to do (Uh-uh-uh)
No, you want me do what's best for you
Well, you can learn a thing or two (Uh-uh-uh)
When push comes to shove, you do-
When push comes to shove, you do-
When push comes to shove
You do what you gotta do

"Void...what are you doing here?" I asked with brave look.

"No need to hide your fears. I can easily see through you. Common for humans." Void sighed. "You foolish humans think that hope is always at the horizon, thinking that it can lead you to happiness....Well get this, it wouldn't. It would only lead you to your ends."

"What?" I asked in confusion.

"What the hell are you talking about, creep!" Jack exclaimed irritably.

"I only came here to see you." Void snickered darkly at Sarah. "You peeked my interest. You managed to retrieve so many of your powers including your Element of Harmony."

"If you even think of harming newbie, you got another thing coming, buster!" Jack threatened, raising his fists.

"Oh I would never dream of hurting her" Void nodded. "Besides, humanity and ponies are so alike...They refused to acknowledge to even understand or believe in others. That's why you peeked my interest...Because you see hope as a good thing, and so do I."

"Huh? What do you mean?" I asked in confusion.

"I mean that you have a firm believe in hope. You believe in hope and keep going...I sensed a powerful shining hope in you...and I believe in hope too...But how we see hope is different. You see it that people can work together...I believe in the opposite...but having nothing in life exist." Void explained.

"What?" I asked in confusion. "H-Hold on...are you saying that...that people shouldn't exist?"

"What the heck?!" Mason exclaimed.

"It's the way of life...and that's what I'm planning to do." Void smirked. "If nothing exists, then that way, hope can finally be achieved. Humankind, ponies, and other living things must not exist in order to keep the world safe. Thanks to them, the world is already in ruins thanks to them."

"Huh?!" Mason asked in shock before exclaiming "But you're crazy! Not everyone is evil if you're claiming that! We all believe in each other and work together in order to achieve things!"

"Indeed...but why can't everyone?" Void asked. "It's simple...why everyone needs to die. Once so, the Great Fall can reappear and we can end the world..."

"If that's what you're planning, then you're crazy!" Jamie exclaimed. "You're going to kill innocent lives!"

"Hm?" Void stared at me in confusion as I started to ramble.

"Look, I'm not too sure about this Great Fall or anything you're going on, but you can't end the world because everyone around the world can't see hope that good! Not everyone is evil and while there are difficult people to get along, I know that they're just having trouble. I may not know what you are, but I know that you believe in hope in your way, but what you're doing to achieve hope is wrong. Just please stop and just let me help you...Don't do this Void."

At that moment, I stopped to myself and realized what I just said. Whoa...did I said all that? Gosh...that's a little embarrassing. I don't know why, but I think that Void is just...misunderstanding what hope really means.

"Tch, shut up, shut up, shut up!" Void yelled, his mask turning darker with his pupils shrinking in sheer anger and frustration as I see through his mask's visor. "You're sounding like her!" he pointed to Sarah, "Don't speak like you're gonna believe in humanity or any kind! You're nothing more than a human who stole my powers! The Elements of Harmony are mine to control, not anyone!"

"You're not getting the Elements of Harmony, Void." Sapphire stated.

"...Tch, I owe you no explanation. Talking like you seemed to know so better than me!" Void scoffed. "You're just a stupid band of humans."

"Who are you calling stupid!" Jack growled, ready to pound Void.

" certainly have a lot of faith in the magic of Friendship and Hope. Just like that nuisance..." Void muttered. "But no matter, once I reclaimed the Elements and find more shards, then the Great Fall will begin again."

"You keep mentioning the Great Fall, but what is that?" I asked.

"You'll learn soon enough...or if your memories ever come back. Heh heh, once'll be wishing to die." What? What does he mean? Why would we ever think like that? "Oh more thing, heh heh, I hope you enjoy soon learning much about that damn foundation...I hope you learn who's at fault here..."

"What?" I asked in confusion.

"Oh well...I will bring no harm to you...but soon...All of life shall end...then...I can finally achieve true hope...this time, for sure nothing can live. Not you or your friends, not the princesses, not even her. For now...I wish you goodbye...farewell humans...I hope that we have the chance to meet again soon..."

With that, Void disappeared in an instant through some dark energy swirling around him. I simply stood there, trying to comprehend everything that I just witnessed before me. What the heck was that all about? The Great Fall...Void...ending all of life...this is all too crazy...

"Now, he's a treat for sure now." Sapphire said.

"Yeah... we have to stop him from doing this Great Fall event." Mason said.

"And we will, besides we've got one weapon that's just as strong as that creep." Jack said, pointing to Sarah, who blushed. "Hehehe aww..."

"Yeah with Sarah, we'll beat that creep for sure." Rainbow said. Everyone agreed. Now that we know what Void is up to, we have to stop him. I know we can... I hope.

POV Ends