A shadows love

by Moonlight_shadow78

Love Is In Everypony’s Hearts

A couple of hours later twilight woke up in a dark room confused she left the room and went into the halls “hello?” She called “Where am I?”

“You’re new home my dear.” a voice called out. as the sentence finished King Sombra appeared in front of his fiancé

“You...” twilight said coldly

“Don’t be so negative we are going to become husband and wife are we not? It’s only fitting if we get along this was you’re choice after all so you must love me.” He replied

Twilight grumbled she hated it but he was right this was her choice after all but she just did that out of love for flurry heart not him not the cold tyrant who enslaved an empire!

“So I think you should join me for breakfast you barely even talk to me at the moment and it would be a shame if we married eachother without loving one another.”

Before twilight could respond he picked her up with his magic and took her to the dining room he was thinking during the trip there ‘she will love me forever no matter what. we will both be around forever and ever so it will take time but we have all the time in the world and beyond!’ He chuckled at the thought but then he felt something strange a weird feeling in his chest he quickly shook it off but he wondered what that feeling was “we are here” he said to the mare putting her down.

“Ok” twilight responded Though she really missed her friends but she had a deal and she didn’t wanna break it who knows what will happen?

After breakfast twilight went outside she knew she couldn’t escape there was a barrier that only sombra and his gaurds could pass through she looked up at the morning sky and sighed after a while she came back in only to be stopped by a royal gaurd

“The king wants to see you.” He said

As the gaurd escorted her to the throne room he left and she was left in the room alone with..him

“Hello darling.” He said as she felt her insides squirm with disgust and... something else. “I must say for and almost married couple we sure don’t spent a lot of time together.” As he got off his throne he walked over to her and nuzzled her check as she felt...weird

Normally she would have pushed him away but for some reason... she just stood there doing nothing and not pushing him away like she should be doing.... but She didn’t.

“Come let’s take a walk in the castle gardens darling.” As they went into the gardens sombra felt something he hasn’t felt in over 1,000 years.....love.

As the you Alicorn walked with him she felt... safe oddly safe she wanted to run she wanted to kick him and run to her friends and family or at least she thought that’s what she wanted to happen twilight was starting to not hate the tyrant as much anymore he noticed and felt...happy he denied it and told himself that it was just him being smug but he didn’t believe it. He knew somthing a fact that he hated but not really. He knew he loved his fiancé more than anything

and then...he was okay with it he loved her and he was okay with it he just wanted her to truly love him to...

6 hours later

The two ponies were looking up at the stars together. they have been out for about 3 hours and then twilight said something she oddly didn’t regret but didn’t expect

she fell asleep on him

He let those moments sink in with shock. he was so happy yet confused. he did love her too but why? And most importantly why Would she love him? No matter though he had returned her up into her room and went back to his own to think. He wondered why she would ever love him he didn’t know why but all he did know was that he was happy. soon after that he went to bed satisfied and happy.

The next morning twilight woke up in her bed and was really missing her friends but... she also wanted to stay with him...