Yu-Gi-Oh! EG: Neo W.R.G.P World Arc

by foxmaster

The Secret Girl's Duel Club

On the third floor of the local mall, Lyra was facing a mysterious person in a black cloak and was on the brink of defeat against them.

“ Now to finish you Number 17 Leviathan Dragon attack Lyra directly. Leviathan Dragon unleashed a blast of blue energy with black lightning emanating from it and nailed Lyra with enough power to scatter her deck all over the place and send her favorite card falling over the railing.

Mystery Duelist: 4000
Lyra Heartstrings: 0
WINNER: Mystery Duelist

The mystery duelist than grabbed Lyra and took off with her. As soon as Silver heard the explosion caused by the duel he saw the smoke on the third floor and rushed over to see what it was. Just as he was running a falling card got his attention and he caught it only to look worried after seeing what card it was.

“ This is Mozarta but if it came from up there than that means, oh no,” Silver said as he ran faster only to arrive at an empty space.

Silver ran back to his car to look for Lyra.

After hours of searching with no such luck, it started to rain and Silver returned home frustrated with himself. Silver’s mom assured him everything will be fine.

The next day Silver was staring over Lyra’s Mozarta trying to think on what to do until Silver’s Butler came in.

“ Master Chance your presence is requested in the foyer there is someone here to speak with you,” The Butler said.

Silver went into the foyer and saw Indigo Zap beaten and bruised.

“ Indigo what happened? You look like you been fighting an army all afternoon,” Silver asked.

“ That is exactly what I have been doing Cinch is back and she is more powerful than ever,” Indigo replied.

“ I thought we saw the last of her at the first stage of the Selection Tournament?” he said.

“ I thought so too but she is back and has your teammates under her control,” she said making Silver furious. Silver slammed the table in front of him with so much fury he almost broke it.

“ Woah Silver chill out this is not like you where is the calm and collective boy who plans his moves to the last letter?” she asked with a hint of fear.

“ Please forgive Silver he has been this way since Lyra disappeared,” Ruby said.

“ With a relationship as strong as theirs I don,t blame him,” Indigo said.

Silver calmed down enough to try and think of something.

“ Ok, Indigo you said Cinch is behind this where is she?” he asked.

“ She and her army reside in the Queen’s Tower in the newly rebuilt part of the city,” Indigo replied.

“ Do you mean the run-down part of the city where the homeless people live?” he asked.

“ It used to be now it’s called the Neo Heartland District,” Indigo replied.

“ Thanks for the info Indigo now if you excuse me I have some teammates to rescue,” Silver said before Indigo stopped him.

“ Hold it, Silver I forgot to mention the Queen’s Tower is a women’s only building A guy like you won,t even be able to get through the front door,” she said.

“ Well, what do you expect me to do find a girl to fight for me?” he asked.

“ You may not have to,” Ruby said.

“ Do you have a plan mom?” he asked.

“ I do but you may not like it,” she said.

Ruby explained that they are most likely going to be on the lookout for a boy with crimson hair and a destruction sword deck and her suggestion was to turn Silver into a girl. At first, Silver was reluctant but after thinking about the stakes he agreed to Ruby’s plan.

“ Be honest how much is this going to hurt?” Silver asked.

“ The price of beauty is painful but I know you can take it If you can take a buster sword to the chest some waxing and eyebrow shaping will not kill you,” Ruby pointed out.

While Ruby was working on Silver Sunset comes in looking for him only to find Indigo.

“ Indigo what are you doing here and where is Silver?” Sunset asked.

“ I came to warn Silver about Cinch and I assume you are here to do the same,” Indigo asked.

“ I have she took two of our acquaintances,” Sunset replied.

“ Well Silver is getting ready to infiltrate and get his teammates back,” Indigo said.

As they were discussing things Ruby comes out excitedly.

“ May I present Turquoise Dusk,” Ruby said as Silver came out nervously wearing an ice blue minidress with a matching bolero jacket and boots and long light green hair secured with a black hairband with a black ruffle side bow but what was most noticeable was Silver’s element covered in a charm bag.

“ Looking good there Silver,” Indigo said trying to contain her laughter.

“ Laugh if you must but I like it,” he said.

“ So do I you look like the daughter I always wanted,” Ruby said.

“ Not to ruin your plan but what if they expect Silver to take his clothes off?” Sunset asked referring to his massive battle scar.

“ I have that covered Silver is wearing a women’s full-body shaper under his clothes so if they ever strip him his scar will be hidden and luckily for him I had one that matched his complexion perfectly,” Ruby replied.

“ Ok Silver has the disguise down now what are we going to do about his duel disk and deck?” Sunset asked.

“ He can borrow mine,” Indigo offered.

“ That is nice of you Indigo but won,t they recognize it as well?” he asked.

“ Not really the moment I found out that this girl’s duel club was being managed by Cinch I ran before I could duel since I no longer want anything to do with her,” Indigo said.

“ I don,t blame you, I always said she was a vile woman,” Bullet said as he walked in with an ice blue duel disk.

“ Did you make the mods I asked for?” Ruby asked.

“ I sure did, Silver please be careful you’re entering a dangerous place if Cinch catches you we may never get you back,” Bullet said while hugging Silver.

Silver activated the duel disk and saw a pink wing-shaped blade come out and a feminine field display on his screen. With Silver’s disguise now complete, he set off for the Queen’s Tower to get his teammates back.

Silver arrived in front of the Queen’s Building and was greeted by a woman dressed as a secretary.

“ Are you here to join the Secret Girls Duel Club?” The women asked.

“ I am,” Silver replied in his best girl voice.

The woman took Silver to the top floor field to prove his duel skills. As soon as they arrived on the top floor Cinch along with all eight of the girls she controlled were discussing something.

“ I see we have another recruit,” Cinch said while eyeing up Silver.

“ The name is Turquoise Dusk,” Silver said.

“ Well Turquoise let's see what you got, Wallflower you're up first,” Cinch said as a girl with light green skin, ivy green hair, wearing a striped sweater with jeans took her position on the field.

Silver took his position and activated his duel disk.

Turquoise Dusk:4000
Wallflower Blush: 4000

“ The first move is mine,” Wallflower said before pulling a card from her hand.

“ To start things off I activate the Field Spell Flower Kingdom. The entire room was replaced with a lush field full of flowers along with a castle made of grass and flowers in the horizon. As long as this card is in play all my plant Type monsters gain 400 attack points but that's just its first effect its second effect allows me to Special Summon a Plant-Type monster from my hand once per turn so welcome to the field Tytannial, Princess of Camellias. A red camellia flower bloomed onto the field and then transformed into a woman wearing grass-like clothes.

Tytannial, Princess of Camellias
ATK:2800 + 400 = 3200

“ I set two cards face-down and end my turn now let's see what you're made of new girl,” Wallflower said as two set cards appeared behind her monster.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his sixth card. Silver already looked confused until he saw something he could use.

“ First Since I have no monsters on my field I can Special Summon Photon Thrasher in attack mode.

Photon Thrasher

“ I activate the Trap Summit of the Four Seasons,” Wallflower said as a trap with an image of the four (Plant Princesses) sitting at a table discussing stuff flipped face up. When you Summon a monster and I control one of the four Plant Princesses this card allows me to Special Summon the other three from my Hand or Deck so from my Deck I summon Talaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms, Marina, Princess of Sunflowers, and Chirubime, Princess of Autumn Leaves. Three more flowers bloomed onto the field and transformed into three women each one representing one of the four seasons.

Talaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms
ATK:2800 +400 + 400 = 3600

Marina, The Princess of Sunflowers
ATK:2800 + 400 = 3200

Chirubime, The Princess of Autumn leaves

“ Moving on since I control a photon monster I special Summon Photon Advancer from my hand. A warrior with photon energy coursing through him landed on the field and pounded his fists together.

Photon Advancer
ATK:1000 + 1000 = 2000

“ Did I mention Advancer gains 1000 attack points while I control another Photon Monster but these two won,t be sticking around because I tribute them both to Summon something more powerful. Both of Silver’s Monster vanished and a giant red shuriken appeared in Silver’s Hand before he threw it into the air.

“Here comes a creature more savage than a supernova! Watch as he destroys all that oppose him! Behold, my Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!” Galaxy-Eyes Photon appeared and unleashed a mighty roar.

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

“ Impressive Monster however while Chirubime is out your only allowed to attack her,” Wallflower said.

“ Well, then that is exactly what I will do Galaxy-Eyes attack Chirubime with Photon Stream of Destruction. Galaxy-Eyes unleashed its attack. Just when Silver thought it was going to hit Wallflower activated her set card.

“ I activate the Trap Wall of Thorns when one of my Plant-Type monsters is targeted for an attack this trap destroys all monsters you have in attack mode. A wall of thorny vines erected in front of the attack and blocked it then wrapped around Galaxy-Eyes before crushing it and destroying it.

“ I set two cards Face-Down and End my turn,” Silver said as two set cards appeared.

“ My turn I draw,” Wallflower said as she drew her second card. Wallflower suddenly had a number appear on her left hand as she made her move.

“ Time for your real test new girl I overlay my Level Eight Tytannial, Marina, and Chirubime in order to build the overlay network. Chirubime turned into a stream of orange energy while Tytannial turned into a green stream and Marina turned into a red stream which all three orbited around each other before entering a galaxy-like portal and exploding.

“ Mighty queen of the four-season blooming elegantly in the moonlight come to my side and bring me victory in this fight! Xyz Summon! Bloom! Number 87 Queen of the Night!

A pink rosebud appeared before blooming and then a woman with white skin, long pink hair, and black armor with a red 87 on her abdomen sprouted out of the center and drew her blade for battle.

Number 87 Queen of the Night
ATK:3200 + 400 = 3600

3600 - 200 = 3400

“ Impressive monster,” Silver said.

“ If you think this is impressive just watch her effect go into action once per turn by detaching one overlay unit I can use one of three effects and I will go with her first effect I target one set spell/Trap you control and while my Queen is on the field you can,t activate it and I will target the one on the left. Queen of the night absorbed one of her units into her hand and sent a wave of cold air that froze Silver’s set card.

3 - 1 = 2

“ Now its time to battle Queen of the Night attack Turquoise directly with Chilling Night Strike. Queen of the Night readied her blade and threw it at Silver like a boomerang. Before the attack could land Silver used his other set card.

“ I activate the Trap Galaxy Reborn,” Silver said as a trap with an image of a big bang flipped face up. During the Battle Phase, this card allows me to Special Summon a Level five or higher Galaxy Monster from my GY in attack mode and forces you to attack that same monster so welcome back Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. Galaxy-Eyes reemerged from a portal and prepared to fight.

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

“ If I must attack Galaxy-Eyes then I will. The attack resumed and Silver smiled.

“ Now I activate Galaxy-Eye’s effect when it battles a monster both it and that monster are banished. Both Galaxy-Eyes and Queen of the Night left the field and the ice on Silver’s other card thawed.

“ And now that my other face-down is free I activate it the Quick-Play Spell Burial from A Different Dimension this allows me to return up to three banished monsters to the GY so Queen of the Night goes to your GY. A portal opened up above Wallflower and a light went into her GY.

3400 - 100 = 3300

“ Don,t think your safe just yet because I still have my Talaya who will attack you Directly with Cheery Blossom Mist. Talaya unleashed a massive gust of Cherry Blossom from her fan and Silver tried to keep the wind from blowing his skirt up.

Turquoise Dusk: 700
Wallflower Blush: 4000

“You're in for it now because when I take Battle Damage I can discard my Galaxy Wanderer to banish the monster that attacked me. A portal opened up above Talaya and a hand made of energy grabbed her and pulled her in.

“ Fine I end my turn,” Wallflower said.

“ And now that the Battle Phase is over Galaxy-Eyes returns and since it battled an Xyz Monster it gains 500 attack points for each overlay unit. Galaxy-Eyes returned and gained more power.

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
ATK:3000 + 1000 = 4000

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his card. Silver decided now was the time to end this.

“ Galaxy-Eyes end this. Galaxy-Eyes unleashed its signature attack and sent Wallflower flying while at the same time Silver absorbed her Number monster without anyone knowing.

Turquoise Dusk: 700
Wallflower Blush: 0
WINNER: Turquoise Dusk

“ Not bad Ms. Turquoise but can you handle your next opponent?” Cinch asked as a creme colored girl with blue eyes framed with purple glasses, green hair set in twin tails wearing a blue shirt under a purple jacket and a black skirt with purple dots at the bottom.

“ I’m Juniper Montage and don,t think you can beat me so easily,” Junipher said as she prepared to duel.