That Time I Became a Friendship Bomb

by Carmine Craft

Chapter 3: Guests, Tests And Surprises, Oh My!

After Twilight left, Nurse Redheart brought me something to eat. My meal consisted of what appeared to be a sandwich with flowers in it, along with a small bowl of air fried hay. The sandwich was better than my human experiences would suggest, its hard to describe. It was kinda like the vegetarian equivalent of a ham sandwich, but still delicious. And the fried hay was so close to French fries in flavour I wondered if this world had potatoes, or if hay had taken their place.

Upon finishing my meal and making sure I didn't have crumbs, I decided to practice walking a bit more. I was doing pretty swell if I focused on it. Every fifteen minutes or so, Nurse Redheart would poke her head in and tell me to get some rest. And so went my noon-time experience.

Before boredom could begin to set in, I heard a knock at the door. "Excuse me, miss Argent? Are you awake?" I heard an oddly posh voice say.

"Uh, yes?" I replied. Who is This now? My answer came in the form of a white mare opening the door. She had a purple mane and tail that she obviously put time into.

"Hello" she said, wincing slightly at the sight of me, which confused me. "My name is Rarity. It's nice to meet you."

I nodded. "The same to you. My name is Argent, but you seem to have already known that."

It was her turn to nod. "Yes well, Twilight told us a bit about you at lunch, so I thought I would stop by a little earlier than everpony else."

Rarity smiled at me, it was a smile tinged with something else. "Ok. Um, is something bothering you?" I asked, my head tilting automatically.

The tinge in her facial expression grew, even though the expression seemed to not change at all. "Why, whatever do you mean? I just came by to see if you were okay, and perhaps chat a bit?"

I nodded at her. "Okay... what do you wanna talk about?" I asked her, feeling the pressure from before starting to return.

"Well, for starters I was wondering, do you like your mane style?" She asked.

Wha? Why would she... is it cause I'm a..? I looked into the mirror, the "style" as she so generously labeled it was a tangled mess of bed head. "No?" I replied hesitantly.

Rarity's eyes gained a certain gleam. "And what of your wardrobe? Do you find it lacking?"

My head tilted the other way. "What wardrobe?" Whats the deal with clothes here anyway? Are the decorative? Represent status? Or your occupation? So far I hadn't really seen anyone wear more than a hat. "Where is this going?" I asked, even though I had a vague idea.

"Well, when you're allowed to leave I thought I could take you over to my boutique!" She exclaimed.

Aaand here's what she wanted. Shameless self promotion, got it. I cringed internally. "I dunno, I don't really like frilly, girly things." I responded before she could suggest it.

Rarity sighed. "Would you say no to me at least styling your mane a bit?"

I shook my head. "I-I don't have any mon-"

Suddenly she was right across from me, holding a hoof up to my mouth. "Its fine darling, why would I charge a pony with no bits?"

I looked back at the wall nervously a few times. "Uhh, sure then, if you're offering, I guess." She quickly trotted behind me, a hair brush suddenly appearing next to her. While I was maveling at the casual use of magic she put the brush to my mane.

"Never seen a unicorn before?" She asked sarcastically with a giggle.

I replied to the question seriously. "Not until recently, or magic for that matter." Apparently the action of having your mane brushed for you is extremely relaxing, I had to resist the strangely strong urge to coo at the feeling.

"So then I'm guessing you haven't ever used magic yourself?" She asked.

"I can use magic?" Was my response.

I could feel a quizzical look form on her face from behind me for a moment, but she moved on to explain. "But of course! Every pony can use magic. Unicorns are just best known for it. Pegasi can walk on clouds and make the weather. And earth ponies like yourself can make plants grow very quickly."

I blinked a few times. I can use magic? I thought while staring off into space. Rarity seemed to notice that and rephrased her question.

"You mean you've never witnessed magic? Not even your par-" Apparently I jumped at that, my new body not as ok with things as I was. Or maybe it was my child/pony brain? Regardless Rarity quickly changed her query. "Tell me, from what part of Equestria are you from?"

I furrowed my brow. "Where?" I asked.

Rarity paused the brushing. "Do you not remember?" Her voice laden with concern.

"No, I mean, what's Equestria?" I asked.

Apparently this shocked her, at least that is what her eyes were telling me. "You mean you've never heard of Equestria? Not ever?"

I was confused "N-no? Should I have?"

Rarity looked taken aback. "How could you not know? It's the homeland of ponies!"

I just looked at her. She continued "What about the princess, surely you've heard of princess Celestia. Even if you've never heard of Equestria somehow, you've surely heard of the one responsible for moving the sun around the sky?"

I blinked. "The princess does what with the sun?" Well, I've failed the basic knowledge test. I gotta learn when to keep my mouth shut.

I was thankful for the distraction that came next. Unfortunately it came in the form of a blue winged mare who came crashing through the open window, breaking the flower vase and generally scattering the room's contents. The pegasus groaned and opened her eyes, staring into mine. She stood up and rubbed the back of her head with a forehoof. "Hehe, sorry about that. You okay squirt?" I huffed and blew my annoyingly long hair off my face. She laughed nervously again.

"Honestly Rainbow, I can't believe you, this is a hospital!" Rarity chastised her.

"I said sorry." Rainbow replied. She offered me a hoof up, but I ignored it. Not because I didn't appreciate the gesture mind you, but because I was so new to being a quadruped that I just couldn't see getting up with three legs being better than getting up with four.

She actually seemed to appreciate that, "She seems fine, you're a tough filly aint'cha?"

I managed to keep my expression from souring, being called a child and reminded of my new gender in a single word, joy. "It'll take more than that ta keep me down." I returned.

The pegasus mare beamed at me. "Aw yeah! I knew it!"

"What'n tarnation is goin' on in here?" A country mare exclaimed as She tried to open the door, which was blocked by an overturned chair. Rarity picked up the blockage with her magic and set it back in its proper place.

A butter yellow pegasus came in through the window, not disturbing a single object in the room. "Oh my, is Everypony okay in here?" She asked in a half whisper.

"Girls what did you do?" Came Twilight's voice from the door.

Okay, it's getting a bit crowded in here I backed up on the bed. When I bumped into something that giggled I shot off the bed and stood like a peeved cat by the mirror, all while shouting. "Ah! How in th' hay did you get in here!" I shouted at the bouncy pink mare that had just, just, appeared on the bed behind me!

She was wearing the pillow like a hat. "Silly~ I came in with everypony else!" She said in a happy tone.

No. You. Did. NOT! I seethed internally.

Twilight sighed. "Well, looks like everypony is here." She looked around the space. "How about we go out to one of the waiting rooms were it will be a bit more comfortable?" She motioned for the room's occupants to follow her.

"Let's just go around the room and introduce ourselves." Twilight began. I was looking around the waiting room. It was very well furnished, and I wouldn't think twice about it if you told me this was some per-ponies' living room. "We've already met, but I'm Twilight Sparkle. I just moved to Ponyville to be with my friends and study friendship."

I nodded at her, a little unsure. Wait. Did she just say, "study friendship"? What the heck does that mean?

The orange country mare was next. "The name's Applejack. I live over at Sweet Apple Acres."

"Applejack" at "Sweet Apple Acres" hmmm? I wonder what your job could possibly be. I thought.

"Me an' ma family are apple farmers." She said to my expectation. "After you're better if'n your lookin' for a bit of excersize I could set you up with a tree or two." She offered, and the offer was quite enticing.

"My name's Rainbow Dash." The confident blue mare said.

I looked to her mane. I wonder why your parents named you that.

"I'm the coolest pony in Ponyville. I'm also on the weather team, and soon I'm gonna join the Wonderbolts!" She claimed.

The who? I resisted the urge to say, I don't need her fangirling over what sounds like a glorified weather force/and or sports team. "Awesome." I said instead.

Everyone looked to the yellow pegasus with a pink mane, which she was trying to hide behind. "Oh, my name is Fluttershy, it's nice to see your doing better." I strained to hear her, fortunately everyone seemed to hold their breath while she introduced herself. "Um, I take care of the animals in and around town." She finished barely more audible.

"That's a good profession" I complimented.

The pink mare giggled, and I looked to her. "Hi! My name is Pinkie Pie!" She held out her hoof, I tentatively repeated the action I had done with Twilight earlier, I was not expecting what felt like a mild electric zap. I immediately recoiled and shook out my ha-hoof. Pinkie was giggling and Rainbow was failing to stifle her own. "Hehehe~ joy buzzers~!" Pinkie laughed harder.

"Since when do joy buzzers actually shock you and not just, ya know, buzz?" I asked incredulously.

"What fun would that be~?" She asked between laughs.

I shook my head and sighed. "Moving on, next?" I asked.

Rarity drew attention to herself with a cough that somehow sounded sophisticated. "Once again, my name is Rarity, and I own Carousel Boutique. I make the some of the best outfits in all of Equestria." She said, proudly holding a hoof over her chest. I tipped my head to her.

Everyone's gaze shifted to me, and it took me a second to catch on. "Oh, my name is Argent Accord. It's nice to meet all of you." I said with a smile. Their gaze lingered on me still.

"Could you tell us a bit about yourself?" Twilight prompted.

"Uhh. Like what?" I asked, it had been to long since I'd done one of these.

Apparently they each had their own idea of what I should share.
"Yer favourite food?" Applejack started the train.

"Favourite author?" Came Twilight's question.

"Your favorite color!" Pinkie cheered.

"Your Favourite flavor of tea?" Was Fluttershy's suggestion.

"Your favourite sport!" Rainbow Dash asked, punching the air.

"Your favourite designer?" Came Rarity's query.

I blinked. "Wasn't expecting so many... uhh." I held my hoof to my chin, in lieu of any fingers. "So far, the flower sandwich Nurse Redheart brought me." Can't say any of my usual favourites cause they involve meat. "Mark Tufo" I answered Twilight truthfully, to her befuddlement. "I dunno, I like to make art, so I kinda like them all. If I had to pick... French grey I suppose, just because most people have no idea what it looks like." I said as Pinkie slumped somewhat at my first answer. "Favourite flavour of... My mom used to make this really good blend of Iced tea, haven't really found anything that compared since." I finished with a half hearted chuckle. "As for sports, soccer! I never could get behind any of those other ones, golf hurt my h-hooves and basketball just got a bit to hectic." I explained. "As for designers I dont really know any. So... you I'd have to say." Rarity certainly seemed pleased at that.

They each nodded at my answers in turn. Twilight posed the next quedtion. "So Argent where are you from?"

"Oh, I'm from St Marie's Idaho." I said without thinking.

They each blinked at my answer, but Twilight offered me an out. "You mean St Mare's in the Idahoof mountains?"

I nodded vigorously. Welp, thank goodness I'm a child, one that can make mistakes on a place's name.

"What's it like over there?" Rainbow asked.

Aw frick. The dang pun parody on my home town could be nothing like the original! Never the less I answered truthfully, but cautiously. "It gets a lot of snow in the winter, and it's way too hot in the summer for my liking. Fall is the best time of year." No one seemed to have any objection to what I said, so I was certainly relieved.

Nurse Redheart took this opportunity to enter the room. "Excuse me Argent, but we will need to do one last set of tests before I can let you go out." She said in a motherly tone. "Do you have a place where you can stay here in town?" She asked.

I shook my head. "I'm well aware that the hospital won't put up with me forever. But I don't really know anyone in town, as you could probably guess." I sighed. Friggin magic claw. Making my life difficult. Actually I wonder why no one has asked me how I was in the castle or why.

"Well, you could come stay at Golden Oaks with me and Spike, we have got all the books you could ever want." Twilight offered.

"If I wouldn't be a bother that be great!" I was surprised at how trusting they were of me, then again I am a child in their eyes.

"No trouble at all." Twilight reassured.

I smiled at the purple mare for her hospitality, then followed Nurse Redheart out of the room, waving to the group before I left. "So what do I have to do?" I asked her.

"Nothing scary I promise." She reassured, I rolled my eyes when she wasn't looking. "We just need to test your reflexes, see if that crystal growth is all gone, and, per Twilight's request, magically scan you for any nasty little things you might have gotten in the Everfree." I nodded, that all sounded pretty standard.

My reflexes were a bit slow, but I expected that, new body and all. The crystal patch had apparently briefly resurfaced for a bit, but was basically all gone now. And I turned out to be parasite free, yay!

After the tests I was given a lolipop against my will, she kept on insisting that the sugar was "good for my health" which seemed backwards. After that I went and gathered all zero of my things and met with Twilight outside the hospital. "You ready?" She asked.

I laughed, "yup got everything." I pantomimed tapping carry-on luggage.

Twilight sighed and turned. "Come on, library's this way."

She lives in a library huh? Interesting. I thought as I followed after her. "Where did everyone else go?" I asked.

Twilight looked at me with a puzzled look for some reason, but answered me anyway. "Applejack had to go see someone else in the hospital, her brother, Big Macintosh, apparently hurt himself and she wanted to make sure he was okay."

"Is he okay?" I asked.

She waved me off. "He's fine, he just has to take a break from work for the next two weeks." She reassured. "Rainbow apparently blew off her weather duties to come say hi, so she had to go catch up on clearing the sky." I looked up, and sure enough, after scanning for a bit, I saw a blue pegasus, rainbow contrail confirming her identity, kicking clouds. I had to stop and watch for a moment, it was kinda surreal to see.

After I shook loose of that I caught back up to her and caught the tail end of another explanation. " to go back and check on the animals." I guessed that was Fluttershy. "Rarity had to go fill an order. And Pinkie Pie... I'm not sure actually, but I've got an idea." Before I could ask we had arrived. "Here we are, Golden Oaks."

The sight I was greeted with was that of a tree. A tree with a door in it. A tree/house mix, complete with windows and several balconies. Oh, Golden Oaks, I get it! These ponies sure do like their on the nose names. Twilight opened the door and I followed her in. Alright, I think this might actually be a nice place to live, but why is it so dar-

The lights suddenly flicked on, revealing way to many ponies shouting "Suprise!"

And indeed I was. I nearly fell over with panic. Pinkie bounced over, literally. "Hey Argent, this is your Welcome-To-Ponyville-And-Glad-You're-All-Better Party!!" She cheered, causing everyone in the room to give their own. "Do you like it?" she asked. After a moment, I nodded. The crowd cheered again and the party roared to life. I sighed, the sound being drowned out by the music and general party noise.

Scratch that, this will be as difficult as I initially thought.