Drabble Kaboom!

by Alex Warlorn

Sequel to "Old Crusaders and New Princesses" By FanOfMostEverything


"Well..." Books and e-readers orbited Twilight like a star's asteroid belt. "Past trials do seem to indicate that transferring your soul to an unliving, unfeeling phylactery has some adverse effects on your psyche, especially in the long term as mortal ambitions and bonds feel increasingly irrelevant. Of course, the so-called 'demilich' hypothesis is based on the assumption that all souls will eventually long for death, and we're eternally living proof that that isn't the case.

"There could be a correlation without causation here. Most liches throughout history were already antisocial loners who forsook interpersonal bonds for power, and who sought undeath just to hold on to that power for eternity. Sweetie's reasons are pretty much unprecedented."

Rarity had learned much over the decades—one couldn't help it when knowing Twilight for that long—but she felt no more enlightened than the first time Twilight discussed the finer points of arcane radicals during a dress fitting. "Could you summarize, darling?"

Twilight smiled, the research material flying back to its proper spots. "Put simply, keep being her friend and she won't have any reason to turn evil."

Rarity returned the grin and nodded. "That much I think we can all manage."