A shooting nightmare

by The Psychopath

The water of doooom

Mathews calmly walked towards the bathroom and closed the door behind him. The walls were ornate with yellow tiles while the white floor was covered with white ones, and some small, blue carpets. The little black bundle kept crying. It made the man wonder if the thing felt separated from something, but he mentally slapped himself after thinking that.

"It's a baby. O' course it feels separated from something. A-durrrrRRRR."

While still holding the airplane engine, Mathews twisted the knobs of his white bathtub to let the water flow through. He had to adjust the temperature, and some burning was followed as he tried to perfect everything. Finally, he unwrapped the little bundle and held it in his hands. It was small and soft, but it had several specks that were red and crusty on its fur. Those were the burnt marks, but Mathews wondered how it was that it only had traces at those particular spots when it literally flew in as a ball of fire and smashed into his yard.

"Hm. You're so tiny and adorable. Are you a boy or a girl?"

He lift the little thing up to check, and as he figured it out, he was met with an angry bop on the head. Of course, the thing was too tiny to actually hurt him, but he saw that the little equidae had a trembling, puckered lower lip and an angry look on its face, although the tears trickling down it's puffed up, pinkish cheeks made it more of an adorable face with big, watery eyes than anything else.

"Heh. I already saw, but being so modest at such a young age are the signs of a true lady."

The little thing gave out a tiny gasp that seemed more like a squeak, but Mathews didn't pay attention to it, and dropped her in the very shallow water. The tub was high enough to keep her from jumping out, and the water was shallow enough to only let her ankles get wet. She seemed to look at it in semi-disgust, semi-intrigue.

"Now let's see. I should have some light shampoo and soap here...need to mix it in with water to keep your wittle baby skin from getting irritated. Hmhmhm...here we go...BUBBLE BATH! MAKE ALLLLLL THE BUBBLES!" Mathews yelled as he held a bottle of soap in his arm high in the air, then opened the cap and let a wee bit of the soap splash into the water, before he put his hands in and spun them around to create bubbles everywhere.

The little equidae looked at the foam and lift her foreleg up to observe at the substance on it. She tried to sniff it, but it itched her nose, causing her to make an adorable, high-pitched sneeze, making her fell on her rear and look dazed for a moment. Mathews thought his heart was about to melt as his eyes demonstrated an immensity of the 'piou' syndrome.

"Awww. Wittle thing sneezed. How cute."

The little foal looked up at the giant in embarrassment and anger.

"No point in looking at me like that. Time to wash you up."

Mathews hands crept closer to the foal, but, from her angle, they were freakin' huge hands! She started to panic and began to splosh around clumsily in the tub while trying to escape the clutches of the giant, making the water splash about uncontrollably all over the place.

"Noooo! Get back here. DR! Stop doing-GAH! SOAP IN MY EYES! AHHH!" Mathews yelled as he stood up and fell backwards, narrowly avoiding the sink. "Ngh. You'll pay for this."

The foal looked pleased at what she did and closed her eyes so she could look smug for a moment. Grave mistake. She was caught by Fore, who held her down by the back with one hand.

"Muahaha! I have caught you. You shall now have to undergo a soapy doom."

The foal's eyes widened in horror as she stared at him holding a cloth dipped in the soapy water to clean her. She kept squeaking and struggling as the man washed her, turning the white water into a brown swamp.

"Wow. You're really dirty."

The little thing started to make cute coughs and weird sounds as she was washed and wiped all over. Eventually, her horn glowed slightly, but Mathews didn't notice. He was tugged into the bathtub. Luckily, the water wasn't too high, but he was still slightly wet.

"Haha. Very fu-What? Weird little starry things that serve as your hair and tail? How the he...How in the world did I not notice that before? Maybe I should see an optometrist. Hm. I'm not done washing you. Hah! Under the little legs. Behind the ears. Under your wings. Now on your-Wings?"

Indeed. This little foal not only had weird "hair" and turquoise, reptilian eyes, but she also had a horn AND wings. Mathews was stumped.

"The fu...No matter. Now that you're all nice and soapy, it's time to wash you out...WITH THE SHOWER HEAD OF DOOOOOM!"

The foal seemed to show her agony by gesturing towards the sky and letting out a silent no as she was drowned in the water of DOOOOOOOOOM. There were no survivors. Eventually, she was plucked out and dried with a fresh towel, in which she was kept. She was placed on a table in the living room while Mathews went to a cupboard to fetch some ointment and a cloth with special band-aids that wouldn't tear her coat off. He had a good view of that strange being staring at him in suspicion from across the few steps of distance. She didn't move from her blanket fort the entire time.

Mathews soon came back with a pack of the necessary treatment and placed it on the table. He quickly grabbed the foal and spread the towel out while he applied the ointment to the burns. She grunted quite alot, but, in the end, the little foal just kept her head on the towel and stared into the distance. Mathews was disturbed and worried at the same time.

"There we go. Just like new."

The foal smirked and the band-aids turned from their vanilla color to the same tone of black as the equidae's coat.

"Fancy. You must be starving. Maybe I should get you something to eat. Hm?"

She said nothing and started to look very drowsy. Being a baby, it was normal, although she did seem a bit more mature than a baby should be. Yet, she never spoke, at least, not for the half-hour that Mathews had her. Trust would have to be forged between them, but how? Fore wrapped her back around the towel and his heart almost toppled as he saw her yawn.

"Damn you and your adorableness. You cause my heart to skip several beats. At least you aren't human. You wouldn't be adorable at all. Yeck. Ugly little constipated looking things. Humans are not cute, YOU'RE cute." he thought to himself as he remembered something else."Hmmm...If you're going to stay with me, you'll need a name. Hmmm..."
The man noticed, as he unwrapped the filly once again, that, on her flanks, were weird patches of purple. "You have weird purple patches, you're black, and that weird metal that hit me on the head has the moon etched on it. How about I call you Crescent? The moon on that chest plate thing is a crescent moon."

The little filly gave out another adorable yawn and smacked her lips.

"You're right. I'm also tired. Time for bed. You'll sleep with me, Crescent." he smiled as he held the little thing in his two hands.

Mathews held the filly close to his chest as he activated the code for his house's security system and lowered the blinds for every door and window. He eventually returned to his bedroom and slowly closed the door behind him. The filly was sound asleep, so he gently lowered her onto his bed and changed into his sleeping clothes. Fore unwrapped the present, threw the towel into the basket, and placed the filly next to him under his bed sheets, slowly letting them fall upon the tiny, black fur ball. She soon rolled into a ball next to the man, and he wanted to hug her tightly. No. He couldn't. Instead, he just turned off the light and dozed off with his hand around the black ball of fuzz. He'd have to work hard and learn more about this thing that was so similar to horses but fairy tails and mythology as well. Several thoughts on what Crescent could be flowed through his mind as, he too, fell asleep. About time too. It was twelve thirty a.m., as he saw before his long awaited slumber.