Empress of the night: Childhood years.

by Fernando1717

4.- And that's how it happened.

Actions always have reactions, they teach that in school and home, Luna didn't took that lesson seriously but in the matter of a 8 months she saw the lesson take effect, not in her directly but close to her, in the couple of Bright Mac and his now wife Pear Butter.

Action, the couple continued with their relationship both romantically and physically. Reaction, Pear Butter end up pregnant.

Action, They tried to keep it a secret until Bright could talk to Grand Pear about them.
Reaction, Grand Pear learned the true from another source causing him lock his daughter in their house.

Action, with his daughter about to give birth to an Apple he prepared for baby to be put into adoption. Reaction, with Bright's help Pear Butter escaped from home and they run away from town, they married in a small church in the next County.

Action, the whole affair became public and Smith Apple contacted all Apples around the state and outside of it and a full blown search for the couple begun. Reaction, in Canterlot Town public opinion turned sour for Grand Pear and his family, to avoid been dragged as well Stinky Rich broke ties with the Pears and this lead to them selling their lands and moving away forgetting about Pear Butter and her child.

It would be three months before they were found working in a ranch farm not far from Canterlot Town, Bright Mac found job as a hired hand and Pear Butter became the assistant for the local vet, working for her Pear Butter learned the tricks and signs of horse breeding.

An accidental visit from one of the owners to Canterlot revealed the identity of the couple and soon Smith was let in in the information, she marched to the ranch and after beating some sense into his son, both literally and figuratively she dragged the two back to Sweet Apple Acres, after all was all was said and done that same day the Apples celebrated their return, wedding and baby all at the same time.

During all that time Celestia and Luna did their best to do what they could in the farm, they weren't alone of course, a lot of the younger Apples that came to help in the search were left behind to tend to the farm, they were more experienced that the Regal sisters but Celestia knew the farm better and had a better sense of teamwork that the rest so it wasn't a surprise when she took leadership, Luna meanwhile tried to have fun with the new additions of the farm but as it turn out Bright was perhaps the more calm and we'll behaved of the Apple lot, his cousins, nephews and nieces were a rowdy bunch and more that once did Luna had to hide behind Celestia who on the other hand was respected and even feared by them.

And so, the months passed, Luna became Pear Butter personal helper when Granny wasn't around, by this point Pear Butter was in her height month.

"You're still afraid that my belly may burst are ya Luna?". Asked Pear Butter as she stretched a little feeling her back sore from the extra weight in her stomach.

"N-no, I'm not afraid of that, that's silly, you're been silly". Said Luna not sounding convincing at all.

"I knew it was a bad idea let ya see that horror movie with us, you screamed so loud that the neighbors almost called the police, and the live almost a mile away!".

"Hey Bright was louder than me and he screams like a little girl!".

"So he does, anyway, would you like to feel the baby?".

"Eh? Hmm I, I don't know? Do you promise that it not going to burst out like in the movie?". Luna asked still skeptical.

"I promise, besides in the movie the alien came out of the chest not the tummy?".
Luna looked to Pear Butter's breast that were bigger now due to the pregnancy.

" No, there's no alien in my chest either, come over here, be brave, if you're lucky you may feel it moving".

"O-ok". Taking a deep breath Luna moved closer to the future Mom and she took her smaller hand guiding it to her belly. Luna touched over the fabric of the gown that Pear Butter was wearing, it felt warm and smooth but nothing impressive or scary as she thought, guided again by Pear Butter Luna moved to another area feeling a small bump, curious she pressed softly, nothing happened first but then there was a shift under the covered skin, the movement was quick and unexpected. "Eeep!". Luna jumped away with her hands flailing wild. "Wha-what was that?! A karate chop? The five knuckle shuffle? The fist of the northern star? What!".

The young woman laughed without malice. "Hahahaha, I, I don't even know what those are, haha, no, ha sorry, that... That was the baby, it was probably a kick, it likes to do that from time to time, specially if you press where it is". She caressed the area where Luna was touching before.

"A kick? How do you know it was a kick, maybe it was its hand, maybe it was a high five! If it is that baby is pretty smart, oh and cool".

"Well, as long as he doesn't scream like it's father I'll be more than happy".

"Did ah just heard ya badmouthing yer husband now Buttercup?". The two female turned to find Bright Macintosh leaning at the doorway.

"Hey Hon".

"Hey Bright".

"Howdy ya two, so... Making fun of my manly alarm yell?". Asked Bright as he steeped behind his wife hugging her.

"Ya call that, manly? I have heard cats making less pitched noises when someone step on their tails". Pear Butter replayed getting the trio laughing at the joke.

"Anyway, can I ask you something?" Asked Luna approaching Pear Butter once more, less afraid that something would jump at her.

"Sure thing Sugarcube, what's on yer mind".

"Ok, you keep calling the baby an 'it' . Don't you know yet if your gonna get a boy or a girl?". Luna finally touched the same spot in Pear Butter's stomach looking again for the bump. After so much insistence on her part she finally got explained how the process worked and it didn't involve Online order, delivery mail or giant flying birds, it didn't even had to do with fighting in battle armor as she originally thought thanks to Celestia's half ass comments although that one would have been very cool in Luna's opinion, no, it was a slow process were the baby was carried by the mother inside something called the uterus for around 9 months were the baby would grow until ready.

After hearing that Luna could not see a woman without imagining them having their stomach replaced by an oven, because giving birth now sounded like baking a cake, the same thing happened every time Luna saw a cake or a pie, she saw them now as small babies, delicious and sweet babies, which did very hard for Luna to enjoy them from then on.

In any case, the actions of the two teens weren't so bad, in preparation for the birth one member of the Apple family stood in the farm to now, an old lady called Goldy Delicious who was supposed be very experienced in child births but when she asked where the binding ropes were and some other outdated stuff it was decided that Luna would be assisting Pear Butter instead.

"We do that because we don't know yet?".

"Uh? Isn't the doctor supposed to know? Or is he ramsom you for the info".

"Haha lil Luna, just where do you learn all that nonsense, but no, the good Doc knows already but we decided to wait until the baby is born to find out". Answered Bring happily.

"I see, but wait, what if you buy girl stuff and it turn out a boy, would that confuse him?".

"Haha ah don't think that's really an issue, anyway, what do ya think the baby is gonna be? boy or girl?".

"I hope it is a boy, there's too many of us here already, it is a little unfair that when we vote about something Bright is all by himself and never wins". Luna said while making a benevolent expression.

"It's that so? Or could it be that you want less work load when the boy turns big n' strong?". Pear Butter asked with a smirk.

"That's... Maybe". Been discovered caused Luna to blush getting the couple to laugh, after the embarrassment Luna laughed with them.

After some minor chores around the farm and a quick visit from her Father which was still a bit awkward for Luna, things were cut short when suddenly a heavy rain and strong winds started to show up causing everyone to go to bed earlier that day, the only complication of the day was when Pear Butter complained about a bit of discomfort in her belly and Luna was a bit worried that she tired her too much with her constant questions but the young mother reassured her that it wasn't the case.

Luna was long sleep and dreaming, in there she played in top of a castle made entirely at her liking with tons of small toy servants and she was the princess of the castle, Celestia and the rest were subjects that came to ask the princess favor to solve their mundane lives.

All princess Luna needed to do was click her fingers and her wish would be granted and the villages would get their help praising Luna non-stop with chants and songs.

"Bring forth my next subject dear servants, let it in!". Commanded Luna to her toy guard.

"Aye, your highness!". The toy obeyed and forward walked a trembling young woman with puffy orange hair and freckles, dressed in a modest green dress and a bonnet over her head.

"Her majesty, my dear princess of the night I request thee help!". The girl kneeled down and implored.

"Rise my dear subject, I have no need for beggers, you're one of my most loyal subjects, helping you is my pleasure!".

"You're too kind my princess, too kind". The woman said while getting back to her feet.

"Now then, what do you require of mua". Luna said in what she thought was old french.

"It is about my tree, my apple tree, your highness, some vines have grown around to much and they are beginning to tangle my three, they grew so fast that now they are to thick for me to chop or cut by myself".

"Yes, we remember the tree, you planted the seed with your childhood friend Bright, right? And now it is a big tree, but you said that those vines are surrounding the tree?".

"Yes! My dear princess, as you said, that little tree is now big and about to head Fruits but if the vines grow to big they may strangle it".

"I see, then don't worry it will be ok". Princess Luna rised a hand and clicked her royal fingers, normally this a blue spark would have indicated the result of success but this time there was no spark and no wish granted.

Luna panicked but dismissed it as a fluke, she tried again and again, getting no better.

"You, your majesty? Is it done? Is my tree safe?". Asked the woman nervously.

"I, hold on, give my a minute". Luna kept trying but her dream magic didn't work at all.

"Princess, Ma'am?".

"Hehe, yo-you know what? Let's just go over there where you tree is and let's try the old fashion way, you know... an axe or a sword, one of those".

"Are, are you sure? I mean I'm still honored but wouldn't it be better doing it your way?". The woman clicked her fingers for emphasis.

"No no, it's ok, its not good for me to stay all day inside the castle you know, you get fat and get diabetes and then expend a lot of money in medicines and surgery and... Let's just go shall we?".

"Uh sure why not".

And so the Princess and her friend subject arrived at the house, a small house with a simple fence protecting it, behind it, the top of the tree was visible. As they moved around the house Luna saw the beautiful tree been coiled by the evil vines, its leaves looked pale and the trunk was completely surrounded by the vampiric plants.

"Oh my dear! It looks worst that when I left! Please princess! You have to save mah tree!".

"I-I will, don't worry, servant! The axe!". One of the guards that came with them handed Luna an small axe and Luna took it. Placing herself next to the tree she could see the damage the vines were doing to the tree.

After adopting the best position Luna spit in her hands and rubbed them together, something that got a 'yuck' of response from the guard followed by an elbow to his plastic ribs by the owner of the tree. "That's how we do it".

Luna put her entire body strength into the axe and let momentum add itself with the swing, the axe hit the thick body of the nearest vine and the tree shook, at the same time the young woman felt a sharp pain in her abdomen as she fell to her knees. "Aaaaahg!".

"Are you ok, subject?".

"I-I... I'm ok, keep going!". The woman told the princess as she got to her feet shaking.

Luna saw her hands holding the axe, its sharp edge stained with vine juice, then the tree, still pale and looking sick then to the woman, brave and loyal despite the pain adorning her lovely face.

Once more Luna swung the axe, hitting dead center into another vine, like before there was a reaction among the witness, the woman, Pear Butter doubled by pain fell again, this time she didn't got up immediately but slowly and with pain the whole time, the tree also lost more color and even some of its leaves fell from the branches.

Luna's mind tried to show her something but the dream was still confusing, her princess powers didn't work and she had never seen people she loved been hurt in her adventures, so there was more to it, she looked at Pear Butter again holding her stomach with tears in her eyes and cheeks, there was something missing there, but what, she looked at the tree again, the remaining vines increasing their grasp in the poor tree, a tree loved by her owner who like a... like a...!.

"A mayer!". Luna woke up yelling the incoherent word laud enough to wake her sister next to her.

"Hnng, Lulu? Are you having a nightmare?".

"Mom! Mom! Pear Butter!". Luna got up and tried to jump from bed tangling herself in the sheets and falling hard.

The hard landing wake up Luna completely, Celestia rubbed her eyes while her sister raced for the door still tangled. "Lu-na?". The younger sister didn't stop, opening the door and running to her left where the next room was.

Celestia heard another hard fall and Luna grunting which finished waking her. Celestia followed her sister outside where she found her ferociously hitting the door belonging to the married couple. "Bright! Bright! Pear Butter!". Are you there? Hey!".

"Sis-sister! Stop that! That's rude". Celestia demanded to her sister who ignored her in favor of the door, Celestia took her sister's hand but Luna broke free and marched inside. "Luna!?".

Celestia followed. "Luna! Guys, I'm so sorry for my- guys?". Celestia stopped when she saw Luna frozen in front of the only occupant of the bed, Pear Butter who was sweating and doubled in pain, holding her buldgy stomach with tears streaming down.

"Pe-ar? Pear? Where? Where's Bright!". Luna turned to her sister. "Tia! Go downstairs, maybe he went down to call the doctor I'm not sure, go! I'll stay with her".

Celestia wanted to argue about switching roles but something in her sister's order didn't let her, she sounded sure and in control, also she was the one that came rushing to find Pear Butter like this. "Ok, I'll look for Granny first". Luna nodded and a second later Celestia was banging at her guardian's door with no answer from it.

As fast as she could Celestia was downstairs and in the kitchen she found the two adults, wet and muddy from been outside fixing the damage that the storm was causing around the farm. "Lil lady, why are ya out of yer bed?". Asked Smith.

"Come, come quickly! Pear Butter, she's in pain! Luna is with her, now!". The girl didn't needed to repeat herself when Bright was in action jumping up the stairs like a man possessed. In minutes Smith was calling their family doctor and Bright was taking Pear Butter inside the his truck to meet the doctor in the hospital, after the adrenaline of the shock settled, the whole weight of the night left the girls tired, still Luna didn't even dare closing her eyes for long worried that she may miss hearing how Pear Butter was doing, fortunately it wasn't long when the doctor came out of the operation room.

"Doc! Doc please! How is she? How's mah wife? and the baby, is it alright?".

The doctor looked to the two girls shook his head. "Its ok Doc, it was actually thanks to them that we were able to bring mah wife in time, they too deserve to listen".

"Its that so? I see, ok then, it would seem that the baby got the umbilical cord around his neck and little by little the cord started to tight even more during the last few days, the fact that you brought them here in time may as well saved their lives". Before the doctor could continue both Bright and Smith turned around and grabbed both girls in a tight hug.

"Thank y'all, thanks with all mah heart!". Bright cried while hugging them.

"Right now my team is finishing the surgery but the worst is behind, it will take a few more hours to let your wife and the baby rest, congratulations Mr Apple, you have a baby boy now". Before the doctor could excuse himself the same hug that the Regal sisters received was now upon him, when the Apples turned to the girls again they were sleeping soundly hugging each other.

After what felt like an eternity, the Regal sisters were allowed to enter the room where Pear Butter was resting. Luna felt nervous, she never liked hospitals, maybe as a result of her own birth and how her mother paid with her life for Luna's, still, the girl showed a brave face and walked next to the bed.

"Just who I been waiting for, my two little heroes, seriously girls, thank you, thanks to you I am here with everyone and... him too". Pear Butter adjusted her body so that the little bundle she had been guarding could be seen by the girls.

"It was mostly Luna, she's the one who bolted out of the room looking for you, when we found you in bad shape she took her role of assistant more that serious". Celestia patted Luna on the head getting her red-faced.

"Thanks Luna, you're my savior, now come closer you two".
The baby was wrapped in a cozy looking blanket, his little body was all covered but by the outline Luna could tell the baby was really small, only his face was visible and Luna took a closer look, the baby had a tiny mop of blonde in top of his head and his mother's freckles too and his eyes were a shiny green.

The baby looked at them with curiosity. "Luna, Celestia we want ya to meet our son Macintosh Apple, I hope that ya can show him many things and play with him as he grows and I'm sure he'll be there to help ya if ya need".

"It's adorable! Congratulations Bright and Pear Butter, you too Granny, now you're a real Granny". Said Celestia jocking.

"Ya bet lil Tia, ya bet". Granny's hard face broke for a few seconds but she got right back in an instant." And ya better take good care of him ya hear me".

"It's alright to cry Ma".

"Who's cryin ya lazzy son of mine, now ah better not heard complains from Pear Butter ya heard or ah ll deal with ya". Bright gulped and nodded instantly.

Luna continued with her stare contest again the new born, dark blue eyes locked with dark green until a small smile appeared in both childs, something that send a chill down Bright Mac's back but he kept quiet about it.

"And that's how thanks to me you are here enjoying life, you're welcome by the way". Said Luna as she finished her retelling of how Big Mac was born to her little audience.

"I don't get it" said the only boy present in the room, a 5 year old boy with blonde hair and a single red fringe falling down his forehead and freckles in his cheeks and cyan colored eyes.

"Please Kent, there's nothing complicated, I saved your old man's life and because of that he got to meet your Mom and the rest is history". Said Luna with a bit of impatience.

"That's not what we meant when we asked why are we here Aunty Luna". Asked the twin sister. Like her brother she had blonde hair and freckles but she sported her fire red fringes at the sides giving her a more wild look that her twin brother, her eyes were a light green color.

"Listen kids you asked me for a story and I just gave you the best ones I know, ok?".

"Mom! I'm gonna tell Aunt Tia that you're making things up again". Said the last kid in the dark room, another 5 year old girl with dark blue hair and light blue eyes.

"Agh! I can believe my own daughter would betray me, where did I go wrong!".

"Unless... If you tell us another story about Granny Smith I won't tell on you". Said the girl with a mischievous smile while the twins nodded in approval.

"First betrayal and now extortion? Ufufu poor me, poor me". Luna cried but instead of repent the kids simply give her blank looks.

"Tch, fine, you win! But not today kiddos, its late and your folks are gonna chew me if they learn that I'm letting you stay awake pretty late". Before the trio could start to complain she offered more in the deal. "Tomorrow I will tell you another tale of Granny Smith and I'll even put some smoores for dinner, how does that sound, eh?". The kids finally agreed happily.

Luna went to the each of the roll beds and kissed the kid inside. "Good night Sia".

"Good night Aunty Luna". Said the flaming headed girl

"Good night Kent".

"Nights, hum Aunt Luna? You think we can invite Sonata tomorrow, ya know, so we can all play". Luna could almost see the cheeks of the kid burn even in the dark.' You're so Big Mac's son '.

"We'll see Sugarcube, we have to ask her Moms for permission, do you know who of them will crack faster under blackmail?".

" I think it would be Ms Blaze".

"I see, good boy, I'll see what I can do, ok?

"Thanks!". Responded the boy with excitement.

"Good night sweetheart, don't forget to remove your glasses". Luna's daughter did as asked.

"Good night Mom, love you and Dad".

"I've you back Starry". With a kiss to her daughter Luna turned the lights off and let the three kids to their sleep inside the room while she moved downstairs finding her husband how she left him, stuck to the screen of the old computer sending messages to his 'friend'.

"Finally sleeping? Or still giving you a fight?".

"About to sleep and I hope that they don't take long, I barely managed to avoid answering when Ambrosia and Kent asked me about their parents".

"Hmmm, I suppose it was to be expected, the way Sunset was behaving was a bit unnerving, never saw her like that before".

"No, maybe, hm, I think I remember one time when she was like that it was right before...". Her memory was interrupted when her phone ringed. "About time big guy, you got us worried over here, calling in the middle of the night and saying that Sunset had an emergency... Uh?".

"Why are you asking me if I'll like to spend more time with the kids? Of course I love to have them here as long as you repay me with...".

"What? Another kid? Wait, wait, wait! Wait! Wait! You did not... Sunset isn't... God damnit Big Mac, I'm just barely forgetting the hell of changing diapers at midnight and you just have to score another touchdown in Sunsetland, what the actual heck!".

"No! I'm not putting a price for my freedom! I will not accept any pri-uh? What? Hm, seriously? Hmm, not a bad bargain to begin with-wait! No! I'm not falling for that one again! Uh? Ghhh Fine! We'll discuss it when you come back over here and you better bring cider with you, like a lot, the good one! Good! I'll see you tomorrow then!".

After hanging out Luna breathe hard, the news sinking even deeper. Another baby, another baby! Celestia was going to freak out when she heard it!.

"Uh? Good news Honey?". Asked the man finally turning away from the computer after hearing his wife howl like crazy.

"Yeah, just peachy, making plans in my head in how to torture two horny rabbits, maybe showing up in their dreams or jump out of the closet when they get kinky, anyway prepare plan 4 no plan 6, yes, 6 should do it".

"6? Are you sure my dear?".

"Yes, I am, now come, I'm tired and I need a massage right now". Luna walked up to their room while her husband got up and hurried to gather what he needed.

"Its going to be a long night it seems".