Black Nightshade The Night Guard Origins

by Black Nightshade

Chapter 5: The Cadet and The Bat

"How long must we stand here? I'm getting cold!" said the Cadet, his body shivering from a sudden wind that came from nowhere.

"The Sarge is a busy stallion don't forget, I expect he has papers to write, or reports to file..." said Black, keeping her gaze averted from the Cadet. Ever since the stallion called Black a 'Cave Dweller', she had mainly kept her eyes away from him, while he continued to tut and moan, even as they waited outside the green tent.

"...and on top of the frost every morning... Wait, Sarge?" The Cadet stared at Black, his eyes piercing the back of Black's head. " Why are you calling the Sergeant by a nickname? What, you get special privileges do you, Slitty?" the Cadet said, lifting one hoof but just then, the Sergeant pushed the flap open.

"Ah, Cadet Nightshade and Cadet Blade... Welcome. Please, come on in..." said the Sergeant, moving aside and letting Black and Cadet Blade in. While Blade stared at the wall's, Black moved straight to the other two chairs, placed the helm on the floor, and sat down. "Mister Blade, please take a seat." said the Sergeant and pointed to the other seat, Blade snapping his attention from the weapon above the Sergeant and sat down on the second seat. Once Blade was comfortable, Black cleared her throat and looked at the Sergeant.

"You wanted to see us Sarge?" Black asked, her wings twitching and avoiding the steely glare and frown of Blade, who was getting angrier and angrier by the second. But even before he could lash out, the Sergeant held his hoof up, silencing Blade .

"I've heard, that Mr Blade here, had called you a Cave Dweller. Is this true, Miss Shade?" the Sergeant asked and Black nodded, making him sigh. "Mr Blade, you do realise that is a highly, HIGHLY, racial slur and should never be said. Do you realise that, don't you?" said the Sergeant and Blade pointed at Black, who looked calm while he started his long held rant.

"But why is she here? She's a BAT PONY, one of the nightmare spawn of Nightmare Moon. Why is she going through the Cadet's? She should just go home, she doesn't belong here! How does this..." he accentuated this by gesturing at Black, who's eyes was wide but her face remained stoic. "...give peace to the Citizen's of Canterlot?! That city was ground zero of Nightmare Moon's attack, and the fear fog still looms! She'll just make their fear increase! She should just leave, leave and return to the hole she came back from!" The Cadet said, his hoof falling to his side and his heavy breathing was slowly returning to normal.

"Well... I can see why you have this... hate... to Bat Pony's, but does that relate to me too?" he asked, removing his cap and revealing the pointed ears underneath. "Does your reasoning include me being the Sergeant of the Night Guard? Do you think I should return back to where I came from, leave and go back to my home?"

"Well... no I don't think..." he said, but the Sergeant cut him off.

"Because I've worked hard, to get here. Hard, to work my way from my Grandfathers shadow and our name being recognised and not slandered. Hard, to bring us, the Night Guard, back from the shadows. And even Cadet Shade." He nodded at Black, who was staring with a look that would make a Timberwolf freeze. "She has her own reason's why she's in the Night Guard Cadet's."
"Now I suggest, that you two find some common ground and focus on becoming the best Guards you can be. 2nd week starts soon, and that's the week we focus on weapons. Now go on."

The Sergeant dipped the Phoenix Feather Quill in the inkpot and started scratching on a piece of parchment. Blade stood and briskly walked out, Black moving to follow but was stopped by the Sergeant clearing his throat. Black turned to see him put the quill on his desk and made his eyes bore into Black's blue orbs.

"Black, please alert the Instructor if Cadet Blade calls you a racist slur again. I'll deal with him in a professional manner." said the Sergeant and Black snapped a salute, turned on her heel and walked out.

As the tent flap closed, the Sergeant opened the drawer again and pulled out the picture from last time, looking closely at the bundle of blankets. "Oh Commander... What have I gotten into with your daughter?" the sergeant said to himself, running a hoof over the filly's face.