Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 57: The Horror of Dracunyan/ Terror Time

Ren's POV

"Come on Ren! We're going to be late!" Kaede called over, feeling impatient for me.

"I'm coming guys! Just hang on!" I called back as I put the finally touches in Kodi's outfit. "You ready, Kodi?"

"You bet I am!" Kodi nodded with a grin. We both smiled and headed out to the dining hall and showed our friends our costumes.

"Ta-da!" We both exclaimed in joy. I was wearing a pirate costume with a fake beard and all that. I look exactly like Jack Sparrow, isn't this such a great costume? Meanwhile, Kodi was wearing a hot dog costume.

"Well?" I asked with a grin.

"Hm? A pirate and a hot dog, eh?" Mason asked with a soft smile as he was wearing a werewolf costume. "I say pretty good choice, but however, never underestimate that. They're pretty old while a werewolf is quite lovable."

"Hey!" I exclaimed, feeling offended of that. I detect a boastful tone in him?

"I say you look pretty good, Ren and Kodiak." Kaede chuckled as she wore a pilot's outfit.

"Thanks, so what are you going as Kaede? A pilot?" I asked in confusion.

"Duh, I'm Bessie Coleman!" Kaede answered with a smile before giving me and Kodi's blank expressions. "The first African-American to ever fly?...Do you even know her?"

"Uhh...let's say I'm quite terrible at history." I chuckled nervously.

"Yeah, besides, I never heard anyone of that name." Kodi said with a shrug.

"Well, I guess I can understand Kodiak since he's a puppy, but you Ren, you need to learn more of your history." Mason sighed. Well it's not my fault that I barely know history! "But I don't know about her nor other famous figures, big brother." Carrie pointed out, wearing a female magician's outfit. "So does that make me dumb Mason?"

"Of course not! You're a little girl, so it makes sense that you don't know much." Mason assured, causing me to sweat-drop. Is he just implying that I'm stupid?

"Hey brats." We all looked and saw Jack... wearing his regular clothing? "Jack, where's your costume?" I asked.

"I'm not dressing up for some holiday. That's for babies." Jack scoffed. Jamie came beside him, dressing like a scientist? "Jamie... what are you suppose to be?" I questioned.

"I'm Elbert Einstien." Jamie said with a small smile.

"A Nerd costume for a nerd. Figures." Jack added. Rantaro and Nicole came in along with Sarah. Rantaro and Nicole weren't wearing any costumes either but Sarah was dressed like Winter. "Awww... cute costume, Sarah." Carrie said.

"Hehe, thanks." Sarah said. Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper came to her side. "Woo-wee, I'm ready for this celebration." Usapyon claimed.

"Me too." Sailornyan added.

"Come on guys, let's go!" Sarah exclaimed happily. We all exited the castle and saw Cheerlie... with a large cat head!

"GAH! What the hell?" Jack exclaimed.

"Come closer, I'm hungry~" Cheerliee said.

"Umm... Cheerliee, what are you doing?" Sarah inquired as Cheerliee approached her. "Nyeck." Sailornyan and Thornyan rammed Sarah aside from Cheerliee. "Sailornyan, Thornyan?" I said.

"Come on guys, hurry!" The Yo-Kai dragged us a few yards from the castle. "What's wrong?" Sarah asked.

"And why does Cheerliee have a dam cat head?" Jack added.

"Guys, It Dracunyan!" Sailonryan cried.

"Dracunyan?!" We all exclaimed.

"Who is that?" Mason asked. Sailornyan took out a laptop and showed us a show. "Dracunyan is he main villain in America's Got Vampires." Thornyan said. There was a stallion cornered by Dracunyan: A blue cat with green eyes and big black pupils. The chest, paw tips and muzzle are white, while his nose and inner-ear are dark peach. He has two, very long fangs sticking out from his mouth and two bright orange tail flames. He wears a long dark gray cape with red inside coloring on the inside and a bright orange sphere attached to the center. The band around the stomach is pale orange and the sphere he wears like a collar is dark orange.

Dracunyan. Tribe: Shady

"and anyone he bites becomes just like him." Dracunyan bit the stallion and he gained a giant head, fancy cape then turned into a Dracunyan. "Once it starts it spreads through a whole city."

"Seriously?" I exasperated.

"That's a load of crap. It's a show." Jack scoffed.

"How can you doubt us after seeing Cheerliee. She's a Dracunyan!" Sailornyan exclaimed.

"She's propably as just wearing a costume, Sailornyan." Jamie said.

"Wrong, wrong, wrong. Thos fangs are totally real." Thornyan said. Cheerliee appeared behind us now with a fancy cape. "Gah!" I whimpered.

"I see a nyeck." Cheerliee said.

Another pony came by with the same. "Save some for me." he said.

"I hate Halloween!" Sarah exclaimed. "RUN!" We all dashed away from the ponies and into Ponyville... only to see everyone else with giant cat heads and fancy capes. "GAH! Everyone in Ponyville has them!" Kaede cried.

"There goes the neighborhood, partners." Usaypon said. We all ran away again. We all hid behind a large billboard on the ground. "This is so creepy, even for Halloween." I said. I turned to Sailornyan. "So they are all Dracunyan?"

The cat yo kai nodded. "It's just like on the show." Thornyan said.

"But I thought it was a made up drama." Rantaro said.

"No it's not, the show is based on the story of a real Yo-Kai." Sailornyan claimed.

"So all this crap is happening because of another Yo-Kai?" Jack asked.

"A bad one." Sailornyan said with a nod.

"Man and I thought Cuttincheez was a nightmare." Kaede added.

"This story is inconceivable. You ever heard of a Yo-kai who can change ponies into creatures with fangs and- Gagzooks it's true." Whisper said with his Yo-Kai pad out. "WHAT?!" We all cried. He showed us a picture of Dracunyan. "This nasty Yo-Kai just like to bite ponies and change them into other Dracunyans." he said.

"Ooh, I hope Twilight and the girls are alright." Carrie said.

I completely forgot about them! Oh, man I hope they are vampire cats. "I'm sure they are fine, Carrie." Mason reassured. "They're tough, remember."

"Ren~ Everyone~" A voice said. We turned and saw six figures wearing black capes. "They're here!" I exclaimed in fear.

"No way, they are too tall to be Dracunyan." Sarah dismissed.

"How do you know?" Nicole asked.

"That Yo-Kai is the same height as Sailornyan and Thornyan." Sarah replied. The figures got closer and removed their capes... revealing Twilight and the girls. "We had no choice we had to put on the capes so those cat creatures wouldn't notice us." Twilight explained. We all sighed in relief. "Thank goodness, you six weren't bitten." Sarah sighed.

"But what they hay is going on?" Rainbow asked. "One minute I see ponies and then the next minute I'm being chased by Vampire cats with huge heads!"

"They're Dracunyan." I stated.

"Dracunyan?" The girls inquired.

"Yes, a Yo-Kai version of Dracula." I said. "He bites other ponies and they become Dracunyan. This thing could spread if we don't stop it." I stated. Sailornyan then explained his backstory. He was just a regular cat yo-kai who loved to eat chocolate bars but then he was bitten by Dracula, which turned him into Dracunyan who can only live by drinking blood. He missed the taste of chocolate bars so much that he will bit other people to taste the chocolate in their blood and those people (in this case, ponies) are turned into Dracunyan. It was so crazy.

"Maybe the Princess can help us?" Flutters suggested.

"Right..." But before Twilight could send a message. "No need to summon us." Celestia and Luna appeared before us, wearing the black capes as well. "Luna, Celeste. Thank goodness, you're alright." I exclaimed.

"Yes, thankfully, we noticed the cats in our home and came right over." Luna explained. "They're in Canterlot?! Oh man!" Jamie cried.

"We have to stop them, before they spread all throughout Equestria and beyond." Twilight said.

"Wait a minute..." Sarah said then he gasped in horror.

"What?" Jamie asked.

"Shimmer!" she cried.

Oh shoot! We completely forgot about the young filly. "God dammit! We have to get the tiny kid!" Jack exclaimed.

"Oshawott! Osha!" Huh? We heard a cry and look from at the street to see our pokemon flying over to us wit our pokemon on their backs and, "Shimmer! AXL!" Sarah cried in relief. The dragons landed and Shimmer pounced on Sarah, shaking like a leaf. "Mommy, I'm scared." she whimpered.

"Awww... shhh, don't worry sweetie. We'll find a way to fix this." Sarah cooed. Shimmer looked at Sarah, "Promise?"

"Yes, sweetie."

"How did you guys get here?" Kaede asked.

"We saw all the vampire cats and we knew something was wrong. So we gathered Shimmer, AXL and the pokemon than flew off to see if we could find you guys." Moonshine said.

"Thankfully, we did." Winter added.

"Now we have to stop these things. Sailornyan, Thornyan, is there a cure for this?" Sarah asked her ca yo-kai.

"Yes there's a cure we can make, but we have to do it fast." Sailornyan added.

"Right." Sarah said. "Alright gang, you heard them. It's up to us to save Equestria."

"Let's do it!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"But wait, where are we even gonna make the cure?" Rantaro brought up.

"We can make it in Sugarcube Corner." I suggested.

"Most logical place to make cure." Mason said. "Let's move." With that, we all started to secretly make our way to Sugarcube Corner. We snuck in and out of alleyways so the Dracunyan could not see us. When we were near Sugarcube Corner we saw a few other ponies that we not bitten yet. "Hey there go some others." Kaede said.

Suddenly, they all got giant heads. "HOLY!" I exclaimed.

"What the hell- They weren't even bitten!" Jack added.

"This is very weird." I said. "After everything that's happened tonight?" Whisper jabbed.

"Well things can't get any worse." Sailornyan said. Suddenly, the Princess got them too. "WAAAHH!" We all screamed.

"What the? What's going on?" Jamie screeched.

"It's acting like it's become a virus." Sarah said. Virus.... Something's tell me.... something happened before with a virus.... but what? I just can't seem to remember. "That's why its' spreading without anypony getting bitten."

"Are you okay, your majesties?" Mason asked.

"Don't we look okay? .... Please don't say with cat headed vampires." Luna said. Then they got fancy capes and we gasped more. "Get away from us you all, nyow!"

"They're finished. Nyow they're talking like cats!" Thornyan said.

"Oh Princesses." I whimpered.

"What part of nyow don't you understand!" Celestia exclaimed.

"The cat royals are right come on partners." Usaypoyn added. We all rushed into Sugarcube Corner. "Alright Sarah, so what are the ingredients for the cure?" Rainbow asked.

"Okay, we need, Garlic, moldy bread and salt for the cure." Sarah explained.

"We'll get the Garlic." Fluttershy, Rainbow and Applejack went out of the room. "And we'll get the moldy bread." Rarity, Pinkie and Twilight went out next. I looked below the sink, "Aha! And here's the salt!"

The girls came back in the room. "We got them." They all said.

"Great." Jamie said.

Suddenly.... all six of the girls got giant cat heads!

We all gasped in horror. "Oh no!" I exclaimed.

"Oh.. guys... forgive us." Twilight said. Then they gained fancy capes. "No!" Mason added.

"Please take the ingredients. You guys are our only hope nyow." Rarity said.

"Cat talk." Kaede whimpered.

"Guys you have to pull yourselves together. They only way to save them is by mixing up the cure." Whisper said.

"Maybe it will even turn the original Dracunyan back to normal." Sailornyan added.

"Then they'll never be another Dracunyan." Carrie said.

"Right, come on." Mason said. Sarah and Kaede took the ingredients, "Let's get to my castle. It'll be safe there." Sarah said. We all ran out of Sugarcube Corner and to my castle. We went into the kitchen and the pokemon put clothing pins on our noses so we would not smell the stench. We put the moldy bread, garlic and salt into a large bowl and boy, did it stink!

"Ugh, this reeks!" Jack exclaimed.

"You're voice is funny." Thornyan said.

"Focus cats." Mason grumbled. Anyway, we managed to make a large, large amount of the cure and Sarah added some her Element's magic to the cure to make sure that it would turn everyone back to normal. "Alright... ready?" Sarah asked.

"You bet!" Whisper said.

"It's showtime." Sailornyan added.

"But how are we gonna get all of the Dracunyan in one place for the cure to work? If we miss one, then the whole mess will start over again." Kaede stated.

"He's a fan of Next Harmeowny." Sailornyan said.

"Who?!" We all exclaimed. Sailornyan and Thornyan face palmed. "They are popular among cat-like yo-kai. But they are not here right now, so how can we lure them all out into the open?" Whisper asked. Sarah suddenly looked at Jack, Jamie, Me, Rantaro and Mason with a mischievous smirked. "Newbie, why are you looking at us like that?" Jack asked. Sarah suddenly had make-up supplies floating around her.

Ohhh.. I see what's she's doing.... wait.... OH NO!

"Sarah! NO! NO! NOOOOOO!" I cried but unfortunately she put the makeup on us and made us looked like Next Harmeowny. Her had bows in our hair, black and pink paw gloves and we were wearing black skirts as well. Man, I never felt so embarrassed in my life. "Grrr... this is so embarrassing." Jack growled. I feel your pain, Jack. Kaede, Carrie and our dragons laughed at us while Nicole held a blank look... as usual. "Oh come boys, it's not that bad." Kaede laughed.

"Tell that to my pride." Mason said.

"Come on Uncle Mason, it'll be fun." Shimmer said. Mason and Jack growled, blushing a little.

"I will never look in the mirror again!" I exclaimed.

"S-Same here." Jamie added.

"This is a waste of my time and money." Rantaro grumbled. Gizmo peeked out of Rantaro's hat and saw his friend than bust out laughing. "Hardy, Har Har."

"Alright ladies... it's showtime." Whisper teased. The boys were soon on stage while Sarah and the girls had the blasters. I wanna say water guns but they were more like large spray painting guns almost. Soon me and the guys started to perform which drawn the Dracunyan from all over.

(Skip to 8:56)

When they were all in the area. "Now!" Sarah and the girls sprayed them with the cure and turned them back into their ponies selves. "Yes! It worked!" Kaede cried. Carrie and Shimmer cheered as well. Twilight and the girls came on stage as the boys stopped their performance. "Thanks for the save you guys." Rainbow said.

"Yeah... Ren.. why are you and the boys dressed like a girl band?" Flutters asked us.

"Do... not... ask." Mason warned. Well... I'm not getting my dignity back for quite sometime after this Halloween.

POV Ends

Terror Time

It's been two week since the Dracunyan incident and things were finally back to normal. Right now, I was walking with Jamie, Ren, Jack, Kaede, Mason and Carrie back from Sugarcube Corner with Sailornyan and Thornyan. "Sarah, can I have a doughnut?" Saliornyan asked.

"Not yet, Saliornyan. You have to wait until we go back to the home-ship." Ren said. Saliornyan sighed.

"Ummm... guys..." Jamie said. We looked around and we suddenly saw that the area was darken and there were dark clouds in the sky as well as a mist. "Okay... this is creepy." Ren said.

"It was bright and sunny a second ago." Mason said.

"What happened?" Kaede asked. Suddenly, we heard large footsteps behind us. "It can't be this isn't t-t-t-" Saliornyan stammered we all turned around and screamed seeing a large oger yo-kai with crocked teeth and large mace in his hands.

"What the hell is that?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Gargaros!" Thornyan exclaimed and we all ran for the hills. "What is that thing?!" Jamie screamed.

"Gargaros. He's a yo-kai with a bad attitude!" Thornyan exclaimed.

"What should we do Ren?" Carrie asked.

"Why are you asking me?!" Ren exclaimed.


"RUUUUNNN!" We all rushed through the empty streets. "The only way he'll go away is if we get back to the home-ship!" I called.

"How the hell do you know?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Me and my dad encountered him before." I replied. We all turned down an alleyway and turned right only to run into another yo-kai. This one was orange wearing a green t-shirt. "What the- Sgt. Burly?"

Sgt. Burly. Tribe: Tough.

Sgt. Burly laughed, "Why else do you think I'm here?" he asked. "So you can fight Gargaros."

"WHAAT?!" My friends exclaimed.

"We're not fighting that beast!" Jack exclaimed. "I like my life thank you very much."

"Well don't you have something else that can fight for you?" Sgt. Burly asked.

We all huddled up, "Do we have anything that can fight him?" Ren asked.

"Have you seen his size?! Nothing can clobber him." Jamie whimpered.

"Ahem." I deadpanned, pointing to her Dino Bracer. We all looked at our. "Oooooh." Suddenly, we heard and saw Gargaros coming our way. "Ready boys?" I asked. The boys nodded.





Mason: "DINO SLASH, SHAKE THEM UP, STEGOSAURUS and with that Blaze, Aqua, Blossom and Quake appeared and roared at Gargaros, who stared in shock at our dinosaurs. Quake roared and charged Gargaros, ramming him in the stomach, knocking him to the ground. Gargaros swung his mace, hitting Quake in the face and he fell on his side. "Quake!" Mason cried. "Get up, buddy!"

"Blaze/ Aqua!" Ren and Jack called. The Acroccanthasaurus and Amargasaurus charged Gargaros and rammed him back. Gargoaros skidded on the road a little. Aqua moved in and slammed Gargaros with his next, sending him into the air where Blaze leaped and slammed him down on the ground with his tail. "Alright!" Kaede cheered.

"Your turn nerd." Jack said.

"Oh, uh, okay... Blossom, Emerald Garden!" Blossom reared up and formed a ball of energy in her mouth, she launched it at Gargaros and it drained him of all his energy. "Finish him, Sarah!" Ren called to me. "Right. Blitz... Lightning Strike!" I slashed the card and Blitz roared. Electricity formed at it top horns. He launched the lightning at Gargaros and it struck him. Gargaros roared in pain as he disappeared and the clouds cleared and the area lit up once more. "Yeah! We did it!" Ren cheered.

Our dinosaurs roared in victory and we returned to their cards. "Nice work boys. Kaede praised.

"Yeah, big brother." Carrie added, hugging Mason. "Hehehe, thanks Carrie."

"Thank goodness, he's gone." Ren sighed in relief. "Now come on, let's get home."

"You read my mind." I smiled and we all walked back home with the bright sunlight shining on us.