Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 66: Doodlesix

Ren's POV

“Ren…what are you doing?” Kaede called.

“Playing Persona 5!” I replied with a smile as I just finished off playing the first Palace of it. Man, it took very long. I don’t mean to brag, but I could have finish this in a day or so, but what with all the bonding and grinding levels and stuff like that, it took about the entire weekend to finish the first palace level. I mean, I need to grind those levels in order to beat Kamoshida! That guy is pretty powerful.

“Wow, you sure have been playing for a while.” Kodiak commented in surprise.

“Yeah.” Carrie nodded, scratching him and Rosy by the necks. “Do you play this game back then?”

“Well yeah. I’ve played all of the Persona games, either main or spin-offs.” I nodded with a smile. “But my most favorite ones are Persona 3, 4, and 5.”

“Why those games?” Jack asked, laying on the couch with a heavy yawn. “I’m no video game nerd like ya, so what’s the big deal?”

“Mostly for the great voice-acting, bonding with characters with social links, good music, and mostly for how the main protagonists are so cool.” Also because of Johnny Yong Bosch. I mean, seriously, that guy is like the greatest voice actor because no matter what anime or visual novel game and stuff you hear, you can hear that voice of his. It’s funny, isn’t it? I mean, how does he do it?

“Meh, I still call bull on that.” Jack turned around and tried to sleep before scratching his butt. “Anyway…I’m going to sleep.”

“Come on Jack!” Kaede scolded, putting her arms on her hips with a somewhat stern look. “Can’t you just at least not go to sleep? Don’t you have that part-time job with Mason?”

“Sorry, not my problem brat.” Jack scoffed.

“But Jack…” Jamie called, looking over from reading his book while Rantaro and Nicole were sitting far aside from the battle with cappuccino beverages with them. “Don’t you think we need to continue my laps?”

“Till Mason gets back.” Jack gruffly stated. “I don’t wanna leave him behind.”

“But big brother wouldn’t mind, Jack.” Carrie pointed out.

“Whatever…” Jack scoffed. “Right now, I just my nap.”

“And that’s probably the reason why he’s so damn fat.” Rantaro snickered, causing Jack to look up and growled angrily before he shouted “Hey! You better shut the fudge up or else!”

“Jack, calm down!” Kaede assured.

“Yeah, just relax man.” Kodiak added, getting tummy rubs from Carrie. “I mean…we should just relax like how I am with these tummy rubs.”

“Mm-hmm! I hope you like it Kodi!” Carrie giggled.

“Yeah, and we can Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.” I suggested, pulling out a Nintendo Switch controller. “We can play up to 8 players, so that won’t be a problem.”

“Well I’m not good at video games, but umm…I guess I’ll try…” Jamie shrugged.

“Hmm…whatever.” Rantaro shrugged.

“Sure, I mean…I never played a Smash Bros game before, but whatever! Let’s do it!” Kaede exclaimed in excitement. “But just remember, I won’t let my guard down Ren!”

Whoa…someone’s pumped up.


“Oh! I’ll get it!” Carrie gotten up and ran towards the door before she opened it up. The moment she did…

“Oh hi Fluttershy!” Huh? Fluttershy…here? I saved my game before walking over and seeing Fluttershy with a worried look.

“H-Hi Carrie, hi Ren…” Fluttershy greeted. “Umm…everypony, can you come with me towards the Golden Oak Library?”

“The Golden Oak Library? Why’s that?” I asked curiously. “Did something happened to Twilight and Spike?”

“Well…it’s kinda hard to explain, but Twilight seemed to take it too seriously and we’re worried about her.” Fluttershy explained.

“R-really?” Jamie ran over with a concern look. “She didn’t overslept and having a headache from all that late night reading again, right?!”

The rest of us stared at him with confused looks, causing him to timidly look down and blushed a bit as he clarified “I-I’ve seen that happened before…”

“Right…” Jack blankly replied before turning to Fluttershy, who flinched upon seeing his face. “So spill the beans, timid chick? What the hell is up with the purple bookworm?”

“Well apparently it’s about a new spell that she found in one of her books. She wants to show it to us." Fluttershy said.

"A new spell? Cool. What is it?" I asked.

"She says it's a surprise." Flutters replied. "She in her 'panic' mode getting everything ready so it will be perfect."

“Sounds like we should go and visit her.” I offered, “I mean, just to be make sure that she’s alright.”

“Good idea Ren.” Jamie nodded. “I mean, I’m worried about her too.”

“You’re just saying that because you’re worried about your girlfriend.” Jack teased, earning a massive blush from Jamie as he flailed his arms up and down and exclaimed “We’re not even in a relationship!”

“Yeah, sure…” Jack scoffed. “Anyway…fine, might find something interesting for today.”

“It would be a waste of my time…why bother?” Rantaro asked. “I rather stay away and mind my own business?”

“Same here. I don’t like being around large crowds.” Nicole added, not wanting to go either.

“Come on you guys! Can’t you help us at least?!” Kaede begged.

“Sorry, you’re asking the wrong group of people.” Rantaro rolled his eyes.

“No.” Nicole answered bluntly.

“Jeez, why must adults like you always have to be so difficult?” Kaede asked with a sweat-drop forming on her head.

“W-well anyway…let’s go.” I suggested with an awkward smile before we began to make our way towards the Golden Oak Library.

“Tch…why bother going there? She’s just having another one of those ‘Twilight’ moments or whatever you guys call it.” Rantaro shrugged.

“If you don’t wanna come, then don’t.” Jack scoffed.

“Although…I am curious about this test.” Nicole begins to take her leave while she adjusted her glasses and said “I…suppose I can make an exception.”

“You’re kidding right?” Rantaro asked with an exasperated sigh. “Well…whatever. Fine…unless I get something in return.”

“I’ll give you 50 of my bits?” I offered.

“Go higher.” Rantaro folded his arms with a small smirk.

“What about 250?” I offered.

“Go even higher.” Is he serious about that? Well…ugh…

“I’ll just give you all of my bits.” I suggested, which seemed to gotten an approval from him.

“Your whole life savings? Now we’re talking.” Rantaro smirked. “And don’t worry, I’ll pay you back…probably.”

Probably…? Sarah coughed in the background, "Cheating."

“Come on you guys! This is no time! Let’s hurry to the library and see what’s up!” Kaede exclaimed, which we nodded as the rest of us began racing over to the place.

When we got there, Twilight was looking over the spell with a freakishly large pencil in her grasp. "What the-? What's with the big pencil?" I asked shocked.

"It's for the spell. This pencil along with the spell will allow me to make drawings that will come to life." Twilight explained.

"Really? Awesome!" Carrie exclaimed. Hmmm... reminds me of a Spongebob episode where Spongebob and Patrick find a pencil in the ocean. "Alright... it's ready." Twilight said. She blasted the pencil with her magic making it glow and shimmer. Then she drew a small jellyfish on the ground and it peeled off of the floor and floated in the air. "It works!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Wicked!" Ren exclaimed. The Jellyfish floated over to Jack. "Hmm... seems kinda lame." he commented, earning him a sting from the jellyfish. "OW!" and a large red bump on his head. We all winced at that. "That little-" The jellyfish stung him again on the cheek. "OWOWOWOW!" he exclaimed. Twilight grimaced as she erased the little jellyfish. "Sorry Jack." she apologized.

Rainbow was laughing her butt off at the red bumps on Jack. "Shutb, ib, Bbittbles." Jack said the best her could with the swollen cheek. Sarah used her magic to make the bumps go away. "Thanks newbie."

"Okay.. let's try this." Twilight then drew poorly drawn versions of herself and the Mane 5. They came to life and blinked. "Hey look the Doodlesix, hehehe." Sarah joked.

"Hmmm.... they look kinda.. cute." Kaede said. The six doodles came over to us..... and suddenly grabbed us, trune us upside down and slammed our heads on the ground. "Holy... they are beating them up!" Rainbow laughed, shedding some tears. The six copies then slammed us over and over left and right repeatedly. "Doodlesix, stop!" Twilight called.

The doodlesix threw us into the nearest bookshelves. "... Ooowww." we all groaned. Sarah came over, "Oh dear, are you alright?" We staggered to our feet and the girls winced, "Yikes, ya'll got some shiners there." Applejack winced. Sarah gave us all small mirrors and we saw that we all got a black eye. "Awww..." I whined.

"Don't worry, I have eye patches for all of you." Pinkie said and she placed the eyepatches over our right eyes. "Thank Pinkie." Ren groaned.

"Where did the doodles go?" Kaede asked.

"They took the pencil and ran off." Flutters replied.

"Oh great, we have to find them." Twilight said. We all agreed and raced out of the place... well we accident ran into a wall and then out the door. These eye patches were going to take some getting used too.

POV Ends

We were outside of Ponyville in the valley. "Where could they possibly be?" I asked.

"Maybe they're in that poorly drawn Pineapple house." Rainbow said, pointing to a poorly drawn Pineapple closeby. "Come on guys, let's go." Twilight said. We all hopped into two separate bushes and slowly walked over to the bushes. Suddenly we felt the ground leave our feet and we fell with a THUD. "What just happened?" Ren asked.


We looked up to see the Doodlesix, with Doodle Twilight holding the pencil. "Come on guys, give me a boost." I said.

"Can't we stay down here where it is safe?" Jamie asked nervously.

"No way, I created these monsters and I'm going to stop them." Twilight added. Suddenly eight dumbells landed on Ren and the others heads. "Guh!" They fell on their backs with stars around there heads. "See what I mean?!"

"Where the leak ma'am?" Jack groaned.

We looked out of the hole to see the Doodlesix rolling bowling balls at Ren and the others. "NOOOAAAH!" They balls hit them knocking them back to the bottom. "Oh my goodness, those ruffians! You eight okay?" Rarity asked.

"FINLAND!" They all cried back.

Finland? What? "They're good." I said to the Mane 6.

"No we're not." Ren groaned.

The six doodles then ran off into the distance. "Get them!" I called.

Unfortunately, we lost the six doodles, "Great we lost them, now what?" Rainbow asked annoyed.

"We have to trap them somehow." Kaede said. Kaede and the others now had bandages on their arms and legs due to the bowling balls. "But how are we gonna trap them?" Pinkie asked.

"I think I know a way. Those six seem to hate Ren and the others, right?" I smirked.

"Please don't bring them up." Ren groaned.

"Well why don't we use their hate to our advantage." I smirked rubbing my hands together in a evil way. "Hehehe."

".... She's scaring me." Ren whimpered.

Ren's POV

That Night

Sarah placed us in one room while she and the girls 'slept' in the other room nearby. We were asleep when we heard the door opening up and we peeked to see the Doodlesix, now with angry eyebrows drawn on their faces. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Jack exclaimed.

"You doodle, we be you." Doodle Rainbow said. We leaped out of the bed, escaping getting erased by the pencil. We ran out of the room screaming as the Doddlesix chased us. "TWILIGHT! SKITTLES! SARAH!" Me, Jack and Jamie cried. We slammed a door to another room, but the doodles erased it. "C-careful with that thing. Stay away from us!" Rantaro said.

Then Twilight came in, "Delivery for the Doodlesix!" she slammed the six into a book, trapping them inside and they turned back into drawings. "Phew... that was too close." Mason commented.

"Good thing they are gone." Jack agreed.

"Though it was funny seeing the eight of you getting your butts kicked." Rainbow giggled. Jack growled, "I'll show you kicked, come here!" Jack chased Rainbow around the castle that night while the rest of us laughed at the scene.