Noah’s backstory

by Artist

Noah’s backstory

Two young ponies were sitting at their grandma’s feet as she told of a legend that has scared the Whitetail woods for many years, one of the young ponies was a filly with a black mane and brown eyes and the other one was a colt with blue eyes and a black mane.

On a very dark and stormy night, a elderly pony was running through the woods, she appeared to be holding something, this old pony had a black cloak on, the cloak was so tightly wrapped around the old pony’s form that her face and hair was not shown.

From under the cloak whimpering could be heard.

“Shh, father will not find you here,” the old pony said.

The old pony opened her cloak to reveal a young colt nestled within.

“Please do not cry, my little one,” the old pony comforted the colt.

The colt looked up at her with his big brown eyes, and pointed to a house which was situated in a clearing in the Whitetail woods. But then all of a sudden musket fire could be heard from a mile away.

“It is your father, we must go!” The old pony said to her son.

Off they ran deeper into the woods but the gun stallion drew near and nearer.

“You shall give me the boy, if you do not you shall die,” The gun stallion screamed at the old pony as his eyes glow the green

The old pony gaped, as soon as she saw the stallions green eyes glowing in the darkness.

“Yes it is I your worst nightmare,” the stallion said as he stepped out into the clearing.

“King Sombra we thought you had perished,” the elderly pony exclaimed.

Sombra laughed.

“You foolish pony I have not died I was never dead!” he said bearing his teeth.

“Do you come with a Message?” the elderly pony asked.

“Yes I do, your colt shall be dead within a week if you leave him out here in the cold, come with me and I can keep him warm and be his dad,” the king said with an evil grin.

“Never, you will not be his dad again, you killed his dad and adopted his soul for your own, you foul monster you shall not have my colt,” The elderly pony said holding her little one close to her chest.

“Fine!” Sombra screamed as his horn lit up with a green glow, but before Sombra could take the colt, the elderly pony hid her young one, in the bushes on the side of the path behind the King’s back.

Then she opened her cloak to reveal that was nothing in there, the King growled in frustration.

“Then what happened, grandma?” the colt had asked in the middle of the story.

“Well, let me see,” the old mare said to her young grandfoal.

As revenge king Sombra curse the old pony wonder to around the Whitetail woods looking for her lost colt, even when she died to this day she is still looking for her last colt!

“Grandma that’s kind of a creepy ending, we love it,” the colt said.

Well, it’s past your bedtime already, you wouldn’t want to be late for school tomorrow, now would you? The grandma asked.

“No,” the children said in unison and headed off to bed.

The next day, the colt and filly, we’re on the way to school.

“Well last night was very interesting,” the filly said to her brother.

Yes it was, do you suppose that the mother of that little colt, has found her little colt.

“I do not believe that she has found him yet, like grandma said last night things can happen in these words that, we will never know about,” the colt said to his sister as they walked on a dirt path to get to school.

Once they had arrived at school and came into the classroom the teacher began the lesson, but neither of them were paying attention they still had their thoughts on last night and, what their grandmother had told them.

So after school they decided to go exploring the woods but the grandma had warned them that it would be dangerous, but they did not listen they had to know whether the old pony was still there, as they went deeper and deeper into the woods, they saw an old abandoned house, so they decided to go into that house.

But soon they found out that they were not alone in that house, it turned out that an old wise mare was sitting in a rocking chair by the fireplace.

“Tell me, what brings you these woods?” the mare asked.

“We seek some knowledge,” the colt said.

“What type of knowledge is it that you seek young one?” the mare asked as she sat in her rocking chair.

“We would like to know what was the young colt’s name, that was with adopted?” the colt replied.

“The mare Who adopted him, named him Noah, after the great profit Noah, you should have read the Bible in school so you know what the story of The great profit is about,” the mare said.

“Yes ma’am we did read the Bible,” the colt answered.

“Good,” the mare chuckled.

After a bit of silence

“Would you like something to eat or drink?” the mare asked.

“No thank you,” the colt said.

The colt looked around the house, which looked like it had been built in the late 1800s, the inside of the house was decorated with various things from that time, on the walls there were lanterns that were lit by fire, all of the houses that the siblings had visited where lit by lanterns, but their own house was the first one where electricity was utilized, so they did not remember what it was like to not live with electricity just living by candlelight.

In the far left corner of the house there was a mantle piece over the fireplace, on the mantle piece the siblings found many old pictures and old photographs of time long forgotten.

In the middle of the room was a cauldron when the siblings looked Into it they didn’t see anything, The only thing that they saw was a black abyss.

“What is in that cauldron?” the colt asked.

“You must not look into the cauldron, the cauldron is on the evil spell, put a note by a evil wizard named king Sombra,” the mare exclaimed.

“The legend of king Sombra is very very old, when the first ponies came to this land this land was a waste land, they brought stories of a great king with them, what they did not know is that if the prophecy came true that the great king Sombra will rise again from the frozen north, they all shall be doomed, that’s exactly what happened the king vowed that he would return and put a curse on this town. Now each year before the summer sun celebration the king’s spirit returns,” the mare said turning to face the siblings.

“Wow,” the siblings said in unison.

“Yes, indeed, now it is almost dark out I bet your grandma is worried about you,” the mare said to the siblings.

“We must go now’,” the colt said as his sister and him left, heading back home.