An Innocent Glow:A School Raze Rewrite

by CozyGlow57

Chapter 6:The Young 6 Reunion

Meanwhile in Tartarus…

"Patty Peppermint is behind all of this?!" Twilight Sparkle exclaimed

"Who's that?" Spike asked her.

"She is a student in the School of Friendship." Twilight told him. Tirek laughed.

"I'm not usually a fan of ponies, but draining your precious world of magic so she could trap the six of you was inspiring!" Lord Tirek said.

"Um, there's seven of us." Spike told him.

"I knew we shouldn't have left!" Twilight said.

"But Starlight's in charge at the school and Cozy Glow is helping her." Applejack "If anypony can stop Patty Peppermint, it's them."

"She's outsmarted the six of you."Lord Tirek said "I doubt this Starlight and Cozy stand a chance!"

"We have to get out of here." Twilight said "Our students can't handle Patty on their own."

"Then I guess we'll just have to bust our way out!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed.She tried to break the door but she failed.

"That didn't work." Rainbow Dash said.

"Not everything can be solved with brute force." Rarity said "We need magic to escape."

"Maybe there's a way to get out without magic. " Pinkie Pie said "Like a secret lever or a secret button or a secret admirer who knows a secret about you but is all, "Your secret's safe with me because I put it in Tartarus and I have a key!" "

"I'm afraid not." Twilight said "The most powerful villains and monsters of all time are trapped here. And without our magic, so are we."

Cerberus whimpered and slurped which gave Twilight an idea.

"Unless... These creatures might be losing their magical powers, but there's still a magic that makes up what they are. Maybe we can borrow some of that. " Twilight Sparkle said.The cockatrice hissedç

At The School of Friendship,Patty Peppermint entered "Headstallion" Neighsay's Office.

"Uh, excuse me? Um, Chancellor Neighsay?" Patty Peppermint said.

"You might as well get used to calling me Headstallion Neighsay." Chancellor Neighsay said " I plan to be here for quite some time."

"Gee, it sure is a relief to have somepony in charge, what with the magical crisis going on." Patty Peppermint said "And we're all so grateful to you for taking care of those... non-ponies. But doesn't the EEA need you?"

"What the EEA needs is somepony to protect this school from the threats at Equestria's borders instead of gallivanting off on adventures beyond them." Chancellor Neighsay said.

"Twilight didn't just run off willy-nilly. She left Starlight in charge, who decided to leave Cozy Glow in charge when she left to help Twilight and her friends." Patty Peppermint said " I'm sure Cozy Glow can handle all of this by herself."

"Another in a long list of mistakes the Princess of Friendship has made. " Chancellor Neighsay said "Rest assured, from now on, this school shall be run according to strict EEA guidelines."

Patty Peppermint opened the door.

"The way it always should've been." Chancellor Neighsay continued.

"Well, that sounds just peachy" Patty Peppermint said,then she closed the door " ...Headstallion Neighsay."

Meanwhile,with Sandbar,The CMC's and Cozy Glow.

"Patty Peppermint did all of this? How? Why?" Sweetie Belle exclaimed.

" I don't know." Cozy Glow said " I wish I had questioned her when she gave me that letter! "

"It's okay,Cozy." Scootaloo said "You couldn't have known."

"Come on, y'all." Apple Bloom said " We gotta get Starlight out of there before she comes back. "

The Cursaders and Cozy Glow headed towards the magical barrier.

"Wait!" Sandbar exclaimed.Sweetie Belle nearly got sucked in by the magic.

"Sweetie Belle! " Scootaloo exclaimed.

"Help!" Sweetie Belle said.Then they got Sweetie Belle out.

"That's gotta be what's suckin' up all the magic in Equestria." Apple Bloom said.

"But if that's true, then Twilight and the others went to Tartarus for nothing." Cozy Glow said,sad that she had indirectly helped Patty Peppermint.

"And if all of Equestria's magic's getting sucked up in there, there's no way for them to get back!" Sandbar exclaimed.

"We need to get help!" Scootaloo said.

"But Starlight's trapped here, and there's no way to get word to Celestia or anypony else!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed

"I guess we're on our own." Apple Bloom said.

"Not exactly!" Cozy Glow said.

Meanwhile in the student dorm ,Gallus tried to opened the door but failed.

"Still locked, huh?" Smolder said.

"We gotta at least try to get out." Gallus said

" Why? If Sandbar's turned his back on us, every other pony probably has, too." Ocellus said.

"Sandbar not turn his back!" Yona exclaimed. "Sandbar is our friend!"

"Uh, did you miss the part where he said he didn't want anything to do with us?" Smolder asked her.

"Maybe he just said that so one of us could be free to snoop around and figure out what's going on. " Silverstream said.

The lock unlatched revealing Sandbar,Cozy Glow and the CMC.

"I dunno. That sounds too clever for a pony to come up with." Sandbar said.Yona happily pounced on Sandbar.

"Yona knew Sandbar was still our friend!" Yona exclaimed.

"We all are." Sweetie Belle said.

"Except for Patty Peppermint." Scootaloo said.

"That pony is not who we thought she was" Cozy Glow said.

"She's the one draining magic out of Equestria!" Apple Bloom exclaimed.

"What?!" exclaimed the Young 6 besides Sandbar.

"We'll explain on the way." Sandbar said "But right now, we gotta get to get to Chancellor Neighsay."

"Huh?" Gallus said.

"I know he doesn't like non-ponies." Sandbar said "But if we tell him what's going on, he'll help."