Cutie Mark Crusaders back in diapers! Yeah!

by Foal Star

Chapter one: The start of one crazy assignment

Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash all entered the Ponyville schoolhouse seeing Cheerilee sitting at her desk with her flower print diaper bottom. The room itself had few changes ever since the necessity for diapers had occurred. A door near the teacher’s desk lead to private room with a changing station stack with plenty of school-themed diapers along with a small time out corner in case of tantrums. There were even some motivational posters upon the walls telling students that it’s okay to ask for a change, or that there was no need to be embarrassed over accidents. The floor was even changed to have soft carpeting instead of wood. With how the walls had been painted as well, it would almost be mistaken for a daycare.

“Howdy Miss Cheerilee, you send up letters to meet up here?” She asked, a bow tied to her tail.

“Is Sweetie Belle in trouble? Did she have another leak? I designed her thicker diapers to prevent such accidents." Rarity asked like any caring sister.

Applejack had to hold a hoof to her face to keep herself from bursting out in laughter

“Did Scootaloo do something cool that you got to show us?” Rainbow added, her own padded bottom having Wonderbolt print.

Cheerilee continued to smile having a few treats on the desk. “Oh no, your sisters are perfect students. Discord was the one that wanted you all here to discuss something about pets I think.”

With the sound of a zipper, Discord emerged form the floor as if walking up stairs. “Well there is a little more than just that my dear Teacher.” He beamed, closing up the zipper which vanished with a flash.

Rarity stomped a hoof and shouted. "Discord! It was you who made Sweetie Belle leak through her diaper! I know it was you!"

Discord gasped putting a paw to his chest. “Why Rarity, i’m offended, I would never put a filly through that.” He huffed acting all prissy just to mock her.

Rarity turned to Cheerilee and asked in a stern tone. "why is this miscreant here? He shouldn't be involved in any curriculum."

“Hey Discord isn’t all bad.” Rainbow defended. “He did help get everypony get use to these.” She shook her thick Wonerbolt diaper making it crinkle adorably.

“Yeah Rarity, no need to get all snappy. Let’s hear him out.” Applejack said watching Discord pat Cheerilee's thickly padded rump seeing it crinkle and foal powder poof out with each pat.

“Thank you Applejack, I assure you this meeting is a good thing. After all, sister bonding time is important right?”

Cheerilee pushed Discord’s claw away as she explained, “well the assignment is simple, I’m having the class have a foal like experience in various ways for a week. Each day I’ll assign a task that they’ll complete and then I want them to write about how they feel and what they learned.”

Applejack gave a nod and replied, “you know what? That sounds interesting maybe shake things up a little.”

Rainbow Dash was blushing as she replied, “well, I can understand Applejack and Rarity being here but I’m not Scootaloo’s sister. Would it be ok if I cared for her?”

“Scootaloo’s parents are rather absent most of the time.” Discord remarked. “Besides she needs her big sister.”

Cheerilee rolled her eyes. “Discord stop, and yes Scootlaoo chose you to help with this assignment. Now Discord please give them the material they’ll need for the assignment.”

The lord of chaos rubbed his claws together with an evil grin on his face and snickered, “Oh that’s going to be no problem.”

With a snap of a claw, three diaper bags appeared in front of them each with the cutie mark crusader’s cutie marks printed on them. Discord then explained, “these bags will have everything you need for each day. I packed them myself.”

Rarity took Sweetie Belle’s bag and strapped it around her chest. “Fine, this will be a good time for my sister and me to bond.” She turned a glare to Discord with a smirk as she cooed, “but your not off the hook yet. I have something in store for you.”

Discord had a halo above his head being sly. “Oh me causing trouble, i would never.”

Applejack looked at the assignment list. “Well as long as Apple Bloom can still do her chores. It’s a big farm.”

Cheerilee gave a blush and replied, “well, except during the days she’s a completely foal.”

Applejack rolled her eyes. “Just wonderful, more work for me.”

Rainbow shrugged reading the list. “So they get to lay back and relax for a few days. Lucky.”

Cheerilee responded, “not quite, they still need to write a one page essay on their experiences each day. I’m still running a school here, diapers or no diapers.”

Rarity looked over Cheerilee’s diaper and asked, “yes of course darling, but I have to admit your diaper looks so fashionable? May I ask if you would like to try some new designs I made?”

Cheerilee blushed and waved a hoof. “You better not be trying to butter me up Rarity. Even if you make me fashionable diapers, I’m not going to grade Sweetie Belle’s any differently.”

The fashionetta placed a hoof to her face. “I would never darling. I just got into the new diaper fashion craze and I need customers to practice my skills.”

Rainbow Dash made a bleh sound and scoffed, “ugh, who needs “fashionable diapers” when the wonderbolts have designed the best diapers on the market! They can absorb an entire cloud and still only be slightly soggy!”

“Well just make sure you follow the assignment and rules and make sure they write their papers. Also they still have to come to school.

Applejack gave a nod. “Simple enough, now i’m leavin.’ But for the record Braeburn is makin’ diapers down in Appleloosa and they are the softest, most comfortable things your rumps will ever touch. Yall missing out.”

Rarity and Rainbow Dash both started shouting about their own diapers as Cheerilee groaned as she got up and waddled off grumbling, “I’m just going to go home.”

Discord laughed at they left rubbing his claws together. “Hehe, this should be fun to mess with.”

Back at Carousel Boutique Rarity was sitting with her sister in the kitchen as she read the rules on the sheet. “Sweetie, you’re supposed to use small words or coo for today….simple enough...if the student has a hard time complying place the enchanted pacifier in their mouth.”

“Sorry I’m just...I mean me happy to be foal.” Sweetie Belle cooed enjoying the booties she was wearing.

“Oh I bet you are bulky bottom.” Rarity playfully teased admiring the new thick soft pink diaper Sweetie Belle was wearing that she herself designed for her sister. “I wonder if I should tell mother about this?” She asked looking at the pacifier which was rather cute with a smile on the front.

Sweetie Belle tried to babbled, “hey sissy! Since I need ta be a baby today! Can I go pway dwess up and have a tea pawty!”

“Of course we can do a tea party. I’d love to help you with dress up too. I have so many ideas to try.” Rarity beamed patting her sister forehead. “Would you like to call me mommy too?”

“Otay mama!” Sweetie said with a giggle.

Rarity clapped her hooves together “oh this is going to be so much fun! Maybe we should try inviting your friends over too!”

But Sweetie Belle squeaked in surprise and shook her head. “No way! I just wana do it with you!”

The older mare gave a nod and cooed, “okay then, just you and me...well let’s go dress up.”

Rarity dug further into the diaper bag and gasped as she pulled out a giant pink chest full of silly costumes.

She opened it as Sweetie Belle dug inside and pulled out a frilly pink tutu and snickered, “oh I wana be a baller...ball..uh ballethingy.” The little filly went about putting the tutu over her body and giggled as she tried to twirl about only to plop onto her padded rump.

Rarity giggled and helped her sister back up as she commented, “that was lovely darling, I guess it’s my turn.”

The mare then started to dig into the chest and gasped, pulling out a frilly blue and pink fairy tale style princess dress. She blushed slowly pulling it over her own body and blushed seeing that the frills didn’t even come close to hiding her diaper. “My goodness, this dress was designed to show off my diaper...ugh Discord, don’t worry I have a prank waiting just for you.”

She snickered and rubbed her hooves together with an evil grin on her face as Sweetie Belle eyed her sister. “Uh...mommy? Ya gonna pwank Dissy?”

Rarity waved a hoof. “Oh don’t worry about that darling, now come on I need to go and make some tea.”

Sweetie Belle squealed as she bounced along shaking her padded rump and poofing foal powder into the air and asked, “hey mommy, can I hewp?”

Rarity shook her head and sighed, “darling even if you weren’t in enchanted foal clothes. I wouldn’t let you touch the stove by yourself.”

Apple Bloom let Applejack read out the assignment smiling a bit. “Oh is that all. Sounds like fun.”

“Yeah more sister bonding time just like when ya were little.” Applejack scan the sheet some. “Ya can’t use big words neither. You’re two and a half today.”

“Hehe, guess I'm gonna get all the attention now.” Apple Bloom beamed peeking in the bag and showing off her thick white diaper with apple prints between her legs.

Big Mac waddled in a super thick diaper with his green aple cutie mark printed in the back. He walked into the living room making his huge diaper crinkle quite loudly as he chuckled, “so Apple Bloom is going to be the foal for a while. I”m sure Granny will love that.

Without realising it Apple Bloom squeaked as a pink frilly bow somehow replaced her red one. Applejack snickered, “yeah, that diaper bag was made by Discord there’s no tellin’ what else is in there.”

Apple Bloom shrugged, “eh it looks cute, i’ll keep it.” She squeaked, “whoops forgot, I wuv ta bow it pweetty!”

Big Mac dawwed and asked, “oh can she only talk in toddler speak?”

Applejack gave a nod as she closed the bag. “Yup, she gotta be take care of like a two year old. Full supervision and everything.”

Apple Bloom waddled about in her new green booties and giggled, “wook ta booties making it hard to walk.” She squeaked somehow falling onto her padding sending foal powder to poof out.

Big Mac dawed again and picked the filly up. “This is going to be so much fun! “ He nuzzled his sister before bouncing her up and down in his hooves. The Magic helping to make her lighter.

“Weee, hehe.” Apple Bloom cheered. “Uppy uppy.”

Applejack got up and scoffed, “well Big Mac ya can play with her while I go finish the apple buckin.’”

She then walked off but looked behind to see that Big Mac was bouncing Apple Bloom on his back like a foal and couldn't help but feel a little jealous. She stopped and turned moving back to the door. “Uh maybe on second thought you should go do the apple buckin and I can watch her.”

Big Mac kept bouncing his sister shaking his head. “Eeenope.” He then tickled the filly causing squeals of laughter.

Applejack hurried around trying to take hold of Apple Bloom. “Come on, I change my mind.”

“Ya already said you would go do the chores.”” Big Mac retorted while Apple Bloom playfully stuck her tongue out to play along.

“Browder.” Apple Bloom giggled, kicking her legs making foal powder billow outward as she was tickled under the chin.

“See? She wants me to take care of her for now.”

“But she’s my sister,” Applejack tried reaching out only for Mac to move Apple Bloom away.

“Big Mac,” Applejack groaned but before she could continue, Granny Smith walked in.

“What all the racket about?” She commanded.

“Big Mac won’t let me care for Apple Bloom.” Applejack said pointing her hoof at her brother.

“She told me she was going to do chores.” Mac retorted while Granny looked between the two looking confused.

“Whatever this magic thingy that going on with Apple Bloom, you two better figure it out.” Granny retorted blushing a little seeing how cute Apple Bloom looked.

“But she started it.” Mac jutted a hoof back at Applejack.

“Now don’t ya go using that argument like you’re a school colt,” Granny scolded her grandson before looking over at Applejack. “You young filly go work on the fields. You’ll have plenty of time to spend with Apple Bloom later.”

“But Granny.”

“No butts get you’re padded rump waddling out into that field.”

Applejack hung her head. “Yes Granny,” she blushed and headed out the door.

Granny smiled watching her walk out to do farm work before glancing back over at the other two. “Now how about ya let me hold the little darling some? It’s been too long since I’ve held a youngin.”

Scootaloo blushed as she read the assignment while Dash set the diaper bag down. “Ugh, do I have too?” She whined.

“Oh come on squirt, it’s schoolwork,” Rainbow said, looking at the dozens of packages of wonderbolt styled diapers that were providided from the endless diaper bag.

Scootaloo sat down in her wonderbolt styled diaper with a poof of powder. “But it’s embarrassing.” She crossed her hooves with a pout on her face. She felt a sudden tingle on her mane and tail as they suddenly got shorter like a foal’s. The filly squeaked covering her head. “Gah what the.”

Rainbow Dash blushed and snickered, “looks like Discord’s magic is working on ya already.”

She pouted and grumbled, “fine whatever, but can I get Wonderbolt foal stuff? “

Rainbow peeked into the bag indeed finding that the bag had just what she needed. She pulls out the yellow and blue special booties that were required to wear sliding them onto each of the filly’s hooves.. She then tied a blue and yellow striped foal bonnet around her head and took out a camera and chirped, “now say I”m a Wonderbaby!”

Scootaloo raised her hooves and grumbled, “I’m a Wonderbaby.”

Rainbow Dash snapped some photos and then slowly placed the camera down as she groaned. “Oh dear Celestia? Am I becoming my mom!”

“D-don’t share those please.” Scootaloo begged, indeed remembering how Windy Whistle had been. “Yeah, next you’ll be calling me best foal ever.”

Rainbow Dash whimpered as she started to dig through the diaper bag and whispered, “please don’t jinx me I do have her genes.”

She then took out a Wonderbolt style bouncer out of the diaper bag and gasped, “oh this is awesome! I always wanted one of these!” The mare began to set it up on the ceiling of her house then placed Scootaloo inside the bouncer. “Alright your all ready to go, but also remember you can’t say big words.”

Scootaloo blushed but nodded. “Otay Dashie.” Rainbow Dash then ruffled Scootaloo’s mane and cooed,”you ready to fly Scootaloo?”

The little orange coated filly kicked about in her diaper and giggled, “yeah bounce me high dashie!”

Rainbow Dash pulled it back as far as she could then let it go making Scootaloo squeal as she bounced high in the air and then went up and down for quite some time. A few minutes later, The filly was blushing holding her hooves over the front of her diaper.

Rainbow Dash smirked as she asked, “did you pee?”

The filly nodded and whimpered,”Yeah I need a changie.”

Rainbow Dash sighed, “alright, I can do this I changed my own diapers. Scootaloo’s shouldn’t be that bad.”

The mare picked up the filly and placed her on the changing table. Rainbow Dash first untaped Scootaloo's diaper and unfolded it making the filly look away still embersssed. The wonderbolt chuckled and went about gently wiping the filly down, she then took out a container of foal powder and gave her rump a thorough powdering turning Scootaloo's orange fur into a powdery white and then tapeing her in a new Wonderbolt designed diaper just likte the on before sealing the tabs over a crips plastic yellow landing zone. Rarinbow Dash then held up the soggy diaper all wrapped up in a neat package and cooed, “I think im going to frame this as Scootaloo’s first diaper.”

The filly crossed her hooves over her new diaper and whined, “wait! Don’t do that! Please!”

Rainbow Dash snickered, “you forgot to say it in baby form?”

Scootlaoo rolled her eyes grumbled, “dun do tat pwease.”

Rainbow Dash snickered with a nervous blush on her face as she tossed it in the trash bin. “I was just teasing you really! Now come on my number one filly! It’s time for num nums!”

Scootaloo eyed Rainbow Dash as she was strapped in a Wonderbolt themed highchair and asked, “um Dashie, ya doing it again.”

“What no I’m not.” Rainbow retorted blushing as she pull the jars out of the bag along with a blue rubber spoon. “Hmm says it ‘any flavor’ that’s odd.”

“Any Flavour?” Scootaloo asked as Rainbow brought the jars over and tied the bib around the filly neck.

“”Well doesn’t hurt to try.” Rainbow popped the jar open slowly scooping some to the big foal’s mouth. “Here come the pegasus coming into cloudsdale.”

Scootaloo took a spoonful in and smiled eyes going wide. It somehow it tasted like chocolate cake and pancakes all at once. She mashed her lips together and babbled, “it yummy! It wike candy!”

Rainbow Dash shrugged, “well, it did say any flavor. Now come on my number one eater open up!”

Scootaloo giggled and did so despite Rainbow Dash slowly becoming more like her mom and continued to eat the strange flavoured foal food that sometimes tasted like ice cream, and carrots or green beans and cotton candy. “Best eater ever.” Rainbow cooed as she wiped the filly’s mouth with a baby wipe. “There you go getting mushy foal food all over your face how adorable.”

Scootaloo blushed as she babbled, “I tink ta bib ya put on me is magic. I didn mean to spit out my num nums.”

“It’s Discord so probably,” Rainbow said with a short laugh. “Let get you a bottle to wash ti all down, then the sheet says its nap time.”

Scootaloo blushed, “wow ya weawwy becoming a mommy. I getting fowmuwa?”

Rainbow Dash went about taking out a can of “Discord’s chaos formula” and responded. “Yes, but who knows hows it going to taste.”

She measured out the powder into a Wonderbolt designed foal bottle and then filled it up with water. Afterwards she shook it out about and plopped it into Scootaloo’s mouth. The little filly kept dropping the bottle and spilling formula all over thanks to her enchanted booties. Seeing that her little filly needing her help, Rainbow supported the bottle with a hoof and cooed, “oh does my number one bottle chugger need a lift?”

Scootaloo groaned through the bottle but chugged down the formula which tasted like a mix of an ice cream float, and banana pudding. After awhile she noticed that her belly began to bulge outwards as Rainbow Dash squealed, “time to burp the number one burper!”

She lifted Scootaloo over her shoulder and gave the filly a few pats on the back making her spit up rainbow colored puke all over Rainbow Dash’s back. Scootaloo blushed and whimpered, “sowie Dashie.”

Rainbow wiped the filly’s mouth and replied, “oh don’t worry about that's okay. It's only natural for the number one puker to have awesome rainbow colored spit up.”

Scootallo scratched her head “uh dashie ? dun ya heaw yasewf! you weawwy stawtin ta be wike ya mommy!”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “I am not my mom Scootaloo, now come on number one napper its time for night nights.”

She carried Scootaloo to a door with Scootaloo’s cutie mark printed on it and opened it up to reveal a nursery filled with Wonderbolt memorabilia with a soft blue carpet and the walls with padded Wonderbolts flying around. Scootaloo was amazed as she asked, “did you get all of its fow me!”

Rainbow Dash shook her head. “Discord must of made this room just for you.”

She took the little filly to a yellow and blue striped changing table and went about slowly strapping her charge into another thick diaper wonderbolt diaper. She went about slowly taping it over Scootaloo's belly and sealed the tapes with a soft touch and then checked the yellow leak guards to make sure they were aligned. Much to the filly’s surprise she whined, ”hey why ya putting me in two diapees! I not wike Soggy Belle!”

Rainbow Dash scoffed, “Oh hush, you’re my number one soaker, Your definitely going to need two diapers before nappy time.”

Scootaloo groaned seeing how her legs were further spread apart by the bulk of her diaper and cried, “ugh! Sewiouswy! Nopony wants to be ta numbew one pee pee foaw. Tat dumb.”

Rainbow Dash gave the filly’s diaper a few pats making some foal powder poof out as she lectured Scootaloo in a motherly tone. “Oh, hush and listen to mommy Dashie.”

She then went about placing her into a yellow and blue striped crib, she then draped a wonderbolt style foal blanket over Scootaloo and plopped a bright blue pacifier into her mouth. After turning on a spinning mobile she waited until Scootaloo was fast asleep before she tip-hoofed out of the nursery and then whispered, “I wonder why Scootaloo kept saying i’m like my mom? Huh maybe it's my mane or something?”