Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 64: Detective Rarity and the Framed Princess

Ren's POV

The gang and I just got back from Canterlot one bright afternoon. "Oh that Canterlot Jewel was absolutely gorgeous." Rarity said. "The way it glimmered in the sunlight and smooth edges and the-"

"Shut up you purple loon!" Jack exclaimed, quickly annoyed by Rarity.

"Hmph, well at least I appreciate the little things in life, you big brute."

"Hey I appreciate tiny things. I appreciate newbie and her shrimp filly, don't I?"

"I meant other than people and ponies around you." Jack growled at her.

"Now now guys, no fighting please." I said getting between the two of them.

"Fine." Jack and Rarity said. I noticed Rantaro was looking back at something. "What are you looking at Rantaro?"

"Oh, just remember seeing the Flim Flam brothers in the museum." he stated.

"What?!" I exclaimed.

"What do those bastards want?" Jack growled.

"Probably revenge on Sarah again." Mason added.

"I didn't see them doing anything except for them being near the Canterlot Jewel, but eh." Rantaro added. Hmm... why would the Flim Flam brother be at the museum? Something is going on, but I don't know what....

The Next Morning

I was sleeping peacefully when... "Uncle Ren Uncle Ren, everyone!"

GAH! What the-? "Shimmer, what's wrong?" Kaede asked.

"Do you know what time it is, brat?" Jack grumbled.

"It's Mommy, some royal guards arrested her." Shimmer cried.

"WHAT?!" We all cried.

"Why on Earth would they arrest newbie?!" Jack exclaimed.

"I don't know, but we have to find out. Come on, Kaede, gather the girls and meet us in Canterlot." I said.

"Right." Kaede rushed out the door with Shimmer while the rest of us mounted our dragons and flew to Canterlot with Sarah's pokemon right behind us. When we got there, we went straight to the Princesses. "Celeste, Luna why was Sarah arrested?" I asked.

"The Canterlot Jewel was stolen last night." Celestia said.

"And you think newbie stole it?!" Jack exclaimed. "No way in hell would she do something like that."

"That may be given her record but we found her hair and feathers at the scene of the crime." Luna said holding a small bag with Sarah's hair and feathers in it. "I also spoke with security and they saw they saw her bypassing the security and stealing the jewel." Twilight and the girls suddenly burst into the room "We came as soon as we heard." Twilight panted.

"Now what the hay is going on?" Applejack asked.

"Someone stole the Canterlot Jewel last night and all evidence points to Sarah." I said with a worried look.

"What?! No way, Sarah's too cool to do something like that." Rainbow objected.

"We know but there's too much evidence against her to make her innocent." Celestia admitted sadly.

"Wait, what if we investigate a-and find something that makes Sarah innocent, t-then you'll have to let her go right?" Jamie added. The sisters looked at each other, "Please, Princess we know Sarah didn't do this so give us the chance to prove it." Twilight pleaded. The royal sisters stared at each other and nodded, "Alright, Twilight, you and your friends shall investigate."

"Yes." Twilight said.

"But you must hurry, the trial for Sarah is set for this afternoon so you don't have much time." Luna added.

"Right, can we see Sarah first?" I asked. Celestia nodded. A royal guard lead us down to the Canterlot dungeon where they held prisoners. When we entered we saw Sarah in the first cell. She looked so scared and uncomfortable. I would be too if I got arrested for a crime I did not commit. She gasped in relief at the sight of us. "Ren, everyone. I didn't take the jewel, I-I swear."

"We know Sarah." Mason said. "We're gonna investigate to prove you innocent."

"Don't worry newbie, we'll get you out of here." Jack said.

"Please hurry guys, the trial is this afternoon and I'll be a goner." Sarah replied with fear in her voice.

"You're not gonna be a goner. Not while we're here." Rainbow said in a determined voice. "We'll prove you didn't take the jewel and bail you out.."

"Rainbow's right." Applejack said.

"But how?" Sarah added.

"With me." Huh? Rarity? We turned and saw she suddenly in a large trench coat and large hat. "Detective Rarity is on the case and we'll get to the bottom of this faster than my costume change!" Oh... my... god. "Uuuhh, what's with the get up, loon?" Jack asked.

"I am portraying Shadow Spade to these gorgeous garments and she would say that the only way to prove Sarah didn't steal the jewel is to find out who ever did. First stop; the scene of the crime!" Rarity exclaimed. Okay... this side of her I've never seen before in my life.

Shimmer was whimpering a little. "Mommy?" Sarah went over and patted her head. "Shimmer, go with Uncle Ren and the others okay?"

"Will Mommy be okay?" she asked Sarah feeling really worried. "I don't wanna lose you again."

"Awwww...." the girls cooed.

"Don't worry kid, we'll get newbie out of here." Jack said to Shimmer. "Okay, Uncle Jack." Shimmer replied.

"Now come, to the scene of the crime!" Detective Rarity exclaimed. I sweat dropped at that as well as the others. This was going to be a long day... for my friends that is.

Kaede's POV

We all went to the museum and the Princesses gave up permission to access the crime scene. "Alright everyone, spread out and look for clues." Rarity said.

We all nodded and searched the whole area for clues while a song played in the background.

We all gathered around Rarity. "I didn't find any clues at all." Ren said.

"Me either." Mason said.

"Pika Pika!" Mason's Pikachu cried.

"What Pikachu?" Pikachu was pointing at the devices that created the laser grid that the criminal broke last night during the robbery. Dragonite flew up to the devices, "This one is fried!" he flew over to the others. "These are fried too!"

"So the criminal must have blasted the laser machines and get past them." I explained.

"Hey! There's an open air vent up here!" Dragonite called.

Huh? We all mounted our dragons and flew up to the air vent. The bars of the vent were inside. "Looks like someone broke in through this vent." Mason said. His Pikachu leaped off of his shoulder and pointed to a scratch on the wall. "What kind of scratch is that?" Carrie asked.

"Looks like a horn scratch. Like the horn scraped the wall when the criminal was entering this area." Jamie said.

"Or they were escaping through the vent." Nicole said.

"Huh?" I asked her.

"I shall explain later." Nicole added, adjusting her glasses.

"Let's see if the security cameras have anything." Rantaro said.

"Good idea." Rarity said. We all asked the security guards to show us the cameras from last night. On the screen we saw what looked to be Sarah entering the room where the Canterlot Jewel was. It was guarded by the laser grids. 'Sarah' blasted the laser machines, easily disarming the lasers. Then she approached the Jewel and used her magic to lift it up. "Hehehe" she laughed. Suddenly the alarms sounded. She levitated herself to the air vent and broke it open, crawling out of the area when the police showed up.

"... That was alot of help." Jack grumbled.

"That tape had no evidence to prove Sarah innocent." Rainbow added.

"Not exactly." Nicole said. "Rewind the footage please." she asked the security pony. The pony rewind the tape to when Sarah used her magic. "Stop. Now zoom in." The cameras zoomed in and show Sarah's horn and a green magic aura around it. "When did Sarah's magical aura change to green?" Rainbow asked.

"It can't." Rantaro said. "Remember what Jamie told us at the wedding..."


A Canterlot Wedding Disaster Part 2

Jamie's POV

“Yes.” He nodded with a serious look on his face. “When we last met, I saw her magic aura was pink, but what Jamie stated was that it was green.”

“Strange…” Princess Luna muttered.

“What? What’s so strange?” Jack questioned.

“I think she’s talking about the magic aura color, right?” Kaede guessed, which the Princess of the Night nodded.

“Is it possible that it can change color?” Kodiak asked.

“No, that isn’t possible.” I muttered loudly, enough for the others to hear. “When unicorns cast magic, it produced a colored aura around their horns and any objects their magic affects. The color of the glow is different among individuals, usually matching the color of their eyes or a prominent color of their cutie mark. The color is distinctive to each unicorn…”

End of POV

End of Flashback

"Yeah.. I remember... do you think it's a changeling?" Jamie asked in fear.

"Pfft. No way, that good bug is off doing who knows what with the other good bugs and that crappy bug queen and the hechbug are in Tartarus." Jack scoffed.

"So if it's not changelings, then who else has a green magical aura?" Mason asked aloud.

"And why wouldn't Sarah just use her wings to fly up to the vent instead of levitating herself?" Carrie asked. Everyone turned to her. "What?"

"Carrie... you're right." Mason exclaimed.

"I am?"

"Yes, Sarah would have used her wings instead of her magic to fly so why didn't she?"

"Maybe because she couldn't." Rantaro claimed.

"Couldn't. That a lie. She's an alicorn." Twilight said.

"True but in the video maybe she isn't an alicorn." Rantaro added. Okay... now I'm very confused.

"But how did her feather and a piece of her hair get to the crime scene?" Carrie asked.

"I have the answer to that." Nicole said.

"You do?!" I exclaimed.

"Yes Kaede, but first we have to get to the trial." Nicole added.

I looked at the clock. "Oh crap baskets! She's right, the trial started ten minutes ago!" We all gasped, "The let's go before they send newbie to prison!" Jack exclaimed and rushed out of the museum and made it to the courtroom where the trial was. We saw the judge about to bang his gravel when we burst in and Kaede cried, "Wait! We have new evidence!" The whole courtroom gasped. We saw some ponies from Canterlot and saw the Flim Flam brothers as well. We saw Sarah looking at us with a smile on her face.

"What is the meaning of this?!" the judge asked.

"Sarah did not commit the crime." Ren said.

"Well the evidence says other wise." Flim said and he and his brother laughed. "Well we found more evidence which points to the real culpurits.... the Flim Flame brothers." Nicole said. Everyone gasped and the brothers looked shocked. "What? That's insane we did not steal the Canterlot Jewel, you Princess did."

Rarity stepped forth. "She did not and allow me to explain. I examined the hair from Princess Celestia that came from Sarah but looking at them closely I could tell they didn't fall out... they were cut. Nopony loses hair in a chunk and look at the ends, it's a straight line. It was clearly cut which means someone planted this lock and hair and the feathers at the crime scene."

Take that!

Nicole added, "Then when we examined the security tapes with noticed Sarah's magical aura was green instead of it's usual pink color. And as we all know a unicorn's magical aura does not change. This includes Sarah's magical aura. In the air vent we also saw a horn scratch on the wall which means whomever did it had a long horn which is unlike Sarah being her horn is no longer than Rarity or Twilight's." The Flim Flam brothers started to look nervous when Flam objected, "But the cameras showed your Princess in the flesh and not us, how do you explain that?"

"The reason you two didn't show in the video and Sarah did was because you and Sarah we one in the same." Rantaro said.

"HUH?" Everyone in the courtroom asked, confused.

"Being that you are unicorns you can learn all kinds of magical spells including ones that allow you to change your appearance and perhaps looks like someone else. And being that you wanted revenge of Sara for foiling your plans to takeover Sweet Apple Acres I'd say that's a good motive to have to frame her for this crime."

"Well-" Flim tried to say.

"Also, you made one fatal mistake, taking on Sarah's appearance. You levitated yourselves to the air vent when Sarah would usually use her wings to fly up there." Nicole added.

Take that!

Everyone in the courtroom was silent. "That's preposterous!" Flim exclaimed.

"Just admit it, you both are guilty of framing Sarah Gem as you are of being sneaky and rude." Rarity said pointing at them. The brothers growled. "Fine... you caught us. We stole the Jewel!" Flam exclaimed.

Everyone gasped in shock.

"We thought if we could get that pesky hybrid behind bars then there would be nothing to stop us from claiming Sweet Apple Acres as part of our business." Flim explained. "So I posed as Sarah to frame her for stealing the Canterlot Jewel. Hahahah!"

Nicole, Rantaro and Rarity smirked. "A confession!" Rarity cried.

Take that!

"Based on this new evidence and the confession, I declare Princess Sarah Gem innocent and free of all charges!" the judge declared and banged his gravel.

"WOO-HOO!" Pinkie cheered. Sarah rushed over to us and we all hugged each other. "Thanks guys, you saved me." Sarah said with glee.

"Of course darling, we would never let anything happen to you." Rarity said.

"And now those bastards won't bother you again." Jack smirked seeing the two brothers being arrested. Sarah gave a small squeal as Shimmer fluttered into her arms. "Mommy!" she cried. She nuzzled Sarah lovingly while sobbing a little, "I was so worried... *sniff*."

"Oh honey... it's alright.. Mommy's here." Sarah cooed. She rubbed her back as Shimmer whimpered some more. "Come on guys, let's go home." Twilight suggested.

We all agreed and we exited the courtroom knowing that Sarah was free of robbery and the real culprits were going to jail. As everyone knows...

The truth is stranger than fiction