Luminous Skies: Element of Courage

by Luminous Skies

Luminous “Madlad” Skies (Griffon the Brush-Off)


”Bring forth thy flank, colt~”

For all of the readers that don’t speak ‘Luna’, she just said ‘Bring that ass here, boi!’

”Oh god... AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!”

*record scratch*

*freeze frame*

Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation. Well, for that we’re gonna have to go way back. Let’s start from the beginning.

“So, I understand you have your eyes on me, your highness.”

Celestia smirks. “You know, me and Griffin have some things to take care of, so we’ll talk to you two later.” She then turns her smirk towards Griffin.

Griffin looks at the Sun Princess confused. Uhhh, can I help you?

Celestia gives him bedroom eyes and caresses is face. “No. But maybe I can help you~”

Now Griffin is scared. “Uhh, I-I need an adult.”

“I am an adult~” Celestia begins to charge up her horn, still looking at Griffin with the same look in her eyes.

This time Luminous is the one to smirk at Griffin.

Griffin looks at Luminous and mouths something at him. “Help me”

Luminous just closes his eyes with raised eyebrows and shakes his head, still smirking. “You’re on your own.”

Griffin’s pupils shrink as he and Celestia disappear.

After that, he turns to Luna. Who was still staring at Luminous. “So you DO like me.”

Luna shakes off her blush and scoffs at Luminous, frantically trying to cover it up. “What would make you think such nonsense?”

“I’m not blind. I see how your face turns into a tomato every time you look at me.” Luminous says with a grin.

Luna blushes again. “W-What?”

Luminous smiles. “Yeah, it pretty obvious. But I’d be lying if I said you weren’t one of the most beautiful mares I’ve ever seen.”

Keep in mind that I said ONE of the most beautiful. My marefriends still take the cake.

Luna gasps with a hopeful smile. “Really?”

Luminous nods. “Really, Really. But I’m already dat-“

Luna didn’t let him finish and practically flew into his arms with a huge smile.

“You didn’t let me fini-OH MOST WONDROUS OF NIGHTS!!!” Once again Luminous is interrupted by Luna.

“Wait, it’s nighttime?! I gotta get back home!” Luminous gets out of Luna’s grip and looks around for the exit. “God, how do you get out of this place?” Suddenly Luminous gets covered in a blue aura and is levitated towards Luna, who is giving him bedroom eyes.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“Well it’s late and I gots to get home. Rainbow and Twilight are probably waiting for me.” Luminous says, with a tinge of fear.

“Oh? But we still have some business to attend to~”

Now he’s a little scared. “Uhh, may I ask what kind of business?”

“Hear for yourself.” She puts him down teleports them to a big double door with a sun in the middle. He looks out the window to see the stars are out and about in the sky.

“Where is we?”

Luna points to the door, still having bedroom eyes and a sensual smile. “Listen.”

Luminous walks over to the door and presses his ear to the door. “Hey, I hear voices. Is that Celestia? And Griffin too! Just what is going on in there? Wait, is that the bed I hear creaking over and over again? Why is Celestia giggling. Oh god, she’s moaning now. He’s screaming in fear, WHY IS GRIFFIN SCREAMING IN FEAR?! WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN THERE?!?!” Luminous is getting more and more scared by the second.

“They,” Luna slowly walks towards Luminous, swaying her hips. “Are doing what WE will be doing tonight~”

Luminous’s pupils shrink as he realizes what Celestia and Griffin are doing in the room.

Using the Royal Canterlot Voice Celestia taught him he shouted,


He immediately leaps out of a window.

And that’s how Luminous ended up running through Canterlot with the Princess of the Night in pursuit.

While Luminous is running, the ponies still on the streets in this hour notice him.

“Is that who I think it is?”

“That’s Luminous Skies!”

“Oh my Celestia, it is!”



“Marry me, Luminous!”


”Oh crap, fangirls!”

The fangirls give chase as well alongside Luna. She STILL is giving Luminous a sensual look.

Luminous says, “Man I haven’t been this scared ever since I was stranded in the North Pole as a foal!” He immediately pauses the entire scene and stops running.

WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE. He was never a foal! He was only for Equestria for five months! If this is true, then why does he have these memories? This could only mean one thing...

Luminous looks at the camera with wide eyes. I’ve been in this universe for so long that I am mentally morphing into this existence and the memories of my old life are becoming replaced by the memories of my new one!!

Eh, my past life was shit anyway.

With that he snaps his feathers and the scene starts up again. “Alright, enough messing around.”

Luminous stops running and turns back to face Luna who had finally caught up with him. But before she could do anything, Luminous gives he a two-feathered salute, winks at her, and turns around again and takes off.


Luna looks at the streak of light Luminous made when he took off and looks on into the night with a longing smile.

Someday, we will be together. Meus amor lux.

Ten seconds later...

“Ahhh,” Luminous smiles as he opens the door to his mansion in the sky. “Home sweet home.” When he walks in the scene inside the house causes him to get a little confused. “Something is odd.”


Suddenly he gets glomped by his adorable marefriends from both sides, causing him to fall on the ground. “AHHH! Surprise attack of adorableness! My only weakness!” He makes fake dying sounds as he clutches his chest with his hooves, only making Rainbow and Twilight laugh harder. Luminous finally exhales and juts his tongue out. Twilight and Rainbow look at each other with mischievous grins. He opens his eyes and notices the look they are giving. Luminous narrows his eyes.


”Oh, we’re gonna do it.”
”Oh, we’re gonna do it.”

”Did you guys rehearse this?!”

”Would you believe us if we said we started before you even left?”
”Would you believe us if we said we started before you even left?”

*sigh* ”I’d be shocked if you didn’t.”


”You don’t have to do this!”


”Can’t we talk about this like adults?!”

”Technically, you’re still a teenager. Three.”



”No no nooooo...”



Rainbow and Twilight begin to smother their coltfriend with tickles and kisses until a few minutes later where he lays on the ground covered in smooch marks, breathing heavily. All of this as his marefriends snuggle with him.

“Rainbow, you never told me that his laugh was so adorable!”

“I know right?!”

“W-What?! My laugh isn’t adorable!”


Luminous just puffs up his cheeks in a pout and blushes, which only make Rainbow and Twilight nuzzle his cheeks affectionately.

”Awww, so adorable!”
”Awww, so adorable!”

”Alright, that’s it!”

Luminous wraps each of his large wings around each of his mares, rushes out of his door and jumps off the island towards the ground down below.


Suddenly Luminous conjures up a platform of light and all three land on it. Rainbow and Twilight slowly open their eyes. And the sight they saw was breathtaking. They appeared to be over a glimmering ocean with clouds brilliantly illuminated by the moon.

“W-where are we?” Rainbow asks in awe and shock.

“While you two had your eyes closed, I used my super speed to take us here. I spent a few days arranging the clouds to make it look like this. And also, to do this.”

Using Aurora Borealis, he somehow made the sight even more breathtaking.

Luminous looks at his marefriends and finds their jaws completely dropped, their eyes as wide as can be. Did he see a tear in Rainbow’s eyes?

“Rainbow? Are you okay there?” Luminous asks.

“Y-you did all of this...for us?” Twilight asks, tearing up a bit too.

“Well yeah. I’d do anything for y’all.”

“THAT!” Rainbow points at him. “That right there is what I don’t understand!”

“I’m confused what did I do?.” Luminous says with tilt of his head.

“T-this! You always put others in front of yourself! It took you about a WEEK to do this, AND YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T EVEN SLEEP!!”

Luminous raises an eyebrow. “Okay so what? Do you not like it?”

“What?! FUCK NO! THIS IS THE BEST THING ANYONE HAS EVER DONE FOR ME!!” Now she really is crying a lot. “And thank you so, so, much for this!”

Luminous is worried. “Then why are so upset?”

Twilight speaks up softer than Rainbow. “I think she’s trying to say is that sometimes—“


“—you’re too selfless for your own good.”

“Okay, MAYBE I could have gotten some more sleep setting this up. So what? It’s not like I do this everyday.”

“That’s the thing! YOU DO! As Guardian of the Night, you always go for patrols EVERY NIGHT without getting ANY sleep! Explain that!” Rainbow shouts, her voice cracking through her crying.

Luminous’s pupils shrink. “Ah shizzle, I completely forgot about my patrol! I gotta go!” He puts on his cloak of darkness. He begins to stand up, but Rainbow forces him back down and gets on top of him to keep him from moving.

“Hey Rain! Stop playin’, c’mon!”

“You see?! This is what I’m talking about! You always do amazing and thoughtful things for anyone else, but almost no one returns the favor!” Rainbow starts sobbing. “You don’t deserve to have someone as selfless as you.” She fully breaks down in tears. “I DON’T DESERVE TO BE WITH SOME ONE AS SELFLESS AS YOU!!”

Luminous, instead of feeling empathy, feels anger. “THAT’S BULLSHIT!!”

He grabs Rainbow’s head by the cheeks and gets her to look at him. “Listen here. I don’t do the things I do in hope for everypony to return the favor, I do it because I love seeing the joy on their faces after I do it. The reason I did THIS for you two,” He smiles, “is because I love you.”

I DO love them...right? Right.

Twilight gives a huge smile. “Awwww, Lulu!” She goes over and kisses him a hundred times, but Rainbow hasn’t moved. Both of them look at her to find that she is still crying, but has a huge smile on her face. Before Luminous could respond, she tackle-hugs him off the edge of the platform and they fall through the sky, smiling at each other.

“I love you too!” She shouts out of joy. She then connects her lips with his. The scene zooms out to see Luminous Skies and Rainbow Dash kissing each other and slowly spinning through the sky, with the colorful sky in the background.

Twilight peeks over the platform and looks at the two with jealousy.

“Man, I need to get me some wings.”

The next day

Luminous wakes up to the banging in his front door.

“Ugh, can’t a celebrity superhero get a much-needed sleep in the middle of the sky in a floating island?” Luminous asks himself with a grumble.

He eventually goes downstairs and opens the door, and his visitor immediately gets him out of his morning slump. But it does confuse him. Kinda. But he really isn’t thinking about that because of the cuteness overload he is currently getting because of the adorable look Fluttershy is giving him.



Luminous doubles over on the ground, overtaken by adorableness. But Fluttershy believes she did something to hurt him so she cuts the adorable act and rushes over to him.

“Luminous! I’m s-so sorry! I never meant to hurt you!” Fluttershy says, tearing up with guilt.

Suddenly she feels Luminous wipe the tears from her eyes, and opens then to see him smiling warmly.

“Don’t worry, Flutters. You didn’t do anything wrong. I just found what you did so adorable that my body simply couldn’t handle it.” Luminous says with a chuckle.

Fluttershy gasps with a smile/blush. “Really?”

Luminous nods. “Yep, why did you go all adorable in the first place.”

“W-well I talked to Rainbow and she said that you were into adorable mares and I-eep!” Fluttershy covers her mouth with both hooves as she realizes she said too much.

Luminous’s eyes widen in realization as his face grows red. “Y-you were flirting with me.”

Fluttershy is so embarrassed she wants to run away, but she can’t take her sight off of Luminous’s beautiful eyes.

“You like me, don't you?” Luminous asks with a small smile.

Ever since Luminous saved her from timberwolves, he always thought Fluttershy was beautiful. But he never thought she would ever return his feelings for her. So realizing that she had feeling for him put a smile on his face. This goes for Fluttershy as well.

Just like Luminous has shown Rainbow Dash how to be less cocky, he also taught Fluttershy to be more out going and assertive. She also taught her to be brave and take some risks.

Fluttershy may be shy, but she isn’t stupid. She can tell that Luminous likes her, so she slightly nods with a small smile.

Luminous gives her a warm smile and walks up to her. “Hey, how about we go for a fly? Come on! I know a cool cloud formation nearby.” Luminous takes off, and Fluttershy follows without hesitation.

As Luminous and Fluttershy flies through the clouds he found his friend looking around, trying to find something.

“It’s been a long time, Colored.” To that colored looked up.

“That it has, Luminous.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Colored Question.”

“Feelings mutual, Fluttershy.”

While they were flying, Luminous and Fluttershy ran into one of Luminous’s old friends named Colored Question. He’s a pegasus stallion with a mane and fur the same color as Pinkie Pie’s, with a rainbow-colored question mark as a curie mark. Apparently he’s really good a questioning things. No one really knows.

“Find anything hilarious lately?” Luminous asks, as him and Fluttershy land on the rock Colored Question is sitting on.

“Yep! Radio Wave found Rarity on top of your roof, sleeping. When he asked what she was doing up there, her face went crimson and she just froze. She ended up getting too scared to get down. We already know that Rarity gets an Australian accent when scared, and a full on Brit accent when she’s angry. But we now found out that when Rarity’s afraingry, her normally Canterlot accent becomes Scottish.”

Luminous laughs. “Really?!”

“Yeah! He even got it on video!” Colored Question gives him a glowing orb.

“Hey, I’ve seen those before. I heard they can show projections on other unicorns’ horns! With their consent, of course.” Fluttershy says.

“What are you waiting for? Turn it on!”

Colored Question touches the orb and a projection appears.

In the video, as Radio Wave tries to get Rarity down from the roof, he also tells we not to put all of her weight on the roof, afraid that she might fall. This agitated Rarity and she screams,



After watching the video, all three pegasi collapse onto the cloud, laughing their flanks off. After ten minutes of side-splitting, Colored Question asks Fluttershy something, and his cutie mark glows. (Only Luminous notices but decides to keep his mouth shut)

“So I’m guessing that Luminous has told you about me.” Colored Question asks Fluttershy.

Fluttershy nods with a smile. “Yes he has! He also taught me this one song you and him sing together when you meet up. Although the lyrics may be...questionable, it’s still a song I enjoy very much!”

Colored Question gasps in excitement and turns to Luminous. “You didn’t!”

Luminous smirks. “I did.”

“You are a gift to this world, you know that?”

“I’m the gift that keeps on giving!”

“So, are we gonna sing the song or what?” Fluttershy asks with a grin.

All three pegasi take a deep inhale, and sing a certain Italian hymn.

Right after they were finished singing, they heard Granny Smith scream from down below.

“Wazzat?” Luminous asks.

“I don’t know, but it didn’t sound good.” Fluttershy says.

“Fluttershy, come on. Let’s see what’s up. Colored, you know what to do.” Luminous says, getting a nod from both pegasi. Colored Question flies off in a random direction, while Luminous and Fluttershy fly to Ponyville to see what’s going on.

Before Luminous could say anything, Fluttershy spots a couple of ducks with their ducklings walking through the middle of the road. Fluttershy automatically goes to help them cross the road, completely oblivious to Luminous’s warnings, as he sees that the ducks are heading in the same direction as a certain bi—I mean Griffon. While Fluttershy was leading the ducks, she accidentally bumps into Gilda who doesn’t take it that well.

“Hey!” Gilda yells right into Fluttershy’s face.

“O-oh, please excuse me.”

“I’m walkin’ here!” Gilda yells at Fluttershy again.

Fluttershy backs away from the Griffon in fear. “Oh. Um, I-I’m sorry, I w-was just trying to-“

“oH, i’M sOrRy! i’M sOrRy!” Gilda says, mocking Fluttershy. “Why don’t you just watch where you’re GOING, doofus!”

While Luminous was watching this, he was getting angrier and angrier, and the townsponies noticed. They slowly backed away from the scene, knowing that they don’t want to be there when Luminous finally snaps.

Tears of fear begin to well in Fluttershy’s eyes. “I, I-I...”

Having enough, Gilda takes a huge inhale of breath, and roars loudly right in Fluttershy’s face. This causes Fluttershy to burst into tears and run away and hide behind Luminous, still audibly sobbing.

Gilda looked around, and saw that everyone was far away from her. All of them were giving her looks of anger/pity. They were angry because, well, one of the most sacred rules of Ponyville is that NOBODY treats Fluttershy that way lest they feel the Equestrian wrath. They felt sorry for Gilda because of what Luminous was about to do to her.

Speaking of Luminous, Gilda notices that Fluttershy hid behind a certain green Pegasus. ’Hey! Don’t I know him?

Earlier in Cloudsdale

“So, how has life been treating you?” Golds asks her friend, who she decided to visit.

“Actually, a lot better than I expected!” Rainbow Dash tells her. “In fact, I have a coltfriend now.”

Gilda raises an eyebrow. “He’s not a wuss, is he.”

Rainbow chuckles. “Trust me. You do NOT want to piss him off.”

Gilda grins. “Really? Tell me about him.”

Rainbow looks off into the distance. “Where so I start? He’s sweet, caring, brave, and he’d go to Tartarus and back for those he loves. He has beautiful green eyes, vibrant green and blue hair, soft green fur, and don’t even get me started on those wings~“

Gilda chuckles. “Uh, Dashie? You’re gettin’ a winger.”

Green eyes, blue and green hair, green fur. Man, those ARE some nice wings...oh crap. That’s Rainbow’s coltfriend, all right. DOUBLE CRAP! Rainbow told me specifically NOT TO PISS HIM OFF!

Luminous looks like he is about to level an entire continent.

Gilda looks at Luminous and realizes that she MAYBE shouldn’t have yelled at that yellow pegasus.

It isn’t even a split second before Luminous takes his Blacklight form. But there’s something different; instead of glowing white, his eyes are pure black. The inside of his cloak is pitch black instead of green, and the bottom of the cloak it seems to fade into a black mist.


Now Gilda knows she DEFINITELY shouldn’t have yelled at her.

”I’m going to give you 30 seconds to get out of my sight before I make the Holocaust look like a fucking joke.”

“Wait, so you’re telling me that Fluttershy has the hots for Luminous Skies?!” Fleetfoot asked in shock.

Ever since arriving at Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle has been ITCHING to go to Cloudsdale, and Rainbow Dash finally took her there. Currently they’re talking to Rainbow’s Wonderbolt teammates.

“Uh-Huh. I mean can you blame her?” Rainbow says.

“Nah. If I wasn’t already dating Soarin, I would be all over him.” Spitfire says with a smirk.

“I’m right here.” Soarin says with a deadpan look.

“Come on, Soarin. You know I’m only joking.” She says, kissing him. “Still...

Spitfire asks Twilight and Rainbow, “Is there anyone else you know of that has the hots for him?”

“Well you know, besides 50% of the mare population.” Cloudchaser says with a chuckle.

Rainbow says, “Alright let’s see here. We have Pinkie Pie, no surprise there because they were practically MADE for each other. Rarity, who we caught doing...something on Luminous’s roof.”

Flitter frowns. “Aww, I was kind of hoping that she would at least give Spike a chance.”

“You DO realize that Spike is only 12, right?” Twilight says. “Besides, he’s already kicking it off with her little sister.”

“Sweetie Belle? Since when?”

“Since Luminous knocked someone sense into him and got him to ask her out.”


(Knock Knock) Luminous?


What’s up Spike? You said you needed to talk about something?

Yeah. It’s about Rarity. I’m starting to get the idea that she doesn’t like me the way I like her.

(Sigh) Sit down with me...You are one hundred percent right. She will never like you like that.

W-What?! But why? (Sniff) What did I do wrong??

Let’s start with the fact that she is twenty-six and you are twelve.

Well when you put it like that...

And two, I’m for certain that her little sister has the hots for you.

(Gasp) Wait, she does??”

Christ, us males really are oblivious! Have you not seen the way she looks at you?!

I guess not. Jeez, I never knew!

...Well?! What are you waiting for?! Ask Sweetie Belle out and see if she says yes!

Really? I guess I could give it a try. But I’ve always had the hots for Rari-I swear to God if you say that shit one more time...

Cloudchaser smiles. “That stallion really is something else. If it weren’t for him talking to those stallions, they would all still be as oblivious as Spike was.”

Suddenly Rainbow and Twilight started laughing. “That reminds us of this one thing he did where he gathered all of the local stallions and brought them to his house...”


A’ight bros, I gathered y’all here to get a commonly asked question straight: Do you consider clopping to be a sport? Well, I don’t know about you motherfuckers, but I consider that shit to be a sport, okay? If people can sit back and label goddamn golf, which is the boringest fucking sport in the world, a goddamn sport - if you can label that shit as a sport, and if you can label goddamn fishing as a sport - I know damn well you can label clopping a sport. Think about it, what the fuck, athletically, are you really doing in, in golf, my zigga? All you're doing is hitting a goddamn golf club...'Oh my god, man, that's a long-ass birdie, man, nice birdie, nice putt, man! It went 250...' Get the fuck outta here! No one cares about that boring-ass shit! Who the fuck really watches golf, my zigga? Nobody gives a fuck; it makes ziggas fall to sleep! Fishing, on the other hand...What are the fuck are you really doing, athletically, my zigga, in fishing? All you're doing is that you're sitting your bitch-ass up in the boat - usually it's old-ass snaggle-teeth motherfuckers that ain't got no goddamn teeth up in their fucking grill, or up in their mouth - they're just sitting up in the goddamn boat - you know what I'm saying? - throwing a goddamn rod. It could be any kind of goddamn bait upon the end of the rod. It could be a worm, it could be a caterpillar, it could be a centipede, it could be a dead-ass butterfly, it could be the fucking beak of a damn bird, it could be a fuckin' - It could be anything! You know what I'm saying? 'Oh my God, we caught a big-ass salmon! Reel that fat bitch in! Yeah!' Motherfucker, what are you doing athletically? How the fuck is that working up a sweat, my zigga? What, you're working out your front legs because you have to reel that motherfucker in? Zigga, that's not a sport, man! Well, fuck it, you know what? It is a sport! Fuck it! If you guys want to consider that shit to be a sport, clopping is a fucking sport to me. Clopping and beating your motherfucking dick to porn is a sport.


After laughing for a straight five minutes after hearing the story, the pegasi (and unicorn) brought up a question.

“Speaking of Luminous, where is he?”

Suddenly they see a scared shitless Griffon flying towards them. It was none other than Gilda.

“Gilda? What are you doing here.” Rainbow asked.

Gilda grabbed her friends shoulders. “Please, Dash! You gotta talk some sense in to your boyfriend! He’s trying to fucking kill me!” She says in fear.

As if on cue, everyone turns to see a black comet heading straight towards them. Or should I say, straight towards Gilda.


They recognized that deep voice anywhere. That was Blacklight.

Rainbow turns to her friend. “Gilda, what did you do?!”

“W-well, I was just walking around the town when all of the sudden this yellow Pegasus got in my way. So I got a little mad, and I maaaay have yelled at her and made her cry-“

“YOU DID WHAT?!” Everypony around shouts at once.

“Well, no wonder he’s so pissed off! You gotta go, right now!” Rainbow says to Gilda.

”She ain’t going nowhere!” Blacklight says, still very pissed off.

Rainbow Dash flies up to him. “Listen, you gotta calm down. I know what she did, but she just wasn’t thinkin’ at the time. Just let it go, babe.”

He looks at her in disbelief. “Are you shitting me?! How the hell do you expect me to calm down?! I don’t think you realize how much Fluttershy means to me!”

Now it’s Rainbow’s turn to look at Blacklight in disbelief. “What are you talking about?! You legit told EVERYONE how much she meant to you about a month after you came to Ponyville.”

He opens his mouth, only to close it again as he remembers the scene he made when he caught somepony picking on Fluttershy. “Oh I did to that, didn’t I?” Blacklight’s eyes go wide as he realizes something. “I know what I have to do.”

Blacklight calms down and reverts back to Luminous Skies. “Dashie! Twi-Twi! Fluttershy who is still clinging to my back! Make sure you tell Pinkie the party is cancelled!” He points to a confused/scared Gilda. “Get out of here before I change my mind!” Luminous gets Fluttershy off his back, flies off to his house without question, leaving Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and pretty much everypony else who saw the thing go down, confused.

Now to get Rarity off my roof...