Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 71: Sarah's Big Test: Part 1

🎵I got your message🎵
🎵The sun is shining🎵
🎵And my biggest test is calling our names🎵
🎵My bag is packed so🎵
🎵Are you ready?🎵
🎵'Cause to lose this day would be a shame🎵

🎵There's a big test waiting🎵
🎵A Tree is callin'🎵
🎵And I can't wait to do this thing with you🎵
🎵There's a big test waiting🎵
🎵And we got Harmony Testin' to do!🎵

Ren's POV

I suddenly found myself in the Dreamscape, the same place where Princess Luna roams around during the night. "Hello?" I called out. "Anyone here?"

"Ren?" I turned and saw Kaede, Jamie, Jack, Rantaro, Nicole, Mason and Carrie. "Guys? What are you doing here?" I asked them.

"We were about to ask you the same thing." Mason replied. 

"Where the hell are we?" Jack asked. 

"You are in the Dreamscape." a familiar, majestic voice came. We all looked and saw Astral Twilight before us. "Tree of Harmony? What's going on? Why did you bring us here?" 

"I have brought you here to tell you that it is time for Sarah Gem's big test." Astral Twilight claimed. 

"It is?" Carrie asked. Astral Twilight nodded, "She has grown a lot and now it's time to put her new skills to the test. You all must go with her, for she will need your assistance in this test. It will be more challenging than ever before. Can I depend on you to be there for her?" 

"You bet!" I exclaimed.

"Hell yeah!" Jack added. 

"Count me in!" Mason stated.

"Me too." Kaede said. 

"I'm all for it." Carrie stated. 

"Eh, as long as it's not a waste of my time." Rantaro grumbled. 

"I guess since everyone else is on board than I guess I am too." Nicole sighed. Astral Twilight smiled at us. "Wait... w-what about Twilight and the girls? Will they be coming?" Jamie asked. Astral Twilight shook her head. "For this test, Sarah will need the assistance of only her human friends." she said. "Now you must all head to Sarah's Castle. There will be the first part of her test." She pressed the ground with her hoof sending out eight colors beams at us and we were out of the Dreamscape...

I woke up with a shock but recovered quickly. "Ren, are you alright?" Kodi asked. 

"I'm alright boy, but I have to go help Sarah with her big test." I explained.

"From the Tree of Harmony? Can I come?" Kodi asked. "I wanna help." 

"Hmm..." The Tree didn't say anything about me bringing Kodiak along. "Sure buddy, you can come." 

"Yeah!" Kodi cheered. I put on my clothes and packed a small bag with things that I might need. I exited the living room along with Kodi and were greeted by the others, all wearing bags of their own possessions. We all nodded and rushed out the door to Sarah's Castle. "Hey, wait for us!" We turned and saw Moonshine and our dragons following us. "You eight aren't going anywhere without us." Silverspike said, coming to our side. 

"You bet." Moonshine added. 

I looked at the others, "Looks like we can't stop them." I said. Everyone nodded and soon we all arrived at Sarah's Castle where we came into the room with the Cutie Map. Sarah was there with a small backpack. "Hi guys, I'm guessing the Tree told you of my test today?" Sarah asked. 

"You bet, newbie and we're here to help you pass it." Jack added.

Sarah smiled. "Hehe, thanks you guys. That makes this a lot less nerve racking, hehe." 

"Hey no problem." I said to her with a smile. Then there was a bright flash behind us and Astral Twilight appeared. "Good you are all here." she said. 

"Yep, so what's my test?" Sarah asked. 

“That I cannot tell but I can show you all.” Astral Twilight pulled out a long scroll that looked to be kinda old. She blasted the spell and the scroll levitated over the Cutie Map and blasted it, activating the map. Circles of magic appeared in the air and strong winds came as well. Astra Twilight levitated the spell to me and I grabbed it in my magic. We looked up to see a small dome that was green inside and had white stars surrounded by circles on the outside, “Follow me, if you wanna see more.” Astral Twilight said. She spread her wings and flew into the dome which closed behind her. 

The winds died down and there a moment of silence. “.... What just happened?” I asked. 

“I don’t know but we better find out.” Sarah said. I grabbed the spell in my hands and suddenly the dome opened up and the winds picked up. The spell suddenly started dragging me towards the dome, “Woah!” 

“Sarah!” Ren grabbed my legs while the others grabbed each other, trying to get me down, but the spell’s pull was too much and we were all sucked into the dome as well. “WWWWAAAAAAHHHH!” We all screamed as we traveled through the dome and we fell out and landed on the ground. “Oof!” 

I groaned a little and got up as well as my friends. “What the hell are we now?” Jack asked. We saw clouds everywhere and in the sky. “Cloudsdale?” Ren said. 

“Where?” Kaede asked. 

“Cloudsdale, where Rainbow and Fluttershy used to live and where the weather factory is. More on that later.” Ren said. 

“Why would the Tree of Harmony come here?” Carrie asked. “Does it have something to do with Sarah’s test?”

“Honestly I don’t know, maybe we can find her.” Suddenly a small blue blur with rainbow hair flew past us. “Who was that?” Mason asked. 

“It looked like.. Rainbow Dash?” Ren stated.

“Was it just me or did Skittles look way younger than usual?” Jack asked. “And I did not see a cutie-patootie mark on her either.” 

“It’s called a cutie mark and Jack’s right.” Sarah said. “You don’t think-”

“We traveled back in time to when Rainbow Dash raced the bullies who were making fun of Flutters and did her first sonic rainboom?!” Ren exclaimed. 

“B-But when from what Twilight and I read only Starswirl the Bearded could do something like that and even his spell only sent back a week. How could the Tree of Harmony do more than the greatest wizard in Equestria?” Jamie asked. The scroll floated down on the ground and I picked it up. I read it and gasped. 

“Sarah, what is it?” Kaede asked. 

“The Tree must have did it with this spell… but it’s not Starswrils look at the signature at the bottom.” Sarah stated. We looked at the signature and we were all shocked at what it said… Sapphire Gem!

“Your mother wrote this spell?!” Rantaro exclaimed in shock. “How powerful was she?!” 

“I can’t believe it. Your mother wrote a spell that can travel through time!” Jamie cried. “How is that even possible?”

“Well my dad did say my mom had many magical abilities and that…. I inherited them.” Sarah said then she gasped, “That means…. I can use the spell to travel through time as well!” 

“Wait, wait, wait, you’re telling me that a Tree used your long lost mothers’ spell to travel back in time to when Skittles was the baby for what now?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know.” I looked up to see the race about to start. “But we have to find out. Come on.” I flew into the air while my friends mounted their dragons. We were within range to see the race and saw Rainbow and the bullies zip past Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy fall to the ground. “Fluttershy!” Mason and Firestorm were about to fly down to catch her but Ren held him back. “No, don’t that’s supposed to happen.” Ren said. 

“Huh?” Mason asked. 

“You’ll see.” Rainbow was beating the bullies as the raced through Cloudsdale. One bully slammed into a cloud pillar. “Oooh, that will leave a mark.” Carrie winced. 

“Yep.” As the race continued, we didn’t see Astral Twilight appearing behind a cloud. One bully knocked Rainbow away. “See ya Rainbow Crash.” and he dove down and Rainbow dove down as well and blinding speed. 

“... Hey Sarah, isn’t that Astral Twilight over there?” Jamie asked, pointing in the distance. We all looked and there she was. But at the moment where Rainbow was about to do her sonic rainboom… Astral Twilight used her magic to stop her. 

“What the hell?!” Jack exclaimed. “Why’d it do that?” 

“Yeah, Rainbow was supposed to do her sonic rainboom now.” Ren added. We flew over to Astral Twilight. “Tree of Harmony, what did you do?” I asked it. 

“You are about to find out and Sarah’s test shall begin.” Astral Twilight said. We were all confused when another time dome appeared and we were sucked into it. 

We fell onto the map and onto the ground. “Guh…. ouch.” I groaned. 

“I don’t know what the Tree is up to yet but we have to find out before it’s too late.” Sarah said but the others and I were too busy gawking. “Umm… newbie… I think it already is.” Sarah looked and gasped. Her whole castle… was gone!

POV Ends

How can this be? Where did my castle go? “Um Sarah, where’s your castle?” Rantaro asked. 

“The Map pulled us back but whatever the Tree did in the past changed things here.” I said. 

“That’s obvious. The sky is red!” Jack exclaimed. 

“But why? And how did we get here and where’s here?” Jamie asked. I looked at the spell. “More like when.” I said. 

“What do you mean?” Carrie asked. 

“The Tree of harmony altered your mother’s spell and then used it on the map to go back into the past and change something and once that happened the map pulled us all back to the present.” Nicole stated. “Right?”

“Yes.” I confirmed. 

“So we’re back where-I mean- when we started?” Mason asked. 

“Not exactly.” I said. We all went over to the Cutie Map. “Everything is different look. The Map doesn’t make any sense anymore. The Crystal Empire takes up half of Equestria.” 

“Yeah, the kids’ right.” Rantaro said. “Something is definitely wrong here.”

“We need to find our friends and get help.” I claimed. 

“Isn’t that obvious?” Rantaro asked. 

We all started walking and made it to Ponyville… but something was wrong… very wrong. Houses were abandoned and windows were boarded up and it looked like a ghost town. “Woah… what happened here?” Kaede asked. 

“I don't know, Kaede, but this is Ponyville. How bad can things be?” I joked but we came across a building we all recognized, “Sugarcube Corner?” Ren asked.

“More like Bread Loaf Corner.” Jack commented. Sugarcube Corner looked like a normal bakery now. 

“I don’t understand.” I said. This is way too odd. We went over to Rarity’s boutique to see the place also boarded up. Mason and Carrie peeked through an opening in the boards. “Rarity?” Mason said. 

“I don’t think she’s here, Mason. I don’t think anything around here is the same.” I added. 

“Yeah and one thing’s for sure… this isn’t our Equestria.” Ren said. I agreed. 


We’ve never seen a place

That's quite like this

Everything is turned around

Our Equestria is upside-down

Getting on all the facts

It's the hand that we were dealt

But I don't have much time to fool

Got to learn all that I can

The Tree made something different, but right now we don’t know

We don’t get this Ponyville, friends’ boutique and bakery

Everything's confusing when it seems so new

But we have a reason for this future we all know that’s true

What a strange new world (what a strange new world)

We’re trying to make heads or tails of this strange new world (what a strange new world)

Sorting through the small details of this strange new world

What a strange new world

Eventually we made it to Sweet Apple Acres which looked more like a factory! “Holy crap baskets?!” Ren exclaimed. “Sweet Apple Acres is industrialized?” 

I looked into one of the windows and saw some ponies canning apples? Okay, now I know that’s not right. One of the ponies came out. I recognized her even with the hair net on her mane, tail and camouflage clothing. “Applejack?” 

“What can I do ya for?” Applejack asked. 

“It’s so good to see you. We couldn’t find Pinkie or Rarity or Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash, but I knew you would still be here.” Mason said. Applejack pushed some barrel into a cart, “of course I am, this is my home. But how in the hay is Pinkiebow and Flutterdash?” she past us again, “Or ya’ll for that matter?” she asked. 

“You don’t know who we are?” Ren asked. 

“Nope, but the only name I recognized is Rarity but she left for Manhattan years ago.” Applejack replied pushing another barrel. 

“That loon probably became a crazy fashion designer.” Jack grumbled. 

“No. Last I heard she went to help with the cause just like everypony else.” Applejack said. 

“The cause?” I asked.

“What cause?” Carrie asked.

“The war against King Sombra and the Umbrum Army in the Crystal Empire.” Applejack stated. WHAT?!

“What?!” We all exclaimed. 

“War against King Sombra, how can that be?!” Kaede exclaimed. “Sarah defeated in already.” 

“Yeah, she beat the crap out of that bastard.” Jack added.

“Where have y'all been?” Applejack asked. 

“Actually it’s when.” Jamie corrected.

"I know this is hard to believe....but you and I and those other ponies I mentioned are friends!” I told Applejack and she looked at me confused, "Did you bump your head on a crate of cider or somethin'?"

“I’m telling the truth. And if you come with us we can prove it.” I grabbed Applejack in my magic and we raced back to the map. Once there, Applejack said, "Well, I'll admit. I've lived in these parts my whole life and I've never seen this before."

“Plus there’s supposed to be a giant castle that goes with it.” Jamie added.

“For some reason the map is here but everything else is different.” I said.

“Different how?” Applejack asked.

“For one thing where we come from, there’s no war with Sombra and the Umbrum Army.” Ren added. “Maybe you can tell us how the war started then maybe we can find out how everything changed.”

“That’s easy enough.” Applejack sighed. “When the Crystal Empire returned it brought King Sombra back with it and it didn’t take long for him to force everyone of his subjects to fight for him against Equestria. He placed mind controlling helmet on them so they would be under his complete control.

Celestia declared war against the Empire and even with her leading the charge. It still takes every last pony in Equestria, doing their part to keep up the fight.” 

Woah… I had no words for that. 

“Damn…” Jack gasped. 

“I can’t believe it. We defeated King Sombra (technically Sarah beat him) you and me and our friends.” Ren said. 

“But we aren’t friends. At least not here.” Applejack said.

“Right.” Ren sighed.

"I hope all this helped...but I really need to get back to cannin' those apples." Applejack began to walk away. 

"Thank you. We're going to set things right." Ren said. Applejack sighed, “I hope you do.” and she went back to Sweet Apple Acres. 

“So how are we gonna set things right?” Mason asked. 

“I don’t know!” Ren exclaimed. “The one thing we know for sure is that the Tree of Harmony stopped Rainbow Dash’s sonic rainboom.” 

“And how does that equal war with King Sombra?” Rantaro asked. 

“Without the Sonic Rainboom, Twilight and the others never got their cutie marks which means Twilight never became Celesita’s pupil and never went to Ponyville and met Applejack and the others.” I explained. 

“So what do we do?” Jamie asked. 

“We have to go back to Cloudsdale and stop the Tree from preventing the Sonic Rainboom.” I said with determination. I activated the spell and we were sucked back into the time dome and reappeared in Cloudsdale. 

“Now where is she?” I looked around and spotted her talking to the bullies and Fluttershy. “ In a world where everypony is unique...some are bound to feel more special than others. Oh, isn't it a shame we don't live in a world where everypony is equal? No one would ever tease anyone there! Wouldn't that be nice?" Astral Twilight said. 

“Come on, Fluttershy. Maybe I can help you get through the course this time.” One of the bullies offered. 

"Well, I-I sure could use the practice." Fluttershy said. flew off and we confronted the Tree of Harmony. “Tree of Harmony why did you prevent the Sonic Rainboom… again?” I asked.

“Oh… no reason, hehe.” Astral Twilight laughed then she vanished. “... Okay… now what?” Jamie asked. 

“Maybe I can convince young Rainbow Dash to do it.” I suggested. “Be right back.” 

(Skip to 4:26. It kinds went like that)

My friends and their dragons flew beside me. “That was a bust.” Jack groaned. Astral Twilight appeared behind us. “Now you’ve seen what has happened once and now it’s time for your real test to being.” she said.

Real Test? What does she m-another time dome, great. It pulled us in and we crashed on the map again and this time we were in a forest. “My real test begins? What does she mean by that?” I asked myself. 

“Umm… Sarah.” Ren whimpered. I looked and saw that we were being held at spear point by some ponies wearing green stuff on their bodies and they had matted manes and two of the I knew. “Pinkie? Fluttershy?”

“Silence… changeling.” Pinkie growled.

“All servants of Queen Chrysalis found in these woods must be… destroyed!” Fluttershy stated. My friends pressed themselves against the map and gulped nervously. “Wait, we’re not changelings! I’m a hybrid and they are humans!” I exclaimed. 

“A likely story. Prove you’re a hybrid then.” Pinkie challenged. I transformed into a puma, a tiger and a lion and back into myself. “You’re not a hybrid, you’re a changeling.” Pinkie growled. 

“What? I’m not a changeling! Honest!” I cried. 

“Ponies, grab her!” Suddenly, I was pounced on a tied up by the other ponies. “Sarah!” Ren and Snowflake tried to help me, but the other ponies blocked their path. “Let her go!” 

“No. All servants of Queen Chrysalis must be destroyed.” one stallion said. 

“But she’s not a changeling.” Kaede added. 

“If it can shapeshift. It’s a changeling.” Pinkie growled. I was placed in a cage on the back of four stallion ponies. “Bring her back to the camp for questioning.” Fluttershy growled. 


“Stop!” a voice called.

We all looked up to see a familiar zebra in the trees. She was wearing a green mask and blue covering on her legs. 

“If they are changelings we will soon see.” Zecora said and she leaped down. “Through I don’t think they are what they appear to be,” 

“Zecora?” Ren asked. Zecora approached my friends. “Beneath this salve, no changeling hides. For it reveals the truth inside.” She placed it on my friends and they began to glow. The other ponies backed off. “What does it mean?” Pinkie asked.

“The meaning is far worse I see, for it is we who should not be.” Zecora said. 

“And the hybrid is with us too.” Jack said. Zecora approached my cave and placed the salve on me and I glowed white as well. I climbed out of the cave and went over to my friends. “And I think I can explain.” I said.

“I’m you can, but let’s not talk here.

Chrysalis and her army will soon draw near.” Zecora said. We walked with Zecora and the ponies. “So that crappy bug from the wedding is back?!” Jack whispered. 

“And she’s taken over Equestria?!” Ren added. I was about to answer but Zecora asked, “The changelings took over not long ago, through I’ll wager in your world that isn’t so.”

“Dang straight.” Jack said. 

“Chrysalis and her army tried to take over Canterlot but we and our friends stopped her.” Ren explained.

“Those friends as you know it are not here alas, but tell me how all of this came to pass?” Zecora asked.

“The Tree of Harmony traveled back in time to prevent Twilight Sparkle and her friends from ever coming together.” I explained. 

“And it is these friends you all have in life that keep Equestria free from strife?” Zecora asked.

“I guess so but this is the second time we’ve come back and this world is even worse than the last one. If the Tree keeps doing the same thing in the past how can the present be so different?” Jamie asked.

“Ahh, time is like a river where even the tiniest change is seems, can lead to a cascade of effects downstream.” Zecora said before walking off. 

“Anyone catch what she mean?” Jack asked. 

“She saying that even the smallest change in the past can change the future forever. Without the Rainboom, the first time, it led to a war with Sombra and now it’s Chrysalis taking over Equestria.” I explained with a small look of panic.

“Crap baskets.” Ren whimpered. Zecora led us deep into the forest.

“This part of the forest is dark and damp,

But it’s done well to hide our camp.” Zeocra said, revealing a camp full of other ponies similar to them, matted manes and green salve. “Well.. this is… cozy.” Jamie said nervously. 

Then we heard a scream and saw Rarity, Rainbow and Applejack. “Please, you have to help us.” Rarity said.

“The changelings attacked Ponyville, we barely escaped with our lives!” Rainbow exclaimed. 

Ren and I started to walk towards them when Zecora stopped us. “The only changelings attack I see, is the one come here looking for me.” Applejack stepped up. “It’s taken quite a while to find you Zecora, hahaha.” She was engulfed in a green flame to reveal her true identity…. Queen Chrysalis. 

“Oh crap baskets.” Ren whimpered. Our dragons growled at the sight. The resistance ponies immediately confronted her. “What a lovely village you’ve chosen to stage your little resistance.” Chrysalis said. “It looks absolutely delicious.” she licked her lips. Carrie whimpered while Mason narrowed her eyes at her. 

Two ponies confronted her with the spears and she backed up. “Oh come now, Zecora. You’re vastly outnumbered.” Rarity and Rainbow were revealed to be two changeling soldiers and her army surrounded the resistance camp. “What do we do?” Carrie whimpered. 

Suddenly I heard the Tree of Harmony’s voice. “You must restore this land…. Find the Elements and defeat the Queen.” Wait… what?

“I know you don’t want your charges hurt. Come quietly to the dungeons of Canterlot and I promise the leave the others alone.” 

“Why would she ever trust you?” Fluttershy growled. 

“Time to make a decision, Zecora.” Chrysalis said. I began to walk through the crowd of ponies. “Sarah, no come back!” Jack hissed. 

“Oh and I see you’ve added some more charges to your resistance too, hahaha!” Chrysalis laughed. “This will be a feast.” 

“You’re not getting anything!” I growled showing my wings. 

“An alicorn too, this is too rich!” Chrysalis laughed. “And do you know what we changelings do to resisters, lock them in the dungeon!”

“And what I do to creatures who threaten me, is have them say hello to Blitz.” I said. 

“Who?” I took out Blitz card..


Blitz roared at the changelings who were totally shocked by this as well as the resistance ponies. “Let’s see how tough you bugs are now?” I challenged. Chrysalis growled and changed into Roc. She charged Blitz and rammed him, making him skid back a little. Blitz roared and tried to bite Chrysalis but she was a flyer and he wasn’t. Chrysalis got in close and started clawing Blitz in the face. “Blitz!” 

“Sarah needs help guys.” Ren said.

“Let’s add our dinosaurs into the mix then.” Mason suggested.

“Hell yeah, let’s make this an all out battle!” Jack exclaimed. 




Mason: "DINO SLASH, SHAKE THEM UP, STEGOSAURUS” and with that Blaze, Aqua, Blossom and Quake appeared and gave a loud roar. “Blaze, help Blitz!” Ren called.

“You too, Quake!” Mason added. Blaze and Quake charged Chrysalis and Blaze knocked her away from Blitz and she crashed to the ground. Quake started to stomp on her until she got up again. She squwacked and charged Quake but Quake wielded his tail and Chrysalis backed away, knowing those spikes could hurt her badly. 

Blitz came in and rammed her again, knocking her to the ground. “Now Blitz, let’s finish this… LIGHTNING SPEAR!”

I slashed the card and Blitz roared. He charged Chrysalis and pushed her into the air, striking her with a spear of electricity. Chrysalis cried in pain as she fell to the ground. The changelings came to her aid immediately. “This isn’t over.” a changeling growled and the whole army retreated. Blitz and the dinosaurs roared in victory. 

The boys and I turned them back into their cards. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie approached us, “What were those things?” Pinkie asked.

“Dinosaurs, ancient creatures.” Ren said simply. 

“Thank you for saving us. Maybe you’re not so bad after all.” Fluttershy said. 

Jack smirked at them, “Got that right.” 

“So… what happened now?” Kaede asked. 

“We have to find the Elements and defeat Queen Chrysalis to restore this land… the Tree just told me.” I gasped. 

“It did… wait… so this is…” Ren started

“This is my test.. To restore this Equestria to the way it was before, by finding the Elements of Harmony and defeating Queen Chrysalis.” I explained.

“But shouldn’t your element be enough?” Mason asked.

“No, we need all of the Elements to defeat the Queen.” I said.

“But how are we gonna find Twilight and the others?” Ren asked. “They could be anywhere.” 

My cutie mark glowed brightly and the images of Twilight and the Mane 6’s cutie mark floated off of my cheek. They floated away and we followed them to the Cutie Map where the were floating around Canterlot and two were floating over the forest we were in now. “That’s a new one.” Ren commented. 

“But what does it mean?” Kaede asked. “Why are Pinkie and Fluttershy’s cutie marks in the forest while the others are in Canterlot?” 

“Maybe it’s telling us where to find the bearers of the Elements. Fluttershy and Pinkie are the Bearers of Kindness and Laughter. So we need Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow and Twilight who seemed to be in Canterlot.” I explained. 

“Looks like we’re going to Canterlot.” Ren said. 

“We’re coming with you. If there’s any chance to defeat Chrysalis then we want in too.” Fluttershy said. We all nodded. 

“Be careful my friends

And bring this fight to an end.” Zecora said. 

“Keep an eye on the Map for us please?” I asked Zecora. 

“Don’t worry, we will.” a pony promised. We all nodded and started to head out to restore this Equestria to it's former glory.

POV Ends