A shadows love

by Moonlight_shadow78

Taken once more

“No....she cannot leave...she must stay.” Sombra said as he turned into his shadows form. His body shot out of the window which gave a gasp from everyone. as he shot himself at the group he wrapped himself around twilight and took her away again but not before he chained up twilights friends and family and teleported them to his castle prison

“Hey let me go!” Twilight shouted.

Sombra was silent as he cast a spell on twilight and she felt her mindset immediately change.

As it was too much for her twilight blacked out. And as always, sombra picked her up and put her somewhere special to him and soon, her. It was going to be a long day for her when she woke up.

When twilight woke up she found herself in a familiar place but the room was...different she looked over and what she saw almost made her faint from fright.
Which she did. But sombra knew. So he thought it was time to enact his spell that he had placed on her the night before.

He lit up his horn with dark specks of magic leaking out as green started to sorround his horn. Once he cast the spell twilights mind was altered.

All of the happy and loving moments with her friends and family became happy loving time with sombra. And all of the painful evil memories of sombra were replaced with evil painful memories with twilights friends and family.

And with a jolt, twilight woke up. “Dear, are you okay?” Sombra asked, making sure his spell worked. And that she was acually okay.

“Since you’re here, yes.” Twilight said smiling.

Sombra grinned victoriously. His spell had worked.

At breakfast they were both eating and then twilight asked “what would you like to do today?”

“Hmm I don’t know my dear but we could go in the garden if you would like.”

“Sure!” Twilight said happily.

After 5 hours in the garden.

“You know.... I’ve been wondering something dear.”

“What is it?” Twilight asked.

“We both love eachother so much will you be my queen of shadows? Will you be with me forever my dear?” He asked as he held out a crown with a six point star on top. Similar to her cutie mark

“ I love you, will you marry me?”