by DakariKingMykan

Episode 15: Magic Tricks


Pinkie Pie’s duel was being held right by a gift shop where people could get all kinds of souvenirs-- T-Shirts, caps, mugs, small toys-- the usual.

“Okay!” Pinkie said to herself as she put a sweatband around her head, cracked her knuckles and readied her duel disk, “Bring on whoever it is, and I’ll give them a show to remember.”

Then she remembered that she was alone, and none of her friends were there with her, which made her a little bit sad, but she remembered the promise made-- that everyone would be watching.

She had to focus now, and she stood ready to duel.

“It’s show time…!” she called out, but she found that her opponent was still nowhere to be scene.

“Hello?” she called “Opponent, where are you?”

Then she grabbed a megaphone out of hammer space and yelled “HEY!! ANYONE SEEN MY OPPONENT ANYWHERE?”

Many of fairgoers felt shaken by her sudden outburst, but suddenly, there was a huge puff of smoke coming from the shop entrance, and there, dressed in her usual wizard garbs was Trixie.

Her sudden appearance and the smoke alerted many fairgoers and spectators to start huddling around.

“I am The Great and Power Trixie!” she announced “I am the mistress of magic, the idol of illusion, and the soon-to-be champion of this Duel Monsters tournament.”

She stood with her arms out and her cape fluttering in the wind expecting applause, but all she got was a crowd full of chatting people thinking she was showing off way too hard.

Now she just felt plain embarrassed.

“Hey, come on!” Pinkie called to everyone “I think she’s got great enthusiasm, and I’m going to duel her. We’ll both give you a show you won’t forget.”

Much as Trixie appreciated the gesture, she merely scoffed “The Great and Powerful Trixie works best alone. I need no assistance to bedazzle the crowds and bring excitement of awes.

Prepare yourself, for my grand finale promises to make your hopes and chances of winning vanish into thin air.”

Pinkie, being Pinkie, felt excited by such words and jumped up and down giddily, “How are you going to do that? Tell me.”

Trixie raised an eyebrow and couldn’t believe the way she was behaving like this was some sort of joke.

“You dare laugh at me? Well, let’s start dueling and then we’ll see who laughs at whom.”

“Fine by me,” said Pinkie “At least everyone will be happy.”

The crowd seemed to applaud Pinkie’s optimism, much to Trixie’s annoyance, but the two girls were ready, and set, and both seemed to take positions like standing on a stage, and both shouted, “LET THE SHOW BEGIN!!


Pinkie LP: 8000

Trixie LP: 8000

“Let the true star go first.” said Trixie, and she drew her five cards.

“I shall use my magic powers to make two creatures appear within the Pendulum Zone-- Scale 2 MAJESPECTER UNICORN-KIRIN and Scale 5 MAJESPECTER RACCOON-BUNBUKU!”

Her two monsters appeared in the light, and the pendulum began to swing.

Pinkie gawked at the two monsters while thinking, “Those monsters don’t have any Pendulum Effects. What is she up to?”

“And now…” shouted Trixie “The Great Trixie shall use her magic to Pendulum Summon as many level 3 and 4 creatures as she needs.”

Three shots of light rained down from the sky, and her three monsters appeared.




All the monsters made funny little noises, and Pinkie they were cute and adorable.

“Aww, Hi there.” she cooed at them, and the monsters actually acted shy and embarrassed-- even though they were just holograms!

Trixie’s lips curled into a sneer, “Marvel at them if you will, but the magic is not through. Each one of my creatures activates their special abilities due to being summoned.”

All three Majespecters began to glow.

“My Crow allows me to add one Majespecter Spell card from my Deck to my Hand.”

With that, she flicked through the selection menu on her screen and chose her very card, which popped straight out from her deck for her to take it, and once she had it, the deck automatically shuffled.

“I choose MAJESPECTER STORM, but I shall worry about it later.

For now, my Fox allows me to ensnare a Majespecter Trap Card.”

She grabbed her next card, “Excellent-- MAJESPECTER GUST!”

Pinkie was starting to feel her enthusiasm beginning to shake.

“And finally,” hollered Trixie “The specialty of my Toad allows me to instantly set one Majestpecter Spell or Trap on the field straight from the deck.”

“What?!” snapped Pinkie “Just set it like that.”

“Yes, and I choose MAJESPECTER TORNADO.”

The card just instantly appeared right before her.

“That shall do for now. My turn is complete.”

Pinkie drew her card, and then her lips curled into a smile. “That was a pretty neat move. I can’t wait see what else you can try.”

Trixie blinked once, still baffled at Pinkie’s optimism, and she thought silently, “You have not yet begun to see the magic and mystery that my deck can unleash.”

She then gazed at all the spectators whom still seemed to be paying more attention to Pinkie than herself, and she was the magical one here.

“I will win this duel.” Trixie thought “And I shall continue to win every duel and bedazzle the crowds, so that, finally, I will gain the respect and viewing public I richly deserve.”

Pinkie looked at her six cards, and liked what they were. Then she held out her arms and addressed to the people, “And now, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to perform for you a little magic of my own. So prepare to be wowed!”

Trixie was unimpressed, but Pinkie made her move.

“I set the Pendulum Zone with Scale 2 PERFORMAPAL CAMELUMP, and Scale 8 PERFORMAPAL SKULLCROBAT JOKER!”

Just like before, the two monsters rose up into the light, forming the Pendulum in between.

“Now I get to Pendulum Summon as many monster monsters from levels 3 through 7 as I need.”

She summoned three monsters…




All her monsters roared, clicked, and growled before the crowds, which earned them thunderous applause, much to Trixie’s irate.

“Thank you, Thank you!” Pinkie hollered “Now that the welcome wagon is here, let’s perform a little magic of our own.

Starting off with Gold fang! Since he was special summoned, all my Perfomapals gain an extra 200 attack point boost for this turn.”

(Atk: 1800) -----> (Atk: 2000)

(Atk: 2200) -----> (Atk: 2400)

“You call that magical?” scoffed Trixie.

Pinkie snickered, “Sure do… but I’m not through yet, because now I activate Camelump’s Pendulum ability-- by targeting my King Bear, all of Trixie’s monsters now grow weaker by 800 defense points!”

“Ah!” cried Trixie.

(Def: 1500) -----> (Def: 700)

(Def: 1000) -----> (Def: 200)

(Def: 500) -----> (Def: 0)

“But that’s not all,” teased Pinkie “Now my Kaleidoscorp uses his ability, one that allows my King Bear to attack every special summoned monster my opponent controls.

And by the way, Camelump’s Pendulum ability also makes it so that if my monster attacks a defending monster, then my opponent will get hit with piercing damage!”

Trixie growled, and then Pinkie entered her battle phase.

“Now King Bear, let’s give the people a good performance, Wipe out all those monsters, and swipe up Trixie’s life points!”

Her bear roared, and bounded straight for the opposing monsters.

“And by the way…” Pinkie hollered “When King Bear attacks, his power increases by 100 points for every Perfomapal monster I have.”

(Atk: 2400) -----> (Atk: 2700)

With attack power that high, Trixie was bound to lose some serious points with all her monsters so weak, but she was prepared for this.

“Not so fast!” she shouted “You seem to have forgotten about the trap I had played-- MAJESPECTER TEMPEST!”

“Oh, I didn’t forget.” said Pinkie “I just wasn’t worried because my King Bear can’t be destroyed by traps.”

Trixie smirked, “Then perhaps it is fortunate for me I am not destroying it!”


“My trap requires me to tribute my Toad Gama, and then I may banish one monster you control!”

“Banish?!” cried Pinkie, and much to her horror, her beloved bear vanished off the field before it could finish its attack!

The crowd seemed surprised and upset by it all too.

“I can’t believe it.”

“She would’ve made a huge dent in those monsters.”


The booing was thrown at Trixie, which really angered her.

“Hey! Don’t boo her.” Pinkie called “She pulled off a really neat move there.”

“I am used to this sort of treatment.” groaned Trixie.

Pinkie gawked at her.

“I try and I try to earn the respect of those around me, and in the end I am seen no more than a lowly fink-- a fraud that couldn’t please even a circus of laughing people!”

She referred to her attempts to show off as an amateur magician and illusionist-- performing sleight-of-hand magic tricks, and escape stunts.

While some were fairly impressed by her skill, many others were far from-- claiming they understood how the tricks were performed and giving them away which resulted in fewer people showing interest in not only Trixie’s shows, but Trixie herself.

Pinkie felt very sorry for Trixie.

“You should feel sorry!” Trixie balked “All that I ever hear these days is how powerful and enchanting the Equestria Girls are, and their “real magic”

Well I refuse to be the figure of ignorance and playing second-fiddle.

I am here to show the people what I can really do.

So continue your move!”

Pinkie could see straight through Trixie now, and as much as she understood the frustration and apparent loneliness she was feeling, she had a great idea of the main cause of most of her trouble-- her overbearing attitude and her need to show off.

“Trixie, listen to me…” but Trixie cut in, “I am not interested in what you say or do, other than finishing your move.”

Pinkie frowned angrily, but thought calmly, “Well, it looks like I’ve really got my work cut out for me. Trixie really needs to learn to chill and have fun, and I’m going to give it to her.”

She cleared her throat, “Sorry about the delay folks, now on with the show!

Since my lead performer just took a sudden lunchbreak, I guess it’s up to his backup crew.

Gold Fang, attack and destroy the Crow!”

(Atk: 2000) VS (Def: 700)

Trixie couldn’t stop the attack this time, and her monster was brutally destroyed, but of course she didn’t lose any life points, and her monster was sent to the Extra Deck.

“Are you finished imposing yet?” asked Trixie.

Pinkie snuffed “I’ll throw one card facedown, and now I’m finished. So it’s intermission time.”

“Intermission, Ha!” scoffed Trixie “Let me show you how a real performance is made.

I draw…!”

She didn’t like the card she had drawn, “I’m going to need more than this if I am to take this imitation of a performer down.

Luckily, every good magician keeps a trick or a card up her sleeve.”

Being the sneaky girl she was, she performed a very slippery trick in which it seemed she was grabbing the card she just drew, but what the people couldn’t see was she had actually swapped it out for another card she was keeping under the cuffs on her sleeve.

“And now,” she hollered “The Great and Powerful Trixie will wow you with the magic of DARK HOLE!”

“Ah!” Pinkie yelped.

“The magic of this powerful cosmic force shall obliterate every monster that is in play!”

The swirling black hole appeared above the field, actually making everything go dark as all the monsters were sucked up into the menacing vortex and were gone.

The powerful explosions and the sight of the vortex caught the attention of Sunset, whom was passing by on her way to rendezvous with the rest of the group.

“What’s going on over there?” she wondered.

Well, of course she knew it was a duel, and she couldn’t resist to see who was dueling, and she didn’t even have to go over there…!

A TV monitor showed her the duel.

“Pinkie Pie…!”

The blast had ceased and the field was clear of all monsters, but not for long.

Trixie spread out her cape declared, “And now I invite you all to marvel in the wonders that is The Great and Powerful Trixie, and she magically makes her monster’s reappear, through the magic of Pendulum Summoning!”

In a bright flash, all three of her monsters returned to the field.




“They’re back!” cried Pinkie, and then immediately she began to clap with glee. “This is so exciting!”

Trixie gnashed her teeth softly, “Ahem!

Now that my monsters have been summoned yet again, their special abilities allow me to gain more cards.

“With my Crow, I add to my hand the spell MAJESPECTER CYCLONE!

With my Fox, I shall take the trap MAJESPECTER TEMPEST!

And the aid of my Toad shall let me set the trap MAJESPECTER TORNADO on the field yet again!”

Pinkie grumbled softly. “This is incredible.” she thought “Not only did she re-summon all her monster’s but she’s strengthened her hand with a whole load of cards, and I know what that Tornado card does already too.”

Trixie snickered, and also felt relieved that no one suspected the trick she had just pulled, and she entered her battle phase.

“Now I attack you directly with my Crow!”

The crow cawed loudly and flew straight for Pinkie like a missile.

“Nice try,” called Pinkie “I have a trap too-- PERFOMAPAL PINCH HELPER!”

“What?!” snapped Trixie.

“Now I get to negate your monster’s attack, and summon one Performapal from my deck, with effects negated.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the ever faithful, and cute to the bone, PERFORMAPAL SPLASHMAMMOTH!”

(Def: 2300)

The playful little elephant creature trumpeted and waved to the crowds, which thundered with applause.

Rather than be annoyed with the praise she was getting, Trixie only laughed wickedly.

“An amazing feat, but it shall not compare for next trick.


“Oh, no!” cried Pinkie.

“Oh, yes!” sneered Trixie, “Now by tributing my Crow to the Extra Deck, I am able to destroy your monster instantly!”

Pinkie watched as her monster got swept away by a menacing tornado, and it was gone.

Sunset saw the whole thing on the monitor.

“Hang tough, Pinkie Pie!”

Trixie cackled more like a witch than a wizard now, “And with that, I shall continue my assault with my remaining assistants.

Toad-Ogama, Fox-Kyubi…


The two remaining monsters gave Pinkie a tongue-lashing and head-bashing, and with their combined powers, she lost a good 2800 points!

Pinkie LP: 8000 -----> 5200

“Wow! That was a nice hit.” she said with glee.

Trixie’s eye twitched, “You’ve just lost more than a quarter of your life points, and you take it with happiness and joy?”

“Duh.” said Pinkie “I try to take all things with joy and smiles, and maybe you should too.”

Trixie blinked once, “I know all about smiles and joy. Why do you think I try to give them to the people, and yet they continuously treat me as a nightmare out of a hat?”

“Well, with an attitude like that, it’s no wonder they do.” said Pinkie “You need to make yourself happy before you can make others happy.”

“Enough!” bellowed Trixie “I will earn the respect I crave in my own way, by taking you down in this duel.”

She placed two cards facedown, ending her turn.

“Make your move so that I may continue to bedazzle my public.”

Pinkie scowled, but drew her card. “I’m not beat yet.” she said in thought “Somehow I will get through to her, and make her realize her approach of things is wrong.”

She gazed at her one card, and then carefully considered what she was up against.

She knew the Majestpecter Tornado would banish one monster she played, and she also knew there were two other traps on the field, but she didn’t know what they did.

She only knew that with her Skullcrobat Joker in the Pendulum Scale, the summoning of her monsters couldn’t be negated, so it was still safe to summon.

“Well, I guess sometimes they best way to learn all about a trap is to set it off.” she thought.

She pretended to stand in spotlight, taking the stage. “And now folks, for Act Two, my monsters shall reappear before your eyes, and just as better than ever.

…I Pendulum Summon!”

Four flashes of light shot down as her monsters appeared.





The audience cheered-- astonished that she summoned that many monsters at once-- and Pinkie bowed to her public, much to Trixie’s irate.

“Just you wait!” she thought angrily “No one upstages me!”

“Now, I activate Splashmammoth’s ability.” said Pinkie “He allows me to Fusion Summon without using a fusion card.”

“I think not!” snapped Trixie “I activate the trap MAJESPECTER TORNADO!”

Pinkie narrowed her eyes.

“Once again,” Trixie hollered “I tribute my Crow which banishes your Splashmamoth out of sight!”

Pinkie watched, and her mammoth let out a mournful trumpet as it went away.

“Aww…!” Pinkie groaned “You didn’t have to do that. I was just try have some fun.”

Trixie only flicked her hat and looked smug.

“Well,” snapped Pinkie “There’s still something else I can do, I tune my Level 2 Odd-Eyes Synchron with my Level 4 Gold Fang!”

Trixie watched as the two monsters transformed into beads of light and merged together forming the new monster.

“I Synchro Summon…” Pinkie hollered “Ladies and Gentlemen, a big welcome to my friend METAPHYS HORUS!”

(Atk: 2300)

The monster spread out its shining wings, wowing the crowds in its lamination.

But then, Trixie snickered, “You have just played into my second trap.”



“What does that even do?”

Trixie smirked, “Watch now if you will, as the power I have unleashed will transport my Unicorn-Kirin out of the Pendulum Zone to here on the field.”

With that, her monster leapt down from the light, landing right next to her.

(Atk: 2000)

“Ta-da…! And now that my assistant has made his appearance, he will show your monster to the exit!”


“I activate Unicorn-Kirin’s special ability, which requires two volunteers-- My Raccoon-Bunbuku, and your Horus…

With a simple count to three-- 1… 2… 3… and POOF!!” the second she said that, the two monsters vanished off the field.

“And there you have it! My creature is back in my hand, and yours is back in the Extra Deck.”

Pinkie was finding it harder to maintain her cool.

“Ah, well. The show must go on, and it will. I still have my other two performers.

…Gold Fang and Kaleidiescorp!

Gold Fang still gained 200 attack points when he was summoned.”

(Atk: 1800) -----> (Atk: 2000)

“And now I get to use Kaleidiescorp’s ability, which will let my Gold Fang attack all your monsters at once!”

“I think not!” snapped Trixie.

“Oh, no, not again!” groaned Pinkie.

“Activate MAJESPECTER TEMPEST! All I am required to do now is tribute my Toad-Ogama, and the power of your monster is negated, and the creature shall be destroyed!”

Pinkie’s monster exploded in a flash and went straight to the Extra Deck.

“No problem.” said Pinkie “At least I still have my Gold Fang.”

Trixie grunted, knowing she couldn’t stop the attack this time.

“Go, Gold Fang, attack Fox-Kyubi!”

(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 1500)

Trixie shielded herself from the shockwaves with her cape and growled as her life points dropped.

Trixie LP: 8000 -----> 7500

“Why you…!”

But the crowd seemed to enjoy it, and cheered for Pinkie.

“That’s’ showing her!”

“Way to stick it to the show off!”

More and more taunting from the spectators really made Trixie turn red with rage!

Pinkie didn’t like this one bit.

“Stop! Stop it!” she hollered to the crowd “Don’t tease her. She and I are fighting and awesome duel here. Can’t you be happy for both of us?”

The people began to laugh at her.

“Is she for real?”

“She’s actually defending the fink?”

Pinkie couldn’t believe her ears.

“You see how it is.” said Trixie “No one ever respects me! No matter how hard I try, I can never gain the public I desire, while you, on the other hand, are simply rewarded for your smiles and your partygoers.”

“That’s not true.” protested Pinkie “Well… I mean, I guess it is a little true, but that’s not the point! You still have to change your own attitude!

You can’t just keep demanding the people respect you. Respect is something you have to earn.”

Trixie scoffed “What do you think I’ve been trying to do with my magic shows and bits of illusion?! And it never works!

But I can assure you, all that will change. It can and it must, when I win this duel.”

Pinkie couldn’t believe how stubborn Trixie was being, but she still remained determined to try to help her-- at least make her smile instead of raging and shouting.

For now she had no choice but to end her turn.

Sunset continued to watch the duel on the screen, and really felt the rage Trixie was showing. It reminded her of how she used to be-- mean, evil, power-hungry.

“Trixie needs a serious wake-up call.” she thought “Come on, Pinkie. You can do this. Show her like you showed me-- how it means to have fun, and friends.”

“It is my draw!” shouted Trixie and she took her third card.

“I play POT OF GREED so I may draw twice more!”

She looked down at all four of her cards, and was a little displeased.

“I cannot allow her to Pendulum Summon again on her next turn.” she thought to herself “I will not allow her to again another unfair advantage over me.”

She sneakily performed her card switch again-- dumping off the two cards she had drawn, and didn’t want, exchanging them for two others out of her sleeve, which no one seemed to notice.

Sunset watched, and noted how Trixie moved her hand over her cards to take them, and even though she hadn’t exactly seen the card switch, she would know this from anywhere-- having done the same thing from her mean-girl days when she played regular card games against victims she would make bets with for easy money.

“She’s cheating!”

She couldn’t let this happen, and tried to rush over to stop the duel, but there was so many people huddling around to watch she couldn’t get in.

“Excuse me!

Pardon me!

Somebody let me in!”

All she got was a soft nudge from a spectator, “Scram, girl! Don’t push.”

Sunset then tried to call Pinkie on her cell-phone, only to get her answering-message, forgetting that Pinkie turned her phone off when dueling so she wouldn’t be distracted.

She knew she couldn’t holler out, no one would hear her over the chattering and cheering crowd.

“I’ve got to stop this… somehow!”

“And now,” Trixie hollered “Behold the awesome magic of Trixie, as I play the magic of the spell WAVERING EYES!”

The field was shrouded in a dark veil of winds, loaded with searing and wicked eyes.

Pinkie couldn’t help but shudder, for her Pinkie Sense was telling her, “Something’s about to go nasty, I can feel it.”

Trixie snickered, “As you should, for the magic of my spell will now make all monsters in the Pendulum Zone disappear.”

The winds blasted across the field, shattering all both Pinkie’s monsters out of the Pendulum Zone.

“This can’t be happening?!” cried Pinkie.

“Oh, but it is.” hissed Trixie “And now, I shall explain the further conditions of my magic spells.

Since I have destroyed two Pendulum monsters, I am able to activate two special powers from this card of mine.

The first of which is you shall lose 500 of your life points!”

“Ah!” cried Pinkie, and her score dropped just like that.

Pinkie LP: 5200 -----> 4700

“Second…” said Trixie “I am able to magically make a Pendulum monster go from my Deck to my hand.”

She quickly snatched the card she needed, “I choose MAJESPECTER CAT-NEKOMATA!”

The crowd all began to whimper and feel scared for her. “I now reset my Pendulum Zones with Scale 2 MAJESPECTER CAT-NEKOMATA, and Scale 5 MAJESPECTER RACCOON-BUNBUKU!”

Pinkie shuddered with fear as the monsters rose high into the light, and knowing what was coming her way now.

“And now,” shouted Trixie “I shall Pendulum Summon all the monsters levels 3 through 4 as I need!”

Once again, in three flashes of light that rained down from above, her three monsters appeared once more.




The four monsters glared Pinkie down, and she couldn’t smile at them this time.

“I take it you are aware,” said Trixie “I am now able to grab three new cards out of my deck.

One spell to my hand-- MAJESPECTER SONICS…

One trap to my hand-- MAJESPECTER TORNADO…

And one trap set on the field-- MAJESPECTER TEMPEST!”

Now Pinkie was really starting to panic, much to Trixie’s amusement, and she could even hear the spectators talking.

“Hate to say it, but that girl sure knows how to duel.”

“What’s her secret?”

“How is she so good?”

She felt that her plan was working, and that she was finally going to get the respect she craved.

She tipped her hat and called to Pinkie, “Now, You remember the power of my Unicorn-Kirin!”

Pinkie gulped.

“That’s right, I select my Raccoon-Bunbuku to leave its place in the Pendulum Zone, and join the cards in my hand to perform my next vanishing act…

…Say goodbye to your monster!”

Pinkie watched as her Kalediscorp vanished in a flash of light, beaming as a card back into her hand, and leaving her with only her Gold Fang left.

“This isn’t good!” she cried.

“On the contrary: it is very good… for me!” said Trixie “You see, now that my Raccoon is in my hand, I shall Normal Summon him to the field.”

(Atk: 1200)

Five monsters!

…Five extremely powerful monsters, glaring Pinkie down and looking ready to blast her to bits.

“And furthermore,” said Trixie “Summoning my new creature allows me to take another Raccoon from my deck and place it into my hand.”

She grabbed her card, and glared at Pinkie. “I’m afraid it’s all downhill for you now, my dear, especially when I cast the spell MAJESPECTER STORM!

I sacrifice my Crow, and your Gold Fang will disappear!”

“Ah!” cried Pinkie, and in a flash of light, her last monster disappeared leaving her with only her trap card left and nothing else.

Trixie smirked “Time for the Grand Finale, as I order my Raccoon to strike you directly!”

The Raccoon began to rush its way towards Pinkie, ready to pounce.

“Not so fast!” she shouted “You forget about my Pinch Helper trap card? Now I can stop your attack, and summon one Perfromapal from my deck to defend me!

So… please give a big and warm welcome to PERFORMAPAL ODD-EYES DISOLVER!”

(Def: 2600)

Her monster stood strong and tall as it defended her. Pinkie really thought she’d be safe from the remaining monsters, but she was wrong.

“Nice try,” hissed Trixie “But every good magician is ready for such situations.”

Pinkie sweated softly.

“From my hand, I cast the spell MAJESPECTER SONICS, which shall double the attack-power of my Fox for the remainder of the turn!”

(Atk: 1500) -----> (Atk: 3000)

“Three-Thousand?!” cried Pinkie.

Trixie snickered, and then ordered her Fox, “…Attack!”

Pinkie’s last line of defense was crushed, and she was totally wide open.

The spectators all felt worried and panicked for her.

“She’s wide open!”

“She’s going to get hit hard!”

They were right; Trixie still had three remaining monsters, and she ordered them all to attack her.

First the Raccoon, and then the Toad, and finally the Unicorn… altogether, Pinkie took a whopping 4500 points of damage!

Pinkie LP: 4700 -----> 200

Pinkie was knocked off her feet by the three monsters when they had hit her, and she just barely managed to get back onto her feet, while Trixie laughed at her!

“I guess that’s a wrap for you.” she taunted “No matter what you draw on your next turn, absolutely nothing can spare you from humiliation and disgrace.

You may as well make it easier on yourself and surrender to me.”

Much as Pinkie really didn’t want to believe that, how could she not?”

“What can I do?” she thought “Trixie’s played this duel so perfectly-- almost too perfectly.

Then again, there’s no way I can get out this. Those two traps will vanquish any monster or card effect I try to play, and with only 200 life points left…!”

She was starting to feel very weak inside, as if her smiles had actually failed her, but then again she knew she wouldn’t be out of the tournament if she lost the duel anyway.

“I guess I may as well just face the facts and do the right thing.”

She slowly moved her hand to place it over her deck and surrendered, much to the crowd’s horror, and Trixie’s delight…!

Suddenly, the holograms began to flicker and wave, and the field was starting to power down.

“What is this?” shouted Trixie.

“This duel is over!” shouted a voice.

Everyone turned in the direction the voice came from and saw none-other than the Prince Brothers, along with park security, and the brothers’ looked horribly displeased.

“What are they doing here?” Pinkie wondered.

Rubeus called out to the crowd, “This duel is canceled due to a disqualification!”

The crowd gasped and were confused, but then Loki announced straight at Trixie, “You are hereby disqualified for improper conduct.

The winner of this match by default is Pinkie Pie!”

More gasps followed, and Trixie was horrified. “You cannot disqualify me!” she shouted as she angrily shook her fists, only for cards stuffed up her sleeve to suddenly fall out and onto the ground.

Pinkie gasped.

Trixie nervously tried to cover the cards with her cape, but her charade was well-broken!

The crowds were horrified and furious.

“She cheated!”

“She’s a liar and a fraud!”

Boos and hoots were thrown at her.

Trixie fell to her knees in shame.

Pinkie approached her, and she did not seem please either. “Trixie… how could you?”

“We’ll show you how.” said Loki, and he held up his phone, “Out duel disks are connected to the tournament computer, which help us keep track of what cards are played and which cards a duelist holds.”

Trixie growled, and then watched guiltily as the recorded images showed how she swapped her cards for good ones to ensure her victory.

Rubeus stepped forth and spoke severely to Trixie, “If there is one thing we won’t tolerate… it’s cheating!”

Trixie felt sick with nervous feelings and humiliation.

“You are hereby disqualified and out of this tournament and I suggest you leave this theme park at once, or we’ll escort you out by force!”

Trixie felt every one of those words strike her like a burning knife.

Loki then addressed Pinkie Pie, “And as for you, now only shall you receive your promised 25% for a consecutive win, we also award you an extra 15%, which your opponent had.”

Pinkie looked down on her duel meter, and surely enough she now had 55%, more than half way to the tournament finals.

Much as she would be pleased with all this, she still looked down at Trixie with shame, disappointment, and confusion.

“I thought we told you to leave.” said Rubeus.

The security team stepped up as a warning to her, prompting Trixie to get up and run off in tears.

“Wait! Trixie…!” Pinkie called, and she chased after her.

Sunset saw her after the crowds had broken up, “Pinkie Pie, wait up!” she called and began to chase after her and Trixie.

The brothers watched as they went along.

“Why go after that cheater?” wondered Loki.

Rubeus continued to eye the girls until they were out of sight-- preferably at Sunset, and his lips curled into a wicked grin.

“…For the very reasons we admire about them.”

Loki looked at his brother, and then caught on, but said nothing, and just grinned as wickedly as Rubeus.