A shooting nightmare

by The Psychopath

Constant moving

The sun was now up and shining brightly, almost too brightly. It managed to "burn" through the blinds and shine in Mathews face, making him wriggle and moan as his pupils shrunk to the point of disappearing.

"Gah! I hate the sun! Ugh. What time is it? Seven a.m.? Hm. That was an adorable dream I had last night. Too bad it couldn't be a reality. Heh. An alien horse thing that might be able to talk. Ridiculou-"he stopped cold as he heard some yawning and saw a tiny form stretch from underneath the blankets. He showed nothing on his face, but deep down, he knew it was something terrifying. Something sinister. It was:

"A giant mutant cockroach? In MY bed? DIE beast of nightmares!" he yelled as he threw his sheets onto the floor.

He almost blacked out from seeing what was really underneath. It was that same, little thing from last night. He hadn't dreamt at all. It was all real! Crescent looked up at him with her big watery eyes, and rumbling echoed through the room. She looked at her stomach in confusion.

"Hungry? I'm already surprised enough that you were real, but that means I'll have to feed you properly and teach you good manners."

Crescent snuffed at 'good manners', making Mathews flinch for a moment and look revolted, but, it didn't last. He immediately grabbed the little bundle and rubbed her against his face and started to speak in a stupid manner:

"I'm going to take good care of you. Yes I will. I will hug you and pet you and squeeze you and call you George...NO." he said after realizing how stupid he was acting.

As Fore tried to assess what just passed through his mind, he was met with a swift punch in the nose, making him yell in pain and drop Crescent on the bed.

"GYAH! Why would you do that?!" Mathews started to rub his nose.

Crescent ignored this and tried to hop off the bed. Although, given her small stature, she ended up flopping hard onto the ground and started to cry. Mathews walked up to the little crying filly and looked sterned.

"Not as fun when you're on the receiving side, is it? C'mere yu. Ah'm gun take yu tae da lunch rrrrroom."

The man held her tightly and placed her over his shoulder. She didn't start to calm down, as he had hoped. On the contrary. She started to scream and kick. Fore was lucky to train at a gym because every hit to his head made said part of his body lash to one side and fling back, like a paddle ball. This was getting irritating to him. He knew that she wouldn't and couldn't run away, so Mathews dropped Crescent onto one of his couches and left for his small kitchen. Stretching a bit before opening the fridge. Mathews cracked a few bones and finally went into the white box of full emptiness.

"Let's see." he said as he started to rummage through everything."Hummm. Not much salad here. At least it's still fresh."

Mathews grabbed the bag of freshly freshed fresh greens and dumped a bit on a plate. He took a bowl and let some water slip in, then he rubbed his smooth head as he tried to figure something out.

"Wait. You're a baby, so, shouldn't you drink milk? Hmeh. I'll see." Mathews picked up the plate and bowl and started to try and "converse" with Crescent."I've never been much of a herbivore, although, seeing as you're equine in shape and structure, I think, you must eat plants. I've always been more of a carnivore myself. Mmmm. Sweet 'n juicy meat. Well, here you g-Where'd you go?"

The little black bundle disappeared from her spot on the couch. She hadn't said a word or made a sound and she just vanished! Mathews placed the bowl and plate on the floor and started to look around. The blinds were still down and the security system was still on for the rest of the house, so she couldn't have gotten out of the house. Fore had installed two separate security systems in his "demeure". One for the house, and one for his room. As Fore stroked his goatee, he heard some sort of mixture between giggling and an evil, maniacal laughter, although it was quite high pitched.

"Where are you? You aren't in the living room, and you aren't in the kitchen. Maybe you're-oh shit." Mathews somehow tripped on a wire that appeared out of nowhere, allowing him to give a good morning's greeting to the floor.

Fore pushed himself back up and looked at his feet. There was a glowing strand of whatever that was that quickly vanished as he started to squint at it.

"The hell was that?" he wondered as he stood up to brush the dust off of his shirt. "Maybe she went back into my room? Ugh. I shouldn't have gotten up that fast. I can't think straight and my head is spinning."

Mathews pressed onwards towards his room, and, as he opened the door, was met by some sort of evil being that seemed to be made up of stars. It was blocking his way into the room. There was a face-off, and the construct laughed in Mathews face, although the human didn't care. He just puckered a lip and crocked an eyebrow before punching the thing into a smog.

"Huh. You really know how to make weird things. Perhaps I'll start panicking at that thought later on. However, my blood-sugar is too low, so I can't think straight. I need some morning bacon and eggs with my special fruit juice, while YOU need to eat and drink."

The little thing was lying down on Mathews bed and had placed herself into a sort of "attack mode" similar to when a cat is about to pounce. She even started to growl, making the man laugh his heart out at the site.

"That's hilarious and adorable at the same time. Pahahahaha...ha...why are you gnawing on my head?"

Indeed. Fore had bent over a bit too much near the bed, allowing Crescent to properly jump onto his head and try to bite him. Instead of screaming, pain and bleeding, Mathews just stood in place with an absurd expression on his face that said "Seriously?". The only downside to this was the "filet" of drool sliding slowly down the side of the man's face.

"*sigh*It's a good thing I don't have hair anymore. C'mon. Time to eat."

Crescent, after realizing that her attempts at attacking this giant were futile, resigned to letting the giant pick her up and hold her as she crossed her forelegs in frustration and looked at the ground with the same amount of feeling. She was "tossed" very gently onto the soft ground where her plate of salad and bowl of water laid while Mathews left to cook his food, leaving the little filly to stare at this absurd dish.


A few minutes had already passed, and Mathews had come back with a plate full of food in his hands. He gently laid it on the table before going to the security console near the door to deactivate the security. This allowed him to open the blinds of his backyard 'windoors', the same doors that he slammed into at least once every month. As the fresh, pure sunlight invaded the room, the man took his glass of fruit juice and took in a nice sip before grabbing the T.V. remote and shifting his view to Crescent. She looked horrified, like she was eating something undignified for her "stature".

"What's wrong? The salad not fresh enough? You need it chopped up? Don't you have teeth? I felt them when you chomped my head. I'm sorry, but that's all I have right now. I usually just eat my fair share of broccoli and spinach and take vitamins afterwards. I'll go to the store tomorrow. Today is Sunday, so they're closed. Look, that's all you're having. Plus, you can't eat this stuff. I know it hurts, but I think you'll be extremely sick if you ate meat. Besides, I'm not irresponsible to the point of giving a...mini...horse from outer space...who is also a baby...meat...Wow. My blood sugar is REALLY low. Let's see what's on T.V."

The first channel held nothing, but the second had a comedy show on, so Mathews kept it on there while he ate. He didn't pay attention to the little filly who continued to stare at her food, then push it slightly with a hoof. In the end, she sighed and gave in when her belly grumbled something fierce. The first chomp was horrid, but it suddenly started to taste good. A simple dish tasting so good felt impossible to her, so she tried again. The same flavor. The filly literally threw herself on the plate and gobbled everything up, scaring the crap out of Mathews.

"Mother of God. You were really famished. If you had no restraint, I would've lost my plate AND a portion of the floor. Heh. You look like you filled your belly up all the way. You even drank all the water. Yeesh. I hope you don't have that kind of appetite all the time." he mocked.

The foal looked at Mathews 'wit' an angry face, then picked up the plate with her mouth and threw it at the man's face.

"Ow. That's not very nice. Hmmm...Say, can you talk? I know you're a baby, but you don't seem to be the exact definition of 'normal'."

Crescent smirked, put a hoof to her chest and opened her mouth. However, instead of words coming out, there was only an adorable grunt mixed with a squeak. Her eyes widened in shock as the man hung over his spot. The filly tried time and time again to speak, but it didn't work. Every effort made resulted in such a high pitched squeal that, despite not showing any emotions, made Fore's heart melt to a dramatic degree.


"Silence, red blood cell number twenty two million two hundred and...I forgot the rest."

"She's gooin' intah a meltdoon. We've gotta get oot of 'ere! I also cannae believe ya fergot me name."

"Abandon HEART!"

After the sudden realization that she would never be able to speak, Crescent's eyes watered up, her lips started to tremble, and then it happened. She broke out into a mass volley of crying that was pounding against Mathews' ears.

"Hnnngh! Calm down! It's normal that you can't talk. You're still tiny. You just have to work on it. I'll help you with it. C'mere." Mathews picked up the crying filly and hugged her tightly against his chest."There we go. No more crying. You don't need to cry. I'm here for ya. I'll help ya grow up."

Crescent continued to cry, but she sniffled a bit as she looked at this giant smiling while it hugged her. She tried to push herself away, but it didn't work. Finally, after a few minutes of struggle, she decided to cope with the situation and let her little head rest on Mathews' chest, allowing her 'hiccups' to settle while the tears slowly disappeared into her fur as they dried. It was calm and soothing for her.