The Long Road: Recovery

by pabrony83

Moving Day, Part Two

[Six hours later]

"I'm fine, Sunny," Twi said as we walked into our new place. "It's just, well, two years worth of pent-up emotions regarding that Trotter post and after seeing her, I just lost it. I'm really sorry about my outburst at the apartment."

"I know, babe," I said gently rubbing her back. "But I'm not the one you need to apologize to."

She looked at me with a raised eyebrow as she shifted her weight to her cane. "You can't be serious," she said. "She...humiliated me and didn't think twice about it. I had every right to explode in her face."

I guided her chin so that we locked eyes with each other. "Yes, you did. However, she apologized to you and I believe it was heartfelt," I replied. "I know that you are wound up about it but it still doesn't change the fact that you still owe her an apology for your actions."

Twi rolled her eyes and groaned in disgust before walking away. "I'll be planning out the study if you need me," she said sourly.

I directed the movers where to put everything went as Twi went off to pout. "Is she okay?" Wordy asked after bringing in an end table.

I sighed softly. "I think that she's still upset about the Trotter post even though she was able to vent her frustrations at you," I answered.

"Did you tell her that my apology was genuine?" She asked.

"I did. However, she…ouch...she doesn't seem to think so," I replied, wincing from a slight contraction.

"Are you okay?"

I let out a deep breath. "Yeah. Just some Braxton Hicks contractions."

"Braxton Hicks?" she asked, tilting her head in confusion.

"Practice contractions," I explained. "They're completely normal."

"Oh. I, uh, probably should get back to work," Wordy said, looking over my shoulder.

She quickly went back to the truck and I turned to see Twi with a death stare pointed in Wordy's direction.

"What was that for?" I asked Twi.

"That, that...hussie needs to help get the rest of our stuff in here and leave us the <censored> alone," she fired back. "We are paying her to move our belongings, Not to socialize."

I put my arm around my angry wife in an attempt to calm her down. "Babe, she's trying to make amends for what she did. Okay? Will you please cut her some slack?"

"No!" she shouted. She then focused her attention behind me. "You humiliated me once already and had the gall to try it again mere hours ago. The only reason I haven't broken your nose with my cane is because of Sunny."

"Twilight Shimmer! That. Is. Enough," I scolded. "Leave her alone and let her do her job. I don't need this stress so close to the end of my term."

"So you're taking her side?!" she asked angrily.

"I'm not taking anybody's side. I just want you to calm down, quit shouting at her, and be the more mature person in this situation. Okay?" Twi looked at me and gritted her teeth. In response, I whispered in her ear, "You know that Reddi-Whip can't be enjoyed properly if you're pissed off."

Her facial expression began twisting into a pretzel as what I said to her began to sink in. "!!!" Twi babbled as I grinned from ear to ear. "Fine. But I get to choose which room we enjoy it in. Deal?"

Before I could respond, me and Twi both looked in the direction of the front door. Looking back at us were all three of the movers. I smiled awkwardly as one of them winked at us. "Um...this is exactly what it sounds like."

"Mmmm. That hit the spot," Twi said as we lay naked on a bare mattress in the new bedroom a few hours later. "Nothing like a good lay to settle the nerves."

"Now, can we please drop the issue with Wordy?" I asked as she snuggled up to my breasts.

"Sure," she agreed.

I wrapped left arm around her and grasped her shoulder. "Now, what was this super important project - that didn't involve technology - you mentioned earlier?"


"Ouch," I said as I squeezed Twi tightly while Gleaming gave my spine a few kicks. "The project you mentioned when the boxes fell down in our old study."

"Oh that project," she said, letting out a yawn. "It's a special present for the baby. But I'm not telling you until… *yawn* day."

"Oh really?"

"'s super secret," she said sleepily.

In an attempt to trick her into telling me what she was planning, I used her sleepiness to my advantage. "Okay, then. I'll let you tell me about it in the morning."

"No, Sunny."