by DakariKingMykan

Episode 18: Part 2: Who Has Whom


The gang continued to watch both duels, and despite they couldn’t hear any words being said over the screens, they did not like the directions they had taken.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such aggravated ladies before.” said Rarity “They seem so infuriated as if they wish to cause a real war.”

Robin and Kori both glared at each girl on the screens, “Those two haven’t changed at all.” said Robin.

Kori agreed, “I just hope Terra and Vic beat them both-- teach them a lesson in respect for all the trouble they cause.”

Rainbow almost dreaded to ask, “Just how much trouble did they cause?”

Kori and Robin chose their words carefully.

“Well, we never saw them all the time,” said Robin “But they used to attend a High School in Jump City. We once went there and gave speeches on city productivity and ways to improve while all the changes were coming in.

We also did speeches on what it meant to be a super hero-- How to avoid trouble, what to do in a situation, or how to rely on us if things got bad.”

His wife agreed, “But we saw those two girls, and they were just as nasty as we promised.

They shot spitballs at fellow students.

Tripped up a nerdy kid in the hallway and laughed at him just because he wore glasses and had braces.”

Twilight blinked in shock, “That’s awful,” she said “I got made fun of at Crystal Prep, but I was never attacked physically.”

“Oh, they go in trouble for it.” said Robin “They got detention after school and stuff like that, but they never learned sense.”

Kori agreed, “Even when out in the streets on outings we saw them.

They would write graffiti on walls.

Insult people who were different than they were.

They were only so close to becoming lowly criminals.”

The girls and Spike were livid with such behaviour, and could now see the girls as nothing more than lowly bullies that needed to be taught a lesson.

“I wish I knew what they were saying now.” Spike said as he looked up at the screens.

In the cave, Terra was still backed into a tough spot, with that huge Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend glaring at her, and no monsters on the field to protect her.

Terra LP: 4200

Jackie LP: 3600

“What’s wrong,” Jackie taunted “Too scared to make a move, or is it finally sinking in that you’ve sunk to a new low?”

Terra was getting angry!

“Ooh, did I strike a nerve?” teased Jackie “Serves you right! It was already weird enough you have to have to those super powers like any other freak, but siding with them? Why Jillian and I ever hung out with you is beyond me.”

“That’s enough!” Terra snarled “I can’t help who I am and how I came to be, and you have no right to insult me over it, or anyone for that matter.

Both you and Jillian should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Jackie just yawned “Just make your move already!”

“Fine, I will!” snapped Terra “I draw!

And I play POT OF GREED, so I can draw two more cards.”

She looked down at her two new cards next to her Gem-Knight Lapis, and really liked them as she looked over them at Jackie with a cheeky smirk.

“Now I play the continuous spell BRILLIANT FUSION!

And get this: I get to make a fusion summon using Gem-Knight monsters in my deck!”

“What? Right from the deck!” snapped Jackie.

“That’s what I said.” hissed Terra “So now, I’ll send two Gem-Knights to my graveyard…



As she ditched her cards from her deck, the spirits of the two monsters appeared and vanished right into the graveyard, making a glow of light shine form the Brilliant Fusion card.


(Def: 0)

“What? Zero defense-points?” asked Jackie.

“That’s the downside to my Brilliant Fusion,” answered Terra “The monster I summon loses all its attack and defense points, but at least it still gets to keep its abilities.”

“And just what abilities are they?” asked Jackie.

“You’ll see, but for now, I activate the effect of my GEM-KNIGHT FUSION in the graveyard.

All I have to do is banish one Lady Lapis Lazuli, and I can add it to my hand.”

Jackie didn’t look impressed at all.

“Now,” snapped Terra “I’ll activate my Gem-Knight Fusion, fusing, Lapis in my hand with another Sapphire that I just drew.

So I can fusion summon another Aquamarine.

(Atk: 1400)

Jackie gawked at the monster, and laughed like a hyena. “You call that overgrown crystal moron a monster?

My dragon will make burnt cinders out of it.

“Not likely!” snapped Terra “Now I activate the trap FRAGMENT FUSION!”


Terra smirked, “This trap lets me banish three Gem-Knights that are in my graveyard!”

With that, the spiritual images of her Sapphire, Lapis, and Lazuli appeared behind her and then began to merge together in a ray of bright light.

“Now I can fuse them to create an extra special monster!”

The light shone so brightly that it lit up the entire cave, and the reflation of the waters made it almost too bright to look at.

Jackie covered her eyes, but Terra quickly snapped on her goggles to wear the glare down.


(Atk: 3400)

The light faded, and there stood her super strong monster, and it glared threateningly at Jackie’s dragon.

“Ooh,” scoffed Jackie “Very impressive… Not!”

Terra snuffed, “You’re going to regret saying that, because she has an extra special ability that I’m proud of!

…All I do is sacrifice Aquamarine, and then, I’m allowed to summon a Gem-Knight Fusion Monster without a single summoning requirement!”

Jackie’s eyes bulged as a beam of light shot straight out from Terra’s Extra Deck, and another monster appeared right next to her lady.


(Atk: 2900)

“Yeah, so what?” snapped Jackie.

Terra raised her goggles resting them on her forehead, “So what? I activate another special ability!

You see, when my Aquamarine is sent from the field to the graveyard, I can target one card you have in play and return it to your hand… like your dragon!”

“Ah!” cried Jackie, and her Red Dragon began to glow.

“Don’t think so, I play the trap SAFE ZONE!”

Terra gasped and watched as a powerful barrier formed over the dragon, shielding it from the power of her monster effect.

“Too bad, so sad,” mocked Jackie “As long as my Safe Zone is in play, my Scarlight Dragon can’t be targeted by any card, and it also can’t be destroyed by effects or by battle.”

Terra growled.

“Well, I’m not beaten yet, and I can still do you some damage, especially since my Master gains 100 attack points for every Gem-Knight in my graveyard, and that’s 400 extra points.”

Four images of monsters-- Aquamarine, and a Gem-Knight that she discarded a while back when she summoned her first Fusion monster-- appeared behind her Master.

(Atk: 2900) -----> (Atk: 3300)

“Master Diamond attack Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend!”

(Atk: 3300) VS (Atk: 3000)

The attack only cost Jackie a mere 300 life points…

Jackie LP: 3600 -----> 3300

Since her monster wasn’t destroyed, she hardly felt anything of the attack at all, and just stood in her boat with her arms folded and a sour expression on her face.

“Now,” Terra shouted “It’s your turn Lady Diamond. Attack!”

(Atk: 3400) VS (Atk: 3000)

Another weak attack which only cost Jackie another 400 points…

Jackie LP: 3300 -----> 2700

“Oh, wow,” Jackie scoffed “You’ve lowered my score. Congratulations, Lamo!”

Terra growled and ended her battle phase.

“Now I activate Gem-Knight Fusion’s ability again-- by banishing my Gem-Knight Alexandrite, I get to put it in my hand again, and play it right away…!

“Huh?” said Jackie.

“I Fuse all three Gem-Knights on my field, to Fusion summon another Gem-Knight Master Diamond!”

(Atk: 2900)

Jackie’s eyes widened, “Wait a minute, you just sent even more Gem-Knights to your graveyard.”

Terra nodded, “Good, you’re paying attention, and naturally that means he’ll gain 100 points for every one of them.

So let’s see how many there are now.”

The spirits of all her monsters in the graveyard rose up behind her and her Master, totalling six in all, which made the master gain 600 additional points, far more than the Scarlight dragon

(Atk: 2900) -----> (Atk: 3500)

Jackie was most outraged, but Terra chuckled, “Also, I just sent my other Aquamarine to the graveyard. So now his ability allows me to send one card on the field to your hand, like the Safe Zone card!”

“Oh, no!” cried Jackie, and her trap vanished off the field and the card went back to her hand.

“And correct me if I’m wrong,” said Terra “But doesn’t the Safe Zone have a drawback, whereas if it’s removed from the field, then the monster you attached it to goes down?”

“Yes, it does,” answered Jackie “…Too bad it won’t be.”


“Now I discard from my hand, the monster RED GARDNA!”


Jackie snickered, “Too bad for you! See, since I control a Red Dragon Archfiend monster, when you play any card effect, I can discard Red Gardna and my monster can’t be destroyed by card effects this turn!”

Surely enough, her dragon was shrouded in a barrier of flames that shielded it from being destroyed by the Safe Zone card’s power.

Jackie laughed “You think it’s that easy to destroy my monster? You’re as pathetic as you are abnormal!”

Terra was really getting annoyed with all the sneering and insults thrown at her, but she had no cards left to play at all, and had no choice but to end her turn.

“That’s what you get when you’re brainwashed by a bunch of lunatic freaks!” Jackie sneered “Now, me and my dragon are going to crush you like you deserve to be!”

Jillian was giving Vic the same harsh tone as well.

Jillian LP: 6000

Vic LP: 7480

“Terra was once our friend! She was perfectly normal, and then she had to get these weird powers to move rocks, and you idiots brainwashed her to leave us and join your stupid team, especially that green pile of slime!”

Vic had to do all he could to keep himself from going up to the loudmouth girl and slapping her for such ilk!

“You are so going to get it for that!” Vic growled “Terra can’t help it that she has powers, just as I can’t help the way I am either.”

“Sure you can,” sneered Jillian “You can kill yourself. Then the world doesn’t have look at a metal freak like you.”

Finally, she had gone too far!

“Oh, that is it!!” thundered Vic “You are so going down for this, and it starts now!”

He drew his card.

“I play POT OF GREED, so I can draw two more cards.”

Jillian hardly seemed impressed.

“And now I play HEAVY STORM!” shouted Vic.

“What?!” snapped Jillian.

“Ah, yeah, this baby here is going to do a huge number on all the spells and traps on the field.”

Jillian growled and braced herself as the strong virtual winds blasted every spell and trap off the field, including the two Deskbots in Vic’s Pendulum Zones.

Jillian growled most angrily as she looked up, “Are you crazy? You messed up my hair and my jacket!”

Vic shook his head pitifully, “You should worry less about that and more about what I just did.

See, when Deskbot Double-O Five is destroyed and knocked out of the Pendulum Zone, I get summon one Deskbot out of the graveyard.”

The field began to quiver as light shone from the ground.

“And I choose to bring back my main man, or rather main bot, DESKBOT JET!”

(Atk: 500)

The mighty ship was back, and looking raring to go as ever.

“Why waste your time to bring that hunk of junk back?” asked Jackie “All of my monsters can crush it to bits.”

“Read the card, girl,” Vic sneered at her “Remember, my jet gains 500 extra attack points for every Deskbot I got including its own self.”

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 1000)

“Then again, I still can use Double-O Six’s ability.

When he’s destroyed and knocked from the Pendulum Zone, I get to take a Deskbot out of the graveyard, and put it in my hand; and who better than Double-O Nine.”

“Yawn!” scoffed Jillian “Are you about done yet?”

Vic narrowed his eyes at her and cleared his throat. “Now I reset the Pendulum Zone with Scale 1 DESKBOT DOUBLE-O EIGHT, and Scale 10 DESKBOT DOUBLE-O SEVEN!”

“Oh, no, not again!” groaned Jillian as she watched the two bots take their places, and the pendulum began to swing.

“Yes, again,” called Vic “I Pendulum Summon…!”

Three blasts of light shot down from up high and the three monsters appeared!




Jillian growled, “So, you summoned four of those dumb bolt-heads; Big whoop!”

Vic chuckled, “Four…? I don’t think so. You see, since I summoned three Deskbots all at once, I can summon one more right out of the graveyard. DESKBOT DOUBLE-O ONE!”

(Atk: 500)

Jackie clenched her fists.

The metal plating on Vic’s face shimmered in the sunlight, “But wait, there’s even more!”

Jillian glared at him.

“When Double-O Six is special summoned, I can target one monster you have and change its battle position!”

Jillian stepped forth, “Oh, no you don’t! I activate the ability of my Stardust Spark Dragon.

All I do now is banish my Phonon Dragon in the graveyard, and now for the rest of this turn, my dragon is unaffected by any of your card effects.

So there!”

Vic waved his index finger at her, “Uhn-uhn-uhn, who said I was targeting that dragon?”

Jillian’s head snapped up right, and then she realized, “My Ascension Dragon!” and it switched into defense-mode before her eyes.

(Def: 3000)

“You know you really should wait to see what I do before you do anything.” Vic scoffed at the rude girl, earning him a sneer from her.

“Now, what should I do next?

Ah, I have it, I’ll tune Double-O One with Double-O Nine like I did before, and Synchro summon another DESKBOT JET!”

(Atk: 500)

The two ships hovered side-by-side, almost as if they were living creatures acknowledging one-another.

“And now, I use its special ability!” shouted Vic “All I do is destroy Double-O Five, and this allows me to summon a Deskbot out of the deck…

…So I’ll summon another DESKBOT DOUBLE-O TWO!

(Def: 500)

“And since he was special summoned, you know what that means; another Deskbot comes my hand from the deck, and then I’ll just summon it out to play.


(Atk: 500)

Jillian was really growing angry with all the Deskbots that were appearing on the field like this and she angrily thought, “If this guy doesn’t end his turn soon, I’m absolutely going to freak!”

“Finally, the gang’s all here.” said Vic “Now let’s tally up the points.

My two Jets gain 500 attack points for every Deskbot card I have in play, including their own selves.”

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 3000)

“Fine, so they’re stronger now,” shouted Jillian, “WILL YOU JUST GET ON WITH IT!”

“Really?” snapped Vic “You don’t want to know more.”

“No, I don’t!”

“Well, too bad, because you ought to know that Double-O Seven and Double-O Six gain 500 points for every Deskbot in my graveyard, and in my Extra Deck!”

“WHAT?” cried Jillian and she saw the images of six different Deskbots huddling behind Vic and his forces, which made his two bots attack powers rise by 3000 points.

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 3500) x2

“And that’s not all.” said Vic “Remember Double-O Two’s effect? He grants all my machines an extra 500 points except to himself!”

(Atk: 3500) -----> (Atk: 4000) x2

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 3500) x2

Jillian began to whimper in fear, “This is so not cool!”

“Like I’ve been saying,” Vic scoffed “This is what you get for being such a disrespectful and loudmouthed brat!”

Jillian was panting angrily, and Vic then entered his Battle Phase.

“Deskbot Double-O Seven, attack Asciension Sky Dragon!”

(Atk: 4000) VS (Def: 3000)

The bot rushed over and gave the mighty dragon a huge jolt from its lasers, actually blowing it to smithereens

“Big deal, my monster was in defense-mode anyway.”

“Actually,” said Vic “Double-O Seven deals you damage even if your monster is in defense mode.”


Jillian LP: 6000 -----> 5000

Jillian was outraged, but then she snuffed “By destroying my dragon, you activated his special ability, now I get to summon all the monsters I used to Synchro Summon it.”

“Say what?” snapped Vic, and he watched as Jillian brought out two previous monsters she had used before.

“Welcome back…



“…So there, Cy-Bore!”

Vic only smirked, “Uh, you shouldn’t be gloating, because I’m not done blasting yet.

Now my Deskbot Jet will blow away you Stardust Charge Warrior!”

(Atk: 3500) VS (Atk: 2000)

Jillian growled and watched as the jet aimed its powerful blasters, and fired, blowing the monster clear off the field, and the force of the blast nearly knocked Jillian off her feet.

Jillian LP: 5000 -----> 3500

“And now,” hollered Vic “My other jet will blow out your

“Boo-Yah! That’s how we do it!” cheered Vic, much to his opponent’s irate.

“But I’m not through yet, Now Jet Number two attacks your Stardust Spark! Go get him, bot!”

(Atk: 3500) VS (Atk: 3000)

Jillian screamed as the blast was fired, and her dragon exploded throwing the shockwaves right at her.

Jillian LP: 5000 -----> 3000

She turned red in the face, but then calmed down instantly.

“You just activate my dragon’s ability-- when you destroy him; I get to summon one Dragon Synchro monster that I banished…

…So welcome back PHONON PULSE DRAGON!”

(Def: 800)

Vic snuffed, “Not this time you don’t! Double-O Six will blow it away so you can’t use it.


As promised, his Deskbot destroyed the newly revived monster, and Jillian was not the least bit pleased.

Rainbow cheered for joy, “Whoa! Vic’s really cooking with gas now.”

Kori was pleased that Vic was kicking some serious dueling action, but neither she nor Robin were cheering too hard.

“The duel isn’t over yet.” said Robin “Vic just used up the last of his attacks.”

Fluttershy noted how cross Jillian looked. “I don’t like the looks in her eyes. What do you think she’s planning?”

“Whatever it is, I do hope it doesn’t prevail.” said Rarity.

“So do I.” agreed Kori.

Then she looked at the other screen, at Terra’s duel.

Terra had no choice but to end her turn, allowing Jackie to take hers, but still the mean girl was taunting and hooting her.

“You let yourself become brainwashed by those Titans, and you became one of them.

It’s people like you that make me sick of the world and what it is.”

“That’s enough!” Terra shouted, making the cave shake a little due to her powers.

She calmed down quickly, “Don’t you say another horrid thing about The Titans. They never brainwashed me, I made my own decision: I decided who my real friends are! They understood me, for me, and that’s more I can say about you or Jillian!”

Jackie’s head throbbed “Why you stinking little twit!”

“No!” snapped Terra “It took me awhile to see through to you two, and I’m glad I did. You were kind at the start, but all you ever did was bully people you didn’t like, and you made outrageous claims that the world would be better off without people like them.”

“And I still stand by that!” growled Jackie “If people want to be accepted, they should act normal, and look normal, like me, and like Jillian!”

Terra opened her mouth to protest.

“Forget it!” snapped Jackie “It’s my turn now, and I draw!”

She drew her card rather forcefully.

“Ha!” she shouted and then glared over at Terra, “Time the big hurt!

True, my Scarlight Dragon can’t destroy your monster because it has more attack points that he does.

So, I’ll rely on something else!”

Terra blinked once.


(Atk: 100)

“And when Chain Resonator is summoned while I have a Synchro Monster out, I’m allowed to summon a different resonator from my deck to the field.

See, you’re not the only one that can call upon monsters from the deck!”

Terra grunted softly.

“So now, I summon DOUBLE RESONATOR!”

(Atk: 0)

“Wait! Two tuner monsters at once?” asked Terra.

Jackie snickered, “The summoning I’m about to perform requires two tuner monsters. Bet you didn’t see that coming!”

Terra didn’t like the sounds of this at all.

“Now,” Jackie shouted “I tune Level 1 Double Resonator and Level 1 Chain Resonator to my Level 8 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend!”

The three monsters all went up in flames and their remains rocketed into the sky, and merged together making a big explosion that lit up and shook the whole cave, and Terra donned her goggles again to cut down the glare of the light.


(Atk: 3500)

The huge dragon appeared out from the fire, spreading its huge wings, and roaring like the beast it was, which echoed along the cave and shook the waters.

Terra steadied herself to avoid falling out of her boat.

“Wait,” she said “That dragon has the same attack power as my Gem-Knight.” But then she gasped “Wait, does it have some super ability?”

Jackie smiled an evil looking grin, “It sure does, an ability that lets me obliterate every single other card on the field!”

“Ah!” Terra cried.

“Do you stuff, Tyrant!”

The mighty dragon roared, and unleashed its fury, wiping out every single other card in play, including Jackie’s own facedown card.

“I activate my trap now!” Jackie shouted “REINFORCMENTS, which will boost my Tyrants attack by 500.”

(Atk: 3500) -----> (Atk: 4000)

All the cards were now wiped out, and Terra was totally defenseless.

“Oh, no!” cried Fluttershy “I can’t watch!”

Rarity did all she could to hold herself steady with the stress, and breathed into a paper-bag.

Spike ducked down, burying his face in Twilight’s lap.

Twilight patted him softly, but even she felt bad for Terra, as did all the others.

“Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend, attack now!” shouted Jackie.

Terra knelt down in her boat, and grabbed the sidings to brace herself as the dragon unleashed its blazing flames straight at her, making her scream!

Terra LP: 4200 -----> 200

The smoke cleared and Terra was panting heavily. Her outfit and her hair seemed a little ruffled from the force of the attack.

Jackie laughed like an evil psychopath. “So, you still think you stand a chance huh?

Face it! You’re friends suck, you suck, and anyone who is abnormal sucks, and as soon as I kick your life points to zero, Jillian and I will be one step closer to getting our hands on that prize-money.

Only proper people like us deserve it anyway!”

The entire gang watching the duel were as outraged as Terra seemed.

“There’s got to be something she can do!” said Rainbow.

“Yes, but what?” cried Rarity “She hasn’t any cards in hand, or in play, and what can she possibly draw that would stop that awful creature?”

Kori and Robin, held hands softly, both feeling bad for Terra and the spot she was in.

Things only then got worse as they all looked back to the other duel.

“It’s time!” Jillian hissed “Time for me to teach you the lesson you won’t soon forget about messing with folks like me, you freak!”

Vic didn’t bother protest and merely folded his arms.

Jillian snuffed at him and drew her card, giving her three in her hand, and she looked up over the top the cards with a nasty glare.

“Say goodbye, Metal-man! I play the spell LEVEL LIFTER.

I’ll discard one level 1 dragon out of my hand, and then the two monsters that I’ve got in play become that very level!”

Now both of her monsters were level 1, much to Vic’s confusion.

“What’s she up to?” he wondered in thought.

Jillian let out a roar as she raised her arm up high, “Now, I tune both my level 1 dragons together!”

The two dragons leapt up high, and transformed into two little orbs, and together they formed a monster that was a machine type rather than a dragon.

“I Synchro Summon FORMULA SYNCHRON!”

(Atk: 200)

“A Machine type?” said Vic.

Jillian snickered, “I’m not all dragons in this deck, and besides you said machines can do wonders.

Well this machine lets me draw one card.”

She liked what she got when she drew.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better draw…” she gloated, and she revealed what the card was to Vic.

“It’s Necroid Synchro!” cried Vic.

“Ah, yeah…” said Jillian as she played the card, “And just like you saw, I get to banish two monsters that are in my graveyard, and Synchro Summon what they would make.

Go Galaxy Serpent…

Go Alexandrite Dragon!”

The spirits of the two monsters appeared in midair and then transformed into glowing lights that merged together.


(Atk: 2000)

Vic couldn’t believe the monster he had destroyed was back again!

“And remember,” said Jillian “I get to draw one card when this bad boy is Synchro Summoned.”

She drew her card, “Nice!”

Vic didn’t like the sound of that.

“Here comes another blast from the past; DIMENSION FUSION!”

Vic growled, because now it meant Jillian could pay another 2000 life points and summon the banished monsters she had just used.

Jillian LP: 3000 -----> 1000

“Ready or not, here they come!

GALAXY SERPENT…” (Atk: 1000)


“And I’ll tune them to summon my last Charge Warrior!”

(Atk: 2000)

“…Which means I get to draw another card.”

She was really enjoying how much she was stalling to finish her turn, “How does it feel,” she taunted “…Waiting so long for a turn to end!”

Vic didn’t bother to reply.

“Well, see how you like this, HARMONIC WAVES, and I’ll use it to turn my newly summoned Charge Warrior to level 4, so now I have everything I need to summon my heaviest hitter!”

“Ah, man, I don’t like where this is going!” Vic said in thought.

Jillian then crossed her arms together in front of her, “I tune Formula Synhcron, and my two Stardust Charge Warriors!”

The three monsters all rose up into the sky. All their levels totaled twelve!

The biggest and brightest of lights flared up overhead. Then, a large shadow of an enormous creature appeared.

“I Synchro Summon… from the depths of outer space-- the most deadly creature you’ll ever see in your life-- SHOOTING QUASAR DRAGON!”

(Atk: 4000)

The dragon was so huge that, from where Vic was standing, it was hard to see it all in view at once.

The dragon let out a fierce roar, and its body shimmered like the stars!

“Yeah, so what?” said Vic “I mean, sure, that’s a pretty slick looking creature and all.”

“Oh, it gets sweeter.” said Jillian “See, my dragon is allowed to attack as many times for every non-tuner monsters I used when I summoned it.”

Vic’s eyes widened, “That means you can attack twice in one turn!”

Jillian chuckled, “And I still have one last card to play…

…The Equip spell MEGAMORPH!”

“Ah, snap” cried Vic “That doubles your dragon’s attack power!”

“Yeah, that’s right!” mocked Jillian “Now guess what happens next!”

(Atk: 4000) -----> (Atk: 8000)

The gang was horrified for Vic.

“That monster!” cried Rainbow “Its attack is way off the charts!”

“No, Vic!!” cried Robin.

“He’s going to get wiped out!”

Jillian gave Vic a big thumb down, “It’s adios for you, loser!”

Vic lowered his arms, unable to believe this. “It can’t be! I don’t believe it!”

Jillian then entered her battle phase, and called to her monsters, “Shooting Quasar, destroy Deskbot Double-O Seven!”

(Atk: 8000) VS (Atk: 3500)

The dragon flew way up high, and unleashed a blazing white trail of hot energy, which collided with Vic’s little bot blowing it to scraps!”

The power of the dragon was so incredibly strong, that it knocked Vic back hard!

Vic LP: 7480 -----> 2980

Then he looked up, and saw the Dragon looming over him and his remaining monsters. It still had one attack left!!

Jillian grinned wickedly, and ordered her dragon to destroy a Deskbot Jet!

KAPOW!! That one attack pretty much consumed all of the machines, and poor Vic wailed as the violent attack shook him on the ground!

Vic LP: 2980 -----> 0

“VIC!!!” Robin and Kori cried!

The girls and spike were devastated!

All the spectators nearby were just as shocked and horrified.

Jillian didn’t even give him any mercy and shot him while he was already down!

Jillian then didn’t waste any time, and turned on her heel to walk away, but not before blowing a raspberry at him. “Bye-Bye bolt-brain. Thanks for the win.”

Then she was gone with her 40%, and leaving Vic with only 5%.

Almost everyone felt sorry for Vic, but he still got to his feet and just stood there with his head drooped forth slightly, and his fist clenched hard!

Then he looked at the Strength-Game, which was still unattended due to the duel.

He looked way up at the bell, and pretended it was his goal-- to help Jump City recover, and save the people.

“I’m not going to give up.” he promised to himself “I’ll never give up! I’ll keep on fighting with everything I’ve got!”

Not even reaching for the big hammer, he just pounded the lever spring with his bare fist and sent the knob all the way up, ringing the bell in a huge DING!!


Many of the people who were still watching him cheered him on!

Rarity had tears in her eyes for his strength and bravery.

Fluttershy too!

“Wow!” said Rainbow “That’s got to be one of the bravest, coolest dudes I’ve ever known, and I don’t know many guys.”

Twilight and Spike smiled, and then Twilight looked at Terra’s duel.

“Hey, look!” she cried, and the others saw and couldn’t believe their eyes.

Terra had bolted upright onto her feet and had a look of sheer determination in her eyes.

Jackie blinked once.

“No way… Don’t tell me you’re actually going to try and duel this out. You can’t win!”

Terra placed her hand over her next card.

“You’re wrong! It’s not over until it’s really over.” she paused and thought deeply “…Someone… very special taught me that-- that’s there’s always hope, and it’s never too late for things to change.”

Jackie knew whom she was referring to, “You still think of, him?”

Terra didn’t bother to answer her and just drew her one card, and she gawked at it.

Her eyes nearly filled with tears at the very sight of it.

But then she turned to Jackie with a stern expression, “I activate the spell CHANGE OF HEART!”

“Ah! Impossible!” Jackie shouted.

“This card lets me take control of one of your monsters until the end of the turn, and it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what monster I want.”

In a quick switch, Jackie’s Tyrant Dragon moved over to Terra’s side of the field, and glared down at its former master with a blaze of fury in its eyes.

“No!!” cried Jackie “How can-- This is! You can’t do this to me! You can’t beat me! Not with my own monster!!””

Terra eyes flashed yellow as the cave rumbled softly.

“Watch me!”

Jackie whimpered, and then Terra shouted, “Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend… Attack her directly, and wipe her out!!”

The mighty dragon blasted Jackie so hard, that she fell over the side of the boat and into the shallow waters.

Jackie LP: 2700 -----> 0

“She did it!” cried Rarity “She won!”

Spike howled in cheer, and the others began to go wild for her. Even though they still felt a little bad for Vic.

“Hey,” Sunset called as she and Pinkie came up to the gang.

“What’s going on? What are we cheering for?” asked Pinkie.

The others explained about the situation, and while Sunset and Pinkie felt bad for Vic, at least he was still in the tournament, and Terra winning with just one draw-- that was incredible!

“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.” said Pinkie, and so, she actually did both.

She laughed with joy, and then spun around weeping and dabbing her eyes with hankie.

The others all chuckled, but then Rainbow looked up at the screen, “Hey, look at Terra.”

The others looked up and saw that Terra didn’t seem too happy, even though she had won. She looked as if she was going to cry as the two boats slowly moved out of the cave, heading down the tunnel of love.

“I think we better get over there.” said Sunset.

The others agreed, and rushed off.