Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 72: Sarah's Big Test: Part 2

We made our way through the forest to the outskirts of Ponyville. Pinkie, Fluttershy and I were unharmed but my friends... um... they got covered in thorns head to toe. "Eeee.... you guys.. uhh." I winced.

"Not.. a ... word.. newbie." Jack grumbled.

"Want me to pull them out?" I asked them.

"Can you please?" Jamie asked.

I nodded and placed a sound-proof barrier around my friends. "What's with the-?" Fluttershy asked.

"You'll see." I replied.

Once the barrier was in place I pulled all the thorns out of my friends.... and they screamed like heck. Luckily the barrier prevented their screams of pain to be heard. "Ooohhh." Fluttershy and Pinkie said, now knowing what the barrier was for.

Once my friends were done screaming, I removed the barrier and peeked over the bushes. The changelings had patrollers wandering around the edges of the town while others herded the citizens into cages, loading those cages onto dozens and dozens of carts.

Battered heavily, the town was in shambles. Several homes had their roofs caved in and their windows smashed, others had half-broken doors that clung to the hinges. The town hall was the worst of all, though. Its roof had been blown up from the inside, leaving pieces of wood and shingles all around the town. Ultimately and completely, the town of Ponyville was no more.

"Holy crap baskets... they really messed Ponyville up." Ren commented.

"Ain't that the truth." Jack added. "So how are we gonna get to Canterlot?"

"Easy, we ride our dragons high above the clouds until we're over Canterlot." Rantaro said.

"Then how are we gonna enter?" Nicole asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Let's just do this one at a time, shall we?" I asked sheepishly. Everyone nodded and my friends mounted their respective dragons. Pinkie rode with Ren while Fluttershy rode with Jack. We flew above the clouds. I made a eavesdropped device with my magic and pointed it through the clouds and we could hear what the changelings were saying.

“Quit your whining! By the grace of her majesty, you’re getting to go to Canterlot. Be grateful!” one changeling snarled

“Patrol, head north ahead of these. Wranglers, get in position,” a changeling yelled.

“Let’s get back before feeding time.” The very phrase made me gag.

"Man these creep are awful." Jack said.

"I agree. Let's take 'em down!" Pinkie exclaimed in anger.

"No, we can't blow our cover." Mason reminded.

"Maybe we can rescue the ponies they've captured in the cages?" Jamie suggested.

"How? We'd be stopped and swarmed before we could fight." Pinkie stated.

"Leave that to me and Snowflake. Ready girl?" I asked.

"You bet." Snowflake blasted a plasma blast and flew into it cloaking herself and I within it. We flew down from the clouds and spotted a familiar orange mare inside one of the cages. "Applejack." I gasped. She was scratched up and her mane was messy and frazzled. The orange mare’s laughter ceased. “I just think it’s funny that you are callin’ anypony a pest. Have you looked in the mirror recently? You varmints need to wriggle back to your hive and sleep with the other maggots,” the orange mare claimed.

“Hush up, I said!” the changeling called and trotted over to the orange mare’s cage. His dark blue armor glistened in the sun. “You’ll be in a pod soon enough.” The pods sat against one of the wooden walls, with enough to handle the remnants of Ponyville. “I think we’ll keep you to feed us on those cold nights,” the changeling said with a bit of dark laughter.

"I don't think so." I whispered. Snowflake dived in and blasted a plasma blast sending the bugs flying. "What the hay!" Applejack exclaimed. The changelings got up but they couldn't see anything. Snowflake grabbed Applejack's cage and flew off into the nearby trees. "Come back here!" the two changelings followed us but Snowflake blasted at the ground making a lot of dust stir and with that we flew back into the clouds to our friends. Snowflake and I became visible again.

"Nice work, newbie." Jack said.

"Who in Equestria are you? ... Pinkie.. Fluttershy, is that ya'll?" Applejack asked.

"Yes, Applejack, it's us." Pinkie said.

"Good thing you're alright." Fluttershy added. Camo and Ren unlocked the cage and Kaede helped Applejack onto Storm. "So whats with the newcomers?" Applejack asked.

"They're here to help us rid the land of Chrysalis." Pinkie explained. "We must find the bearers of the Elements of Harmony, and one is you."

"Huh?" Applejack asked.

"You represent the Element of Honesty, Applejack." I said to her.

"I would say that's farfetched but with the invasion and all I believe anything." Applejack stated.

"Now all we need is Twilight, Rarity and Rainbow." Rantaro said. "Any idea on where they are?"

"Probably in the Canterlot Palace, cocooned by Chyrsalis." Applejack grumbled. "That's where she takes all the ponies she's captured and steals their love."

Jamie shivered. "I'm so glad she doesn't rule on our Equestria." he said.

"You read my mind, nerd." Jack added. Our dragons lowered in the sky and we could visibly see Canterlot.... covered in those green slime things and changelings crawling the place. "Ahh crap baskets.. how are we gonna get to the palace?" Ren asked.

"Easy we use our dinosaur and dragons to force our way in." Jack said, cracking his knuckles.

"We're trying not to be seen Jack." Mason sighed, pinching his nose. "We're gonna have to sneak in."

"But how, Camo and Snowflake are the only ones who can cloak themselves." Jamie pointed out.

"Newbie can just use her magic to camouflage all of us." Jack waved off.

"It's not that simple. Chrysalis throne is made out a special rock that soaks up outside magic the same way changelings soak up love. It's how she keeps the hive safe." Pinkie informed.

"Oh great." Ren grumbled. "Now what?" Suddenly a light shined in my face. "What the-?" I looked down to see something shinig a light in my face and two figures waving at me. "Wait a mintue..." Snowflake and I flew down and gasped in joy. "Dad!"

Indeed, my dad and Douglas were in the flesh, smiling at us as we came down.

"How did you get here!" Ren exclaimed.

"The Tree came and said you needed help and we followed it here." My dad said.

"And it looks like you do need some help." Douglas said.

"We should do Big D. We have to sneak in to find Twilight, Rainbow and Rarity but Camo and Snowflake are the only ones who can cloak themselves and Sarah can't use her magic cause of Chrysalis throne." Mason explained.

"Good thing we brought this." Douglas brought out a small camera device. He clicked the button and he and my dad... vanished.

"... How did you do that?" I asked.

"They're witches!" Ren exclaimed.

"Now we're not." My dad said and he and Douglas reappeared. "This device scans your environment and uses a matrix of light projections to create a virtual environment you can hide behind! Tah-dah! I invented it as a 3-D modeling engine for space telescopes."

"Dude, I know witchcraft video games and you two are witches." Ren stated and we all gave him deadpanned looks.

"Grow up." Mason sighed.

"Now come on, let's go already." Rantaro said irriably.

"But wait, where do sneak in. We can't exactly go through the front door." I said.

"What about the mines below the castle?" Jamie suggested.

"That could work. Let's give it a try." Ren said. My dad and Douglas got on Striker and Spark and we flew off into the sky. I used my x-ray vision to see where the entrance to the mine were. "Got it. Come on." We all landed just outside of Canterlot and I pulled up and small latch that was a hidden door. "Get in!" Everyone piled into the door and I quickly closed it.

It was pitch black and we could only see each others eyeballs. "Are we inside?" Pinkie asked.

I lit my horn and saw could see that we were in the mines beneath Canterlot and there were no changelings in sight. "Good no changelings. Let's move." My dad said. We made our way through the crystal mines, "Sarah how come your magic is still working?" Jamie asked.

"The throne's affect must only be effective on the surface." Fluttershy said.

"Okay so how do know exactly where Chysalis is keeping the girls?" Ren asked.

"She'll have all of the cocoons in the throne room where she and her changelings can have their feeding time." Applejack growled. We all shivered at the mention of 'feeding time'.

Suddenly a rock fell behind us and we turned and came face to face with a changeling!

"AHHH!" the changelings screamed and covered it's eyes with it's front hooves.

The bug nervously looked at us. "What do you want changeling!" Jack growled.

"I-I-I won't hurt anybody... I-I promise." the changelings said in a feminine voice.

I looked at the changeling and saw it had pink and purple shaded wings and pink eyes. "Wait... you're name wouldn't happen to be Pyrite.. would it?"

The changeling looked at me. "How do you know my name?"

"We'll explain later... sorta. Right now we need your help." I said.

"How can we trust her, she's a changeling?" Fluttershy growled.

"If he Pyrite in our Equestria is good then she is too." I defended.

"It's true, I umm, don't want to steal love from others. I want to share instead. But none of the other changelings like my ideals so I'm nothing more than an outcast." Pyrite explained.

"Is that why you're down here?" Jack asked.

Pyrite sighed, "Yes.. mother said that since I don't follow the changelings way of life that I am to stay down here for the rest of my life."

"Wait, wait, wait.... mother?!" Pinkie, Fluttershy and Applejack exclaimed.

"Yes, Chrysalis is my mom." Pyrite said sadly.

"Aww... poor thing." Fluttershy stated.

"Yeah...." Pyrite sighed.

"Hey Pyrite... how about you help us take down, Chrysalis?" I suggested.

"Why would she help us?" Pinkie asked.

"Acutally... I'll help you." Pyrite said. "Taking down mother will let me that the throne so I can change all the... well changelings." We all looked at each other and nodded. "She's in!" Jack exclaimed.

"Oh and I found this glowing belt in these mine." Pyrite handed me a peach colored belt that had a silver square in the center that had a night fury symbol of it. The belt glowed and attached itself to me. "What is this for?" I asked. That's when Astral Twilight appeared.

"This is a new artifact that will help you on this test." she said. Applejack, Pinkie and Fluttershy gasped at the sparkling version of their friend. "Whose that?" Pinkie asked.

"The Tree of Harmony in Twilight form." Ren replied. "What do you mean the belt will help her?"

"This belt holds is blank of magic but Sarah can transfer her animal abilities into the belt making it powerful." Astral Twilight explained.

"But will she lose them forever without the belt?" Ren asked worried.

Astral Twilight shook her head. "No, her animal abilities will be copied into the belt so she can have them even if she loses the belt." We all nodded at the sparkling Twilight. "So how does it work?" Jack asked.

"All she has to do is spin the silver part and it will change her into a hybrid dragon creature." Astral Twilight replied.

"Woah....." We all gasped.

"I wish you all the best of luck to restore this Equestria." Astral Twilight said and she disappeared. "Okay everyone, let's go take down Chrysalis." Ren said. Everyone cheered. "There's a way out over here." Pyrite said.

She guided us to a staircase that was made out of the rocks to another hidden door. "Wait..." I used my x-ray vision to see above the ground. "Okay... this leads right into the throne room and there are no changelings inside including Chrysalis." I informed.

"Right, let's go." Ren said. Pyrite pushed open the door and we entered the throne room. There were cocooned ponies... everywhere!

"Oh my goodness." Kaede exclaimed. We saw all the poor ponies in the cocoon and specially, "Celestia! Luna! Cadence! Shining Armor! Flurry Heart!" I cried. The royal family were hanging in cocoons over Chrysalis's throne along with, "Twilight! Skittles! And the fashion loon!" Jack exclaimed.

"We have to get them down." Kaede said. Then we heard a sinister laugh. "A group of pathetic creatures and ponies all by themselves. Chrysalis appeared on the cocoons attached to them. "GAH! You just keep getting more creepy." Ren whimpered.

Then her changelings army appeared in the throne room and surrounded us, trapping our feet and hands in green slime. My friends struggled to get loose but it was no use. Chrysalis laughed, "You are very foolish trying to stop me and my changeling army."

"You will not prevail mother!" Pyrite snarled.

"I already have, the six mares and the royal family are incapacitated. There's nothing you can do to stop me. Get them my changelings." The changelings looked at us with evil smiles and approached us, ready to suck our love. "Uh anybody got any ideas?" Kaede whimpered.

"I've got nothing." Ren whimpered.

"Well we have to think of something or else we're changeling food." Jamie whimpered.

"I've got one." I said. I concentrated and four large clouds appeared around us. "What this?" Chrysalis asked. I unleashed the Roar of Harmony and the four clouds turned into roaring lions and the winds blew the changelings away from us. Moonshine and the dragons blasted the slime on their feet and hovered over us. They blasted the slime, setting us free. "Time to see if this belt has what it takes." I said.

Ren's POV

Sarah spun the the silver part of the belt. Her outfit changed completely. Now she was wearing a white mask with four nubs on the back. She had Light Fury wings and a tail and she wore white gloves with sharp, silver claws on the ends. She also wore white boots with a small heel on them and a white jumpsuit as well.

"Holy.." Jack gasped.

"Crap baskets." I added.

She let out a Light fury roar and leaped into the sky. The changelings hissed and lunged towards her but she slashed them with her claws and sent them crashing to the ground. "Awesome!" I exclaimed. Sarah landed on the ground and leaped into the air and she slashed Chrysalis throne!



What a explosion. When the dust cleared, it revealed all the cocooned ponies were now freed including the rest of the Mane 6 and the royal family. Applejack, Pinkie and Fluttershy hugged their friends, thankful they were alright. Chrysalis and her changelings were dazed from the attack.

"That was incredible Sarah!" I exclaimed in joy.

"Yeah you kicked that crappy bugs butt." Jack added.

"Not so fast." Chrysalis growled as she got up. All the ponies looked at her, ready to fight. The royal family stepped forward, "Surrender now Chrysalis." Celestia said.

"Never." Chrysalis growled. "I will defeat you just like before."

"We'll see about that." Sarah said. Sarah activated her Element and it sent out six white lines of magic towards the Mane 6. Their eyes turned white and they floated into the air around Sarah. Right before our eyes her Element created the six Elements of Harmony!

"No, this can't be happening!" Chrysalis cried. The seven girls opened their eyes and it sent a shockwave of magic, sending Chrysalis and her changeling army far far away and restoring Canterlot and Equestria to it's former glory once more. The six girl floated down to us and everypony cheered in joy.

Celestia and Luna approached Sarah, "Thank you for ridding our kingdom of Queen Chrysalis and her changelings."

"Hehe, it's no problem." Sarah replied modest.

"Well done, Sarah." That's when Astral Twilight appeared once more. "You have completed the first part of your test." she said.

"First part?" I echoed. Astral Twilight nodded, "Now it's time for the second part of Sarah's Test."

"Well.. looks like this is goodbye." Sarah said to the alternate Mane 6.

"Hope we'll see you again, someday." Pinkie said.

"Thank you for saving us and Equestria." Applejack said.

"Your welcome." Kaede stated.

"All in a day's work." Jack said, gloating and Firestorm smacked him on the head. "Hey!"

"Hehe, good boy." Mason praised, earning a growl from Jack. "Please... accept this gift as a reward for your bravery." She handed Sarah... a ring from her mothers' crown! The ring had a crystal stone symbol in the center. Now we had five rings for her mother's crown. Only two more left to find. Sarah gasped as she took the ring in her magic and it placed itself on her horn. "T-Thank you."

"It is time to go." Astral Twilight said. Another time dome opened up and we were sucked inside of it. "Not again!" I screamed. This time when we came out we landed on the map and then on the ground. "Ow." I said, getting up.

Everyone else got up and brushed off their injuries. "That's strange." Jamie said.

"What you mean us falling, because starting to become normal, nerd." Jack grumbled.

"No, look at the sky. The last time we came back it was day but now..." We all looked at the sky and saw the full moon. "It's night?" I asked. "Why?"

Suddenly, we heard growls and saw two wolves made of... timber on the map. "What the hell are they?" Jack yelled.

"Timberwolves, RUN!" Sarah cried. We all rushed away from the wolves as they howled at night. We came to a bridge that lead to a familiar yet different looking castle.

"The Castle of the Two Sisters!" Sarah cried. "Come on, hurry." We all followed her and entered the castle.

POV Ends

Inside the castle everything was different shades of blue and torches with blue flames lit the halls. There were traverse with the symbol of the moon on them.

We saw a familiar unicorn putting some tapestries. "Rarity?" Mason called. Though this Rarity had her mane and tail in a bun and she was wearing a black uniform with shoes. She turned to us. "The castle isn't opened to visitors. All the tapestries need to be changed. Again." she grumbled.

"Rarity? What are you doing here?" Jamie asked.

"I don't have time to socialize." Rarity said before walking away.

"Well that was rude." Kaede said.

"Yeah, what's going on with her?" Carrie asked.

"Something tells me we time traveled to another alternate Equestria." Jamie whimpered.

"Time Travel?" a new voice sounded. We turned and saw a figure shrouded in darkness. Soon some guards dressed in armor with bat wings appeared in front of it.

"Now that's something I would like to see." the figure said, revealing herself to be.... Nightmare Moon!

To be Continued