The One Thing That All Can’t See, Except One

by ThoraxFictions

Marks and Trees

Nature. It’ nice, right?” Kindness said. In agreement, I nodded. I wanted to get some fresh air and explore the Everfree Forest. Now, ponies have been telling me, that it’s not best to go there, but I didn’t listen and thought it wouldn’t be that bad. But I was...very wrong.

So..what you gonna do if something tries to attack you, Inks?” Justice asked. I didn’t think about that..but never thought to. Huh..

I say you just attack them!” Bravery exclaimed. That really didn’t catch my interest, though it would be a second resort if needed. I always need backup plans.

I mean...we could just scare them off” Gaster suggested. That would work to..but that would be a third resort, if needed. I thought..and thought..until I ran out of ideas.

“Ok..maybe we could away?” I suggested. If the creature was too strong, we would need to retreat. We talked for a while, before I heard growls. I looked around. Nothing was around, and I didn’t sense anything.

W-What was that???” Kindness hid behind my right back leg. I observed the area one last time. Nothing. My senser didn’t pick anything up.
“Probably nothing, or I’m just hungry..” I said, and patted her head for comfort. She came out of her hiding spot..before the sound came from behind me.

I turned in alarm. I backed up against a tree. I got a little nervous now. I trotted the rest of the way. This was getting a little weird. I constantly checked behind me.

I think we’re getting stalked or something.” Bravery said. I didn’t want to think about THAT. It would be weird, and I would catch them already if someone were too. I heard another growl, but in front of me. There, in front of me, was a cave. It was dark and cold looking.

Is-Is something in there???” Kindness said, scared out of her mind. I stepped closer. I heard a snarl and backed up. I trembled and backed away. But when I heard a little scream, I couldn’t move. I just stared, and stared. I couldn’t and wouldn’t move. I finally stepped up a bit. I started going toward it, quietly.

“ anyone there? Hello?!” I called. Another snarl came from the void of darkness. I got closer, and closer. I looked about to see a tree with..something odd. There was a little tree with a knife mark on a tree. There was even a slash on the tree’s bark. I stared at it, then got a more terrified. It was a cutie mark with a tree and a knife, scratched onto the tree. So a name that I thought of popped in my head. Tree Killer? I think, that would be it. Was there a pony in there? But ponies, I don’t think, make those angry animal noises.

“Excuse me? Uh...Tree Killer? You ok?” I called. Then I heard the loudest screech I ever heard. I heard footsteps, and something pounced on me. It was a weird mixture of a ponies and some kind of lion. It’s head was a pony, but the rest a lion, and the characteristics of a lion too. It roared in my face. I stared in shock and total fear. I trembled intensely.

We gotta get out of here, Inky! This guy’s crazy!” Bravery yelled. But I was basically paralyzed. I could only move my hooves slightly. I didn’t wanna get eaten already. I closed my eyes, hoping it would go away, thinking I was harmless. But my plan didn’t go out they way I expected. When I opened my eyes, I felt strong and brave. I thought Bravery took over. But as soon it backed away from me in some kind of fear, I realized it was...Gaster. HE was trying to scare it off.
Stay back!
“💧⧫♋⍓ ♌♋♍&✏” Gaster, in my body, yelled. I quickly took back control, and gained a massive headache. I moaned in pain, then went back to slight fear. I tried talking to it, but no words. So I waved goodbye and flew off. I realized that the ponies were pretty right. As soon as I got to my house, I laid on my bed.

“Sweet Chrysalis...I’m so tired...” I whispered to myself. I got comfortable in my bed and drifted to sleep.