by DakariKingMykan

Episode 13: Part 2: A worthy cause?


The girls and the Titans had never seen someone so full of hate, arrogance, and determination to take someone down.

Vic and Raven, again, tried to scan Masquerade with their powers and/or equipment, but were unable to do so as if something was blocking them out.

Twilight then gazed straight at the guy with great curiosity, but was also trying to get a good look at him almost like Raven and Vic were.

Spike knew what she was really doing, but he suspected she wasn’t going to get anything out of this either.

Masquerade then held his head trying to keep calm and not let his temper go over-the-top.

“Are you alright?” asked Kori.

“I’m fine!” he growled at her “You just worry about yourself!”

Masquerade LP: 7000

Kori LP: 6200

He drew his card.

“And I banish from the graveyard another PATHEISM OF THE MONARCHS!”

Kori remembered how he had discarded to play that card first time.

“You know how this goes.” he teased her “I choose three Monarch cards, you pick one, and it goes in my hand, but as usual I’ll just take three of the same kind so you’ll have no choice but to give me what I need.”

He showed her three identical, continuous spell cards, and knowing Kori would pick one of them anyway, he simply put it in his hand and shuffled the others back into the deck.

“Now I play my spell, MARCH OF THE MONARCHS, and as long as this spell in play, monsters I control that were tribute summoned can’t be targeted or destroyed by other card effects.”

Kori narrowed her eyes.

“While we’re at it,” hissed Masquerade “I use MYSTICAL SPACE TYPHOON to destroy your Skill Drain!”

“No!” cried Kori, but her trap shattered before her eyes, which unlocked monster effects again.

“And now I’ll tribute Raiza in order to summon EREBUS THE UNDERWORLD MONARCH!”

(Atk: 2800)

The new monster was extremely dark-looking, and nasty, even for Raven’s taste in darkness.

“Wait a minute,” Kori pointed out “That monster has eight stars. I thought you were supposed to use two monsters for that.”

Masquerade snickered “Pitiful as always!”

Kori growled.

“I can summon this monster simply by offering a tribute-summoned monster lie Raiza.

Oh, and since he was summoned, I can now send two different Monarch cards from my deck to the graveyard.”

He grabbed his two cards and tossed them instantly.

“And now, my Monarch’s special ability activates, which allows me to Shuffle one card on the field into your deck!”

Kori’s eyes widened, and watched as her beloved Xyz monster was sent away, back to her Extra Deck!


“No, Kori!” cried Robin.

“She’s wide open!” cried Twilight.

Rarity felt faint!

Masquerade shouted to his monster, “Erebus, attack directly!”

The monarch lunged forth, and ready to strike.

“No!” shouted Kori “I activate the trap XYZ REBORN! This brings back my Stellarknight Delteros, and gives it an Overlay unit.

And it also gains a power bonus from my Hexatellarknight!”

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 2700)

“No matter,” scoffed Masquerade “Your monster is still weaker than mine, and my own field spell makes my monarch stronger when it fights a monster.”

(Atk: 2800) -----> (Atk: 3600)

The monster headed straight at Kori’s newly resurrected monster.

“Too bad it won’t work.” said Kori “My Hexaterallerknight has one other power; when a Terllarknight Xyz monster is targeted for an attack, I just send one tellarknight card from my hand to the graveyard, and I can negate the attack!”

Surely enough, the attack was stopped.

Masquerade growled softly behind his mask.

“Whew!” cried Pinkie “That was too close.”

“You’re telling me.” agreed Applejack.

Even Kori was relieved that she managed to avoid disaster.

“Fine,” said Masquerade, “I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn.”

“It’s my turn,” said Kori “I draw…!”

She liked what she had, and she looked over at Robin with a proud look on her face.

Her husband nodded at her.

“Now,” she shouted “I summon SATELLARKNIGHT ALTAIR!”

(Atk: 1700)

“And when she’s summoned, I can bring back Vega from the graveyard.”

(Def: 1600)

“And when Vega is summoned, she allows me to summon one Stellarknight form my hand, so come forth, SATELLARKNIGHT CAPPELA!”

(Atk: 1100)

Everyone looked in amazement at Kori’s field of four monsters. Some of them began to chatter…

“She’s got this won.”

“No way Masquerade can beat her now.”

Masquerade only remained calm and thought, “That’s right, keep telling yourselves that. It’ll only make my crushing her all the sweeter like she deserves to be.”

Terra kept gawking at him and how he was keeping so still and calm after he almost had a complete meltdown, and his rudeness towards others, and scoffing at noble causes like saving Jump City…

“This guy really has a lot of issues.” She thought “It’s almost as if he hates humanity itself, but why? What drives him to behave this?”

Masquerade noticed she was gawking at him and snapped, “What are you looking at?”

She winced, and then narrowed her eyes at him in anger.

Kori didn’t like his attitude, and cleared her throat gaining his attention.

“I activate Cappella’s special ability. Since I have three Tellarknights, if I plan to Xyz Summon with them, I can make their levels become 5!”

Surely enough, each of her monsters gained a level.

“Aren’t you forgetting?” hissed Masquerade “You can’t summon form your Extra Deck because of my Domain card!”

“Oh, I’m aware.” replied Kori “That’s why I use Delteros’ ability, by using it’s overlay unit, I can target one card on the field and destroy it, so your field spell’s about to be vanquished once again!”

Masqerade growled softly, and watched as his field card was destroyed, and the shadows went away once again.

“Perfect!” cried Rarity “Now she is able to Xyz Summon again.”

“Tell us something we don’t already know.” grumbled Raven.

The girls sneered at her.

Kori raised her hand up high, “I overlay my three level 5 Tellarknights to build the Overlay network!”

All three of the monsters leapt into the portal, and the in a great streak of light, Kori summoned a great big monster of such power and glowing.


(Atk: 2700)

“And don’t forget her power-boost from my field spell.”

(Atk: 2700) -----> (Atk: 3300)

The girls gazed in awe at the sight of the new monster.

“Way to go, Kori!” Robin hollered.

“Booyah! Girl’s cookin’ with gas now!” added Vic.

Masquerade was only slightly impressed. “So you managed to summon your top-contender after all.”

Kori nodded, “My friends and me, we really studied hard to compete in this tournament. We studied and practiced at Duel Monsters for several months until we felt we were ready, and that’s how I stacked my deck just right so it would help me no matter what.

I now play the spell XYZ-GIFT! It lets me detach two overlay units from my Constealler, and then I can draw two cards.”

Once she drew her cards, She entered her battle phase, “Constellar Diamond, attack and destroy Erebus!”

Her monster complied, and lunged for the Monarch.

“Nice try!” said Masquerade.


“I activate the trap, ESCALATION OF THE MONARCHS!”


Masquerade snickered “This allows me to tribute summon even if it isn’t my turn.

So, I’ll tribute Erebus, in order to summon ZABORG, THE MEGA MONARCH!”

(Atk: 2800)

His new monster roared and pounded its big chest as lightning bolts struck all around it.

“Why summon that?” asked Kori “It’s still weaker than my monster.”

“And you said you studied the game.” he mocked “When Zaborg is tribute summoned, his ability lets me destroy one monster you control.”

“Ah!” cried Kori, and she gawked up at her Constellar Diamond.

“And there’s one other thing,” hissed Masqerade “Since your monster happens to be a Light-Type, this means that we both will have to send monsters from our Extra Decks right to the graveyard equal to your monster’s level or rank.”

Kori whimpered.

“But then again,” said Masquerade “I don’t even have an Extra Deck, so you’ll be the only one losing cards.”

“No!” shouted Kori “I won’t let this happen, so I play from my hand the quick-play spell STELLARKNIGHT SKYBRIDGE!

It lets me take my Contellar and sends it back to the Extra Deck!”

Her monster vanished just in the nick of time.

“Then, I get to summon one Tellarknight monster from my deck, and I choose SATELLARKNIGHT SIRUS!”

(Atk: 1600)

“When this monster is summoned, I can take five Tellarknight monsters out of my graveyard and shuffle them into my deck, and then I can draw one card.”

She did just so and now she had three cards in her hand.

“So you dodged me again?” teased Masquerade “Do you actually plan on winning this duel? I don’t think so. All you’ve done up to now is just waste my time!”

Kori glared furiously at him, and her eyes glowed brightly with rage “You’ll think differently, thanks to the card I just drew…”

She held her card up high “Take this-- the quick-play spell, EGO BOOST!”

“Ah!” cried Masquerade.

“Now, by the power of the stars, my monster’s attack increases by 1000!”

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 3500)

Masquerade growled angrily.

“Ah, yeah!” hollered Pinkie “That’s the way to drain him out!”

“Masquerade ain’t going to get out of this one.”

Kori then called to her monster, “Attack, Delteros!”

Masquerade wasn’t able to block the attack this time.

(Atk: 3500) VS (Atk: 2800)

Kapow! The mighty monarch had fallen, and its remains fled past Masquerade who was growling in outrage while his life points dropped!

Masquerade LP: 7000 -----> 6300

“And I’m not through yet!” hollered Kori “Siruis, attack him directly!”

Masquerade braced himself as the other monster came over and socking him hard in his arms, dealing him a full 1600 points.

Masquerade LP: 6300 -----> 4700

The crowds cheered for Kori, and figured she was something else altogether.

The girls were cheering wild as well, and even the Titans were shaking their fists high, while all Raven could do was smile ever so slightly, and barely visibly.

As the smoke cleared, Masquerade stood where he was, and he began to laugh loud and sinisterly.

“Why is he laughing like that?” Fluttershy asked in a wimpy voice.

Even Pinkie knew when the sound of laughter like that was not good in the least.

“What are you laughing at?” asked Kori.

He stopped laughing and glared at her through his mask. “…Nothing, absolutely nothing!”

Kori blinked once.

“You honestly think that just because you made a few lucky moves that you’ve cornered me?”

Kori did her best to keep her cool.

“Don’t listen to him!” called Robin

“He’s just full of hot air.” added Vic.

The others were not so sure, especially the girls.

Masquerade stared squarely at Kori, “You say you’ve been studying this game for months?”

“Yes,” answered Kori “What’s your point?”

Masquerade snickered, “You know, there’s a reason I became the master gamer that I am now. I studied more than just a few months, and I also don’t let petty things get in the way like emotions or, charity cases.

But most of all, I don’t let people get in my way and tell me what to do or how to do it!”

The girls and the Titans all felt lividly insulted and felt he was being very selfish and cold-hearted.

“Friendship, charities, helping people-- these things never got me anywhere.” sneered Masquerade “I discovered a long time ago the only real person you can depend on is yourself, otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for nothing but lies and foolishness that will walk all over you.”

“That’s not true!” protested Kori “My friends and I have accomplished many things because we believe in each other, and we were always there to help one another.

Together, there’s not an obstacle that we can’t overcome.”

“You tell him, girl!” hollered Vic.

“We’re with you on that, sister.” added Applejack.

The others all agreed and cheered Kori on, but Masquerade could only scoff, “And just when I thought you all couldn’t be more pathetic!”

The gang’s features hardened.

“You claim that you can overcome any obstacle; is that why you’re here competing in a dueling tournament, just to save a crumpling city that can’t be saved and isn’t worth saving?”

Kori finally lost the last of her patience, “Shut up!” she thundered “How dare you say such things! I promise you, I’ll make you suffer for that!”

“Then what are you waiting for? It’s still your turn after all.”

Kori trembled with rage.

“Don’t let him get to you, Kori!” called Robin “He’s just trying to distract you! You can do this!”

His wife agreed, “I can, and I will defeat him!

I’ll start by bringing out my great monster once again!

I can activate its own special ability from my Extra Deck, and use my Delteros to call it out!”

Surely enough, the Overlay Network was recreated, and the monster vanished making way once more for Kori’s best creature.


(Atk: 2700) -----> (Atk: 2900)

“And I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn.”

“And about time too!” balked Masquerade, and he drew his card.

“Now I’ll show you just how much my own ways get me as far as I need to be.

I activate the effect of a trap that’s in my graveyard, THE PRIME MONARCH!”

“What?!” cried Kori.

“By banishing one other Monarch spell or trap from my graveyard, I can summon this trap as if it were a monster.”

(Def: 2400)

The girls were astonished.

“He played a trap card as a monster?” asked Fluttershy.

“He can’t do that!” cried Pinkie Pie.

“Oh, sure he can.” said Twilight “There are number of special kinds of trap cards in the game that can actually be summoned as monsters, which help increase your options.”

The titans were also astonished. In all their months studying the game, they hadn’t seen anything like this before.

Masquerade snickered, Kori was smirking at him.

“That’s a pretty clever move, but unfortunately, I have my own facedown card,” she clicked on her duel disk to activate her card, but it wouldn’t activate.

“Huh? What’s going on?” she cried as she looked down at her duel disk screen, which kept flashing, “Error!”

Masquerade laughed, “Just as I predicted. You tried to activate TELLARKNIGHT GENESIS, didn’t you?”

Kori shuddered softly at how he was able to guess what her facedown card was.

Masquerade shook his head pitifully “I told you, I’ve seen your cards, and I know how they work.

You planned to use that card to destroy spells and traps I control up to the number of Tellarknights you have in play, but unfortunately for you my Prime Monarch card isn’t treated as a trap card while in its monster form, and therefore, you cannot activate your card, because you must destroy two cards on the field.”

Kori couldn’t believe this at all, nor could her friends.

“Well,” hissed Masquerade “At least I can still play my card, MONSTER RECOVERY!”

“Ah!” Kori cried.

“No!” shouted Robin.

The girls and the other titans watched nervously.

“Now I can add my “monster” back to my deck, and then I shuffle and draw five new cards.”

Kori was starting to sweat, much to his delight.


(Atk: 800)

“And when he is summoned, his special ability permits me to Tribute Summon in addition to my normal summon!”

“Oh, no, you don’t!” thundered Kori “My Constellar Diamond will put a stop to this by using its own ability.

When a Dark-Type monster activates its powers, by using one overlay unit, that monster’s effect is negated, and the monster itself is destroyed!”

Masquerade grunted as he watched his monster shatter in a cloud of darkness, just like that.”

The spectators all cheered for Kori, thinking she was in the clear now. Even her friends hollered from the sidelines.

“Way to go!” called Vic.

“She’s got him now!” added Applejack.

But Masquerade only chuckled, “Predictable as always.”

“Hmm?” said Kori

“You’re nothing but an amateur compared to me, and now I’ll show you why.

I activate the spell DARK WORLD DEALINGS. Now each of us draws one card, and then we discard one card.”

Kori didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing, but she was force to comply and did as she was told, still having only one card in her hand.

“Now then,” hissed Masquerade “I’ll activate Eidos’ ability.”

“You what?!” cried Kori.

“That’s right; he has more than one trick up his sleeve, just like me!

Now I banish him from the graveyard, which allows me to summon the monster I just discarded, since it has 800 attack points and 1000 defense points.


(Def: 1000)

Kori gawked at the little monster while Masquerade snickered.

“And when she is summoned, she allows me to summon a creature with the same attack and defense as she does from my deck!”

“Ah!” cried Kori.

“So, I think I’ll summon another Edios!”

(Def: 1000)

“I don’t believe this!” wailed Rarity “He’s really making a large comeback?!”

Masquerade called to her “Oh, I’ve got more than this planned. After all, since Edios was summoned, his ability allows me to Tribute summon once more!”

Kori clenched her fist nervously.

“I sacrifice both my squires in order to summon the card that’ll bring you down-- CAUIS THE MEGA MONARCH!”

The ground shook violently as dark smog burst up from below, and new monster appeared and roared out loud, frightening some of the spectators.

(Atk: 2800)

Kori looked up at the huge hulking beast, and Masquerade snickered, “I should tell you, when he’s summoned out, one card on the field is instantly banished!”

Kori looked down in front of her, and her facedown Tellarknight Genesis was shattered!

“Well, then…” hissed Masquerade “Now that I have nothing to hold me back, I’ll give my monarch are little spell for himself-- the equip-spell MEGAMORPH, which will double his attack power since my life points are lower than yours!”

Kori groaned as the monster became so incredibly strong!

(Atk: 2800) -----> (Atk: 5600)

“Fifty-six hundred?!” cried Spike.

“This isn’t good!” added Twilight.

Masquerade then ordered his charged up monster to attack Constellar Diamond.

“No!” shouted Kori, and she quickly threw her last card to the graveyard “You forget, by discarding a Tellarknight from my hand, your attack is negated.”

Masquerade snickered, “Of course I do, and I was counting on it.”


“Thanks to you, I can play this from my hand, DOUBLE OR NOTHING!”

Kori gasped!

“No, not that!” cried Pinkie “What is that card anyway?”

“A very powerful spell!” answered Twilight “When a monster’s attack is negated, a player can use that card so that monster can attack once more, but its current attack power is doubled!”

Everyone gasped in extreme horror and watched as the monster gained so many attack points!!

(Atk: 5600) -----> (Atk: 11,200)

Kori stuttered and stammered at the sight of all that power.

Masquerade looked at her and dragged his thumb across his throat saying she was finished!


He monarch let out a huge roar and thrust its mighty fist forth, destroying Constellar Diamond in a massive explosion, and sending Kori sailing backwards, screaming and hitting the back of the arena.

…All her life points didn’t stand a chance!

Kori LP: 6200 -----> 0

“KORI!!” shouted Robin, and he leapt into arena, dashing to his fallen wife, followed by the others.

“Are you alright?” cried Rarity.

They helped Kori sit upright. She felt woozy and looked a little frazzled, but she was more upset than hurt.

She checked her duel meter, and she was back down to 5% while Masquerade had collected his 20% for winning, plus 5% for consecutively winning his second duel in a row, giving him a full 40% and that much closer to the finals.

He gawked at her and scoffed, “And you said there’s not an obstacle you can’t overcome with friendship, but this is what happens when an amateur goes against me.

…Later, Troq!”

Kori gasped, and felt as if a burning knife had struck her in the chest.

The other titans gasped hard as well, but the girls didn’t know what was just said.

“Why you--!!” Robin would have loved nothing more than to leap over and give Masquerade the beating a lifetime, but Masquerade had already left, and Vic held him back. “Dude… Dude, settle down! He’s not worth it!”

Robin could barely contain his rage, but even his wife reached up to him, “Dick, don’t… it won’t help.” her voice sounded very shaky, either from the duel wearing her out, or she was devastated from the insult.

“What did he just call her?” asked Applejack “Trek… Track…?”

“Troq.” replied Kori “It means “Nothing.”

The girls were confused, “If it doesn’t mean anything, why did he call you it?” asked Fluttershy.

“No,” said Raven “It means “She is nothing” He pretty much just called her “Worthless.”

The girls all gasped.

Kori nodded, “It’s an intergalactic slang used against alien races like mine—by those who feel we’re inferior, weak, and not worth much.”

The girls felt awful for Kori, and ever so outraged at Masquerade too.

Robin especially hated Masquerade now, and vowed he would pay… somehow!

Still, he and the other Titans couldn’t help but wonder how he could’ve possibly known the term “Troque?”

Still, for now, it was best not to think about; Kori needed a soda, and some time to recover from her shame and insult.

Terra was the only one still wondering about Masquerade, wherever he was. Never had she known a person so ruthless, so uncaring, and so mean!

“What is with that guy?” she wondered.

As for Masquerade, as he walked through the park, he thought silently as he clutched his chest, “That actually felt pretty good. I haven’t felt like this in years.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t been feeling so great lately.

We’ll see though.”