" Fluttershy, make him stop hissing! "

by Popping Candies


Fluttershy was enjoying a nice cup of tea, she was relishing in the taste of it, it really calmed her nerves after a long day. Angel looked up at her as she continued to sip her tea. " W-what..is it? " She turned, taking notice of the bunny's persistent gaze. The Bunny stomped his foot and swiftly pointing to the door nearby, which made Fluttershy's nerves rise once again. The Bunny had been urging her to go outside.

"U-um... " She whispered nervously, her tea suddenly shaking in her hooves. " ... I... " Poor Fluttershy had been almost traumatized, Discord had taken it upon himself to reform Sombra, and Fluttershy was proud of him. Except for one MINOR factor, Sombra was scary. She usually could look somepony in the eyes now, and address them accordingly, but the king's eyes pierced into her's and he had yelled at her so loudly. It practically put her in a state of major and constant fear. It was only about twenty minutes ago.

The words still ringed in her head-- 'Perhaps YOU SHOULD MIND YOUR OWN BOUNDARIES!' Fluttershy that moment only could respond with a scared and very small squeal, and she looked down minding her own boundaries. She remembered her legs failing her, and almost toppling over a couple of dozen times while still trying to remain in his presence. He also got a little too close for comfort when he yelled at her, they were almost face to face, and she couldn't handle it. She was so happy to be in the security of her own home, yet she still promised to help Discord.

" I know..Angel... I need to help Discord, I need to put him first. " Fluttershy automatically, yet shakily, stood on her legs. Like that, there was a knock at the door that seemed to make her confidence perish. " W--who.. is it? " She said, trying to regain her former composure, she didn't want to be a mess in front of anypony. She wasn't afraid of a dragon, but she was afraid of SOMBRA. How odd. She walked to the door, but before she knew it, the door FLUNG OPEN---

" Fluttershy! " The familiar voice rang in her ears, and she looked expectedly. " . . . Sombra doesn't want to be my friend! He keeps hissing at me and yelling. I don't like it. " Discord said with a frown to Sombra. " Really, you'd think he'd learn the best from the best, just because I wasn't crowned the Princess of Friendship ( even though I should've been ) doesn't mean I'm not the best at the matter, but he isn't listening! He keeps talking about-- "

" Let ME GO. When I am released, you will be the first to be my slave. " Sombra growled at Discord, which made Discord just snicker lightly. " This is not AMUSING. " The king said, his eyes piercing into Discords. On the other hoof, Fluttershy had frozen up, she was barely moving. " What's wrong with the yellow pony who can speak to rodents? " Fluttershy was just frozen in time, the only sign of life was her occasional breaths.

" Fluttershy? " Discord poked her lightly, that snapped her back into reality, but her eyes avoided even gazing upon Sombra. " Do something kind, that might affect him! " Fluttershy broke from her chains of fear momentarily and walked over to her small table. Discord put Sombra down but reassured that he wouldn't escape.

" T-tea..? " Fluttershy said nervously, gesturing to the piping hot cup of tea she just poured Sombra, and the king arched a brow, and walked over. " I-I mean..you don't have to! I was just offering, Don't force yourself. " Fluttershy said quickly with a very panicked tone. Sombra stared with half-lidded eyes, his emotions shielded within him.

" . . . It's been quite long since I've been able to enjoy a cup of tea. " Discord watched curiously, not wanting to intervene quite yet, as he had learned his lesson on barging in on things. Sombra took a sip of the tea, his expression didn't change, but Fluttershy leaned in eagerly, watching him carefully take in the liquid, hoping for the utmost positive reaction. " Not bad honestly, I have had better, but it is not terrible. " Sombra said with a sigh, sitting down.

" S-so... what was it like, being a king? You know ...- " Fluttershy tried to start the conversation, but it seems like her animals took an interest in Sombra, as he fed the smaller animals nuts and such. Fluttershy stared in awe, automatically she relaxed like pounds of weight had just been lifted off of her. If he had been kind to her animals, maybe they could start off on the right hoof. " Oh, you like animals? " Fluttershy said with a soft smile.

" Yes, animals do not judge you. " Sombra said with piercing eyes, but he seemed to calm down. " When I was a lad they were the only companions to attend to me. " He said with a low tone, for once not as vicious as intended, he didn't like Fluttershy, but the presence of animals did soothe him.

" O-oh..! I get that so much when I was a filly they were my only friend too. Other than Rainbow, of course. " Fluttershy said delicately, Sombra and Fluttershy had already connected over something. Discord was still watching, somehow he kept quiet, probably because his jealousy was boiling inside of him, he promised to stand back, but really, watching her give all this attention to this OTHER pony did stir something within him. Of course, he had asked her to, but this still made him quite furious about the whole situation.

" Oh..? Well then, I suppose animals are truly the beings of this planet that are gifts we do not deserve-- " Discord had grabbed Sombra. " What are you doing? " Sombra hissed. Discord didn't want Fluttershy making a NEW best friend, even if the two had barely talked.

" I'm taking you out for more friendship lessons! " Discord said, starting to walk outside. Fluttershy was taken aback, that was rather quick? She was expecting to have a full fledged out conversation with the king, but it seemed like Discord was in a hurry to get out. The jealous Lord of Chaos began to leave. " Bye, Flutters! " Discord said, still rushing out.

" Uhm.. bye, Discord! Bye Sombra! " Fluttershy tilted her head curiously, with an arched brow. " What was that about? " Angel Bunny shrugged.

Sombra stared back at the cottage, he really wanted to continue that conversation, it had been a moment since he had a moment with an intellectual, I suppose he'd just have to see her around because Discord was obviously keen on taking the King somewhere he didn't want to go.