That Time I Became a Friendship Bomb

by Carmine Craft

Chapter 10: A Quick Visitation

Twilight stood in front of her chalk board, adding to the list of things strange about this filly.
"-changes tribe?"
"-Unkown element common throughout the body
"-potential new species?"

She slammed her head onto the table. "She doesn't make sense..." Twilight complained. She took up a quill in her magic and began writing a letter to the princess. Normally she would have Spike write the letter for her, but because he had become Fast friends with Argent, she decided to keep the information between just her and Princess Celestia, lest he clue the young filly in accidentally.

"Hey Twilight," I greeted. It looked like she hadn't slept at all last night. Her mane was frazzled and she had bags under her eyes. "Got a question for you, regarding magic." That statement seemed to rejuvenate her as much as a cup of coffee is stereotyped to do.

"Ask away!" She said cheerfully.

"Okay, what do you know about dream magic?"

Her expression twisted into lecture mode. "Well, the history of dream magic predates the formation of Equestria. The very first spells used in regards to dreams were made to ward off nightmares. Further research into dream spells was deemed 'frivolous' for two hundred years later. A network of spies under Princess Luna's command had developed dreamwalking after her own ability, to be used as an information network. The use of dreams for such a purpose was later banned after the incident regarding..." I zoned out for a moment.

I like learning, don't get me wrong. Especially when it came to magic, it was fun, new, exciting, and most importantly, fricken Magic! but when Twilight gets like this, I can't help but zone out.

"...and strange as it seems, you have to be careful when that happens or it can cause problems in the real world."

I feel like I just missed something important.
"Twilight, can I refine my question?"

"It also- huh? Oh, yes."

"Okay, I was wondering more specifically if there was a way to keep a dream open, like after you wake up."

"Oh! A waking dream spell? Why yes there are a few of those. If you would like, I can have Spike pick out a few books on the subject. Spike!" Said baby dragon bolted into the room. "Could you find Argent here a few books on dream spells?"

"Sure thing!" Spike went around the room with a ladder and pulled three choice books off the shelves. "Here ya go. Let me know if you need anything else."

I took the books in my magic, surprised by the weight of them. Twilight and Spike smiled at me before exiting the room. "You better appreciate this Night Light." I muttered to myself.

I heard a knock at the door, and, seeing as I was the only one home, I went to answer it. Of all the ponies I thought might come by, Apple Bloom was not one of them. For some reason, the yellow farm filly looked a bit sad. "Uhh, hey?" I said.

"I'm sorry Argent, I just thought it would be kinda fun goin ta school with you is all..."

I blinked. What's she talking about? Apple Bloom began moping away from the door. "Wait, are you talking about why I ran off like that?"

She turned back to me. She still looked a bit down, but now confused was added to the mix. "Uh, yeah?"

"I didn't just run off because, because I didn't want to go to school." I lied. "It was something kinda... medical."

"Medi-huh?" She asked skeptically.

"Well... come with me." I motioned her in. "So the thing is, I'm not like most other unicorns." I told her as we passed the basement door.


"Well..." Using my magic, I picked up the jar full of my horn flakes, and the older, chipped-off piece. I held them infront of Apple Bloom. "These, were my horn yesterday." I spun the jar for emphasis. "And that, was the tip of my horn a few days ago." I held the crystal bit up to my horn to show off the identical structure.

Apple Bloom scrutinized the items disbelievingly. "Really?"

"Really," I said honestly. "Why? You gonna ask me to chip off a piece to prove it? I can tell you that kinda hurts like falling down a flight of stairs, that are covered in taks." I said sarcastically.

"Of course not!" Apple Bloom shouted at me. She looked closer at the chipped piece. "Yer doin magic, so yer definitely a unicorn, but if that jar of, stuff was yer horn yesterday... what happened?"

"I'm not really sure." I admitted. "That's part of the reason I'm staying with Twilight, so we can find out why I'm so different."

"That... kinda makes sense, I s'pose." She regarded the items. "So, what now?"

"Uhh... I have, no idea. Honestly I didn't think this far ahead." An awkward silence started to set in, me and AB each looking around a bit nervously. I took the moment to realize I led a child into a basment labratory. After that little thought, I moved the awkward moment upstairs.

Neither of us had said anything for a solid five minutes, and were just ocasionally glancing at eachother before finding something else to look at. Wow, I did not realize I was this bad at talking to kids. "So, uhh, how is school?" nailed it... Ugh I sound like my uncle...

"Its, alright. I guess. I mostly just hang out with Twist. But there are these girls, Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara, that are a might prissy."

"Uh-huh." Oh Jeez, now I don't even sound like I'm listening... oh wait, I'm commenting, so I'm not listening. Tuning back in now. I hadn't missed anything, as far as I could tell, as she was looking around the room again.

Before either of us could fumble with the conversation further, we heard a crash from the library. "That sounded... oddly familiar." I voiced. Investigation revealed that every single book had been knocked out of the shelves, and a familiar sky blue pegasus was partially burried. "Huh, okay I have got to ask, does this happen often?"

"No! Maybe." Rainbow Dash said something about this being some kind of "toughness training."

"Uh-huh." I said, giving her a deadpan look.

"Anyways, where's Twilight? I heard she was looking for me and Fluttershy." RD informed me.

I began trying to place books back where I knew they belonged. "She went over to Fluttershy's." I told her, placing a book on stars back on the top shelf. "I'm supposed to head over to them later, you'll probably catch her there." All said and done I put up a total of 20 books, which is not much in the grand scheme of the library, but hey, I saved Spike a little bit of work.

"Alright, I guess I'll go see what she needs, later!" Rainbow said as she zipped back out the window.

"I should probably get goin too, later Argent." Apple Bloom excused herself.

"Bye!" I called after her. "Now then, back to readi- oh, right..." I spent the next twenty minutes sifting through the book piles for the ones I was using.

I had gotten out the saddlebags Twilight had given me. So I guess these are the horse equivalent of a back pack? I miss having arms, and hands, and fingers... I sighed as I packed the books. I opened the door and trotted out into town.

I met, rather quickly, with the orange blur again, but this time it was a head on collision. I felt something hard press against the front of my barrel and lift me off my f-hooves. It winded me, but I was apparently made out of some pretty stern stuff. I opened my eyes to see a child/foal sized scooter on top of me.

"Ow kay then, that happened." I lifted the small vehicle off my form, then looked for the driver. Three feet away from me was a light brilliant gamboge coated pegasus filly with a moderate cerise mane. That's orange and a darkish purple respectivly for non art students. "Are, you allright?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I'm good." She began as she got up and dusted herself off. She took a glance at me and returned my question, a little bit more worry in her tone.

I followed her gaze up to my horn. The end had snapped off. " Oh what the horseapples!" And what the hell does that mean!? I picked up the fragment of my horn and tucked it into my saddlebags.

The filly was giving me a very concerning look, she seemed about three seconds from running and getting help. "I'm fine, I guess. If pattern serves, that will grow back in about half an hour." I mitigated. This seemed to do nothing to quell her worries. "Seriously, I'll be fine. I'm an odd duck, I know, but trust me on my own health at least."

"What do ducks have to do with anything?" She asked me.

I sighed. "Nothing. Now then, what's your name? And why are you the fastest moving thing I've seen next to RD?"

"My name's Scootaloo, wAIT YOU REALLY THINK I'M THAT FAST!? YOU KNOW RAINBOW DASH?" She shouted, buzzing with excitement. Literally, her wings were vibrating.

"Uhh, yes and yes?" I responded, not sure which question I should be concerned with.

"THAT'S AWESOME!" Scootaloo exclaimed, hopping into the air and hovering for a moment.

"Uhh, tone it down a bit?" I asked her. I tried moving the scooter over to her with my magic, only to hear electric buzzing. I received a snap of pain and a mild electric shock. "ow, again. Sure now I feel you... So uh, I should get going now. Gotta meet with Twilight and RD over at Fluttershy's." I regretted mentioning the specifics of my destination the moment they left my mouth.

"Your going to to see her right now?!" She had toned it down a bit like I had asked, but not enough.

"Yeah? Wh-"


I sat back on my haunches and held my hooves to my ears, followed by pantomiming lowering the volume. "Yes, if I can keep some of my hearing during the trip."

"Sorry." She righted her scooter. "So what's Rainbow like? Isn't she awesome?"

"She is very fast, and loyal, a good friend. At least that's what Twilight tells me, I've only met her twice, and both times ended up scattering everything in the room."

"Oh, she is Awesome isn't she?" Scootaloo apparently didn't hear the end of my thoughts on the mare. "I wanna be just like her!"

Please no, I can only take so much blunt force trauma. "Well, your doing good so far, she and I met the same way you and me just did." I said, giving her a mild glare as I said it.

"Really?" She ignored the negative implications entirely. "Cool!"

I felt the first shift accompanied by the sound of reverse glass breaking. Looking up revealed that my horn had regained a few centimeters. Shaking off the pressure this usually caused I moved toward Fluttershy's cottage, now in the company of one Scootaloo.

Scootaloo droned on and on about how much she admires Rainbow. I smiled and nodded politely, but it was getting a little old. My sides were getting a little sore, probably from the walk, or perhaps a combination of the walk and getting run over?

Just as we passed town hall another high pitched voice called out to us, more specifically, "Scootaloo! Hey, where are you going? I thought we were gonna hang out today? Who's that with you?"

"Oh, heya Sweetie Belle!" Scootaloo waved to the approaching light grey unicorn filly. She had a grayish mulberry mane, with pale, light grayish rose streaks and pale, light grayish harlequin eyes. "Me and- I never actually got your name, sorry." Scootaloo said, turning to me.

"Eh, no problem. My name is P- Argent Acord." I corrected myself before I could make that mistake. The name Peter is still an odd name here, better keep using my assumed name.

"Nice to meet you! Hey whats with the busted crystal on your head?" Sweetie Belle asked, as she tapped it with her hoof. My horn sputtered and sparked in response. Sweetie Belle recoiled at the display of broken magic.

"Ow..." I said automatically as a small wave of pain radiated from the damaged extension of my skull. "Yeah, that's my horn. Could you uh, not do that?"

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! I didn't know! It's just I've never seen a unicorn with a horn like that!" She apologized profusely.

Another few centimeters added themselves back to my horn. "Nah, it's fine, most pe-ponies assume its some kind of decoration at first. Plus this isn't the first time it's been broken, and it heals quick." I waved her off. "So, you two are friends?"

Sweetie Belle seemed confused by my extreme nonchalant attitude about my broken horn. "Yup, we met back when Nightmare Moon showed up." Scootaloo informed me.

Nightmare Moon? Sounds like an odd name, even given pony standards. My hoof itched like a mosquito had burried itself inside it, but I smiled and nodded, as if I knew the event that she spoke of. "Anyway, nice to meet you two."

"So, should we get going?" The unicorn filly asked me.

"Uhh?" I began.

"Yeah! Come on Sweetie Belle, were going to go see Rainbow Dash!" Scootaloo invited.

I... don't care, I can just dump the kids on her when we get there. "Fine, let's go."

The group now three strong, we made our way down towards Fluttershy's. Scootaloo had taken the lead on her scooter, leaving Sweetie Bell and I to trot behind her. It was a slow walk, with trees either side of the road.

"So, you're the unicorn filly staying with my sister's friend?" Sweetie asked me.

I looked the filly over. "You're... Rarity's sister?" She nodded. "Then yes. I am in fact staying at Twilight's." I confirmed.

"Neat! I heard you're having trouble with magic, is that true?" She asked.

I saw no point in denying the fact. "Eh, a bit. I only just started using magic after all."

"And why is that?" Scootaloo asked, having slowed back down to our pace enough to converse.

"Well I- actually, you should probably just ask Twilight. She can explain it better than I can, besides I believe we are here." Just across a tiny bridge was a small structure. It had a very natural looking roof. The surrounding trees were littered with bird houses. It certainly looks like where a caretaker of animals would live.

We walked the path, a path that contained several bunnies. Despite my extreme adoration of bunnies, that I've had since a young age – the first one – I somehow managed to keep from stopping. We approached the door of the cottage, the top of the odd half door design was left open. I could hear the voices of Twilight, Rainbow, and barely audible Fluttershy discussing something, but couldn't make out any words.

I knocked on the lower door. "Fluttershy? Twilight? I'm here."

The door section was wrapped in a familiar purple glow and swung open. "Hey Argent, glad you could make it." Twilight greeted. Her gaze drifted upwards to my repairing horn, then to the ones in my company.

"Yeah, I may have run into some tag alongs on my way over." I said, turning to look specifically at Scootaloo. The orange pegasus was whistling innocently.

"Well, come on in you three." Twilight motioned for us to follow. We were all sat around Fluttershy's living room. Scootaloo was sitting next to Rainbow Dash, and I was sat between Sweetie Bell and Twilight. My horn had made a full recovery and I was magic capable again, so I was able to take the drink offered to me by our host.

"So, what are we all doing here?" I asked the mares. Mentally I checked off the children in the room. Scootaloo had come along to meet RD, and Sweetie Bell just came along to, I dunno, hang out, I guess?

"Oh, well, I'm going to be out of town for a few days, so I wanted to make sure you were well looked after." Twilight explained, nodding to Fluttershy.

Yup, that's nice and all, but I'm not to thrilled about being treated like a kid... Yet I haven't done anything about it... let's try. "Uhh, not that I don't appreciate your sentiment, but before I found myself here, I did in fact take care of myself. For years." I tacked on for added emphasis.

Twilight shared a look with her friends before replying. "We know Argent, but I would still rather leave you here with Fluttershy. Plus, someone told me you like bunnies." She finished in a knowing voice.

I felt my face heat up a little. A small white bunny hopped into the room, I could feel a girlish squee building the longer I looked at it. "F-fine." I turned sharply away.

"Then it is decided." Twilight said.

"Hold on, if that's the case, why is Rainbow Dash here?" I asked.

"Oh, uhh. Well, I thought that if you didn't want to stay here I could have Rainbow take you over to her house." Twilight supplied.

I narrowed my eyes at her. "Really?" I'm supprised I was able to get her to squirm under my gaze so much.

"Uhm, pardon me. Argent, I think your going to enjoy staying with me for a few days. You'll get to meet all the animals, and you could help me with feeding the chickens, and checking on the squirrels, oh, it's going to be so fun." Fluttershy said in her hushed, but excited voice.

I won't lie, this actually sounds like it will be interesting. I got up off the couch. "Alright." Twilight sighed like she dodged a bullet. "So exactly how long will I be staying here?"

"Just a few days. Spike and I are just making a quick run over to Canterlot," Twilight said, standing up. "You girls have fun!" She wished us, teleporting away in a pulse of magic. I once again slumped at being included in that generalization.

"Welp, I'm gonna get outa your manes, later!" Rainbow excused herself, Scootaloo followed her out.

I turned to the remaining guest at my side. Sweetie Bell returned the look. "Yeah, I should probably get going soon, my sister is going to wonder where I am." She said her goodbyes to Fluttershy and left.

And so the shy mare and I were left. I picked up the glass I had been given earlier. "Good tea." I complimented.

"Glad you enjoyed it." She returned.

No more conversation came after that, we just looked at eachother now and again. I got out one of my books and returned to my seat. Eventually Fluttershy excused herself to go check up on her animals. I read for a few minutes and memorized the spell structures the tome held. Soon I noticed that a small white rabbit holding a carrot was looking me over. I contained my emotions and regarded the rabbit that struck me as male for some reason. "Hey. What's new with you?"

To my surprise the bunny shrugged. I suddenly felt a lot more selfconcious about fawning over those other bunnies earlier. "So, you help out around here?" I guessed. The bunny nodded. "Cool, I'm sure she appreciates the help." The white bunny gave me another once over and nodded, before hopping away. what just happened?

I yawned. Apparently sleeping on your side, or perhaps I slept wrong, as a pony is not comfotable, as I was a bit sore this morning. In last night's dream I had talked it over with Night Strider, she seemed extremely surprised that I was figuring out dream magic, and even more so that I had succeeded in casting it the night prior. It had knocked me out like a light because of how much magic it drained, but for the next few days the shared dream thing we had is going to be staying open twenty four seven. I also told her that I'm going to be returning the game to normal mode the following night.

I stretched to try and aliveate the discomfort and walked to the door to head down to breakfast. Rather than swing the door open as I had so kindly asked it to, the wooden surface remained still. Due to grogginess I failed to notice it in time, and my nose got better acquainted with the door.

"Ow, uhh, that wasn't quite how that's supposed to go." I told the wooden panel. "Did that spell take more magic than I thought? Or maybe it's a constant drain? No, I thought I set it up so that I would only have to recharge the circle every so often. So why?" Normally, failed magic will fizzle out, not just not happen all together. I spun back around to the foot of the bed and retrieved a hand mirror from my bags.

The item revealed that my horn had lost any kind of shine it had before. It looked dull, and flakey around the tip. Touching a hoof gently to the base revealed that I couldn't really feel it either, just the skin it was loosely attached to. "Alright then, this happened before, so am I an earth pony now? The horn didn't completely just die last time, so... egh, whatever, maybe after this I'll know for sure what exactly causes this and I can just stay as a unicorn."... I can't believe I just said that out loud, with a straight face... even if my voice is diffrent.

I shook my head and opened the door the manual way. I saw the end of my horn flake away like pixie dust. huh, I wonder if those are also a thing around here? Are humans even a thing around here? How did I not ask this question sooner? I felt the muscles in my sides suddenly twist and knot, and since my focus was most decidedly not on my walking, down stairs, I found myself missing a step and doing a faceplant on the bottom step. The crumbling remains of my entire horn rolled away from me, stopping at a certain yellow mare's hooves.

"O-oh m-my g-gosh." she whispered. What followed was an adorably low volume scream.

I stood back up and tried to calm her down, telling her I was fine, but she flew out the door, or rather, an open window, screaming Twilight's name. I hobbled after her, the knotted muscles hindering my movement. I tried flexing the knot out, but felt something else instead. Looking over my shoulder, I was completely dumbfounded by the small crystaline prostrusions I saw. "Are these... wings?"