Spyro: The Dragon Trio of Avalar

by Blackdrag-rose

Peace: The Dream World

Once Cosmos reached the end of the lesson that he had in mind for the trio, and was amazed by what they were able to do with their latent magical talent, especially in the case of Spike, he let Spyro, Spike, and Ember relax as he collected the circlets from them and returned them to the chest they had come from. The instant that was over he let the area for a few seconds and headed to where the spell tomes, the special books that contained a variety of magical spells from all the types that they knew about, rested, where he stared at them for a few seconds before pulling out a few of the basic books, so the trio could study in their free time if they wanted, while making sure he had one book for each type of magic. He had the feeling, just by looking at the trio when he handed the books over to Nestor, that Spyro and Ember might not be too keen on spending a good deal of time on studying magic, but Spike was incredibly interested in what the books contained and would be eager for when they got back to the Artisans homeworld, so he could start studying what was inside the tomes. He also went one step further and added a tome of spells that were a level above the basics, the last of what someone could learn without learning from a Magic Crafters dragon, though he suspected that they would be seeing Spike here, on his own, at some point in the future.

The moment that was done Cosmos lead the way back to the main part of his homeworld, allowing the trio and Nestor to follow after him, where he was happy to hear that the three young dragons were discussing what they had done in the last moments of his lesson, even though both Spyro and Ember focused on the fact that Spike might have more magical talent than they did. Spike was just as surprised as they were, even though he came up with a good reason behind why all of his tests had been on a level above his siblings, the same reason that he gave them for the transparent wall test, where his had been stronger and less likely to fall apart than what his siblings had created. Cosmos could tell that Spike was interested in all of this and wanted to see what would happen when he opened the books later, when they were back at the land they called home and had rested from today's lessons, and he was interested in hearing what Nestor had to say about Spike's future attempts at wielding magic. Normally someone would consider that maybe both today's lesson and the results of the sphere test were flukes, in terms of what Spike was able to do, but Cosmos had seen the trio during both of those events and knew that Spike had the potential to be a powerful wizard, if he dedicated himself to studying the spells inside those tomes and mastering the basics that all wizards learned about.

It wasn't long before they returned to the main area of the Magic Crafters homeworld and they headed towards the dock, where they found that Marco was ready for them and prepared the hot air balloon for takeoff as the trio returned to sitting in the basket once more, before they waved farewell to Cosmos as Marco got them into the air once more.

Nestor found that Spike had something new to read as they headed back to the Artisans homeworld, as he finished studying the book he had been working on earlier and set it aside as he started looking at the first book he and his siblings had been given, while Spyro and Ember didn't seem to be interested in the tomes right now. He knew it didn't matter if Spike had the talent to cast the spells or not, he was curious about all of the things that Cosmos and the other wizards could do and wanted to learn about the various spells that were used throughout the Dragon Realms, and right now he wasn't about to stop the young dragon from studying whatever he was interested in. He was fortunate that the trio already had an area that they practiced their combat skills in, because he was sure that Spike would want to test a few of the spells out when he had a chance, and had mastered the basics of feeling the energies around him, and having a place to practice already set up made things easier for all of them. There was also the fact that a few more visits to the land that Cosmos watched over would have to be arranged, depending on how quickly Spike moved through all of the tomes that he and his siblings had been given, but that was something that would have to wait for the future, once he had a better idea on what Spike was doing.

Once they returned to their home, and Marco landed on the dock, it wasn't long before he lead the trio back to Town Square and made sure they had something to eat for lunch, especially since he was sure they were hungry after all of the work they had done earlier, before allowing them to go about the rest of their day when the meal was over.

As the days following their visit to Cosmos's homeworld went by Nestor discovered that Spyro was up to his old tricks still, meaning he was still pranking dragons and Toasty in his free time, but even then he could tell that the young dragon was starting to grow tired of what was inside the book he had been given, meaning it was likely that he was going to look for new pranks for the future. Ember, of course, spent most of her free time practicing her combat skills, making sure that she knew how to charge, roll out of the way when someone was attacking her, and breathing fire on whatever her targets were, while also making sure that Spyro and Spike joined her from time to time, so their skills didn't get rusty. It was nice to see the three of them working together, so they could improve their combat skills and make Titan happy when they saw him again, though whenever they finished their combat practices Spike usually went back to what he was doing before Ember called for him to join them, whether it was studying or practicing a spell from one of the tomes. Argus and the other scholars were interested in seeing which tomes Spike had been given, even if they were for all three of the siblings, and whenever Spike practiced one of the spells he had a small group watching him from time to time, as some of the Artisans dragons were eager to see how skilled the young dragon was.

Spike didn't seem to mind having a small audience for the first couple of times he tried manipulating the energies that rested around him and his siblings, though while he discovered this was slightly tougher than before, since he didn't have one of the circlets on, he was up to the challenge that had been presented to him and worked hard to do what Cosmos and the other Magic Crafters had done during the early days of their training. Spyro and Ember joined him from time to time, mostly so they could get a better grasp of feeling the energies around them as well, though what did surprise some of the other Artisans dragons was the fact that Ember wanted to master the wall spell that they had been asked with making during their first lesson, no doubt so she could make sure Cosmos' thoughts on her and Spyro were correct and that they did have the potential to wield magic like Spike could, even if they weren't on his level. Spike didn't let that fact get in the way of helping his siblings out, showing them what he had done during the lesson and what he had felt at the time, all so they could have a better understanding of how he created the wall that Cosmos had been impressed with, and while it was clear that both Spyro and Ember needed some more practice he was more than willing to give them as much help as they wanted, before returning to what he had been doing earlier.

Other than the magical training being added to what the trio was doing, spaced out evenly with all of their other lessons so they didn't burn themselves out by doing too much in one day, nothing else happened and the siblings were able to go about their lives with something new to do every now and then.

As the weeks turned into months Spike discovered that Nestor remained true to what he had done before the day he and his siblings were to visit Cosmos' land and learn how to tap into their inner magic, and that was the fact that nothing happened six months after their first magic lesson. Sure, they went out to Titan's homeworld and showed off the results of their training, and got some new instructions to work on for the foreseeable future, and also returned to the world of the Magic Crafters to try out a new type of magic, but other than that nothing exciting happened. Spike was sure that the next homeworld they would be visiting, and getting an up close lesson in how those dragons worked, would be the Beast Makers, but when the usual six month date passed them by he realized that the Leaders must have changed how they were doing things and were keeping him and his siblings at the ready, to be prepared for the unexpected. Spyro and Ember didn't seem to mind not having to visit the land of the Beast Makers, not that Spike blamed them since it would mean taking a bath after their visit, and went on with their lives like nothing was different, causing Spike to sigh as he returned to his studies, both magical and non-magical. Interestingly enough the library of Dark Hollow also had a book about the various beasts that Bruno and the other dragons that he lead were responsible for taking care of, an out of date version to be exact, but Argus told him that Bruno was always slow about updating his books when new species were born and were studied for a period of time.

Spike was a little annoyed by that, just like Argus and the others were, but at the same time he knew that at some point in time one of the Beast Makers would deliver the notes necessary for them to make a brand new version of the old tome, they just had to be patient and wait for that day to arrive.

While the months went by the trio found themselves growing a little more, showing that they were approaching the maximum height that a young dragon could grow to before they matured into an adult, something that Nestor and the other Artisans dragons were looking forward to. The reason for that was because they were interested in seeing what each of them picked as their professions, even though it was obvious to all of them that Spike was going to be one of the best scholars they had seen, maybe even up there with the dragons that had first created the Dark Hollow library, a thought that made Spike rub the back of his head, as he had no idea if he was as great as the first scholars and was surprised that the other Artisans dragons thought so highly of him. Ember's profession was a matter of debate, since she was born in the Artisans homeworld the dragons assumed that she would grow to be a painter, a sculptor, or take an interest in something that was similar to what all of them were doing, but it seemed that she was more like a Peace Keepers dragon, ready to fight whoever threatened the peace of the land. Spyro, on the other hand, none of them knew what he wanted to do when he matured, as he seemed to spend a good amount of time trying out his various pranks, even coming up with some that seemed to be a combination of what he found from that book, but he did like to fly around the Flight Realm whenever Nestor and Lucas let them practice their skills, so they had to guess he might be a talented flyer when he was older, which was something they would have to wait for and see with their own eyes.

Eventually the day of their seventh birthday arrived and with it came the news that Nestor had arranged for them to visit one of the other homeworlds, showing that this was a repeat of what happened last year, before revealing that this time around they wouldn't be visiting the Beast Makers, rather they would be leaving their homeworld closer to when most dragons would be getting ready for bed, so they could see what the Dream Weavers actually did for a living, which interested all three of them and made them eager for that day to arrive.

"We're actually going to see how the Dream Weavers go about their day?" Spyro commented, as he had been slightly disappointed that they didn't get to see that the last time they visited the homeworld that Lateef watched over, mostly due to the two greatest Dream Weavers falling asleep before Marco had got them to their destination.

"It sounds like that's the plan." Ember replied, though she was curious to see the Dream Weavers in action, because keeping everyone from having nightmares, be they a dragon or one of the smaller animals, sounded like a lot of work and suspected that some of Lateef's friends would want to show off their skills before getting to work.

"I'm excited for this visit, since it's sure to be unlike anything we have seen so far." Spike added, because the Dream Weavers were unlike the rest of the dragons in the Dragon Realms, they slept while the others were up and worked while the other dragons slept, with the only exception being Lateef himself, who served as the Leader for his clan, and just thinking about what they could learn made him excited.

Spyro and Ember shared Spike's excitement, at least on a different level than what their brother had, before returning to what they had been doing and enjoyed the rest of their seventh birthday, as they knew that in a few days they would be heading to the land of the Dream Weavers. What interested them was that it was only a few days later when Nestor informed them that they would be heading out to Lateef's homeworld soon, but instead of heading out during the day they would be leaving around the time that they usually went to sleep, a slight change for them. As such the trio got their stuff ready for their departure, so they could begin the trek to their destination, and when night fell they gathered near the tunnel that would take them to the dock, where Nestor nodded to them and beckoned for him to join them, while also carrying a container with some cups of coffee so they could remain awake and not be sleeping when they arrived. It didn't take them long to get situated inside the basket of the hot air balloon, or for Nestor to make sure they all had their cups before they took off, but once everyone was ready Marco took off and set them down the path they needed to take, and Nestor joined them before they could get too far away from the dock.

The two hour journey to the homeworld of the Dream Weavers was quite boring, even though all three of them had something to keep them occupied, thanks to a lantern that Marco brought with him so they didn't have to read in the dark, but fortunately their stuff held their attention long enough to make the trip seem short, allowing them to turn their attention to the land in front of them, where Lateef was standing near the area that Marco would be landing in.

"It's good to see all of you again," Lateef said, waiting for the moment the trio was out of the basket and Nestor had landed near them before speaking, though once that was over he knew that all of them were eager to get their visit started and he was ready to show them exactly what Nestor wanted to show them, "Tonight I will be showing you what we Dream Weavers dragons do for a living, as in actually showing you how we combat the nightmares that might try to wreck havoc on the denizens of the Dragon Realms, but first we must find a nice spot to sit down, before I tell you how we're going to see what the other dragons are doing."

Instead of heading out into the other parts of the homeworld, and finding a good spot, Lateef decided that sitting in the area that was connected to the dock that Marco landed on was the best idea, and the reason for that, as the trio soon discovered thanks to what Nestor told them, was that a good number of Dream Weaver dragons seemed to be sitting around the main hub of the homeworld, meditating by the looks of it.

"Is it correct for me to say that the various meditation poses that the other Dream Weavers are using are the key for us to see what they're doing?" Spike asked, because he remembered that Cosmos had them close their eyes and focus on the task at hand, before they could even begin to wield the magical energy that was all around them, and he had to assume that some of the same rules applied to this situation.

"You would be correct," Lateef replied, though at this point he wasn't surprised by the fact that Spike had already figured out why all of the other Dream Weavers were in a number of meditation poses, each doing whatever pose they felt like as long as they accomplished their objective, and was quickly to let Spike know that he was right, before taking a seat on the ground and watched as the trio and Nestor followed suit not even a few seconds later, "Connecting to the Dream World, the Realm of Dreams, or the Dream Realm, depending on what you prefer to call it, requires a Dream Weaver dragon to empty their mind as they take up a meditative pose, regardless of what pose they decide to use. From there we tap into the magic that is all around us and project our minds into the other world, the place where dreams are reality, where all Dream Weavers work to ensure that no one in the Dragon Realms has a nightmare, though while some nights are easy and rather boring, as there is nothing to counter, there are nights where we are extremely busy, fending off the various nightmares before they can enter the dreams of those we watch over."

"I take it that fighting these nightmares makes you immune to getting them?" Ember inquired, because that was something that Lateef hadn't mentioned yet, if he and the other Dream Weavers watched over the other inhabitants of the Dragon Realms were they immune to getting nightmares, or were there a few dragons that protected them from the same nightmares while they slept during the day.

"No, even we don't have immunity to nightmares, so there's a faction of Dream Weavers that make sure we don't have any nightmares while we sleep." Lateef answered, as he expected one of the three young dragons to ask about whether or not he and the other Dream Weavers were immune to getting nightmares, but now that the question had been asked he could focus on what he was going to be doing for the next few moments, "Now then, close your eyes and attempt to empty your minds for a few moments, though if you feel like someone's calling for you, after those moments have gone by, that will be me inviting you to join me in the Dream World, so I can show you what we'll be going over tonight."

Spyro, Spike, and Ember glanced at each other for a few seconds, as they were excited by what they were going to experience, before they turned towards Lateef and closed their eyes like he wanted, before they focused on emptying their minds as they waited for what the Leader told them about. As the three of them attempted to empty their minds and be completely calm, which was easier said than done since this was the first time they were actually trying something like this, all three of them found themselves drifting off at some point, like they were getting ready to fall asleep, which would likely prevent them from hearing Lateef's call. A few more moments went by before the trio each heard something that resembled what they had been told about, a voice coming from some unknown area, one that sounded like it was Lateef's voice, causing each of them to turn towards the voice and welcome it, before their worlds went white. When the trio opened their eyes they found themselves in an area that was unfamiliar to them, as it was a tall castle that followed the design of the Dream Weavers, though the sky seemed to be the same as the night sky, where the only difference was the fact that the stars seemed even brighter than what they had seen before coming to this strange place.

It wasn't long before the trio spotted each other and realized that they had appeared in the same area, much to their surprise since they didn't know anything about the area they were in, but before they could do anything they heard some footsteps behind them and found that Nestor had joined them, and the castle's door opened to reveal Lateef on the other side, where he beckoned for them to follow him into the castle.

"Welcome to the Dream World," Lateef said, though as the trio walked inside the castle they discovered that there were a number of dragons that looked like they were Dream Weavers walking around, heading to strange openings that seemed to vibrate like they were the same as the portals in the various homeworlds, "This is the center hub that all of the Dream Weavers gather in after they initially enter the Dream World, allowing them to discuss what's going on in the various homeworlds and where each of them should go, which depends on what's going on in the dreams of the other dragons and the various creatures of the Dragon Realms."

"So basically they look at the dreams of all the creatures in the Dragon Realms and determine who is going to which of the four other homeworlds." Spyro stated, as that seemed to be what Lateef was telling them and he could see Spike nodding his head in agreement, showing that he had determined the same thing, and Ember remained silent as she looked at the other dragons that seemed to be getting ready for their shifts.

"That's correct." Lateef replied, though he wasn't surprised that one of the three young dragons understood what he was talking about, especially after what Nestor had told him after their visit to Cosmos' homeworld and their first magic lesson, before he turned his attention to the area in front of him and waved a hand at the back wall of the castle, where the wall shimmered and a few portal appeared before them, "However, before we leave, there is something I need to do real quick, a duty that the Leader of the Dream Weavers has to do if you will, so just wait here for a few seconds and I'll be right back."

Spyro, Spike, and Ember watched as Lateef approached the other Dream Weavers and talked to them, where the dragons in question nodded their heads in understanding before they headed through the various portals that rested around the room, no doubt heading to the Dream World versions of the other homeworlds, before he turned around and walked back to where the group was standing.

"You told them which lands they would be visiting, didn't you?" Spike asked, because that was what he assumed Lateef had done with the other Dream Weavers dragons, who listened to the suggestions their Leader had for them and either agreed with them and changed their routes or stayed true to what they had planned.

"I offered them some suggestions, but that's not related to what we're doing tonight." Lateef answered, though at the same time he stepped through the portal he had revealed and the trio followed after him with Nestor right behind them, only for them to reappear in an elegant looking castle that had a number of paintings lining the walls, before they spotted Nevin walking down the hall with a smile on his face, "Tonight we'll be visiting the dreams of a few dragons, those from the Artisans homeworld to be exact, and I'll personally show you how to make sure no nightmares bother the dragon in question, or deal with one of them if there just so happens to be a nightmare in our area."

The trio raised their eyebrows for a moment as they watched Lateef walk forward and start investigating the area that they were in, as if he was looking for anything that was out of the ordinary by carefully using a little bit of his magic, while at the same time Nevin didn't seem to notice them at all, showing the trio that the dragons and beings that were dreaming didn't see the dragons that protected them from nightmares while they were sleeping. This interested Spike, as this was the first time they were learning anything that was related to the Dream World, something that the Dream Weavers must have been keeping all the information on to themselves, and he made sure to either write it down upon their return to the waking world or ask if he could read the books that were about this odd realm. After that thought came to mind he and his siblings noticed that one of the shadows moved for a few seconds, where it didn't look like Lateef had spotted it yet, which made them wonder what was going to happen next, as it appeared that the shadows were more interested in Nevin than anyone else at the moment. A few seconds later, after remaining still and waiting for Nevin to come to a stop, whatever was lurking in the shadows burst out of where it was hiding and raced towards the unsuspecting dragon, though before it could even reach Nevin, and do whatever it had planned for the Artisans dragon, Lateef spun around and raised his right hand, where his magic caught whatever was moving in seconds.

A few moments later, when Lateef was sure that everything was okay, he beckoned for the trio to come over to him, while at the same time surrounding whatever he had caught with a magical sphere, which allowed Spyro, Spike, and Ember to find that what Lateef had caught was a slime of some kind, a dark gray critter that looked dangerous, though it wasn't long before the prison was crushed before their eyes.

"That's a small version of the creatures that cause nightmares in the dreams of dragons and the other beings that live in the Dragon Realms." Lateef told them, though his tone revealed that it was okay for him and the other Dream Weavers dragons to do away with these creatures in the manner that he had done, which told Spike that nothing bad happened when one of the dragons did that, before the Leader glanced at the area around them, "It will either return to where it came from, after reforming, or it will head out to seek a new target to attempt to bring nightmares to, which means that one of the other Dream Weavers will take care of it if that scenario happens. From what I can tell that was the only creature that was lurking in the shadows of Nevin's dream, meaning that he'll be safe for the rest of the night, as when one of these little critters are done in like that the others stay away from the dragon in question. We don't really know why they do this or how they know which residents of the Dragon Realms have been checked on, but, at the same time, we aren't about to question it, so we just move on if we find one of these guys hiding in the shadows of a dream. Now that I've checked out Nevin's dream, and found something before it could torment him, I think it's time we venture into the worlds that your dreams would construct for you, just to show you a little more of the Dream World before we do anything else, be it inside this realm or the waking world."

Before anyone could do anything Lateef waved his hand and the area around them vanished before their eyes, which showed them that he was taking them to one of the worlds that represented their dreams, though what they discovered a few seconds later, as the new area manifested around them, was a dojo of some kind that resembled what the Peace Keepers used every now and then, done up in the style of Trondo's training area. It was easy for them to determine that this was something that Ember would dream about, and she even stated that this was something she would create in her dreams as she imagined what sort of training Titan and the other Peace Keepers would instruct her and her siblings in, or just her if that was the case, before they moved onto the next landscape. What appeared this time around was a library, though it was unlike any library that Lateef, Nestor, Spyro, and Ember had seen in the past, as there were hundreds of thousands of books on the shelves, which were arranged like a maze of some kind and had rotating and shifting hallways to get around, and they had to assume that each tome and scroll was on a specific subject. It was even easier for them to determine that this was something that Spike would dream of, as in all the types of knowledge that could possibly exist in their world and other worlds, if such things even existed in the first place, but Spike didn't seem bothered by his siblings and two of the Leaders knowing what he dreamed about, rather he seemed happy and smiled as the scene shifted before their eyes once more.

What surprised them was that the final landscape that appeared around them was different from the other two, as Spyro's dreams seemed to contain a vast stretch of land that resembled what could be found in Stone Hill, but it also contained a vast number of floating rings and places where someone could perform some tricks. Spyro explained that what he was currently dreaming about was perfecting the art of flying, when they visited the Flight Realm, and this was a way for him to envision what he and his siblings did during their lessons, while seeing if he could dream up some new techniques and practice them in the safety of his own dreams. Lateef told him that there was nothing wrong with Spyro's current dreams being this way, as all dreams were subject to change every now and then, meaning that he was sure that he would turn to something else in the future, causing Spyro to nod his head in understanding, even if Spike was the one that was absorbing all the information they were getting right now. Once the three of them had an idea of what their dreams looked like, not that their siblings were surprised by what the others dreamed about, Lateef beckoned for them to follow him once more and the five of them continued the tour of the area that the Dream Weavers watched over while all of the other residents of the Dragon Realms slept.

Nestor, on the other hand, knew that the trio was enjoying themselves and were giving Lateef their full attention, but at the same time he understood that all three of them were waiting for something interesting to happen, so he hoped that the next visit he had planned, to one of the other homeworlds, would interest all of them, though he was going to have to wait and see what happened when he made the announcement.